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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and it's on like Donkey Kong folks look what's happened Here we've got a coin market cap here And it looks like let's See xrp has jumped P BNB token we're now At oh my gosh when I started this when I Started to do this video cuz I just did The private group we're at 71.5 cents Folks we were at 70 cents when I first Started get when I got up looking at all This this morning this is awesome and What I want to show you folks we've Jumped BNB I always said it's just a matter of Time before xrp ascends the throne to Number one and I stand by that look at This dark Defender agrees xrp will sit On its Throne at number one the one that They told us was flawed and useless this Will be the plot twist of all time I Agree check this out these are the Return rates 7 30-day one quarter look At this xrp 23% in 7 days it beats all The ones in front of it it beats all the Ones in front of it on the 30 day 34.8% and then on the quarter the uh Bitcoin is winning xrp second place on The um year Bitcoin with all their media Pumping it up xrp is still about two Take it take it out take it out look Bitcoin 69 xrp 48% on the year um now I

Want to show you a lot of what these Chart guys are saying because the price Is on the move and we like it okay so we Got egg crypto he says xrp midterm Targets 85 Cent a dollar 550 640 Backbone Junction whatever that means Since May 22 these targets have been set By by me um D the next move for xrp Should secure a weekly close above the Backbone Junction now we eager await Confirmative confirmative candles Above This crucial Point range to keep the Rally on track towards dollar and then He says this xrp giant cup the giant cup Reveals a magical Gateway perfectly Aligned with the FIB 770 cents uh top of The stratosphere the stratosphere has Stood a formidable resistance line since 2018 Peak and acting as a major Resistant trend line for nearly SE six Years our gateway to valhala lies within The uh harmonious Confluence Circle Between Stratosphere and FIB 70 Okay so Stratosphere and FIB where's FIB 70 I guess he means where it hit 70 So right there this is Valhalla Gateway Whatever that means and then we've got This one from him I'm trying to show you Everything cuz I mean everybody's Excited about I am too xrp valhal the Ultimate summoning behold the mother of All bull runs is upon the xrp Army check Out in the below chart how imminent the Bullish cross is approaching 21 EMA 55

Ma stay steady we're moving steady slow And then we've got this from dark Defender what a weekend it was we set 66 Cents a short-term Target now it's Broken in a 4H hour time frame congrats Who believed in it we need to stay above This level today as well the daily time Frame indicates we are oversold all Right oversold so there might be back Test to 66 cents daily however the main Trend is up let's see our Target 188 is Shortterm we must observe xrp Clos above 66 uh cents first a prerequisite for to Go to 188 well there are other targets Such as 105 133 but none of them are as Strong as 66 Cent similarly 188 has the Same strength whenever I see 188 is Broken then we can set $585 as our shortterm Target how about them apples folks Now now that we've gone over all the Price I want to show you this Tiffany Fong Who my not my understanding is she's Another one of the crypto narrative People that will not touch all of the Things that are obviously the truth like Eth gay prosecution so she's in there Keeping the focus on Sam bankman free That's the that's what the narrative Carriers and the media are doing it's About Sam bankman free don't talk about His mother his father don't talk about The things I'm about to talk about in

The group I won blow I'll blow this Thing Sky High in the group today Tell you what it's what I think it's About but ner off um she's basically Focusing on Sam bankman freed and he Says ethereum is the fraudulent elephant In the room in plain sight a thousand Times bigger than SPF or connected to Each other Joe Luben and vitalic Butterin have been the front with Corrupt officials at the highest levels Of government F of federal agencies such As Clayton guinsler and many others Cover this Now Patrick burn who is an attorney too He says keep an eye on this story you Will see that it intersects with mine Ethereum Insider drops bombshell Ethereum Founders fraud bigger than FTX Fraud I folks were we right or were we Right none of this is going on without The xrp Army give yourself a pat on the Back we called this three years ago Folks and then we kicked and screamed Until somebody started paying attention Now guess who's on to the Sam bankman Freed thing see I've been telling you Folks I'm G to say it again in the group Today huh what is what in the world is That right there if you're in my group You're seeing that and you're saying Asking the same thing But what listen to what Charles Payne Says this is what I've been talking

About this this is not about Sam bankman Freed Sam bankman freed is a py I am Telling you this guy's a py just the Same way that Lee Harvey Oswald said he Was a py and it turns out people in the Real world are actually saying that's True Now you can't talk about that out here You these are things we talk about in The group watch this this is this is Charles Payne on Fox News who Understands what's going on he gets it Well as you know by now Sam bankman Freed has been found guilty on seven Criminal accounts and it only took the Jury 4 hours to convict him now Conversely it took 20 hours to find Bernie manof guilty and there's been a Strange narrative in the media to this Verdict after a couple of years of Fawning over SP SPF calling him to next Waren Buffett and talking about his Altruism the media has suggested maybe He shouldn't do 110 years in jail after All he only stole money well let's look At the numbers 1.2 million users of this Platform thought they had 11 .6 billion In Balance I mean that was on their Statements in the paper how about 2.7 Billion in assets when they went in There and really looked around by the Way only 800 million of that was Liquid In other words people were wiped out This is Monumental theft rarely seen in

The history of the planet and I don't Think that it was something that was Born out of innocence in other words we Accidentally started stealing money take A look at this business Model this chart is all that anybody if We had an honest media this is all that Anybody would be talking about because You can't look at this and say that this Afro haired kid who plays video games While he's being Interviewed put all this together no he Did not somebody did that's where the we Talk about all that in my group doors to Loot the hopes and dreams of more than a Million people began think about this How many young adults went in there Thinking I'm going to make some money so I can get married and start a family Have children start a business that That's no young adult chart I don't Right there that is not a lemonade stand Folks that wasn't innocent stuff in my Mind and I keep hearing about how Distraught the family was that's a daily Scene in Criminal Court even when There's evidence that's overwhelming Mothers scream in agony to the top of Their lungs oh please give my baby a Second chance you know Tupac is one of My favorite rappers right my favorite Song from him is Dear Mama there's a Line in there that goes I reminisce on The stress I cost it was hell hugging on

My mama from a jail cell who think in Elementary hey I'd see the penitentiary One day now of course there was no one In the courtroom to feel sorry for Tupac's mother in fact it's far too Early to talk about uh feeling any sort Of pity or sympathy at all because the Case should not be done put the pity Party aside for the moment this plan was Complex from the very beginning are we To believe that the most brilliant People in silin Valley was somehow Hoodwinked that this dude with the Disheveled hair wearing the old t-shirt And the and the birken stocks walked Into the offices of the most Sophisticated people the people that own $400 million Yachts that somehow he was Able to Hoodwink them and yet a jury of Unsophisticated people saw a l in just a Few minutes for me this is just the Latest example of the elites ripping off America it has been a trillion dollar Ripoff over the last 20 years it is Similar to what they did in eth gate and There has to be a reckoning folks and by The way it won't happen in the media it Will not happen in Congress because far Too many of those folks they're all in The same Clan by the way they're bought And they're paid for but it has to Happen soon we need real Justice or this Nation will continue to slide off its Pedestal into the dust spin of History

Remember this is not just S bankman free It's Wei Works valued at $47 billion Bankrupt worth $50 million it's company After company after company something is Going on it is orchestrated it's Designed to steal money from you you are Exactly right Charles no money from me It's designed to kill our dreams and our Hopes and we have to start fighting back I leave you with that as we go into the Last hour of trading for the week no one Better to now unfortunately they will Probably fire Charles now because he Just told you the truth these things are Not accidental these think these are Structures that are set up in my group I'll show you how sick this really is or How sick I think it really is d Here we Go folks I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is For entertainment purposes Only please tell your friends and family That look Charles Hoskins not hoskinson Charles Payne is directly over the Target but I Don't even think he even realizes how Over the target he is I will tell you in we're going in there right now I Am going I mean you know we were showing How um uh Bombshells Steven n off's Dropping Bombshells well Dai Dro in a Bombshell today I shocked I'm sure I Shocked my all a lot of my group in the

In in the group in the last video I'm Going to shock you again and it I mean It makes me some of this stuff make Makes me see I I literally had to delete Some of what I was going to show because Some of this is so dark that I don't Even want show some of that but you but It there's a lot of sicko stuff going on In this world and I believe Eastgate was The T the the tip of the iceberg of how Bad these people are I think Charles Payne is is is teasing it right Here I am not downplaying what I'm about To show you in the in the group so Thanks for Listening Oh


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