XRP $100 Scenario , Ripple Liquidity Hub & What The Wealthy Do

[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and look at this from Jason Cousins who's the CEO of glint one of my Sponsors IMF notes that Financial Financial risks have increased rapidly Since last update wake up the risks have Always been their Banks only hold 10 Percent of deposits the rest is invested Now Bank runs don't involve cues the Stampede happens at speed using a Banking app gold is security and this is A reminder that my sponsor Glenn when You get a glint account that is not a Bank account it's separate so for me I Have one of these Glenn accounts and I Have my MasterCard debit card so I can Spend my gold if I need to this is kind Of like a hedge for me and you can buy It save it send it spend it all on glint Links in the top of the description now Yesterday I got on the line with this Jake clay forgot I had seen I had seen Him on Molly Um Elmore show and me and uh Brad comes From digital perspectives got on and Just I and I was able to get a couple About three cool Clips out of him but Before I do it I want to show you his Cool website and he's not a sponsor or

Anything I just wanted to show it to you It looks cool Um it's a digital family office dot IO Now I'm not a financial advisor but my Understanding is that he is and so the Things you're about to see in his vid These clips in his video they're things To think about so you might want to go Check his website out again it's a Digitalfamilyoffice.io now in this clip He's using a hypothetical let's say you Have three hundred thousand xrp Hypothetically and it goes to a hundred Dollars that's 30 million dollars listen To this Somebody that holds a substantial amount Of xrp and what's that might mean Whatever It means to you Um If so I'll look at it this way Here in the US there's a gift tax Threshold of 12.92 million per Individual if you're married that's 25.84 million dollars and when you move Your assets into an estate there's an Estate tax or gift tax that'll be on That for anything over that amount so Let's say you've got 300 000 xrp just as an example uh Hypothetical goes to a hundred dollars Okay you're looking at 30 million Dollars At that point when you move that into an

Estate in order to protect yourself and Step things up for the future you're Going to be looking at a 40 tax on Anything above the amounts I mentioned Before whether you're single or married You're still going to owe 40 tax whether You cash out or not And so that's a consideration you want To take in and make sure you're being Proactive about Um it would be ideal if you could set Those structured up beforehand before You reach those amounts so that you Don't incur those attacks penalties Um and then once it was inside those Vehicles Um whether it be you know a holding Company that's structured inside of an LLC or I'm sorry inside of a trust Um or if you want to delete your assets From your holding company inside your Trust to put another entity so that it Could you know do whatever it was going To do with those assets in order to Reduce income and pay you and Distributions out of the trust or from That company to you as an employee There's a lot of different ways to get Ways to go about it in order to mitigate Tax obligations but the largest Consideration in the short term for People I think is that gift tax for when They do move this into an estate All right now folks I want you to

Understand this is these are the kind of Things that the adults that are Listening to me are thinking about okay The children are all worried about being Mad at Ripple and for stupid things Ripple liquidity Hub and whether it's Going to have xrp and trying to point Think that's children's stuff this is What the adults are thinking about these Kind of things All right here's another one ideally you Do exactly this so you find a custodian That will hold your assets and then you Will find somebody else that will lend Against those assets because loans Against your assets are not taxable and That's what the wealthiest people in the World do with their private equity and All of their other resources they will Acquire assets and then take loans Against them to live their lifestyle or Invest in other things So you don't experience any capital Gains tax with that so you'll be able to Park it and this is speculation but Based on the conversations I've had make Sense uh you'll park it with poly sign They will custody the assets for you and Then you would go to Goldman Sachs or Fidelity or Merrill Lynch or one of These other financial institutions and Then they will issue the line of credit Against it that you'll be able to draw Down at a low interest rate right so

When I when I make the reference to what Adults are doing in all of this folks That when the markets are down like this The adults are planning and thinking About okay how do I how do what do I do That's a smart moves right now they're Not getting bogged down in all the Negativity and going negative on all the Markets down and therefore the world's Coming to an end not if you really Believe in this thing okay so so I don't Get bogged down and all that stuff I'm Focused on the my eyes are on the prize And I believe I believe that I know what I hold in xrp and I believe that xrp is A much bigger thing than most people Realize and so for that reason the kind Of things he's talking about in fact I May I may have to get online with him And talk about some of these things Myself but I'm fascinated now check this Part out now here he's talking about Trusts and llc's listen to this I'm gonna have to refresh that Let's do this as an individual if you've Held it longer than a year you're Looking at capital gains tax here in the U.S of 15 to 20 depending on the amount That you're going to take and As an individual you don't have a way to Offset those tax obligations however if Your assets are inside of a trust Or an LLC there are a lot of different Opportunities that you can use to offset

Or mitigate those tax obligations that You would incur Uh if you were to cash out All right so again that's his website Digitalfamilyoffice.io and I appreciate That now I was talking about the rip There was a big old controversy going on Yesterday about the Ripple liquidity Above uh liquidity Hub and the fact that Ripple had not mentioned Um that xrp was was Um going to be used well my gut when I First saw this I said okay well they're They're taking that out of the marketing Here Just to be play this politically correct Until this lawsuit's over Okay here but then what they did is Later on in the afternoon yesterday one I guess they saw it they put out another Article and this is what it said about The xrp so the xrp will be evaluated Along with other tokens for support Within the product we look forward to Supporting xrp as it receives regulatory Clarity in the U.S well from a business Business perspective That's the Diplomatic thing to do is do It the way they're doing it here and I Get it I'm not offended by it Um Again Planning That's the kind of stuff that that uh

Um you know a lot of people say it a Different way a lot of people say well These are the times when you focus on Building and yes that's right okay well From a from my perspective I'm not I'm Not like a developer or anything like That well my version of building is Continuing to Um cover the news in crypto and for my Own personal for myself personally doing The kind of planning and thinking that Uh Jake was talking about in those clips Um that's it's the smart thing to do all Right Mr intuitive who is the official Cool guy the digital asset investor Channel says the crypto gurus keep Telling you that Bitcoin is Untouchable Sweden drives final nail and bitcoin's Mining industry with a tax hike Those taxes can accomplish all sorts of Things folks Then Elon Musk has he's officially Created an open AI chat GPT rival called What do you know x dot a I Corp Um then this is um uh what's his face Ron Hamilton Ron Hammond he's a lobbyist A crypto lobbyist more or less in DC Used to work for ripple I believe Um listen to what he says is going on in DC I see on Capitol Hill there Definitely is a noticeable difference Here you know we have folks like Coinbase who have spent years on the Ground educating policy makers about

Their business model and what they do uh You know even when I was a hill staffer On Capitol Hill uh back in 2017. I met With coinbase several times to learn About their product Services Finance was Nowhere to be seen most exchanges had no Presidents DC obviously that's changed a Lot in the past six years and we've seen A lot of Engagement from the Stakeholders but biases came especially Very late to the game here and that's After a multitude of issues with Potential money laundering accusations Other enforcement actions coming down The pipeline and it seems like they're More playing uh cover here or at least DC has been spending the six plus years Being educated to know we have a U.S Company that's been complying with Regulation or trying to comply with Regulation with the SEC like coinbase And yet serial is served with a Wells Notice and they have taken every Approach to try to be compliant and to Try to engage which binds you did the Opposite and the shoe may drop pretty Soon but they uh are also getting the Same uh unfortunately lawsuits as well And so it's this is the issue that we Have in DC is that no matter the Approach you take it seems like you're Still going to be at the end of a Wells Notice or enforcement action and that's No way to rate yeah there's no way to

Regulate so that's what all these people Are dealing with no Hester Pierce Apparently yesterday they um they uh the SEC put out another release and she said In addition to ironing this shirt which Republishes code from a comment letter Will I need to register uh will I need To register as an exchange before Wearing it it depends per the SEC latest Release so she had a a problem with that Now We live boy do we live in some weird Look let me tell you what happens to a Let me tell you what happens to a Country When The financial crisis happens and nobody Goes to jail let me tell you what Happens to a country when the elites Never they can commit all the crimes They want and nobody goes to jail What happens is the boldness of these People gets larger and larger and larger Until they're at the point where uh we Don't care what the public thinks we'll Just flip them the bird publicly well That's what it feels like here As you watch this this guy was the CEO Of Celsius And all of those people that had money On the on his platform to this day my Understanding is that they can't get Access to their money it's it's all tied Up in a bankruptcy and he's out hanging

Out at a freaking crypto conference what In the world's going on Not as Brazen as it gets right there We've got bodyguards all around him No just when you think that it could That it couldn't be any more Brazen we Had this yesterday because Laura shin And all her friends they're trying to Now Uh start this is how they always do it Folks You they the these these media who are Basically captured media they start by Saying oh this is look FTX they're gonna They're gonna now revive FTX and they'll All talk about it on the first wave like It's all crazy and everything then on The next wave it'll sound a little less Crazy and by the time by the time uh They actually do revive this what looked Like a money laundering operation Involving plenty of high-powered Politicians and people by the time they Quote revive it everybody will be living Crazy and everybody will act like it's Normal seems like we're living a lot of Crazy these days so their first Salvo is Reports are swirling that FTX may be Revived what's your take well my take is Too big to fail money laundering Operation that's what that is that thing Looks like to me Um now speaking of crazy I just I just Happened to run across this video we

Have we've shown it before but I took This screenshot and you can't make this Stuff up this is back Joseph Lubin Actually did a YouTube now he's a Founder of ethereum founder of cons of Consensus he actually did a YouTube Conference where he he goes on and the Title was why ethereum is undervalued And I just thought to myself just Imagine the field day in court that the SEC would have had with ripple Brad Growinghouse and Chris Larson if Brad Garlinghouse had held a YouTube that Ripples never or Brad growing else have Never done anything bordering on Something like this not even close but Imagine what they would have said in Court if Brad garlinghouse had held a a Forum on YouTube called why xrp is Undervalued We we are surrounded by lies and Corruption and absurdity folks Surrounded by it it is unbelievable what We're living through It makes me sick for my children the to To that that they've they're going to be In this country or be living in this Life for the next 30 40 years and what Are they going to live what in the if Somebody doesn't finally do something About all this corruption what are what Are they what's their life the what is The the lives of what are the lives of People in the United States going to be

Like if all of this is continues to be Allowed to stand that's the question I Ask myself every day when I watch the News going to bed at night or something I'm like what is going on the bad guys Get away with everything now this is the World we live in though all the bad guys That are committing actual crimes Nothing happens to them But they go after the people that aren't Committing crimes I mean that's that's Nazi stuff folks what we're watching Right now this is the kind of stuff that The brown shirts did I mean they went After the good people and just arrested Them I'm a digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family we live in the age of Lies deception and [Music] Thank you [Music]


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