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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines you're not going to Like it the U.S debt clock's got real Problems we're talking about oil silver Gold against the dollar ratio you're Going to need to see it and here we have This Why did a senator collude testimony for Gary Gensler from the SEC We'll see I'm going to show it to you Another sign that crypto is here to stay Ladies and gentlemen that's right while All of this crypto winners going on we See the Legacy firms moving in and Ripple gets a new president they've Never had one before somebody wrote that Beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now One trillion point zero eight billion is Where we are we're up point three Percent good morning everybody Bitcoin 22 900 plus right now ethereum 1500 plus Tether market cap 67.5 billion they say 41 cents for xrp we are up one percent Of the 24 hour careful what we call Progress out here ladies and gentlemen We're going to talk about this crypto Winner in just a second but what I'm Going to tell you about right now is Remind you of this private Equity is a

Place I've been running to look I've Been excited about private Equity you Know linked who's a sponsor I love what They do they offer an opportunity to Invest in pre-ipo companies before Taking some kind of a public exit and That's the deal and look let me tell you Something companies are staying private Longer before they go public or have Some kind of public exit so this is a Really great opportunity to try to find The ones that you believe are going to Have an opportunity to grow in this Space from the technology that we cover And go over every single day and palisan I believe for me not Financial advice is One of them Poli-science Atomic neck blockchain Launches it provide Trading listen to this with the same Kind of secure compliant and risk Managed settlement that the dtcc does No I'll tell you what If you're catching what I'm catching Look I I was making this analogy back in 2019 2020. I was like how am I to Understand polystyle it sounds a lot Like a new version of the depository Trust corporation which does more than a Quadrillion in derivative settlement Each year Michael Branch says to Sam bankman free Dude your ass is toast And I hope so because I think it's clear

Away obvious what's going on here the Disgrace founder of cryptocurrency Exchange FTX has allegedly Tried to influence some potential Witnesses of his trial via encrypted Messaging software signal You know where does it stop with this Guy And for everybody who wanted to know The FIP .01 Flair Improvement proposal Has passed with 93.8 percent of the Votes in favor of the proposal analysis And implementation timetable to follow Next week we'll keep you up to date on That as well This is disturbing ladies and gentlemen This is the U.S debt Clock and shout out To the three or four people that sent This to me I can't remember every one of You but I'm grateful for all of you Look at this dollar to oil ratio zero Dollar to Silver ratio zero dollar to Gold ratio zero Dollar to crypto ratio 22.98 cents right To one This is real time Because you know I was sitting there Thinking to myself when I looked at it Last night when it said to me I said Well what do we have here let me guess Another glitch Well if it is the glitch is still going Still going

Yeah like the Energizer Bunny still at Zero Still at zero Still at zero You know I don't know what's going on Here but I'll tell you something it's Not good ladies and gentlemen If it's a glitch somebody need to fix it It's not good on that level If it's not a glitch listen we saw a Couple years ago oil for the first time In its history Run negative For the first time in the history of oil It went from being a commodity to a Liability from an asset to a liability So what is all of this I don't pretend To know but I I am watching very closely To see if we can figure it out This is to show you very quickly before We move on here shout out to Nathan Price you should be giving him a follow March 13 2022 just in case you're Wondering how long this glitch has been Going we see the numbers are there right The numbers are clearly there January 4th 2023 we see the numbers have Dropped but they're there And then here obviously as of yesterday Evening this is what we're seeing here And it's a prop I don't know what it Means But if it's not a glitch you can bet Your ass it's a problem

Here's more problems You know Senator Warren Elizabeth Senator Ward sits on her high horse Talking down condescending to everyone Who comes before her damn near We have covered her heavily with her BS And her political posturing which gets Nothing done Well at least from the retail citizen Consumer I go anyway Obviously she's satisfying Lobby money Political narratives Power and control have nothing to do With protector investment investor Protection excuse me Take a listen to this and try not to be Pissed All right a bombshell report tonight About how Elizabeth Warren Senator Elizabeth Warren and her office Coordinated testimony with the Security And Exchange Commission ahead of a Senate hearing the Heritage Foundation Oversight project of which I'm Associated through a foia request Obtained emails from Warren's office to The office of chairman Gary ginsler two Days before his Senate testimony back in September of 2021. the email from Warren's Economic Policy advisor Includes a list of questions get this a List of questions that Senator Warren Planned to ask along with suggested Answers for the chairman of the SEC the

Advisor also wrote quote let me know if You're okay with the questions as Currently written two days later she Sent a follow-up quote let me know if It's looking like the chair has any Issue with the framing of the the Questions definitely don't want to put Him in a tough spot end quote and it Appears the chairman didn't have any Issue with these questions because Senator Warren asked almost verbatim From the email check this out Chair counselor Advocates say crypto Markets are all about financial Inclusion but the people who are most Economically vulnerable are the ones who Are most likely to have to withdraw Their money the fastest when the market Drops does this sound like the path to Financial inclusion do you You know I tell you I remember covering That back when it was going on and I Remember saying you know at different Times saying how staged it was and it's All about political posturing right why They try to claim some moral High ground And it's about protecting investors and You're too damn stupid to know what You're doing with your money so we got To get it you know so you can't get by Into crypto I tell you something Okay It's just as Eleanor Terrace says here Definitely don't want to put him in a

Tough spot right I love what Jeremy Hogan says here he Says Hey Senator Warren uh collusion is Defined as a secret conspiracy in order To deceive others Secret So don't use email to collude with the SEC chair Gensler instead use WhatsApp Or telegram from a personal device You're welcome Jeremy You gotta love his humor And while all of that's going on and you Realize what a facade it is How a shame we all should be if we Subscribe to either side of the aisle What a joke it's become Because while it's all happening this Crypto winner this suppression which Elizabeth Warren would tell you is for Our benefit to protect us meanwhile we See CBOE BlackRock all moving in to take A deeper position in digital assets and Crypto don't believe it it's still true Tilly said Chief Executive Officer of The CBOE Chicago Board of options Exchange if you don't know Tilly said This week the established firm from the Traditional world of Finance are seeking Reliable counterparties and that his Company wants to capitalize on that Demand Bitcoin Bitcoin cash ether Litecoin and USD coin already trade on CBOE digital They want to expand

In this crypto winner And look who else has expanded Not the Monica log right here yeah Long time rippler 10 years in General manager Now president ladies and gentlemen Congratulations to Monica this is really A remarkable Road and journey for her And I don't think it's over by a long Shot she says here not too long ago it Was heard of oh actually this is from Brad garlinghouse's statement here he Says even in the current challenging Crypto environment Monica has helped Guide Ripple to a very unique place of Growth and financial strength she's been An instrumental advisor to me over the Years and I'm grateful to have the Opportunity to partner with her even More closely as she embarks on her role As president not too long ago it was Unheard of for Enterprises and financial Institutions to use crypto in their Tech Stack under Monica's leadership in Working alongside engineering and Product her team helped launch on-demand Liquidity one of the industries first Enterprise crypto solutions to use Crypto for cross-border transactions and Ripple's Flagship product in 2018. today On-demand liquidity odl is available in Nearly 40 payout markets in last year Approximately 60 percent of the payments Over Ripple net were sent through

On-demand liquidity and in other words Over half of payments are now using xrp For cross-border transactions Ripple has Processed 30 billion dollars worth of Volume and 20 million transactions since Ripple net was first launched I tell you this is remarkable Monica Says here I'm incredibly honored to take On the role of President and ripple as We expand deeper into crypto enabled Services like liquidity settlement and Custody says Monica Lowe Looking back over my tenure I can say Without a doubt that I've been lucky Enough to be surrounded by some of the Smartest most Innovative people in Crypto and Tech as we tackled some huge Audacious goals I'd uh like being able To send money instantly for fractions of A penny around the world the internet of Value is a mission I believed in on day One and continue to find inspiration in For the future I tell you what I think this is a Remarkable step because it shows the Growth itself of this company and as Monica moves into this new role uh she Does remark that it's also about scale And what a combat and thought that is While we're seeing Cascading effects from massive Bankruptcies take place while we're Watching massive layoffs take place in This industry in the economy abroad

Ripple is expanding And giving new rise to leaders in the Company That's what I want to see during times Like this not Financial advice for me or Anyone else shout out to Monica all the Best to her and the Ripple team that's Going to do it for me hit the like And Subscribe leave a comment below I'll Catch all of you on the next one

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