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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I've got three quick topics to Share with you in this very latest Moon Lambo Hot Jam as it turns out one of Ripple's uh banking Partners a pretty Big bank this is a multinational bank Here they've actually made price Predictions uh including where they Expect Bitcoin to be at the end of the Year and I'll just tell you this at the Outset here uh they are particularly Bullish and so even if you're more Interested in xrp for example uh cool I Am too but Bitcoin leads the market so I Hope they're right but this is a Multinational bank with $77.8 billion in assets that are being Managed that is wild there's also this Headline from the Crypt basic uh Ripple CEO 78 day reference Sparks speculation For higher xrp prices and this one's Just a little bit silly to me to me Personally um I liked some of the the Responses uh because it was part of a Just say a broader Community discussion On the matter um and then I also want to Share with you just a quick comment Having to do with one of the silly Nonsense conspiracy theories um having To do with xrp and the secv Ripple case Which I knew was completely absurd I Talked about it at the time I'm on Record stating this on my channel and I I may have even talked about it on on

Social media platform X um but there is This Theory going around that the real Reason that the SEC was going after Ripple was to win the lawsuit and take Hold as a result through the penalties Phase to take hold of Ripple's escr Xrp that's this the theory that was Posited and my God so we'll save that For the very end of the video but um Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I'm not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun all Right so what's this multinational Bank Entity that I'm referencing here uh That's making crypto price predictions Uh it is none other than Standard Charter and I'm not going to read this But this is a press release from September of 2016 where Standard Charter chartered Announced that U they'd made a Strategic Investment in Ripple so they've always Been Forward Thinking when it comes to Crypto uh here's a December uh 8th 2020 Article from coindex titled Standard Chartered Bank to launch crypto trading For institutional investors sources and So again they like I said they've always

Been forward forward thinking um and Then uh so like I I knew I've known for Well just about the whole time I've been In crypto that Standard Charter has uh Been a partner with ripple but to be Honest with you I hadn't really I Couldn't recall anyway uh hearing Anything about them in the news recently Simply so I I just wanted to check like Are they are they still partnered in any Sort of way and I couldn't find anything On um on Ripple's website but that Doesn't necessarily mean anything the Search function on the website is it's Just a joke it might as well not have it And they're not going to necessarily Have icons for all their Partners Plastered all the same part of the Website so I I understand that that's Not a good way of checking either but I Did find an article just from August so Just a couple months ago or so uh which Was highlighting you know banks that are Using Ripple Technologies from Watcher Guru and there's some other ones out There too so um I it's just it's not That I have any reason to think they Wouldn't be partnered it's more so that I hadn't thought about standard Cher Chartered as a partner of ripples in a Long time so I thought H due diligence Let's check and so as far as I can see Uh the the answer is is still Yes here But now let's get into the crazy stuff

Here uh because here's the headline from The Crypt Basics Standard Chartered says Bitcoin is set for $50,000 and ethereum $8,000 now folks I can only imagine if This is correct what this this would Mean uh for xrp but more interestingly Check out the time frame for Bitcoin Here piece reads as follows Standard Chartered has predicted a 50,000 price Target for Bitcoin by the end of 2023 that's right folks um you know We're at the beginning part of the last Quarter of this year just started the Beginning part of October and before the Year is out they're they're predicting Here $50,000 price point for ripple so Nearly or for uh for Bitcoin I said Ripple uh so nearly doubling and then if That Happens like even if you're not talking About a full-blown alt season by that Which I wouldn't expect necessarily a Time Frame the amount of money that would Ultimately as a result flow into to xrp I can only freaking imagine and they Have to know this as well anyway peace Continues the latest call is a buildup From the previous $100,000 uh dollars forecasted by the Bank in April as one of its top crypto Analysts uh fxn analyst Jeff Kendrick is Optimistic the top coin now has a 20%

Upside as such Kendrick believes the Best case scenario can can see bitcoin's Price touching $120,000 by 2024 now folks I don't make Price predictions I don't pretend to Know it's going to happen just other Than generally you know my my Expectation which you know I mean not Going to be wrong about it but my Expectation is the ad class is going to Be worth way more in the future just Broadly speaking all we're it always Seems impossible I know you see these Numbers and sometimes people get grumpy They don't want to hear these positive Sounding numbers when they're down when Crypto's down I get it but uh I don't Feel like that and it just it always Seems impossible until inevitably one Day it suddenly is not one day we're Going to wake up things are going to be Going and I still think that the bottom Was in November of last year unless There's something like some sort of wild Card event that triggers everything just Falling apart in the world like and That's always a possibility though but Outside of that we saw the worst almost A year ago and yeah there's been some Sideways action here that's normal in Crypto but it's going to be moving to The upside at some some point in the Future and so like the idea of Bitcoin Hitting $120,000 does not seem wacky to

Me in the least I'm not making a Prediction but that seems reasonable Bitcoin is going to lead the market and Then xrp is going to completely dwarf it In terms of a multiplier effect that's What I would Expect peace continues the British Multinational banking giant now ranks as One of the mainstream financial Institutions with a positive position Toward Bitcoin the firm's thesis is Hinged on the basis that the damning Crypto winter is over and the current Outlook indicates that miners might be Hoarding some of the coins Supply and so Folks just a matter of time here so far As I'm Concerned uh and then there's also uh This uh yeah from the Crypt basic Ripple CEO 78 day reference Sparks speculation For higher xrp prices Wall Street EXP Exp ERT Linda Jones recently sparked Discussions regarding Ripple's Celebration of the legal Victory against The SEC last month in particular Jones Took tox to pose a question about Ripple CEO Brad Garling House's peculiar Reference to the 78 days since the Lawsuit victory judgment she inquired Whether there was a specific reason Behind this mention or if it was merely A casual remark now I got to say right Here it's like I I know you're not Hearing some laws like I'm not I'm not

Audibly laughing but I think it's funny That uh the author of this Article referenced what Brad Garling House said as a peculiar reference Really is there anything peculiar about This so here's the actual post from xrp Community member Linda Jones nothing Against her I just um I just think it's A big I'm just sharing my penion that's All it is she wrote question at the Proper party why did brag ginhouse Mention it was 78 days since they won The lawsuit was there a significant Reason or just a mention no big deal let Me know your take below uh and there's Like just a ton of people saying the Same thing like for instance here's one From xrp Community member TDP who wrote Here's what I'm thinking now hear me out Because it was 78 days after winning the Lawsuit and so that's exactly in line With what it's because it is sometimes People include numbers for a frame of Reference for for example for example um I was recently out of town and uh and I Was a I made a comical post for those of you Next you may have seen it um anyway Without getting into that which was Pretty damn funny um I got in uh I got Into town let's see so what what the Hell day it's Thursday right yeah it's Thursday so uh I got I got back into Town from Nashville Tennessee four days

Ago now I could have just told you that You know I was in Nashville but add Supple added Supplementary information because Sometimes people in normal conversation Are curious about frame of reference oh When did you do that and then so I just To include the information it's a Factual thing or you could think about How long it's been and reflect upon it There's all sorts of reasons that people Might include additional information Even if not Requested so there you go I got back in Town four days ago now does that mean Anything secret the fact that I include No of course not and so the 78 day Thinger it's just funny that that it Spurred conversation including a crypto Media article I just thought it was Funny I just thought it was kind of Funny that's all I have to say on it Nothing bad just kind of silly but this One I would like to up a little Bit of a storm about I'll try and be Brief on this but it's a c I Told You So Moment because it was silly as hell when People were putting out that the SEC the Real intent this is the conspiracy Theory the real intent for the SEC and Going after Ripple was was to get their Grubby little Ms on Ripple's escro xrp So whether I understand it's an escro so You can't move from account but maybe

They'll take ownership of the account Even though the xrp wouldn't moved or The other Theory I saw that is as the ESC comes out it's just going to be have To be siphoned off to the SEC because Reasons now this is silly ass Nonsense for for a number of reasons and So I wrote during the Ripple lawsuit This is a post on X during the Ripple Lawsuit there were many people arguing That the real purpose of the uit was to Get access to Ripples escro xrp that Always seemed wacky to me and the SEC Never asked for such it was just more Conspiracy theory nonsense I'm glad that Was proven wrong and so look I I Understand that uh people like to Connect dots and some like to connect Dots more than others and if you're if You're wired that way I get it you're Just going to do it and you're going to Connect dots that have no business being Connected or just posit ideas that are Just as far as I'm concerned way out in Looney Tunes land this one was out there Because if you just just think through This Logically if you look at like the prayer For Relief and the actual filing from The SEC and what they were asking for in Terms of Damages and discouragement and All that stuff nowhere were they even Requesting xrp so what's the theory then They're not requesting it they don't

Want it they just want they want a Specific dollar amount fine and and some Other Stuff and what judge Torres was just Going to be like oh okay well here's the Discouragement here's the fine all that Stuff oh and by by the way here's 50 Billion xrp for you SEC what so it never made a look of Sense to me I was like what are you how Can you guys be serious how can you and Then on top of that what the hell would The SEC even do with it so just bear With me here because some people are Thinking that they wanted it for Themselves because they understood i i People were actually saying this crap They wanted it for themselves so then It's in the hands of the of the United States government because they Understand that it's going to be the Backbone of the Financial Sy I'm moving For that people actually say this crap And that's just too far you guys know Xrp is my favorite damn cryptocurrency My largest individual holding but when You start saying bogus nonsense crap Like xrp the backbone of the financial System what do you think that like the Backbone of the financial system is a Cryptocurrency being positioned as a Bridge currency that's it that's the Backbone no it's fantastic but the back Some people just take crap too far and

So this is just one of those examples Talking about xrp and what would the C Actually do it so they just because if They got their way then that would mean That they destroyed xrp at least in the United States in terms of adoption so The government would have this thing That in what in theory would be what Illegal to use but then the government Would just have it because reasons they Want It what or they just sell off this Illegal thing the price of which they Would have caused the crater and then They just sell off the remaining bits as It as it dribbles on in uh to other People in other parts of the world that Aren't in the United States did anybody Think through this like SP more than 5 Seconds thinking about it never made a Damn bit of sense so this is just for I'm just having a little fun here I'm Just having a little fun see I told you Some moment because this is my channel Damn it and I do what I Want and it's gloen time because Obviously things went very well for us And no Ripple's escr xrp is still in the Legal possession of Ripple as it shall Be always unless or until they choose to Sell it or give it away that's it that's It it's not going to be taken from Them my God so anyway I'm just I just thought

I'd mention this because ever since this Case ended I hadn't seen anybody bring Up this stupid conspiracy theory Obviously because it didn't happen and Things went favorably and I to be honest With you it hadn't even crossed my mind Until yesterday just popped in my head For some reason I don't know why but it Popped in my head and I was like H yeah So I put out that little post I was like Yeah I ain't forgetting that I mean I Did forget it for you know a few months Here just about but it popped back in my Head and I was like that was stupid as Hell let's talk about It that's it just got to say I'm not a Financial adviser you should not buy Yourself anything because of anything I Say or right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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