Just 1% Of Crypto Market Cap Flows WILL SET XRP ON FIRE

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I have three stories to share With you in this latest Moon Lambo Hot Jam starting with this one from the Crypt basic titled here's how much Higher xrp could rise with just 1% of Crypto's $1.56 trillion market cap and The reason that I wanted to cover this Is because I think that this can be used As a great way to illustrate just how Little money has to flow into xrp to for Xrp to just rock it through the Strat as There's a reason that I've I've had full Conviction for over 6 years as an xrp Holder now that this will result in Life-changing wealth for me and so many Of you listening out there I I firmly Believe there's an opportunity and it's Not guaranteed it's not like there's no Risk of course investing is risky Especially in crypto but I I firmly Believe this opportunity is real and There's so little money in xrp that just A little tiny baby boo bit can result in Way higher xrp prices uh there's also This headline report shows 42% surge in Xrp payments to Global merchants and I Think that's fantastic because the more Use cases we have for xrp the more Likely it is that it's truly going to Have long-term staining power uh and Then there's also this from the daily Hoddle and this news actually broke a Couple days ago I haven't had a chance

To talk to it but it's not xrp specific So um I I do want to get to it in this Video though it's just Ridiculous SEC says hacker used Sim swap To compromise Regulators X account and Post false Bitcoin ETF approval Announcement so I'm sure you all recall That on January 9th there was a fake Approval from the official SEC account On X formerly known as Twitter stating That spot Bitcoin ETFs had been approved The market quickly rallied before Quickly tanking on to the downside and Then we got the actual approval the Following day so what what actually went Wrong here well as it turns out that U The SEC in addition to being a bunch of Assap PR they're also incompetent Buffoons but before going further I do Want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right so into the first Piece again titled here's how much Higher xrp could rise with just 1% of Crypto's $1.56 trillion market cap folks Honestly we don't need that much and I'm Telling you we don't need that much Money flowing in and we'll be at a new

All-time high it's just it has to be When the Market's Hot and that that's why it's exciting to Be here now because there's a reasonable Chance pretty good chance most people Think that we are entering this Zone Where we're Bitcoin even if it takes Until a little bit later into the year Bitcoin is going to hit a new all-time High and if it does that I just I can't Imagine xrp not hitting a new all-time High of bitcoin's going to but without Bitcoin doing that I'm high skeptical That it would uh but anyway piece reads As follows xrp capturing an extra 1% of the crypto markets $1.56 Trillion could reward holders with a 55% gain xrp exchanges uh hands between Crypto Market participants at a meager 51 cents per coin obviously it's Slightly higher at the moment I'm Recording this at least we had a bit of A surge today but anyway this figure Marks a 6.1 6% downturn from its recent Sday 7-Day peak of 55 cents with this Market value xrp ranks as the sixth most Valuable cryptocurrency boasting a Market share of $27.93 billion of the global crypto Market of 1.56 Trillion to put it in perspective xrp's Valuation implies it commands a merely 1.79% share of the overall crypto Market Consequently a thought-provoking

Question question arises regarding xrp's Value should it acquire an additional 1% Of the $ 1.56 trillion market cap Notably a 1% share of $1.56 trillion Amounts to $15.6 billion effectively With xrp's valuation at 27.9 3 billion The 1% gain would Elevate xrp's market Share to a pricey $ 43.5 3 billion this Figure is akin to the current market Valuation of of BNB binance coin which Trades at 297 bucks and so I don't need To read the whole article but the point Is even if you just had that 1% here and You could consider just just slapping That market cap on top well xrp not Quite a dollar it would put it at a Little over 80 cents uh but here's the Thing if you're talking about that's if You just like slap the market cap on top Because you know you know what market Cap is it's just the current market rate Times um you know uh circulating Supplies they're just saying that's what It would be with that extra amount of of The market cap but what's more Interesting is if you consider what Happens when Real World money flows in Because when Real Money flows in you get A multiplier effect so here they're Theorizing about an additional $16 Billion do in roughly in xrp market cap But if you're talking about 16 billion Actual dollars flowing in you're going To get an insane multiplier effect that

Alone in all likelihood would would Result in xrp hitting a new high so That's why I'm saying like it's it's It's not a high bar asking for a new xrp Alltime high not exactly a high bar it's Just that there have to be very specific Conditions uh in order for that to Happen I mean if you look historically About you know when the Market's been Hot because you know Bitcoin run Bitcoin Leads the crypto markets and X xrp Follows but Bitcoin moves in tandem with Equities market so you know when you Have that going to which we currently do Actually that's when there's an Opportunity for all of this to occur but There's so little money in xrp that if You just get that tiny bit it's in the Scheme of things isn't going to be that Much money there's just so little in There to get a doubling tripling Quadrupling effect so on and so forth Yeah I mean you'd be having you'd look At having um a market cap for Xrp presumably in the hundreds of Billions and again it always seems Impossible when you're this low at the Time I'm recording this here you can see Xrp little shy of 29 Billion seems impossible until suddenly It occurs though you wake up one day and It goes and that's just that's why it is The case that I just hold the matter What because you don't know when it's

Going to go and then when it does either You have exposure to the asset that's Going or you don't and this is why so Many people get screwed because they Chase whatever is hot in the moment and They didn't get in while it was at Comparatively speaking much lower price Levels but this is why I'm saying this Is a primary reason that I'm so Optimistic for the future of xrp there's Almost nothing in it and that's not a Slam against xrp there's just not that Much money even in large cap coins in Crypto today even in January of 2024 Crypto's been around 15 freaking Years there's a fair B of money in Bitcoin I guess you could say but Everything else I don't know it's Subjective there's not that much you 29 Billion almost for xrp that's nothing Crazy because you know way less than $29 Billion actually float in to get that Market cap way less than that so it'll Be exciting to see what happens so as Long as the stock market keeps on Trending to the upside and we've seen You know alltime highs day after day After day recently uh for the S&P 500 as Long as that happens and Bitcoin Continues to follow even if not down to The second minute of the day the week Zone and so forth I do believe xrp is Going to follow even if it lags behind a Little bit it'll still be going this

Market cycle I just it's hard to imagine A world where that never happens I just Don't know know when it's going to Happen you can't time markets but I Firmly believe it's going to happen and We do continue to see increased adoption Which I think is of the utmost Importance when it comes to the Long-term viability of well really any Cryptocurrency but certainly xrp which Brings us to this headline report shows 42% surge in xrp payments to Global Merchants details xrp emerged among the Most used crypto assets for payment Transactions on bitay in 2023 recording A 42 % volume increase folks it's almost Like there are people on the planet that Value xrp for various reasons even Beyond just speculating well how about That who would have th it bitay a Leading crypto payment facilitator has Released a report highlighting the Substantial volume of global Merchant Payments processed via cryptocurrencies Like xrp throughout 2023 in the report bit bit pay noted That in 2023 more than ever users Utilized multiple blockchain networks to Conduct payments among the top ranking Cryptocurrencies used for global payment Purposes to Merchants was Xrp now I want to note this we're Talking about bit pay here again right Bit pay added xrp Reit it uh after it

Had legal Clarity so xrp got legal Clarity July here you see August 4th 2023 on the bit pay website the headline Bit pay now supports xrp worldwide Buy Store Swap and spend with Bit xrp with bit pay so there wasn't Really so much of an opportunity for This to occur prior to that Obviously but as soon as it was Available it jumped up fairly Quickly so check this out according to The crypto payment processor crypto Enthusiasts used xrp to facilitate 7,310 payments to businesses across 113 Industries so again 42% increase uh Compared to the previous year So um there and there are other coins Like Bitcoin has way more uh you know Bit that's that's not going to be Surprising though uh because it's number One in terms of market cap and then also Again xrp we got the shaft because of The SEC but again I just wanted to Highlight this because Look xrp usage as a form of payment is It's up substantially our community has Been talking about the importance of Developer activity uh you know on any Successful blockchain a lot recently but But I just want to point out again That's not the only thing that will help To ensure the long-term viability of xrp Real world usage will have the same type Of impact developer activity is one

Important metric to track it is and it's Very important I'm not denying that but There are other reasons that Cryptocurrencies will have long-term Viability so I'm just saying it's nice To see This uh and then there's this secc says Hacker use sim swap to compromise Regulators X account and post false Bitcoin ETF approval in announcements And I got to tell you like this this is Still it was stunning the day that this Happened And this is this is I guess one of my Favorite moments in crypto it just is it Just it shows the incompetency of the SEC and it's just it's just like yeah of Course this happens in crypto you know It it just Is piece reads as follows the US Securities and Exchange Commission is Revealing the details behind the Incident where the Market's regulator's Account on the social media platform X Was access by an unauthorized individual And a false message was published on January 9th the false message stated That the SEC had approved all the spot Bitcoin exchange traded fund Applications minutes later the Commissioner's chair Gary guinsler Revealed that a hacker had compromised The market markets Regulators X account And published The False message which

Folks is very rich because they have Posted over the years a number of Messages highlighting the importance of Account security in today's age when it Comes to any sort of platform on the Internet and they're they were just Teaching us like you know they're the Adult in the room you got to make sure You do this use your tofa you know all That jazz and then this Happens because of incompetency check This Out according to the SEC a hacker took Control of the market regulator's X Account by employing the Sim swapping Technique changing the phone number Associated with an account to one that The hacker controls and consequently Allowing the hacker full administrator Rights Quote access to the phone number Occurred via the Telecom carrier not via SEC systems SEC staff have not Identified any evidence that the Unauthorized party gained access to SEC Systems data devices or other social Media accounts end quote the SEC says That the hacker changed the sec's X Account password after hijacking the Phone number linked to the account quote Among among other things law enforcement Is currently investigating how the Unauthorized party got the carrier to Change the SIM for the account and how

The party knew which phone number was Associated with the account end quote And check this out the SEC says that its X accounts multiactor authentication Option was Disabled disabled Folks at the time of The incident but is now enabled such Incompetency for all the commission's Social media accounts multiactor Authentication is typically considered More secure as users are required to Provide at least two pieces of evidence To log in or access a website or an Application so folks they just had it Off they're just out there telling Telling everybody else to use you know Two-factor authentication they call it Here multiactor Authentication they're they're not Practicing what they were preaching Though they're just saying stuff and Then the account got hacked and it had Global implications uh for for crypto Markets and there are people that got Got liquidated because of this Liquidated because of their incompetency This is stunning and so as sad as it is That all of that happened and it Genuinely is it's still one of my Favorite crypto moments not because of The pain of the others of course not but Because it's so absurd and it highlights The incompetency of the SEC that's it of Course I feel for anybody that got

Screwed over even though I mean you know Maybe don't play with leverage but still I'm not going to blame the like if if You're doing that you know you you Shouldn't have an agency of the United States government you know screw up what You're trying to do in crypto markets Through their own incompetency obviously Isn't this crazy how is this real life Sometimes I'm just like how is this real Life are you not Entertained I sure as hell Am I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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