My Business Game Plan! “How I Became Wealthy”

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How I became wealthy and how I keep Increasing my wealth my exact business Game plan my name is coach JB what I Work to do is make the complex macro and Microeconomic strategies very simple so The normal everyday person can do them If I can do it you can do it before we Kick it off I want to help as many human Beings as possible because I want you to Experience the same thing that I'm Experiencing Financial Freedom spiritual Freedom mental family all those things So I have two amazing resources for you Number one is the free 16-page Guide to The Warriors plan to wealth it's my Exact blueprint that I'm breaking down This week uh it's in the description of This video number two is a free One-on-one with my license insurance Team my wealth Protection Team which we Teach you how we insure compound and Grow our wealth with insurance the banks Own a ton of insurance we teach you why They own the insurance okay so that's One of our biggest pillars of our wealth If you're worried about your 401k or You're worried about your retirement or Your cash in learning how to secure it Set up a one1 consultation and we will Help you guys out okay description of Description of this video or in my Social media platform you get the free Guide or you can set up a one one-on-one Consultation with my licensed Insurance

Team or both okay so yesterday's video I'm looking at a paper here and these Videos are a little bit different this Week I'm currently as you're listening To this these are pre-recorded obviously Pre-recorded is I'm sitting um in a Garden in Peru on my deep spiritual Journey I do it every single year I go Out there last year I completely ghosted Social media but this time I decided to Pre-record uh so I can continue to share Information I also want to see how you Guys like these types of videos more Educational deeper into what I do versus Just reporting the news if you do like This context I'll do a couple videos Like this per week I love educating People that is my favorite thing to do I'm a generator in human design I'm Supposed to go forward Forge a trail Make mistakes build safety come back and Teach I don't know if this stuff will Work for you but this is work for me if You haven't listened to my video on Friday which was on November 3D um I Told you my full personal story Yesterday's YouTube video I talked about My crypto game plan and this my business Game plan is what's helping me become Very very wealthy now what is wealth Right I want you to understand that if You're in America you're one of the Luckiest people in the world for this Context guys if you make I think $30,000

If you look at the I think it's 30 grand If you look at the world if you make About $30,000 you're in the top one prod % in America it takes about 500 around I Think it's $518,000 per year to be in the top 1% in America and in net worth it's 11.5 Million okay so today we're going to Talk specifically about money this isn't A spiritual conversation but we're going To talk about money and how I went from Completely broke off my parents couch to Building Wealth and now about in the Next cycle which I call 2024 to about 2030 is a generational wealth building Cycle which I'll now pass down onto my Family which is our Legacy which is our Trust trust in our family office okay so Uh 2020 if you listened to the Friday um YouTube video I explained to you my full Story so I'm not going to recap that Whole thing but business is something That I've always been intrigued in so I Left Corporate America and I got rocked Guys I thought I was going to explode in Business um I started a 3T Fitness which Is a was a fitness facility is a f Fitness facility that still exists we Have 3T Warriors it's branded into 3T Warrior Academy so we have a fitness arm Of our company we have a supplement arm We have a uh called Blockheads which Created Merlin so we have Merlin we have Blockheads I have freedom Asset

Management Group I have my freedom Insurance I have refined Integrity which Is a beard company I'm trying to think Of all the companies that we have um Those are the ones off the top of my Head right now so I have my insurance Company my oh my Academy 3T Warrior Academy our education Academy we have Merlin we have Blockheads we have Refined Integrity we have our supplement Company we have our facility our gym and Our facility and we have other companies That we're kind of that we we backed off Of uh in regards to uh Equity so why do I bring this up and I want to explain to You how radically my life has Transformed and how I do business okay I Think that's really important because Everybody's telling you about passive Income and get rich quick and all this Stuff guys there really is no true Passive income um it I mean yeah there Is where you know maybe you start a real Estate property and then you get people To manage it yes that is passive but Everything has some sort of activity to It and and you know do you really want To just do nothing the rest of your life So my point behind this is yes I'm in More of a passive income state where I Have money that comes from multiple Sources 24 hours a day seven days a week But I'm actively managing my businesses Now there's a big Stark transition from

2020 to where I'm at now and I'll take You through those stages and I'm only Going to speak from the Paradigm I'm at And I love doing these videos because I Get to look back on these and see how Far I've come if you look back at my Videos in 2020 I've grown a lot in Maturity and wisdom right so in 2020 I Was working in inside of my business I Was training almost nine I was working 19 hours a day training nine sessions a Day um I was inside the business okay I Actually went through Alex F Mo's gym Launch program which was one of the Alex Fosi to me is one of the top business Coaches in the world Bar None one of the Best in understanding how to just Understand business I went through his Coaching program which was gym launch Take away the fact of learning how to Scale a gym his Acumen and understanding If you go you should all go get the book 100 Mill ion dollar leads his Acumen and His business knowledge is so Superior to Most human beings it just is he that is His specialty just like mine is macro Microeconomics and connecting Spirituality and uh understanding human Behaviors his is business right so I Took a lot of his PR almost all of his Principles and I took them into my other Businesses so basically from the gym Part is I scaled myself up I brought on Trainers and I started to scale my gym

Portion of it well I moved that into the Warrior Academy when I got rocked and End up back on my parents couch I took The education I was learning from crypto And I took my education from the current Paradigm showing people the step process I took from getting off my parents couch To uh wealth and I created what's called An education Academy so that was the Number one thing that I focused on was Creating education platforms which all Of you can do but here's my caveat and My warning to you don't create anything To make money always create something That you're passionate about that you Would do if you didn't get paid a dime For it that's really important because I Didn't get paid a dime for it for a very Very long time I didn't go viral until 2020 I posted 17,000 times from 2017 to 2020 and then we went absolutely viral In 2020 and from 20120 to 2023 I have Not stopped any of those activities I Have consistently posted seven times a Day across all platforms and he probably Even more that's me personally Twitter Instagram YouTube Tik Tok and I probably I I would rightfully stand on a mountain Top and say I'm probably one of the most Consistent people that I've ever met Disciplined consistency doing the same Actions but here's the difference and so What I did was is I scaled myself out of Being in the businesses to running the

Business so here's my specialty so I Built businesses based on who I am I Created a beard company because it's Something I enjoy I love Men's Grooming Products so I created refined Integrity Which is in its exception it's just back It's on Amazon now I created my freedom Asset Management Group which manages my Companies and my assets I got licens in Insurance because I absolutely love Insurance do you see I'm doing Everything that I love and I'm following My human design now miss most people Aren't going to talk about this but we Have one of the most amazing human Design practitioners in history which is May Warner who is on our team and she Taught me my human design about three Years ago three years ago two and a half Years ago it radically transformed my Life so I'm what's called a pure Generator so I'm supposed to go forward Think about what I do for a living I'm Supposed to go forward Forge a trail Build safety make mistakes come back and Teach and so exactly what I'm doing I'm Teaching you from the current Paradigm That I'm at right so why is business so Important or why is maybe buying equity In a company so important the key to is Understanding is where is that company Going where's it been where is it going And is it innovated into the future okay So we focus on information technology

And attention attention is social media Grabbing attention off social media Right sharing educational things that Actually impact people's Liv lives okay And then we have technology which would Be Blockheads which is helping people Build apps and helping people like Merlin things like that okay so I want To share with you guys the biggest way To em beat inflation is understanding How businesses scale model them to grow And model them to sell okay and these Are all things I learned from Alex Heros In that short stent that I went through His program and I read all of his books As well so I highly recommend you go Follow Alex Heros you dive into his Content I'll actually put um his Description down here in this video or His YouTube channel but that's where a Lot of um so for example people like oh Crypto crypto crypto crypto crypto okay So cryptocurrency is a very speculative Asset I made a large amount of money in A short amount of time but I had an exit Plan I was able to put money into some Equity into some other things okay Business is where I increase my earned Income the insurance company right now Is one of my biggest earners one of my Biggest incomes coming in right now just Being transparent with you guys I'm also Looking for agents if you want to join My team click the description down below

So because I'm very passionate about it That's why it's working so why is that Working I want to bring up the insurance Portion of it it's called The trust Curve right so I radically beat the Trust curve because for three years Before I ever went into business and Doing my own insurance and having my own Insurance team is I referred it for Three years I've been talking about it For three years so I didn't go and get Licensed and go into insurance and Started teaching people tax code 7702 Because I wanted to make money I got Licensed because I enjoyed the product So much I wanted to understand it deep ER then I realized there was a great Opportunity not only for me to educate People but to bring other people on my Team and to help free them financially By providing Financial education the Reason why I keep bringing that up is Going back to who you truly are so I Want you to think about your job your Career your business did you start a Smoothie shop just because the franchise Was making money and you thought that You make a ton of money because it's Exciting in the beginning but once you Get into the grind you have to ask Yourself is are you willing to do it When you're not getting paid for what You need to do right so all the Companies that I do are all things that

I enjoy to do beard company insurance Company that's it's my thing man I love Understanding economics and helping People financially right I'm an ex- Banker as well the education Academy our Warrior Academy it's my favorite company We have because we have like-minded Individuals in a tribe that are rising Up we also have our gen shifter program Where I privately coach people one of my Favorite things to do is meet with them On Mondays and Thursdays right I have my Beard company I'm obsessed with Men's Grooming products so I created my own Own organic men groming products so that Is a great way for you to build wealth Now the warning I have for you guys is Be very very careful there's a lot of out there okay there's a lot of Con artists there's a lot of people Telling you how to make money online who Have never made money online okay and so Understanding how radically you can Transform your life is to understand the System mentorship is extremely important I hired Alex Heros gym launch uh and That was probably one of the best things I ever did one of the best things I ever Did right I don't think you can even Hire them as a coach anymore I think They just do Equity with acquisition. Comom but my point behind this is that's A true wealth Builder cryptocurrency is Not your retirement guys innovating

Solving massive problems for Humanity is How you truly truly truly build wealth So if you think about business I want You to think of it differently I want You to think what do I love to do and in What I love to do is there anything that I could solve a big problem for Humanity And if you can think it you can create It what you believe in your heart you Think in your mind will eventually Become your words and become your Reality if you can see it in your mind Eventually you can hold it right here in Your hands what you repeatedly do gets Ingrained in your subconscious mind what Gets ingrained in your subconscious mind Becomes your unconscious activity guys If you can see it you can create it so One of the last things I want to leave You with is scaling when you start your Own company and you leave Corporate America you're trying to move from Trading time for money into using money To free up time so when you get into a Company don't be afraid to expand and Scale in putting people into positions And empowering them to do the jobs to Free up time so you can run the Companies so now the position that I sit Now in 2023 transition to 2024 I work From home from a computer a laptop and An iPhone I travel wherever I want I Have meetings with my CFO and coo who Run the companies so I'm completely free

From any time space reality other than Doing YouTube videos and content so That's what free freedom is all about to Me I now am helping other people with my Insurance company become wealthy and at The same time they get wealthier I get Wealthier my clients get wealthy my team Gets wealthy I get wealthy do you see How that works you can Empower other People but you want to scale yourself to A point where other people are trading The time for money that's the key for it There are people who want to do Processing there are people that want to Work in trade time for money and that's Okay okay so I just want to bring that Up I just want to share with you guys me More fully transparent so on Friday I Talked about my full story uh Monday um My crypto game plan and what made me uh Rich in crypto remember I say Rich Versus wealthy because rich is quick Money right that doesn't mean wealth Wealth is where uh business is where I Keep each quarter my earned income keeps Going up and I've been very transparent On my YouTube videos so I went from Broke on my parents couch in 2020 to Last year my tax return don't quote me On this it was just like 318,000 in 2022 And if I keep pacing the what I'm pacing My goal is to get to half a million in The top 1% um and I I should hit it I Should get really really close to about

500,000 which would be half a million Earned income okay and my assets have Grown pretty dramatically and the value Of our companies increased dramatically So my goal by the end of 2024 is to be at a million in personal Income and then to be in the top 1% by 2030 at 11.5 million liquid completely Or would be liquid net worth net net Worth right so it gives me about four Years to get that going it probably Happened a lot more rapidly I'm being Conservative but if I can do it you guys Can do it guys I have dyslexia I was a Drug addict 17 years ago got the Kicked out of me but I worked hard I was Disciplined I was consistent and the Most thing that I've done is I've Followed my design I'm doing businesses That align with me I'm aligning myself With like-minded individuals and I truly Truly love what I do so I don't work a Day in my life so I hope that Information reaches you well hopefully It kind of gives you a framework of who I am and why I run my businesses and why I do what I do but i' would love to help You out if we can help you out Insurance-wise if you want to join our Insurance team as well we're expanding Very rapidly one of the fastest growing Teams in this company um we are actually One of the fastest growing teams and It's going to continue to grow that way

Because the trust curve right we already Were using the product for three years And we know that it works so I love you Guys I appreciate you as we always say Warriors rise get your together Love you Guys [Music] N


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