Ripple CEO / XRP Army 2023 Most Influential In Crypto

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and according to Robin Hood crypto trading has surged 75% In November from previous month this is All the the anticipation of the Bitcoin ETF is what's kind of ramping everything Up but that's fine I'm I'm all for it in Fact I as I said I have one Bitcoin in my IRA for me that's the way To go I might even add a little more I Don't know just in on the anticipation I Can always sell it and buy xrp in There I want to bring it out chamber of Digital Commerce founders CEO perryan Boring all right perryan U you know I Want to begin with the efforts of the Government to derail Bitcoin the Central Bank digital currencies I'm reading now And more and more of them are saying They're failing that they they can't Live up to the hype and there's no Interest actually the government has not Been trying to derail Bitcoin they've Been stalling a Bitcoin ETF but that's Probably more of a timing thing even Gary Gensler has been Pro Bitcoin yeah governments have really Been putting their thumb on the scale of Innovation and trying to hold back Crypto digital assets including Bitcoin But technological progress can only be Held back in the short term in the

Longterm look behind her there's X right There go figure is moving forward and That's what we're seeing in the markets We're seeing uh you know we saw today El Salvador put out a statement saying Their Bitcoin Investments are in the Black you mentioned Argentina just Elected a pro Bitcoin president so we'll Expect to see some moves there also Hearing rumors that multiple Sovereign Wealth funds are planning to make very Significant investments in Bitcoin so There is definitely this dichotomy Happening between the open source money And closed Source money of cbdcs and We're getting a rally right now all Right and then we have this one crypto Reporter McKenzie sagalo is here to Break down the action McKenzie there's Never a shortage of maybe reasons or Excuses why Bitcoin does what it does Risk appetites interest rates the regul Possible ETF what do you what do you see Driving it right now hey good morning Mike so as you said Bitcoin had been Testing that $40,000 level the last few Days finally breached $42,000 earlier This morning trading at more than 5% in The last 24 hours meantime ether the Second biggest cryptocurrency by market Cap is back Above $2,200 So a couple of Things are happening here for one the Market as you mentioned is expecting to Finally see a rate cut in the coming

Year after recent comments from Fed Chair Powell last week but really the Big thing on everyone's mind are the Spot Bitcoin ETFs Traders are Increasingly bullish that the SEC will Approve one of those applications by the First quarter of 2024 potentially as Early as mid January this would allow Investors to buy into digital currency Directly through the same mechanism that They already use to buy stocks and bond ETFs so you've got top asset managers Including Black Rock Wisdom Tree and Invesco that have filed applications With the SEC and part of why this is so Significant Bernstein points out in a Note today that the spot Bitcoin ETFs Are really the largest pipe ever built Between traditional financial markets And crypto financial markets they're Expecting that 10% of Bitcoin in Supply Or around $300 billion doar will Ultimately be managed by these ETFs by 2028 managed or controlled meanwhile Crypt Peg stocks also moving higher this Morning digital asset exchange coinbase Up more than 6% micro strategy more than 7% and Bitcoin coin minor Marathon Digital up more than 9% also worth Noting coinbase is that custody partner For a lot of these spot Bitcoin ETF Applications their stock was up more Than 60% in November Mike they're still Playing the Bitcoin ethereum game even

After all this time folks but check this Out from coindesk co- Ripple co-founder Brad garlinghouse emerged triumphant This year legal cases with big Implications for crypto's future he Couldn't have done it without the xrp Arm this is Jeff wilser reporting this Is the same guy that did the write up on Eastgate very great journalist very Honest journalist those are few and far Between Brad garlinghouse says 2023 most Influential award should be given not Just to garlinghouse but also the entire Xrp Army I couldn't agree More check out check out all this this Is interesting um he said 2023 has truly Been great for the h one for the history Books thankful to all that believed in Us from from the beginning appreciate The inclusion um here's the top 10 um Here's the list right here what they Should have is a is a coin is a most Influential and then most infamous put Gary Gensler Joseph Luben metalic buan Bill Henman and some of those some of Those people on the infamous list um but Instead they're just doing a most Influential they've got Brad Garling House down here but I think they're They've even got Gary Gensler but They're they're kind of putting Brad Garlinghouse as the hero of the thing Which is what they should do this is an Actual uh nft that they're letting

People bid on where you can actually get This nft I thought that ship had sailed But I guess not um and then um let's see I've already shown that let me then We've here's the article that was Written um the xrp Army's roll and Shaping this is the section I wanted to Show to you back in the Hammerstein Ballroom on stage he had he had just Told the crowd that December of 2020 was A dark time for him then he added a Crucial Kota I don't know if I've ever Heard that word Kata it was uh kind of a dark time and Out of nowhere comes a rare a ray of Sunshine he told the crowd and that Sunshine is named John Deon again the Crowd roared garlinghouse pointed to the Tall B tall bald muscular goateed uh Lawyer John Deon who in many ways Emboldens the heart and soul and the Brains of the RP Army Deon raised a fist Of solidarity pumped the fist the crowd Cheered like he's a rock star and to Them he is it was Deon with the help of Xrp Champions like Brad Cs and digital Asset investor who rallied the xrp Community to petition the judge that Actually they were buying xrp not Ripple And had never heard of Ripple thus they Argue weakening the sec's argument we'll Never know to what extent this factored In judge torah's decision but it's Possible that the xrp community saved

The day so you could make the case that This 2023 most influential award should Be given not just to garlinghouse but Also the entire xrp Army garlinghouse Seems to think so to be able to say Unequivocally that the XR xrp is not a Security is just epic and he told the EP Hammerstein ball Hammerstein crowd again They H in Delight some shouted not a Security this is almost certainly first Time in the hammer ballrooms 116 year History that people joyously shouted not Of security together we fought the these Battles Garling H stole the crowd and Together we Won yeah that was a good time okay um And then um Mr intuitive who is the Official cool guy of the digital ass Asset investor Channel and who was at The Hammerstein Ballroom um was uh he says the night He's always been and then uh this guy Did a Meme here this tree of life he Says I don't always get sued by the SEC But when I do I hand them their asses And Brad garlinghouse I went into his Likes and he liked that one I think he Uh is in enjoying the win and who blames Him I can't imagine the stress of what He was under Christian Carlo who has Been really quiet about Ripple and xrp All of a sudden is talking which makes You wonder cuz he's he's a political Guy um my latest he wrote he did a write

Up this is a some publication I don't Have a subscription to let me make sure I there's no I couldn't read it from my Phone let's see yeah can't read it I Don't know why these guys do these Articles on these subscription things my Latest piece um looking at recent us Court decisions affirming our 2020 Analysis that XR and other cryptos and Digital assets are not inherently Securities subject to SEC jurisdiction Unraveling Ripple and terraform and then Um he says sometimes it's good to be Able to say I told you so because this Guy said you said from before the Lawsuit xrp is not a security I'm glad The courts saw it that way too now Mr Huber who never lets it Go which is a Good thing he says they're not laughing Anymore they're cheering us on now but How long will it take before they stop Cheering for us and start looking at What we've been pointing at all this Time now folks in this clip you're about To see Nancy wos she brings up Russia It's not Russia never was it's China and I'm going to show you all the problems We've got coming to this country and are Here now and it has everything to do With the country with the c not the one With the r now that one may be a problem Too I don't know but I know the one with The sea is the core of the problem That's and it's it's a tell because the

Politicians will never bring that one Up so watch this and then we'll go into We we keep hitting this is from eth gate This is Nancy wos who was one of the Good people from eth gate in my opinion I think she had good intentions saying Look you know something has to move and If we want to Lose uh blockchain to the Russians as They want blockchain they've articulated Hey we're going to control blockchain Just the way the US controls the Internet you know what continue on this Course uh Bill Hinman said and again He's the head of uh division Corporation Finance who we're dealing with a lot Including uh and we also are doing with Enforcement I also challenge your Hypothesis that they're only going after The fraudsters they're not there are Cases that they're going after after Where the token had utility at the time It was minted and they're still going After them and you know it's just Outrageous so maybe that's because They're doing the bidding of another Country that starts with C again the Division of uh Corporation Finance told Us that it's going to be several years Before they do any kind of rule making Uh or policy guidance so what so what we Have to do is they said look uh come Talk to us so we have a case right now In front of uh division of uh

Corporation Finance we put together a Term sheet they said look we don't want Legal analysis just put facts in front Of us so we went we made a pitch uh the Woman who was lead in the at the meeting She took me aside she said you know Nancy we love the management team Clearly experienced we love the product We have a couple issues we'd like you to Address so we went back we addressed Their issues submitted it then it's Death By A Thousand Cuts uh well what about this we're not Happy with how long people have to hold The tokens we're not happy about this so We resubmitted now and at some point There's frustration by the entrepreneurs Saying fine we're going to go and I said You know that's fine but here's your Risk they know your name they know where You live they can refer you to Enforcement wow so it's not the country That starts with an R that's the problem It's always been the one that starts With a c and everybody knows it this is This is the one know you won't hear any Of these politician bad guys any of These people who are obviously com Compromised if not Worse the country they don't mention is The one that laying chin is from okay Who bu the way does anybody know where He Is Bill Henman worked on the Alibaba IPO

With him and with one J Clayton Alibaba remember the same Company that wanted money Graham Remember now I'm going into the member Group and in the member group we're Going to we're going to look at what are They really Hiding folks I contend that what we're Watching involves the t- word you know The word that used to call for Hangings that's what we're talking about We're if if you do not start seeing some Of these people going to Prison you don't have a country anymore And things are getting really scary and I'm going to show you exactly how scary In the member group at d I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment adviser this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that for the First time in my life I literally think That we have a country who that is being Destroyed by our own politicians and our Own people because they're bought Blackmailed bried you name it and in my Group I talk about it because we have The facts and even those eth gate facts Were never in dispute and the ones I'm About to show you that are just Unbelievable they are also not in Dispute and until you start seeing Prison sentences and

Worse it's really scary what's about to Happen in this Country


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