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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel here's a headline from you today Millions of xrp grabbed by Wales is xrp About to take off and it's fascinating To see this Behavior again and again and Again recently xrp after hitting as high As 73 cents uh it's at the time Recording this I'll check in a second But I think it's around 61 or 62 cents And you know what's been happening as Xrp has been sliding downward a bit Recently nothing it's not even sliding Crazily down but it is and some people Are forfeiting they're giving up they're Capitulating even at these levels what's Happening the bigger and smarter Investors are purchasing that fear they Are purchasing the xrp that is on sale At a discount and there's an expectation That really all that's happening is a Level that used to be resistance is now Support and it's just be going back to Be tested again and and take take a look At this there's an analyst that wrote Writes for coin Telegraph yashu goo this Headline xrp P Price bull flag hence at 20% rally by New Year's now a lot of People perhaps most people at this point Think that the greatest fireworks in Crypto for this cycle are going to be in 2024 and we'll see we're all going to Live through this together nobody Technically knows for sure but even if That's true there's still a very strong

Possibility that we're going to see some Serious fireworks for xrp Price action Even this year um in particular if this Analyst is correct and and I'll just Tell you right now and part actually by The way part of what they talk about is This Accumulation by the whales of xrp Despite the current price action and Just just notes that the current Situation favors the Bulls but before Going further I do want to be clear I do Not have a financial background of any Kind I am not offering Financial advice And you definitely should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right I'm just an Enthusiast who Enjoys making YouTube videos about Crypto related topics but just as a Hobby and just for fun all right into The first piece in a surprising Revelation prominent crypto analyst Ali Martinez reveals that xrp Wales have Engaged in a buying spree accumulating a Staggering 11 million xrp over the past Week the total value of these Acquisitions stands at an impressive $ 6.82 million marking a notable uptick in Bullish activity within the market let Me just go straight to the source I Don't need to read the whole article for This but uh this is just an xrp price Chart and the analyst wrote The Following # Ripple onchain data shows

That xrp Wales have purchased around 11 Million xrp over the past week worth Roughly $6.8 to million and you know It's always interesting to see just on The the psychological front what this Does to people especially when so xrp Way higher than when the year started It's been honestly performing Fantastically it it as all things Considered because xrp never runs to a New alltime high without Bitcoin leading The way first so the fact that it Getting legal Clarity didn't cause a new Alltime high uh that should be a big Nothing that doesn't mean there's Something wrong with xrp that shouldn't Be surprising in the least that just Means that xrp is performing as we Should have expected historically Speaking anyway so that's fine but still Xrp price doing what it's doing it reeks Havoc on some people's minds uh there's Somebody here responding to this Particular chart analy somebody named Phased and nothing to gets him on a Personal level but I just respectfully Disagree with the perspective that he Has here and so this guy wrote have no Faith in Ripple xlp xlm and cardano so He's talking about three different coins There and he's conflating xrp with Ripple we'll let that one go because he Clearly doesn't know what he's talking About here but he has no confidence in

Xrp Stellar lumens and cardano and so Chart analyst Ali Martinez responds with Sounds like disbelief and he referenced One of his posts from November 11th Which shares a chart that if you've been In in crypto for more than 5 minutes You've seen this many times before and It and for good reason though it's Useful it's the Wall Street cheat sheet Psychology of a market cycle and before After things crash down but before Things get up uh get back into full bull Mode one of the steps is disbelief Because yes prices are moving up maybe They even start to go down a little bit Before you really hit that Euphoria and It's just disbelief this is a suckers Rally right and this is how humans Behave and it's just so interesting to See real world incidents like I you can Find anecdotal in in of this um and so Ali's noting here that it just sounds Like disbelief and as November 11th post Re referencing the the psychology of a Market cycle reads as follows keep in Mind the current disbelief rally will Face skepticism leading to a market Correction that energizes the Bears to Say I Told You So however the upcoming Correction will be just a brief phase What follows is a bull run with Significant upside potential And still he's this this guy who's going By the named fased on social media

Platform X he thought it was funny he Wrote LOL Nabra LOL nabra other coins went up a Lot these are like dead dead and Traders Hardly pump them Up it sounds like cavman speak number go Up number Big but look he's he's not right and I Know he doesn't know what the hell is Talking about I mean you're talking About cardano not that I want to go off In a tangent on that but it did this Past Market cycle hit a high that was Way higher than it previous Market cycle Up over $3 I know I've been holding it Since the end of 2017 I bought it I Think in November for like two or three Cents and it went up to over $3 this Past Market cycle uh it only went up to A little over a buck in 2017 or 2018 Whenever went off up during that market Cycle and then as far as xrp and xlm They tend to move in tandem even Admittedly that part sounds silly but They're treated similarly I mean I get That obviously xlm is a clone of xrp That was slightly modified I get That but xrp was the focus of an SEC Lawsuit might that have had something to Do with it and it's still it's one of The largest it's one of three coins That's always been the top 10 cryptos by Market cap and still you're going to Find tons of people like this that will

Squander opportunity that's what I think I'm just sharing my opinion he gets to Share his nothing against person level I Just don't think the stuff well I know What he's saying isn't true some of it Anyway and the rest of it just doesn't Make logical sense to me just saying Here um also wanted to highlight this From uh chart analyst Ali Martinez Before moving forward here uh hash Bitcoin and you shared this this uh Chart here I'll make it full screen it's A Bitcoin balance on exchanges and this Is fascinating this actually is just one More metric you can look at to kind of Figure out where are things heading and This is definitely optimistic he wrote The Following around 25 ,000 Bitcoin Have been withdrawn from known crypto Exchange wallets in the last two weeks Worth nearly 1 billion dollar now the Reason that this is important to be Aware of because in a market where People are about to dump and the price Is going to go down typically you see a Ton of Bitcoin enter the realm of Exchanges they're on exchanges that they Can then it can then be listed for sale This is the opposite meaning that the People that are taking the Bitcoin off Exchanges for self- custody for safety They're not planning on getting rid of It presumably anytime soon and so this Is It's one more metric to track like I

Just I'm not really finding a whole lot Of indicators that should lead us to Believe that we're going to see this Market Crater back on down I mean where Are those 12,000 you know $112,000 Bitcoin bears Go where where are they these days They're kind of hard to come by aren't They now take a look at this from coin Telegraph xrp price bull flag hence at 20% rally by New Year's and so look even If it's just 20% that would still be a Pretty big jump considering where we Started at the beginning of the year and It'll just be a little delicious taste Compared to what we're going to see once This Market truly gets lit up and we do Need Bitcoin to lead the way but xrp has Legal Clarity metrics are looking good Whales are positioning themselves like a Piture pick your metrics it looks Fantastic so I want to share with you What this particular analyst had to say Yashu goo writing for coin Telegraph uh xrp price May rally over 20% in the coming weeks thanks to a Classic bullish continuation setup the So-called bull flag pattern develops When the price consolidates inside a Parallel Channel after a strong uptrend It resolves after the price breaks above The upper trend line with convincing Volumes and Rises by as much as the Previous uptrends height as of November

26 xrp was trading above its bu Flags Upper trend line albe it's accompanying Weaker volumes that technically indic Indicates a weaker conviction among Traders about xrp's bullish Continuation the duration of Traders Indecisiveness could have xrp price test The flag's upper trend line as support That means a decline towards 59 cents Coinciding with a historical support Level and the 50-day exponential moving Average 50-day EMA the Red Wave by November and I pause to note here that There are lots of analysts who are very Pro xrp it's like you can tell by the Way they talk it's got to be one of Their biggest bags if not their biggest You can tell and they have nothing but Conviction from a chart perspective well In big picture anyway and but also a Fundamental perspective but still even Those analysts will tell you that there Is a possibility that this level gets Tested even if it's in the middle of the 50 something Cent range you know Somewhere around there but you know and I've been highlighting perspective from Multiple analysts leading up to this Point and they're just saying hey it's Reasonable to suppose that we could see That level get tested again but the Anticipation from pretty much every Analyst that I follow from what I've Tracked is Bounce go higher pretty much

And nothing's a guarantee they're Speaking in terms of probabilities and So this is one more analyst saying Something that sounds kind of similar Here and he ends up ultimately coming to A very positive conclusion let me go a Little bit further here piece Continues this level is also around Xrp's downside Target on the weekly time Frame chart xrp May then climb towards 75 cents in December up over 20% from Current price levels if the bull flag Scenario holds and is characterized by a High volume rebound from the upper trend Line conversely breaking below the Flag's upper trend line would delay the Bullish continuation setup bringing the Lower trend line near 54 cents Coinciding with the 200 day EMA the Blue Wave into play as the next downside Target okay so now you've heard this is Pretty common place for analysts you Know if so and so happens negative thing Occurs if we get this if if Market Behaves this way here's the upside you Can expect and so on the whole what what Should we expect well this is where he Gets into the data having to do with the Whales which I started the video with And he does highlight a perspective also From Ali Martinez but he writes the Following check this out so to tie it All together xrp's onchain data looks Tilted toward Bulls thanks to strong

Accumulation among its richest addresses Notably the cryptocurrency's correction Period has coincided with an increase In its Supply among addresses with a Balance between 100 million and 10 Million tokens in total these so-called Whales have purchased $ 6.82 Million Worth of xrp tokens over the past week Now think about this my friends as the Price has been slowly coming down and Nothing crazy xrp hasn't been just Dropping Like a Rock nothing like that Uh but as this has been happening They're recognizing more opportunity This the biggest money out there they're Behaving differently aren't they and we See this again and again and again and For these particular Market participants You know depending on how long they hold The prospects are Astronomical I mean can you imagine if You owned today 6.82 Million worth of Xrp and then think about what your price Exit is and what you're realistically Expecting so what would that what would That be tens of millions hundreds of Millions of dollars worth of xrp if it Gets to where some people are expecting Things to go to the market top and so This is this is what the smart money is Doing they're behaving differently than The typical liming retail speculators That's what I'm talking about here and Then they writes in other words these

Whales are buying xrp at the likely Local lows indicating their conviction About a price rise in December which Corresponds with the bull flag setup Presented above and there you Go it's the name of the game son and and Some of these individuals maybe they are Actual Traders and they're going to play The short game and okay fine people can Do whatever the hell they want for People like me though like I just hold I've been holding for over six years and So while it's interesting to track stuff Like this because once you got skinn in The game it is fun admittedly to just Look at the price on a regular basis you Know what it's like right I don't have To explain why you guys right it is fun Um but we are excitingly at this point Finally where things you you can just Tell you know it's just it's like the Calm before the the storm like it was Several years ago and several years Before that like I mean you understand Like the things are cyclical here and so If that's the case like the next couple Years are probably going to be a lot of Fun if history is to repeat and with Bitcoin leading the way as long as it Keeps going like we're all hoping xrp Like why would it not hit a new all-time High in Enterprise Discovery I just I don't know what's Going to happen as you know for me never

A price Prediction but in terms of what's Probable I mean wouldn't it be weird if We never saw a new all-time high from Xrp like wouldn't that be really bizarre If the best was January 4th and then Millions of people jumped in and Continued to purchase it and there was More adoption more utility more use Cases but then we just never saw a new Alltime high and then it just went away And puttered Away to zero like is that Is that more probable I don't think so There's a reason that I'm the strongest Conviction I've ever had for xrp and I Could not be more long xrp now when it Becomes an outsized portion of my net Worth should that happen anyway I'm optimistic it will I will sell most Or all of it I mean that's why we're Here but even when I do that should I Get to that point it doesn't mean that I Won't think that you know it doesn't Have some sort of bright future it'll Just mean for me Personally it's an outsized portion of My overall net worth and I need to Account for that that risk and also Understanding once once a coin pumps Like that usually happens pretty quickly Uh probably ain't going to stay there Doesn't mean it's going to go back down To 60 cents ever again if it hits like 10 15 20 bucks 25 bucks wherever it goes

We'll see doesn't mean it'll go back Down to 60 cents but what if you have an 80% correction from 15 bucks or 20 bucks So it still be cool to see where it is After that but knowing that this is what Happens in markets yeah you better Believe I'm like I've been here over six Years I'm waiting for that moment and I Know some people will give me crap when I sell it because I'll be public about It I'll I'll talk about percentages of What I'm selling and when I'm just not Going to say the quantity of xrp that I Have and the quantity of xrp I'm selling I know some people are going to give me Crap but I'm willing to bet that most of You especially if you've been here for a Long time you get it and you understand Why that's necessary and probably most Of you if I had a hazard a guess you're Trying to do the same thing like we're All trying to do the same thing and I Think that we all recognize that we have Found something special in xrp it's just A matter of time we just got to be Patient here almost nobody knows this But the good news is if it were already Understood that yes xrp is the thing That's if everybody already belied that It's too late but we are in the minority And either we're right or wrong but I Think our convictions broadly speaking Are rightly placed and so we go and get Our son time will tell but I think 2024

So it's going to be way more fun than 2023 and I will tell you 2023 has been Way more fun and enjoyable than 2022 for Obvious reasons Right I mean legal Clarity Market way Hotter xrp price up year to date like Yes up a lot year to date relatively Speaking I mean not in terms of the World of crypto where we expect like Sometimes 100x returns but it doesn't Mean we can't ultimately have That so lots of reasons to be hopeful For the future lots to look forward to I'm not a financial adviser you should Not buy or sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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