Lost it all… “Insuring You Wealth Like the Banks”

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I lost all my money three times until I Learned how to ensure my wealth so in Today's video I'm going to break that Down you keep hearing me talk about Insuring my wealth I'm going to break it Down a little bit further and we're Going to break down insurance and Understanding how to ensure your wealth Not just your life my name is coach Shavy what I work to do is make complex Macro and microeconomic strategies very Simple so the normal everyday person can Understand them not understand them Understand them I have two amazing free Resources for you my goal is to help as Many people as possible free themselves Financially spiritually and mentally Over the next 24 months into perpetuity As we head into this Brave New World so The First Resource is a 16-page warrior Guide on my exact blueprint on how I Built Financial Freedom in the worst Economic Times in the world number two Is what I'm going to break down today a Little bit further just from a verbal Sense is how we ensure compound and grow Our wealth tax-free you see it floating Around all the the place called Infinity Banking concept many people are talking About it I'm going to share with you a Little bit deeper on index universal Life something I'm very passionate about In the description down below you can Set up a one-on-one free one-on-one with

My licens insurance wealth Protection Team to have a conversation so you can Understand at a deeper level how to do The same thing that we did okay so let's Dive into this so you keep hearing me Talking about ensuring my wealth so First I'm a Storyteller I want to St Tell you the story on how I got there so If you watch my last video I have the Breakdown my videos are a little bit Different this week so I'm on a Spiritual journey in Peru so this is More informational versus in the game um News Okay so on Friday I last November 3rd I talked about um have to be honest With you I shared my personal story on Monday I'm looking at my notes Here I Talked about what made me rich in my Crypto game plan and then Tuesday I Broke down how I became wealthy in my Business game plan now the biggest thing That I learned was is is how do you Secure think about this how comfortable Do you truly feel about these Economic Times Like be honest with yourself with The volatility uh with the war right now World War III we got the capital markets Are completely overvalued right now you Got more debt in the country than we Have actual money every single dollar is Someone else's debt you got all the top Leaders right now panicking wondering What the hell is going to go on the Federal Reserve doesn't know what to do

Now we have high interest rates we have High inflation and they turned off the Printing machine and then we're going to Go into the back end of 2024 if they Lower interest rates and they turn that Printing machine back on you're going to Have what's called hyperinflation okay So through all of that I wanted Something very very secure because I Lost my money for the three times Because I was in what I call vertical Strategy go to school get a job have a 401k which I believe is the worst Investment in the world it's not an Investment well it is an investment Obviously but think about why the 401K Was created so the gentleman that Created the 401K go look this up he's Quoted I'm paraphrasing saying that he Created a product in 1978 that made Wall Street wealthier Why do you think they created the 401K Guys it's because the US dollar was Becoming weaker and weaker and weaker And used to have pensions so you get Paid for the rest of your life you could Live a really good life but they started To get rid of Pensions and what they did Was is they moved into a 401k for I Believe two reasons just my opinion Number one is to pass to lower the cost For them and number two is to pass the Risk on to you that's what a 401k is all About it passes well but I'm getting 8%

I'm getting the match guys 401K is C Cost them a lot less than a pension plan So they're saving a ton of money and They're passing all the risk on to you Okay so I'm going to break down what is Called the infinity banking concept at a Very simplistic level I'm not going to Dive too deep into it you can set up a Free consultation with our team down Below okay so if you think about the Banking concept Banks to make money in Three ways interest income fee income And capital markets income so when you Put your money into a bank I want you to Think about this for for just a moment Okay they'll give you 0.1% and they take your money and put it In a third party and they earn around 10% off your money so how does that make Sense so you put $10,000 into a bank and They're going to give you 0.1% maybe a little bit higher with Interest rates but we know the the Traditional banking model 01 and then They take your money and put it into a Third party and they make t 10% I Encourage you to go research how much Insurance Banks own so would you rather Put your money in a bank or would you Rather put your moneyy where the banks Put their money that's where index Universal life comes in look up tax code 7702 so first let's talk about the 401K And then I'll talk about the benefits

Benefits of the index universal life now I want to pause for just a moment when You start to look at these things you'll Hear a lot of people saying index Universal life is this or that it's the Key is how the insurance agent set it up I've been referring for over three years Because and using the product for three Years before I ever got licensed when I Got license the key that I learned from The proper mentorship yes there's a lot Of Agents setting them up incorrectly to Maximize their commission we have Encouraged our team ethics morals and Integrity the key is to maximize the Living benefit not the death benefit so It's very important who sets up your Index universal life that you're Educated they understand how to properly Fund and structure these policies that Is super super key so got to pay Attention to that fact and that's why I Created my own team so people could get Proper um allocation proper structuring And set up properly not to maximize the Agent's commission but to maximize the Customers benefit okay so let's talk About a 401k so a 401k is only good for One thing growth potential and you're Taxed on the back end if we look at an Index universal life it has eight major Benefits to it number one it has growth Potential it's index to the market okay It's not attached to the market so it's

Index some of them have caps on them and They have and I'll break this down down In just a moment so to give you an Example it's index so it gets market Like Returns on average around 7% to be Very very conservative right some do Much perform much higher than that but Very conservative around 7% you have Principal protection okay does your 401k Have principal protection absolutely not When the markets come collapsing down Boom your retirement's gone if it goes Down 30% do you know how long it takes When there's a big market pullback for You to come back to uh to Baseline about Four years in index universal life or Ensuring your wealth there's principal Protection so number one there's growth Potential just like the 401K number two Is you have principal Tech protection Unlike the 401K the 401K just has growth Potential that's pretty much the benefit Of it and on the back end you get taxed Number three no risk on Market losses Okay this is really important number Four it's easy to access so you can tap Into some of the cash value of your Insurance policy so that's where comes Into insuring our wealth so that's why Banks put so much money into life Insurance I can tap into the liquidity Of my policy if I need money right so Would you rather have your money a large Amount sitting in a bank where the banks

Are using it getting 10% giving you 01 They're making a hundred times on your Money or would you rather put yourself In something secure that guarantees the Principal that you get market-like Returns and you can access a liquidity By doing a loan off the cash value of Your policy okay uh Legacy it's wealth Transfer guys so when you pass away that Wealth is transferred down to your Family so that's the next phase for me Which I'm setting up a trust and Eventually I will have my own family Office and family Bank okay this is Really cool this is what really got into The weeds with me when I got licensed And I understood deeper how this works It's what I became obsessed with helping More people around this product is Chronical and critical terminal illness Income replacement does your 401k Replace your income or do they radically Penalize you if you touch your 401k well With index universal life you get Chronic clinical and terminal income Replacement there's so many benefits This is really powerful this is why the Wealthy use tax code 7702 which is Number seven which is Taxfree distribution when you take a Loan from your assets on the back end of Your life which is going against the Cash value of your policy you don't even Have to pay that back guys it comes off

Of your death benefit when you pass away Okay if you choose to pay it back say You're not at retirement age and you Take a $30,000 uh loan on your policy From the insurance company off your cash Value to go buy a vehicle or or fund a Wedding you don't have to pay it back it Comes off of the death benefit on the Back end so it's taxfree remember that's How the wealthy stay and remain wealthy They don't pay taxes on borrowing and Last is probate avoidance this is really Really important for me and my family as We continue to grow our wealth okay it's Estate pres preservation basically so it Has eight benefits you have growth Potential you have uh uh principal Protection no risk of Market loss zero Risk of Market loss you have easy access And liquidity you can get your money Sometimes up into 48 Hours Legacy wealth Transfer onto your family your kids kids Kids you have income replacement chronic Clinical and terminal tax-free Distribution and probate avoidance so This is why I'm talking so much about Protecting our wealth it's one of the Five pillars of my wealth strategy so I Talked about going back to my notes Here I told you my true story on November Third um YouTube video I talked about What made me Rich my crypto game plan Talking about exit strategies and Allocation on Tuesday I talked about my

Business plan and how I'm Building Wealth every single quarter increasing My earn income and today I'm showing you How I secure compound and grow my wealth With index universal life I absolutely Love the product and it's helped Hundreds of people that we've helped um And we'd love to help you next so if It's something you're interested in if You click the description of this video You can set up a free consultation to Ask questions dive deep ask as many Questions questions as you would like it Could take one two three four five Conversations um in the social media Platform you can click that but this is How I secure my wealth so my next phase For me as I continue to Boom in crypto When crypto booms 2024 to 2025 I'll be Pulling large amounts out of my crypto I'll be securing more I'll be Max Funding policies into my index universal Life I'll be getting into more Businesses more real estate more Precious metals but this part right here Makes me feel super secure I'm not Relying on crypto going parabolic to Change my family's life I'm building my Retirement securing it compounding it And making sure that my family is set up For generations to generation so would You rather put your money in a bank or Would you rather put your money where The banks put their money it's your

Choice so that's how I ensure my wealth And we're helping hundreds of people do The same so I love you guys I appreciate You as we always say Warriors let's get Your together let's go love you Guys [Music] A


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