It’s NOT A Question Of “IF”… XRP HAS MADE IT

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I believe that it's very fair to Say that in terms of adoption xrp has Reached escape velocity we're no longer Living in a world where it's some sort Of big question as to whether or not xrp Is going to live whereas if you know You're investing in it perhaps a small Cap coin there's a lot more uncertainty Is it a rug pull does the technology Actually freaking work is there a hole In the code and somebody's going to Expose that I'm going to lose everything Will there be actual utility surrounding This those types of questions we're way Past that with xrp we are way past that With xrp and it's an exciting position Given that there's still even you know Over a decade later there's not that Much money in xrp despite that being the Case and so I want to share with you Something that was uh discussed between Two well-known individuals in the world Of crypto uh because they had um a long Conversation it was an hour and 11 Minutes and I listened to the whole Thing earlier today but there was this Particular moment Where um where Ripple came up and xrp Came up and and one of the guys that was Talking Dan tapiero he's the guy on the Right on your screen here uh he was Talking about how Xrp it it has it has an actual Network

Effect and what he means by that the Point and I'll sh share with you his Exact words as we get into the video the Broad Point that he's making is that It's it's it's had this runaway success In terms of actual Network adoption and If it were going to go to zero it would Have already Happened so outside of something Incredibly unlikely happening I'm just Telling you xrp has become a standard For certain use cases and once something Becomes a standard in life in general Especially if we're talking about Technology and the way money moves Around the planet once something becomes A standard it is hard to supplant that Standard uh so before going further Though I do want to be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right and by the way if You want to check out this whole clip or Not clip uh this whole discussion the Hour and 11 minutes uh you can see what To type in it's on your screen there This is Ral Paul's channel it's it's on His Ral Paul the journeyman and he Titled it Dan tapiero the crypto bull

Market everything everywhere all at once And I'm a fan of both of these guys Uh Ral Paul he actually um and he's he Has actually he's been in traditional Finance his whole life but he's all in In crypto now and used to work at Goldman Sachs whole nine yards and he Started looking into xrp in late 2020 Before the lawsuit happened and I Remember him being public about it Because he was getting scorned by all The toxic Bitcoin Maxis and he's Basically said along something along the Lines of I'll not be told what I can Talk about or look into it's something Along those lines and it just stood out To me I just like that he pushed back Against the toxic portion of the people In the world of crypto and he did end up P purchasing xrp and at the time that it Was around a dollar I remember him Saying that uh he doesn't think it's Unreasonable to actually go to next so He's certainly Pro xrp now Dan tapiero Um he actually hadn't really looked into U xrp to this point which is kind of Interesting but I'm still going to um Because I'm going to kind of give him The benefit of the doubt here and prop Him up a bit because I think it's not as Crazy for for someone like him it could Sound crazy on the on the surface though Because Dan tapiero um he actually runs A fund in the world of

Crypto um here you can see 10t Holdings And this is another picture here right Here you can see managing partner CEO And CIO and this particular fund has $1.2 Billion in assets under management and He acknowledged hey I I haven't really Done the work on learning about xrp and You might think that's kind of strange Here but it's actually not and the Reason I say that is because this Particular fund that he's in it's um It's it's not venture capital and it's Not uh directly investing in Cryptocurrencies themselves and he Acknowledged publicly even in the video I just watched and I'd seen him speak a Number of times seems like a real Intelligent guy he had said it you know There are all sorts of people that are Great at figuring out all the technology Be behind each blockchain or each Individual cryptocurrency whatever it May be he's like that's not the world That I live in that's what I'm not what I'm looking to do and his fund here at 10t uh what he's investing in is Companies in the world of crypto because There is a market for that as evidenced By the fact that he has 1.2 billion in Assets under management and so he's not Looking for the startups he's not Venture Capital he's looking for firms That have been around long enough that

They're considered in his eyes to be mid Or large cap entities and he's looking To have you know a 5 to tenfold increase Over the next decade which if you look At you know price action for crypto that Can happen in a freaking afternoon but That's a different world I'm just saying There's different risk tolerances and Interest in terms of investing so there Are people that want to invest in Cryptocurrencies themselves but they Also want to get some exposure in the Companies that are working in in Blockchain and crypto and then they're And then on top of that they'll be Diversified another asset class so it's Not crazy it makes sense crypto is Obviously the most appealing but I Understand why this exists and the point Being here he sees these as the Companies that are most established and Likely to be here and he thinks a bunch Of them are probably going to IPO in the Coming years and he said as much and He's also recognizing though that there Are certain older cryptocurrencies that Have achieved Network effects for Instance Bitcoin eth and durro please Xrp and it's so obvious to people like Me and so even though he hasn't done the Work to figure out exactly why we like Xrp he's wise enough to understand that It's a it's it has reached escape Velocity it has had that Network

Adoption and what they're basically Talking about and I've seen rob Paul Talk about this all the time it's mef's Law uh and defined right here as meaps Law states that the financial value or Influence of a telecommunications Network is proportional to the square of The number of connected users of the System the law is named for Robert metf And first proposed in 1980 albeit not in Terms of users but rather of compatible Communicating devices and so look I've Seen metaps law applied a number of way Different ways uh certainly in crypto But typically when it's used uh talking About exponential growth of a network And they're just noting once that Happens that's a real thing and it Doesn't just quickly cease to exist Typically Speaking so outside of something wild Happening we right xrp made it that's The broader point that I'm trying to get At here so I want to share with you the Actual quote Now um so this is from Dan tapiero and Again and his background by the way um It is I mean his entire career is in Traditional fun Finance but more Recently especially over roughly the Last half a decade or so uh he's been Obviously very heavy in crypto started As own damn font he couldn't like to him It's just you should hear him talk it's

Just he's right it's inspiring it's like Yeah it's a no-brainer and to anybody That is not in this uh you're done Messed up effectively that's the message In a nutshell um and he wordss it quite Eloquent eloquently but anyway here Here's the quote from him where he's Talking about um he's talking about Ripple and he's also talking about xrp Um he does conflate the two so I'm just Going to note that and I'll probably Stop to mention a couple things as I go Through this particular quote from him I'm just going to read it as is even Though he's conflating the two uh that's Cuz he on that he doesn't he doesn't Know better he literally doesn't know Better and you could argue that he Should okay but his thing is not Researching individual coins it's about Getting exposure to the the space as you Can tell by the fund that he launched he Wants he wants everybody to have Exposure that's his message um although He did acknowledge okay yeah I probably Should have looked into this one and so I I appreciate hearing that as well Because it's obvious and the reason I'll Say that too is because there are only Three cryptocurrencies in existence out Of over 20,000 different Cryptocurrencies there are three that Have always for the entirety of their Existence been in the top 10 crypto uh

Coins by by market cap and that would be Bitcoin eth and xrp so he knows about Bitcoin and eth doesn't know about xrp But those are the only three in Existence that have always been the top 10 coins by market that's it that is It here's this quote it's impossible to Think that there are only going to be Two or three protocols that achieve Network effect Right arguably and I don't want to get Into this now but arguably Ripple which I don't really understand is a $40 Billion asset and then the company is Worth somewhere between 5 and10 billion Okay so Paul's right there like I warned You he is conflating the two but he Literally doesn't know better is what it Is it's fine there a lot I I mean I was A little surprised that he hadn't done Really any work looking into it Admittedly but uh that's not the world That he's been living in so he's been in Crypto but he's been looking at it from A different angle and there are so many Different things that you can look into When it comes to crypto and I think he's Being intellectually honest and he he Recognizes enough like he's seen enough Conversation about it in the world of Crypto to know that there is dispute Here there are so many bitcoiners that Hate xrp because they're Intellectually just in dishonest

Ideologically cult likee and just Miserable PE miserable people to like Engage in conversation with on a daily Basis it's just it's it's all so there Are those people right and I think that He's kind of caught a whiff of that Let's say and then he says and this is The rest is the quote so and they've Been around for 10 years so ordinarily You would say ripples achieved Network Effect you don't hear many people really Talking about how great Ripple is but They've been around Ripple if it was Going to go to zero it should have gone To Zero why hasn't it gone to zero I don't Know we haven't done the work on the Business we probably should have end Quote and so I just you can I could hear In his tone like he's not saying that as Some sort of negative he's not trying to Rip on xrp he's acknowledging again a he Hasn't done the research he literally Means he doesn't know why that isn't Some sort of insinuation that it should Have gone to here or this or that and Then B that it has achieved this runaway Adoption and success he's acknowledging That's the case he's saying if it's been Over a decade and it's still here There's something to this then and he's Acknowledging that he probably should Have looked into it and yeah he probably Should have looked into it but I'm not

Going to give him grief over it um I've Said my piece on that some people are Going to be harder on him than me but I I to me I'm just it's like there's a lot Of coins out there you know and you know I'm not going to be aware of every Single thing that's happening in the top 10 cryptos although I will say I am Aware of the only three coins that have Been in the top 10 cryptos by market Capab for the entirety of their Existence so I do have that okay There'll be coins coming in and out of The top 10 where I'm like oh that's a New one what the hell is that like I've Had that happen you know X number of Times over the last you know six years That I've been in crypto but you know to To not be aware of the three the only Three in existence that was a little bit More surprising but still I just I Appreciate the intellectual honesty so Rob Paul already knows he already Started doing the work in late 2020 um They were giving him crap over it um Danto he recognizes okay should probably Do the work on this but he can even see Without knowing anything else that if it Is in that position you know in the top 10 cryptos by market cap and it's been Over a decade there's probably something To this even somebody with that doesn't Know the rest can to it that's that's a Reasonable thing to surmise that's what

I'm saying here very obviously right so Um if you ever worry am I doing the Right thing well I can't tell you for You whether or not you should or should Invest in anything whether it's xrp or Anything else but in terms of the Viability if you ever wonder whether or Not xrp itself is long-term viable my Personal opinion and it seems that Dan's Coming from the same place is that Barring something ridicul ulous and Unforeseen xrp is just one of the coins That it has reached escape velocity it's Just here and so either we have exposure To it when it hits a new alltime high And enters price Discovery or we don't And I do a lot of it I'm just going to Ride this thing out and see what happens For better or worse because I could be Wrong and it goes to zero that's Possible but I do not think that is the Most probable thing to occur so we'll See what happens here I'm not a Financial adviser you should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right that would be a very very very Bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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