XRP Holders Were RIGHT

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel and what I'm about to share with You is pretty close to a c I Told You So Type of moment uh which can frankly come From pretty much all of the entire xrp Community because xrp holders were right There's been an outright attack an Assault on crypto an attack on xrp Holders absolutely from the SEC Specifically and you may recall that a Little over a year ago our cardano Founder uh Charles hoskinson said that Xrp holders and Reporting on things were Inventing a grand conspiracy remember This whole thing well Charles hoskinson Went on quite a rant yesterday and I got To tell you uh I sympathize and I agree With what he stated for substantial Portions of that rant I'm not going to Speak on all of it but I am going to Share with you a portion in this video And it was I mean he was on fire about It and and riled up and he should be but It's just so rich because you know the Things he's complaining about uh do you Remember what he was saying a year ago Instead of rallying together with us Claiming that uh you know we were Inventing a grand conspiracy in the xrp Community which literally wasn't true we Weren't it's just a thing he said he he He misstep he misspoke and then he just Didn't want to admit he was Wrong but before going further I do want

To be clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun all Right now I'm not going to do a full Breakdown because that would take too Long of of what happened over a year ago But I want I want to make sure it's Fresh in your minds what was stated and What set this off because there was a Question from uh Tony who runs the Thinking crypto YouTube channel opposed To Charles hoskinson who who he was Interviewing and here's what Tony said During the interview to Charles Hoskinson last year let's switch gears And talk a bit about the crypto Market At large folks wanted me to ask you you Know what do you think about what's Happening with the SEC and all they're Doing with crypto Regulations lot of people not happy with Gary guinsler the recent Kim Kardashian Pron as well as the SEC Ripple lawsuit And the judges you know takes on what's Been happening there as it relates to Ethereum and the amicus briefs and Things like that and here's how Charles Responded in part he said yeah well There's some people in the xrp community

That are trying to invent this Grand Conspiracy that there was blatant Corruption between the Insiders at the SEC and Ethereum Uh what exactly are you sure are you Sure about this and it's just so Fascinating Because uh you know there was this this Quote from Charles hoskinson as aside From what I'm about to share with you Where he went on this fairly epic rant Uh and he's there's a screen grab for Those you look on the screen you can see It and this is a quote shared by xrp Community member Mr Huber Charles Hoskinson said quote did the ethereum Founders use connections and maybe even Money to convince the SEC yes probably But this is not corruption just Favoritism that's right folks he's Saying that when you use your Connections and maybe even money to Convince the SEC that's not corruption That's favoritism now there's a little Bit of a problem with that it's that Words have meanings and here I shared in Response to that post on X the Definition of the word corruption uh Which is listed right now on Mariam Webster dictionary here's Here's three components to the Definition of the word corruption a a a Dishonest or illegal Behavior especially

By powerful people such as government Officials or police officers though note Again it doesn't have to be government Government officials or police officers But in this case it literally is it's The SEC Right B inducement to Wrong by improper Or unlawful means such as Bribery C A departure from the original Or from what is p r correct so folks That's the definition of corruption and He goes on to describe what is Corruption in this quote which is now Back on your screen but he says no it's Favoritism no it's it's what you're Describing Charles it's literally the Definition of corruption Literally so here we have this rant and It was shared there's a clip of it Shared by altcoin Daily and they wrote Charles hoskinson Goes off on SEC and Bitcoin getting a Pass while cardano and crypto have has To suffer so I'm going to share with you Cuz I I transcribed this myself I'm Going to I'm going to share with you a Portion of this and the part that I'm About to share with you uh I think I Agree with all of it really and so Here's what Charles hoskinson had to say This is what's been Making Waves this is Seen by 1.3 million people just from This clip from altcoin daily which means Way more people have seen it in its

Entirety and it's been shared by other People other so probably Millions Probably multiple millions of people Have seen this at this point so check This Out from Charles Hoskinson then they come in and say it's A security okay well what does that mean If it's Decentralized how does Bitcoin register Oh but it's not then explain to me the Effing difference between Bitcoin Ethereum cardano and the rest of the Game explain it to me like I'm 5 years Old runs the guy God damn howy test on It and show me the difference between The two tell me is there an expectation Of return with the goddamn orange pill Moon boys pause right there I'm telling You he was definitely fiery but rightly So I'm with him I just wish that he Could have recognized some of what we Were saying a year ago and it's not About some sort of grand conspiracy I Like I'm certainly not making the Accusation that the eth people were Trying to take out Ripple um and that's actually by the way Not even what he was asked you know I Showed you the quote Tony from thinking Crypto he just he named a bunch of Different things and just said hey Here's some things can you kind of talk About this and then Charles hoskinson

Said that xrp holders were inventing a Grand Conspiracy but you know the truth is Like it's it's hard to find people in Our community that are claiming Explicitly that there actually was some Sort of you know SEC and eth in you know Eth Creator collaboration specifically To take out xrp it's more like there was Just outright corruption right there was Outright corruption which benefits eth And doesn't benefit anyone else and then Separate from that there was also an Attack on xrp holders that's what it Looks like to me that's that's not some Sort of conspiracy like that's what Happened right anyway here's the rest of His quote and after he talked about the Godamn orange pill Moon Boys it's I love that I really I Actually really do love that he goes It's there and then so there's quote There's so many different planks and Angles that you can take a look at this Thing from and by the way if you Subpoena and attack about three Different entities you can perform a 51% Attack on bitcoin because that's the way The hash power works but it's Decentralized apparently and team orange Gets a complete pass it's a pathetic Effing joke it's an absolutely pathetic Joke and you know it' be funny if not For the fact that hundreds of millions

Of dollars of legal fees have been Exhausted in this peric war that's been Being fought on the industry and they'll Lose court case after court case as they Already have and will continue and then At some point it will stop there will Not be an apology there not going to be Any money that comes back and we'll just Move on end quote Yeah spot on you know That just as easily could have been a Moon Lambo rant that actually just as Easily could have been now I I I haven't Talked about the the orange pills I just Call them toxic Bitcoin Maxi Trolls but Hey but still you know his Point's Certainly not lost on me here and and I've said so many times too and I think He's right like eventually this is going To run its course the damage will have Been done incumbents will have been Propped up to whatever degree and they Can jump into crypto so they get a a Better entry uh which is speculation Admittedly but there and even if it's Not by Design like that's the net result Uh so we you can argue about whether It's it's by Design or not but uh that's What's happening and then at some point Eventually the lawsuits are just going To stop it'll all be figured out there Will be no apologies as he stated and The money that was taken away like you Know the $150 million plus Ripple spent That doesn't go back to them it's just

Gone it's just out There uh so here's what Attorney John Deon had to say in response to this only Maxis will take issue with uh Charles Hoskinson's Outrage I don't see how anyone could not Objectively understand the frustration Us Securities laws need to be coherent And consistently applied across all Ecosystems uh I've seen a few Maxis Reply to Charles's video with the same Old arguments they made about Xrp the same arguments rejected by a Federal judge sitting in the southern District of New York here's a threat of Mine that people who love to call Software code itself a security didn't Appreciate and I'm not for the sake I'm Not going to run through it it was a Great threat I actually covered at the Time it's from April uh but yeah spot on Attorney Deon absolutely uh here's a Post that I liked from crypto Insight UK Charles is absolutely spoton with this But it should have come three years ago When xrp was under attack it seems a lot Of the space is too focused on their own Chain whether you like Ripple and xrp or Not the fact they've been beating the sa Down makes this a whole lot easier for Everyone else Bitcoin and eth have been Given an unfair Advantage xrp was Singled out and attacked these are facts Yep again that spot on and what he's

Citing there that's why this is why the Community was pissed off a year ago That's not a grand conspiracy that he's Right those are facts that's actually What happened now if you're talking About you know the ethereum guys and the SEC coordinating specifically to take Down Ripple and xrp there's no like yeah You you start to get into conspiracy Theory land I'm not asserting that who Out there is is asserting that though And that's not even what he was asked That's not what Charles hoskinson was Asked and then he went on later and this Is this grinds my gears I'll try to not Get too far off in a tangent on this but Then Charles hoskinson claims that is What he was asked but it is not what he Was asked and that's why I had this Whole thread which I'm not again like I Told you that's of the video I'm not Running through this thing where I wrote To Charles hoskinson it was viewed Fairly widely and I broke it down full Context highlighted every transcribed Everything the whole back and forth uh Just to to make the point and prove it That he was not taken out of context Even though he claims he was he just Made up a bunch of crap that's what Upset people and then he just made an Enemies out of so many people in the Community which is why I'm sympathetic To this post that Mr Huber shared he in

Response to this this uh clip he wrote I'm Sorry Charles but for two years you Did everything you could to make the xrp Community to look ridiculous and Embarrass Us in public I know you Offered peace but only to come out of Nowhere and call us crazy conspiracy Theorists again now look at you it's Funny what can happen in a year isn't it And of course um you know and I should Have mentioned this earlier I suppose But I think most of you know it um it Would have just been a table set but the SEC is calling cardano a Security and so I don't know that There's some sort of new attack like who Knows maybe maybe he got a Wells notice And we just don't know it maybe that's Why he's extra spicy now I don't know uh So maybe maybe he is going to directly Be attacked by the SEC but at this point We just know that the cardano is one of Many cryptocurrencies that is being Named by the SEC in lawsuits against Coinbase and the like Right but uh like I'm on his side with The stuff that he's arguing here I just I'm just like everybody else and I just I'm I'm kind of grossed out by what he Was doing a year you know over a year Ago and he was lying about what was Happening and saying that he was asked a Question he wasn't asked and then called Us conspiracy theorists when who who is

Who is on that topic like maybe you Could find a few people cuz we're a Really big ass Community full of Millions of people but that's not the That's not the sentiment of EX and then If you looked at everybody that was Responding to him over a year ago it was The same stuff over and over again no That's not what we're saying we're not Taking out of content it was the same Stuff and he just wouldn't have it he Just he was he just refused to admit That he was wrong here and that's why People are pissed off so now now that He's saying this stuff I understand why People in our community are a bit A bit perturbed about this I understand Why now in the end we still need to come Together as a crypto Community but I Don't blame anybody after what he said And make us look like like outright on Stage and in multiple videos seen by Millions of people calling us crazy Conspiracy people I don't blame anybody For wanting to note that it's not like That didn't happen it's okay to Recognize hey here's part of History Charles Hoskins said did this and it Sucked and it wasn't in line with Reality it's okay to say that As long as in the end we end up rallying Together and acknowledging continuing to Push back against the nonsense from the SEC I'm all good with that so you guys

Let me know what you think but that's What I got in a Nutshell I'm not a financial advisor you Should not buy yourself anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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