Ripple Chairman 2013 , XRP ETFs & Verge of WW3?

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and um before I Show you this clip of Jeremy air from Circle I want to show you this this is Uh o I'm drawing a blank on his name um But he's talking to Tucker Carlson he's The Motivational guy that used to I used to Listen to him when I was younger but He's like uh Tony Robbins that's who I'm Trying to think of listen to what he Says about private Equity here's the last part I know throw All the numbers at you Just oh come on everyn at home if you Put a million dollars 35 years ago going The stock market S&P at 99.2% that's Worth $26 million today if you never did A thing with it if you put it in the Same private Equity at 14.2 it's $139 Million for the same time and the same Amount of money that's right because Private Equity is what the wealthy the You know the wealthy people Traditionally have been able to get Access to private Equity ahead of Everybody Else you know that's part of uh link to Has made it more affordable you know That's part of what they've what the Game that they've changed if you look

Right here I won't go into it but They've just added this morning Circle I Think they still have some and here is Jeremy air commenting on the uh on Policy that's going on recently it's Kind of embarrassing that the United States come on what's with the videos Today is not able to to do something Here uh when it purports to be to to try And drive you know things forward here And um you know we've been you know Actively obviously talking about stable Coin legislation um you know given given Usdc but um you know the the fact that All of these other governments in the World are setting the laws for how Dollars work on the internet Y is kind Of insane and that's what's happening I Mean exactly what's happening and and You know we're we're facing the ground Truth of that negotiating with Governments around the world but it Would be really helpful if the the Agencies and the and the and the Apparatus that's responsible for the way The dollar works in the world could Could could get them and you know I want I want to say that in a different way Because I think it is people kind of see It and they're like oh yeah yeah but Really think about this right so you had Switzerland to Japan first to the table Now Japan admittedly that was after Mount goau which was this big sort of

Tragic moment of theft you know what not So they felt the need to respond to that But they put into place some sort of B Baselines Switzerland very early Baselines to be fair Finn in the United States to the point you made earlier 201 They were the first out the gate right So we were we were right there with the Early doctors as I literally I founded Circle because of the fin I was like I Can actually do this like there wasn't Clear I was thinking about it then it's Like okay there's a way to do this Legally you room to maneuver right and Then you know so in the meantime you've Had the EU 27 member states I we cannot Overstate complicated 600 pages of Legislative text that's the thing they Didn't even do a little thing they did a Massive thing like look views on that It's very complicated not all of it is It's far from perfect nevertheless the Amount of coordination it takes to Coordinate the ep the EC like all the Member states to get that across the Line and here we are in the United States it's like what's going on folks You know it is to your point it really Is not only embarrassing it is I think It's shocking actually I find it quite Shocking that there's this kind of Almost abdication of responsibility to The Global Financial community in a way Maybe that sounds arrogant as an

American to say but I do think there's Responsibility being the purveyors of The dollar which does Remain the single Strongest connecting force in the global Economy to not have put forth some Baseline guidance and promulgated some Rules about what that ought to look like In a stable coin it's just it's wild Right it it you know are you noticing a Pattern here that nothing that's going On makes any sense the Border thing Nothing's making any sense I have a gut Feeling that at some point overnight Everything will make sense and when it Does the the uh no pun intended Circle Will close and all of a sudden the Opportunities that were right in front Of our face will be for gone Opportunities I have a feeling um that's Why I have my circle private Equity now And I'm not able to buy any today but I'm going to try to buy more Circle and Ripple um over the course of the next Few months if I can um now James Ru put A good reminder out this is a real good Reminder many of you have never seen This before xrp has been in the top 10 Since August of 2013 and he's got the snapshot here this Is the snapshot of um of coin market cap August 4th 2013 and you'll notice a few things Bitcoin is there xrp is there there is No ethereum the lie that you've been

Told that somehow Bitcoin and ethereum Were these first two things and they are The best and all that's bull crap Ethereum was co-opted as We Know by the Bill Henman and the Jay Clayton and the Andrees and Horwitz and it was a Marketing campaign and we've proven it All we've shown it all look at this list You won't even recognize half of these Back when all this was going on I was Actually there I actually uh was uh Remember all of this I've joked about How there was a barbecue coin there it Is um there was a world coin a mega coin I mean it all of it you know um so a lot Has changed but there's a few things That haven't changed really two and that Is Bitcoin and xrp as far as things that Are Actually surviving the game I think That's a movie now something I haven't Done in a while is gone and look at who Ripple's hiring and what they're hiring Them for but I went into their website Today to look and I found something Interesting senior manager Business Development institutional Defi look what they want this guy to do Whoever guy or gal that they hire key Responsibilities look at this one drive Cryptocurrencies related ETFs Initiatives with internal trading teams And relevant Partners I'm I can't be sure but did I

Just have we just found that Ripple is Working on ETFs is that what we're Looking at right Here my gut tells me could very well be Defi institutional defi combined with ETFs looks like game on to Me all right this guy starts out the uh His this little clip he's talking about Bitcoin and he starts out with the lie That has been continuously run and that Is this idea that somehow Bitcoin is the Only asset on the planet that has a Limited Supply it's not xrp has a limited Supply There are only 100 billion well this is What they've been saying about Bitcoin As if it's the only thing in existence That has a limited Supply and it's Always always been a lie listen to what He says so Bitcoin is the only economic Entity where Supply is unaffected by the Demand so even with gold that's a that's Not true gold which is $1,800 today if Gold goes to $188,000 there will be a lot more gold Mined because mins that are unprofitable Will become profitable only 21 million Bitcoin can ever be created or close to It doesn't matter if Bitcoin is 100,000 Or or 20 million there's only going to Be that many of them all you have to Really believe is that the demand for Bitcoin will grow faster than 1 and a Half% you know over the next number of

Years and the price inexorably will go Up and I'm not saying that Bitcoin won't Do well if it's allowed to live that's The question is if it's allowed to Live then we've got Hester Pierce here She goes now we're in a bit of a an Awkward position because Congress has Expressed a clear interest in in Stepping into this space and has Suggested that maybe the SEC will not be The primary regulator for much of this Stuff and so it's a little bit harder to Do now um but I think whatever we do or Congress does the point should be let's Bear in mind what the objective is which Is to make sure there's enough Information out there for people to make Decisions about what they want to do but Also to preserve the ability of people To innovate and think about how to do Things in new ways not to try to force Everything that's happening in the Crypto world into the traditional Financing mold which is not necessarily The best mold for all of these things so I hope that um we over a new Leaf in This area and and take a fresh Start now we're in a bit of a okay so She's acting like Congress is going to Get involved but we've been hearing all This kind of stuff for quite a while This is an old clip that was delivered Up by not Financial advice. crypto who Did create the greatest Ripple video of

All time but he dug up this video from Chris Larson I do not remember ever Seeing this video from Chris Larson Watch this we're excited about it we Think uh this math we call it the Math-based currency movement um we think It's uh it it it could be the biggest Game game Cher in finance uh since the Internet was was created we kind of view The currency as supporting a new Global Free irreversible payment system that's Open to everybody um rather than the Other way around but on the utility part That's where we think we we could add a Lot um because utility really comes to Having a payment system that everybody Can use so for example the payment System needs to be multicurrency so the Structure that we've built to solve the Double spend problem which all Math-based currencies have to solve it's Basically a global Ledger uh everybody Shares The Ledger and then there's a Process of consensus which is what Solves the double span problem that Structure allows us to have any currency In our payment system uh including Bitcoin dollars Euro Yen rupes anything So we are right in that moment and now Where does it go from here and um it's I Mean the potential is just incredible Right now global Ledger the potential Potential is Incredible um okay we're in we're

Going to continue to talk about the the Lies that surround us and what I think's Going on and uh again these are all Things that if I talked about them out Here they turn me off because we live in The United States of Censorship and U you know there is no Free speech is dead in this country as Far as I'm concerned it's pretty pitiful When we only have one guy Elon Musk who Rep in the United States of America that Represents a place where we can go and Tell the truth in the Public Square it's Unbelievable but that's why I created because I'm done trying to uh be Held up in what I can say by These Criminals I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment adviser this is For entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family if they want to Hear the truth come on in all Right here we [Music] [Music] Go [Music]


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