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[Music] Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and this is day Two of Dai in Exile I have been suspended and banished from X nobody told me why nobody told all They gave me is this after careful Review they they they carefully review Your account to decide that they're Going to suspend you but they don't Carefully give you any reason whatsoever Why they don't tell you they don't give You a warning and saying you did this And you if you do that again you're they Don't give you a strike or a two strikes Or a three they don't give you Jack Squat but but the these are this is just I I believe that this is a bot thing I Believe I've had emails I believe it's An AI thing where I'm just in a queue And I have to sit here and wait but you Know what it is what it is and uh I'm Not going to but I do love this we can't Have a baba cugs lightning rod without The digital asset investor being there So we need a hasht freed out there if we Can get it um if there's a big Scandal About this is Elon Musk which I thought Was a very strange thing for him to Tweet s since uh covering eth gate Easily I mean for for three years now

We've been talking about eth gate this Guy's never commented on eth gate he's Never commented on xrp nothing and you Know he sees us all out here for him to Tweet this right in the the day that I Get turned off if there's a big Scandal About me my only request is that it be Called Elon gate man I I saw that and I Was like What so Jimmy Valley retweets this and Says Elon gate #f Freedi um I appreciate all of the um Even the the lightning rods out there it Means a lot that you're holding up free Da aons I appreciate it um the uh and Then this was this was my attempt at Humor so now I'm going to let a few People out there be the off an Official X account of the digital asset Investor Channel while he's in Exile and So certain people can tweet out and then They can put whatever my comment was This way I can get it's like I've got uh Little Messengers that I can send out It's kind of like um uh we're in this War social media War censorship war and So I can write down a message I was in Fact I was watching the on the his I Think it was the History Channel the uh Show about General Grant in the Civil War and they would they would The Messengers would have these little Messages that they write on a piece of Paper and they they fold them up and

Hide them somewhere and then they try to Get across Enemy Lines well these are my Messengers and they're getting across Enemy Lines into X where I am banished And he said and it saysi can tell you That Dai is predicting a settlement Between he and X this is just a funny Attempt at humor this is a play on um All the settlement predictions in the Ripple lawsuit but I matter of fact I do Have um uh uh Fred rollei had reached Out to me and um so I'm talking to him a Little bit behind the scenes and I think He's he's going to um uh see if he can Help me out a little bit we'll see um But I appreciate that a lot of good Folks in this community Brad Garling House I I was I was looking at Brad Garling House's likes this morning and This one caught my eye look at all the Things Brad garlinghouse has been liking All the things having to do with the SEC Lawsuit you know recent things today was A great day um uh down here we won they Lost will Brad garlinghouse go for the Double tap um he liked that and he likes Uh this cartoon xrp is not a security so All this is is recent stuff except for This like and this like is is from back When the lawsuit just dropped when pompy Anthony Pompano said good morning to Everyone except the people who thought They could sell unregistered Securities And get away with it and this guy had

Said you had one of them on your pod Though and pump had said I listen to Everyone's opinion but they lost me when They openly became enemies of Bitcoin And the decentralization Movement and Brad garlinghouse said I am Not an enemy of Bitcoin never have been I hold Bitcoin am and I'm bullish as I Said on your podcast oh and good morning To you also now there's a couple of Things here the first thing is why is Brad garlinghouse going back and liking His own tweet in reply to Anthony Pomano From December 22nd maybe it's Brad Garlinghouse just flipping Anthony Pompano the bird which he which Pompano Deserves but let's look at this comment I listen to everyone's opinion but they Lost me when they openly became enemies Of the bit now remember folks these are The same people Pompano all of the People that were Bitcoin ethereum for The last five plus years the henmond Where they got Bitcoin ethereum the free Pass the narrative carriers the media They had in their pocket the guys going On and saying that they're shorting xrp There these people were long long before Brad garlinghouse and them responded to It in any in any way these people had a Concerted effort to Tamp down Ripple and Xrp and to build up Bitcoin and ethereum And if pomp Leano was not a part of that media

Machine and all then I don't know who Was to this Day I've these guy remember this is the Same guy who December 2017 I think or November 2017 he he had tweeted out if You think Bitcoin did something and you Just look watch xrp so he knew but then After December 2017 it's almost like Someone got them all in a room and said All right it's time we're going to bash Ripple and xrp and we're going to Relentlessly do it because they're the Competitor and you guys are going to Help us that's what it felt like for the Last 5 years so I have no sympathy for Anthony Pompano he's been a tool of Somebody for a long time in my opinion Check this out this is Jas tar from Ripple listen to this how do you feel About answering this in one minute uh Terrified this one's going to be a tough One hello my name is Jaz taka and this Is crypto in a Minute so what is a blockchain a Blockchain is a distributed immutable Store what does it store it stores data Such as accounts wallet addresses and Value and transfers of value in the form Of transactions that's sort of a sort of A general definition uh what does Distributed and decentralized mean we Often hear that when it when we talk About blockchains it means there's no Central Authority that controls a

Blockchain and there's no Central Authority that provides permission or or Uh verifies identity of anyone on the Blockchain uh it's an immutable store It's very transparent it's open it's Public all of the activity on a Blockchain can be seen by all and so in Terms of what use cases it enables uh it A enables a transfer of value it enables A transfer of money across Borders um it enables real world assets To be tokenized so we can all own Fractions of real estate that we Otherwise can't Afford all right now Cowboy crypto who Is the official Cowboy of the digital Asset investor Channel look this guy up And look what he was he spent over seven Years at Black Rock where he was the Director of software engineering index And ETF portfolio management technology As well as cash and Global Credit Technology go figure I'm going to go Ahead and make Cowboy uh crypto who is The official Cowboy of the digital asset Investor Channel I'm also going to Designate him an official messenger While Dai is in Exile of the digital Asset invest channel so occasionally I Will leak messages through him if he can Get across Enemy Lines we're seeing here we're seeing Some rumors right now no we've had a lot Of rumors in this space but we we're see

I'm hearing I'm seeing a Lot I am read read only on X and while I'm reading only I'm seeing a lot of uh Rumors right now that Ripple is already In settlement disc With the SEC and I think maybe these Rumors came from this clip we played They could be talking settlement right Now I'm not saying they are sure right But uh but they could and um they don't Want to try the case so I don't think a Trial is gonna Happen Okay so that's your prediction uh That a trial is not going to happen yeah I don't think a trial is gonna happen They're going to lose and um and uh not Going to happen they really want all That Henman stuff and the drama of a Trial and I mean a trial in this case Tony would take a Month you know what I mean uh they're Gonna Ripple would want to call no um I'm not going to play the rest of I Played it yesterday but there is a lot Of that talk going on now I want to show You this is Brian Quinton he's from he Was the chairman of the Cftc and I've never really heard a Straight answer but he was there he had To be there around eth gate and we know That the SEC and the cftc was working Together during eth gate and they were Meeting with Joseph lubben and Andrew Keys from consensus because that's what

Gasperino said back in May of 2018 this guy has never acknowledged or Otherwise what his part in all that is And we also know that he just happens to Be at a16z andrees and Horwitz with Bill Henman they're actually on the same page Of if you looked he is a uh head of Policy and Bill Henman is an advisor Wonder if they hang out together much so Here he is this is an interesting clip Because my my interpretation of this is That these guys are literally worried About the SEC going after ethereum Listen to this earlier that ether is Under just jurisdiction of this cftc was Is is it either the token itself or is It just because there are Futures Contracts and those Futures Contract are Obviously you know they're registered With the CFC and they're on the CME by Definition It's both okay okay it's both If if if ether was classified as a Security then a Futures Contract on eth On a security would have a completely Different regulatory regime than the the Cftc's Futures regulatory regime which Is what ether exists under as of now in Addition there have been multiple court Cases that have said ether is a a Commodity and therefore it's under the Cftc's jurisdiction now the SEC can Always come after the facts and say okay Now we think it's a security they' have To prove that in court and they would

Also have to show why they didn't take Action against how eth Futures contracts Are currently regulated you mean like They you mean the same way that they Went after Ripple and they they uh would Have had to prove that why or or Coinbase I'm sorry after coinbase and They would had to prove why did you let Coinbase go public and not even address Any of these issues they would have been Violating the law and so what you would You think that for cftc to to be a Regulator there would have to be a Futures Contract because you know 20,000 Cryptocurrencies maybe there there can Be a lot you know regulated futur Contracts on a lot of them but maybe not Not all of them to to to be a market Regulator they would be a market Regulator over a derivatives contract on Crypto the reason we haven't seen more Derivatives contracts on crypto is Because the SEC is refusing to state That those crypto tokens can be in the Cftc's jurisdiction for the P purposes Of Futures Contracts but yes ideally there are a Lot more Futures contracts and swaps Contracts on crypto currencies and Crypto assets because they are Incredibly valuable um risk management Tools and price Discovery tools Uh and and they've served the Legacy Commodity markets extremely well and so

Um we are holding up responsible risk Management uh by the refusal of the Agencies to successfully adjudicate this Issue um so ideally uh Congress will Come in and and ensure that we know Where and how tokens fall along those Lines so these guys you know now that Bitcoin and ethereum are po are Potential targets these guys are like we Got to have Cong we've got to have Something from Congress now they Everybody's getting aggressive remember A16z they didn't give a rip about Getting Regulations after they got the ethereum Bitcoin free pass by Bill Henman you Didn't see them out there scurrying Around for Regulations uh over the last uh few Years before we started uncovering e g Then all of a sudden they cared about The whole industry when they thought That Monopoly might be in jeopardy I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family that if if xrp Finally gets out from under the lawsuit And then they sue Ethereum I don't I don't want it but I Will thoroughly enjoy watching Luben and Friends squirm thanks for [Music]

Listening [Music] [Music]


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