Ripple Big Focus 2024 & XRP / Crypto Regulatory Fight Continues

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lift [Music] Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and I'm checking my Volumes for Mr B this morning um he he It really irritates him when I when I Adjust my volumes right when I start the Show but sometimes I just forget plus It's funny that it bothers him so I keep Doing it I do the same thing to my wife She'll tell you um so check this out This is um by the way Nick buedo who is Mr B works at link to who is one of my Sponsors and link to today is loading up The uh Ripple private Equity that's my Standing and it's a good day for you to Hear this from the president of Ripple Monica long I want to know what is Ripple's big Focus for 2024 if you could Fast forward 12 months and be like this Is what we accomplished and I'm Extremely proud of it what would that be Yeah we have this longer-term vision of Being that Enterprise infrastructure Provider building in such a way that We're able to offer things like on an Offer in crypto liquidity custody Compliance all these feature sets Together for a variety of Enterprise use Cases you could think of it like for Amazon to then offer AWS payments was Ripple's Flagship and we're now able to Offer our version of AWS but it's for

Crypto and so toward that a big thing in 2024 to look for is how we're Integrating payments and custody this The business that we acquired last year Medico and yeah I think that's how You'll kind of see the evolution of our Business all right I want to know what Is Ripple I like the sound of that um And by the way I am a ripple private Equity holder myself um there's a little Spat between I think one of the dog coin Founders in Brad garlinghouse which is Really funny um the dog you remember yes The other day at the in Davis Brad Garling hust made it he took a he was Trying to be nice about it but he took a Common sense shot at at Dogecoin and Said what a lot of us out here have been Saying for a long time uh and he was Basically saying I don't get it um and Then this the founder came back and he Says to reinforce uh he shared a Conceptual analogy equating the Dismissal of dogcoin to preferring one Fiat currency over another he emphasized The parallel by stating this is like Saying I totally get the Euro but the Yin is nonsense and then Brad Garling House says this I understand the point You're making and agree with the point In some ways but a more apt comparison Would be the USD to the Zimbabwe dollar Which I think Collapsed

Um funny stuff Mount go um almost as if It was planned by the government the Mount goau trustee is getting ready to Start repayments of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Mount goau is expected to repay its Creditors 142,000 bit Bitcoin and 143,000 Bitcoin cash by October 2024 and then we had this guess who just Happens to be in the ETF game with their Up to their eyeballs in crypto Derivatives approval mean for Goldman Sachs I know that Goldman runs a team Trading crypto derivatives for Institutional clients and I read that You mentioned that you have seen Significant growth in client interest For crypto derivatives so what else is Changing as a result of these these Approvals I yeah I think it's a really Good question and I think for us this Ability to actually be kind of more Actively involved in the US you know With these products is actually kind of From a crypto perspective is very Powerful so we're um you know active on Seven of Bitcoin ETFs that have been Approved as authorized participant soon To be eight plus you know we were Already active across you know kind of The US in the context of the Futures ETF Um but also you know more broadly across The globe we we're active to in Market Making with the etps and other type Products so so I think for Goldman Sachs

Is great because we can be more active And as I look at kind of the broader Markets business you know it's the Business that focus on ETFs the ones Looking to not only facilitate client Demand but also on both an agency but Principle basis as well so I think it Creates kind of opportunity in in that Space for a cross-section of our for our Clients um and I think as we start to Think like I say kind of of the broader Product Suite you start to think about Other products that can kind of you know Follow on from that like structured no Products and other kind of you know Things like that and it looks like the Bitcoin Maxis are starting to understand What just happened do you think Grayscale makes it through this Exodus Do they just become a small percentage Of the Bitcoin Holdings and with the Acceleration both in Black Rock and Fidel Are they the new Bitcoin holder Titans Has this been a grand plan all along From Wall Street do you think gray Scale has it been planned all what did He Say has this been a grand plan all along From grand plan all Along yeah B ding ding Ding all along that's a thumbnail thank You for the thumbnail thumbnail

Sponsored by Paul Baron um and then We've got Sam Lyman who's a for he's a Forbes contributor I believe yeah we've Got him calling out Elizabeth Warren She's trying to point to a $900,000 Uh in crypto money laundering but he Said he points out what about the 900 Million that these uh the sonola and Norta Dell valet boy I bued those names Those cartels laundered $900 million in Fiat Currency through HSBC or I got another One how about the guy that owned the Island you know how about the money that He ran through JP Morgan for child Trafficking how about that money she has No problem with that she won't even talk About those women victims take one case Last year the Department of Justice Indicted a caloa cartel member who Laundered nearly $900,000 in crypto by Direct in their us-based drug couriers To deposit cash straight into the Cartel's crypto accounts this woman is Is just straight dishonest all she does Is and is picks and Sh picks and chooses These these little uh things that these Torches for her to carry as if as if she Cares so much about all this stuff she Doesn't care at all if she did then she Would be even killed in what in what she Cared about it wouldn't just be when the Supreme Court knocks down Row versus Wade that she cares about women's rights

It would be the the island guys's Victims she would care about but she Doesn't she won't even say their names She won't even say their names she won't Even mention the island because she Doesn't really care about women's rights It's not about women's rights it's about A political Hammer that's what she's About and it's time people expose that Check it out speaking of politics ICS Tony Edward from thinking crypto is Having on the prometheum CEO Aaron Kaplan and he wanted to know what Questions people should ask him and I Said play this entire clip and ask him What part specifically those 50 Chinese Engineers played in the creation of his Company and ask him why he didn't Mention that to Congress Mr Kaplan how Much uh what percentage of your company Is owned by this by a Chinese entity I Think approximately 20% 20% of it how Much influence do they have over your Company uh they have the same rights as Other Shareholders how much access do they Have to intellectual property Wang Jen Has no access to any prometheum code or Technology or system server or customer Data they're on the board of directors And have access to all your your data From the standpoint of being an investor Uh how do you how do you answer that Question like that the bylaws were

Changed and if in the filing that was Filed with the SEC on November 2021 you Know what it sounds like when you listen To all this it sounds like China built The whole company and then they went in And changed the bylaw so they could Point at those and say oh no they didn't Have it see they were taken out of the Loop after they built the whole company That's what it sounds like and they Basically limit who has access to data Including directors okay where is the Data stored right now in the United States the third Advantage is on the Tech side Pran this is him speaking at a at a Conference years back and he forgot he Had this little clip out There uh lead investor and Technical Co-founder is a Shanghai Wang Jang Blockchain and basically uh we have uh 50 plus blockchain Engineers working on The prometheum project Shang Kai Wang Jang blockchain is considered the Preeminent Force when it comes to Blockchain engineering talent in the World and they're really our partner They're not a third party service Provider they're a co-founder of this Company uh their Vice chairman Dr sha Sits on our board and we work with them Hand inand and with their expertise We've been able to rock and roll and We're going to be demoing for finra we

Anticipate next month of our ATS and our Blockchain which we hope will then lead To Quick approval and being live before The end of the year 50 Chinese Engineers Are who created that company and he Knows it truth abbs had a question too He said uh ask him did you purchase or Do you own kill Trump. he's tracked it back and says That they do what's your relationship With Wang dong Wang dong Fang and Longling capital how Reliant is Prometheum on CCP entities like Wang Zang and then this guy says he's not Going to ask that and he says it's his Biggest opportunity in his career I'll Stay optimistic and see if he realizes It and seizes it shout out to Tony seiz The day um and then we had metal law Metal law man was on with John Deon Yesterday while I was on the treadmill I Watched part of it watch if coinbase Wins either a partial motion for dismiss Or the full thing what's that mean well It would be huge it would mean that Trading of crypto on secondary markets In the United States is legal a dark Cloud would be removed now we have to Give the caveat that there are appeals You know and this is one judge's opinion But this is the big one coinbase is the Dominant player in this space and so the The 10 or 13 tokens they picked out are Representative of the

Whole all right and then um this is uh Interesting too uh Riz put this out Riz Xrp watch this we are tired of the Letter writing camp P by the financial Services committee there's been a threat To issue a subpoena we need to follow Through so that's not an empty threat Take the 30 seconds that it takes get The messages out there we want Gary Gensler to be subpoena and the documents That have been requested repeatedly that Request to be honored and no longer do We want as voluntary participation we Want him forced to do it the SEC is Coming after all of crypto weak Regulators spread fear and strong Regulators uh spread opportunity I think We've got a real problem because the SEC Has been spreading fear remember Gary Gensler says that the law is Crystal Clear well if the law is crystal clear As He suggests then he certainly could Answer whether or not the second largest Cryptocurrency in the world is a Security is ether a commodity or a Security without speaking to any one I Know you repeatedly said you're not Going to speak to one except you've Spoken to one Bitcoin where are the Notes of Gary guinsler who met with this Guy twice Sam baitman freed gave $10 Million to the administration for the Purpose of taet they still have a strong Hand if they win that ripples throughout

The event and that's what I was getting At if Xrp think they're going to No I think the SEC is going to lose at Summary judgment because of the theory That they went with I think the SEC is Going to win and I'll tell you it's Going to be a bad day for crypto if okay We're going that dinner on that you got Ripple didn't violate Securities uh by Selling xrp on public exchanges was the Ruling today where did they have that Stake in or I hadn't heard about it is Arguably the best day in crypto xrp just Won in their case against the SEC the SEC losing the biggest case that's been Running for years deeming that xrp and The trades and uh transactions that have Occurred are not security December 22nd 2020 right before Christmas and the Goddamn SEC is suing me out of nowhere Comes a ray of sunshine and that Sunshine is named John this Village beat The B we are in it till the end so you'd Take it to Scot 100% Love it now guess who just uh joined the Fight this is Norman Reed he was the Original general counsel for ripple in The early days and he's now like an Interim CEO at binance and they're in a Lawsuit with the SEC he says standing up To government overreach is an American Tradition now it's crypto's turn SEC was

Founded on principles of transparency Fairness full disclosure stable Regulation talk taking into account the Economic impaact of its regulations and The well-being of investors it is Principles that I sought to uphold During my tenure at the SEC earlier in My career yet with regard to digital Assets the SEC has lost its way this has Become clear to me in my current role as Interim CEO of and through my prior Experience as general counsel of Ripple The SEC is attempting a jurisdiction Land grab of digital assets when so much When no such thing has been authorized By Congress or by the courts instead of Working with legislators and agencies to Put in place a comprehensive regulatory Scheme the rules adopted after prudent Cost benefit analysis and public Comments the SEC is bringing oneoff Enforcement cases to Market's territory At tremendous cost to the US economy and The agency's credibility this is not the Way the SEC should be addressing new Innovative financial instruments and Technology he goes on but I mean that's Pretty pretty significant right there Okay um I'm going to do this in in Another video we're going to go into and let me tell you what folks The things that are coming out on a Daily basis are unbelievable I I was

Sitting here at my desk last night Watching TV and I'm and I'm seeing Things come across and I'm like you've Got to be kidding me when I was growing Up the second anything like this comes Out the feds would be investigating and Arresting people Immediately we now live in a world where They do nothing because their friends Are part of the ones that are in the Corruption it's unbelievable we're like A Banana Republic now and I'm going to Show you it's unbelievable the things Are that are going on every day in this Country now and you know why we're Seeing them every day now it's because All the lies are being Unraveled the lie you can you look you Can only lie about this and that and Then see once you start lying you got to Lie about another thing to cover up the Lie you just did well our government in My opinion over the last at least 5 Years those lies have be begun to Unravel because it's getting out of Their control to cover up for the Previous lie that they told and there's Video and there's documents and there's Everything else it's like they're being Exposed which makes me nervous because That's like a cornered Rattlesnake because you can't look the Truth always comes out at some point and The question that our country is facing

Right Now we're either going to go we're going One way or or the next folks we're Either going the way of truth or we're Going the way of corruption and lies and If we go the way of corruption and lies The Next Step the thing they have to do Is they they have to come after all the Good people because they can't have the Good people continuing to question Publicly the lies they will literally Have to go the way of the Nazis and Start putting people in jail the good People in jail to keep them from being Individuals that stand for what's right And wrong and the truth that's where That's the scary part is that that's Where this go anyway go to and we're going to talk about it I'm the digital asset investor not an in An investment adviser this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that Gary Gensler at the SEC he's just one I mean This is like this is like The Sopranos He's just one of the lieutenants that's Got to be taken down he's just one and And in my opinion it won't suffice for This country to continue to live on as It was founded it won't suffice this Time for these people to just just oh Yeah okay they were busted lying and Doing criminal acts and so they're going

To retire and and go put be put out to Pastor that's not going to be good Enough these people are going to have to Go to prison before because you've got To what whoever fixes this if they fix It is going to have to do things that Are drastic enough so that nobody ever Wants to repeat what these people Thought they were getting away with for All this time and that's the fact Jack So here we Go [Music] [Music] Oh


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