The Bearable Bull: “XRP WILL HIT $1.00 BEFORE THE END OF YEAR”

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I've now been holding xrp for Over six years and I can honestly tell You I've never felt as optimistic for The future of xrp in terms of price Action as I do right now I felt more Excited because let's be real the Exciting part is when xrp is really Really moving to the upside but I've Never felt as optimistic for the future In terms of xrp price action as I do Right this very second and there are a Lot of reasons for this obviously the Market broadly is heating up and xrp's Moving in Tandem and it will follow but Think about this like it's it has legal Clarity at this point that was the key Ingredient missing last Market cycle in 2021 so yeah even last time yes xrp Moved with Bitcoin but not to a new Alltime high it only ran up to two bucks I wasn't going to sell two bucks hell no Not a freaking chance I will never sell Any xrp below new alltime high and I Probably probably won't start to sell Until closer to five bucks and even then It would just be a smaller percentage And then I'll start scaling out of my Position but but um there is this post I Want to share this with you at the Outset of the video because I like the Vibe and I think that this is spot on I Mean mind you I don't make price Predictions but I share the sentiment

And so my fellow xrp YouTuber the beable Bull wrote xrp will hit $1 before the End of year now again like I said I Don't make price predictions but that Sounds extremely plausible normally over The last 6 years if I see anybody you Know saying xrp will hit a dollar and so Has to go up in this case you know not Quite double in price in a span of you Know a few weeks I'm kind of like uhuh But this is different this actually is Different because obviously the Market's Heating up here and there are there are Broad expectations that Bitcoin is going To be hitting the upper 48,000 maybe Exceed $50,000 and if that happens and Alts continue to follow that's Absolutely within the realm of Possibility you know that's that's less Than a a 100% increase for xrp over that Particular time period and we'll see and That would be exciting so we do see big Moves like that for xrp from time to Time but still the most face melting uh Action for for xrp is going to come After Bitcoin hits a new alltime high I Firmly believe anyway so anyway I want To talk about this topic because also There are some people that are feeling Uh a little bit negative about the price Action for xrp lately I just can't Relate I've never felt so excit well I Felt more excited when we the bull like I said but I've never felt so optimistic

For the price action of xrp and some People just aren't seeming to being on The same wavelength as me so I'm want to Expand on that but before going further I do want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube videos about crypto related Topics but just as a hobby and just for Fun and I definitely hope the beable Bull is right and he very well may be he Actually really very well may be look at The environment we're in this is this is Totally plausible absolutely it Is um and so I shared this post because I've been seeing lately and I've been Talking about it on the channel there Have been people that have been not so Thrilled with xrp price action and I can See that the people that aren't happy Typically are hyperfocused on the short Term and I just don't think that makes Sense but I'll still talk about the Shortterm to make points and I did that In part here I shared this post this Morning I wrote xrp price performance is Looking normal at 65 it's currently up nearly 3% in the Past 24 hours which is in line with most Other top 50 coins and so I'll just Pause to note here that as I was

Scrolling through at the time and it Probably hasn't changed much at this Particular moment uh pretty much every Altcoin on the front page of Life coin Watch which is the top 50 coins by Market cap it's between on the low end a Little over 1% to maybe like 4 or 5% so For extra RP to beat about 3% it's just Kind of like run-of-the-mill Action there's nothing wrong with xrp Here and I then wrote there are a few Outliers in the top 50 that are Performing substantially better Including um op I'm not familiar with That one um but uh it's up 21% then There's cardano up 19% over the last 24 Hours salana up 13% over the last 24 Hours and I then wrote not all altcoins Go on runs at the same time so this Shouldn't be upsetting anyone just enjoy The ride up and look I could not more Seriously believe or mean that I I I Just I don't think it makes sense for People to be upset that xrp is just Moving in line with the rest of the Market right now just not blowing up Right now like it just you don't control When it goes It goes when it goes like I Keep saying most you you don't own most Crypto so when you see a crypto blowing Up the odds are that you don't own it There's over a 99% chance that whatever Is going to go crazy next you don't own Because you can't own most of crypto

That would be completely unreasonable And even if you could what does that Mean you're putting in like a nickel in Each of them that's stupid St op stupid So but see this is the type of stuff That gets at people and and and just There's people are so Hyperfocused on on like the day-to-day Price action of xrp I'm just like man if Even if you're focusing on that it's Moving in tandem with the market even That shouldn't upset you but I still say It doesn't make the most sense to do That I only was talking about this Because I know people are and I think People need to chill out on that a Little bit we're in an incredible Exciting fun time you know uh and then There is this post from xrp Community Member Vincent who responded to that Post that I wrote that I just shared With you and he said why does xrp seem Like every scent is an absolute struggle Face palm Emoji many others are way out Ping outperforming us ES word even Luna Classic is kicking our ass with a little Laughy Emoji but legal Clarity right uh Which seems to amount to not much and Look I get it I I I understand there's a Lot of people uh you know that are Sharing that sentiment you can tell by What he in the post there he's like this Is ridiculous it should be rocking up I Understand there are a lot of people

That are saying that that doesn't make Sense to me respectfully I just I don't I don't share the concern I don't think The price action is weird I think that Xrp's behaving within normal parameters And so you're talking about legal Clarity why should that be doing Anything right now because what happened Last cycle well even then xrp was moving In tandem with with uh with the rest of The market it was it's just that xrp was Shackled it was Tethered on down because Of the SEC the bogus SEC lawsuit against Ripple which harmed xrp holders it still Moved in tandem though but it doesn't Mean that xrp was you know the first or The last to to to rip Necessarily I mean it did what it did it Just didn't hit a new all-time high and So here with xrp uh you know not even Above a buck not hitting a new alltime High here well that part's not Surprising to me anyway I wouldn't Expect to see that until after Bitcoin Hits a new alltime High I mean you could See it rally quite a bit before that That that wouldn't be weird I mean we Saw that in 2017 when went from half a Penny up to 40 cents and then back down To like 15 20 cents whatever and then Stayed there for half a year and then Finally went to an alltime high it's Like I could see that happening so we Could see some fun price action in the

Meantime here but the point that I Wanted makeer because he brought up Legal Clarity like why isn't it going Then it's got the legal Clarity why Isn't it doing the stuff well you need To see Bitcoin run first and then when Xrp runs instead of having a stupid run Where it only tops off off at like $2 Like it did last Market cycle this time I don't see why it wouldn't hit a new Alltime high this is where the legal Clarity will matter not this second Because xrp is not running but one when Xrp does run that's where we're going to See that it's got some legs now like it Never had before because it's Unshackled Now whereas it wasn't before for so Legal Clarity does matter but I don't Think it's reasonable to expect that We'd be seeing much out of it right this Very second let the whole Market pump up Let everything go and then we're going To see so that's my opinion so um you Know I I respect where Vin Vincent's Coming from for sure and I understand That a lot of people many of you Listening right now um are thinking Along these lines so it's not like You're having a crazy thought but I just Respectfully disagree like I I do feel Differently and that's why I want to Share my thoughts and I'm hoping that You find it persuasive because I do Think I'm right on I really do think I'm

Right on this I don't think you it's Reasonable to expect that the legal Clarity would have done something at This particular point in time especially Given the historical context which is Xrp legs behind the market anyway I just I don't see why we should be expecting That it's more like since it does have Legal Clarity when it goes then we'll Get to take advantage of that and see What it really does that's how I'm Looking at it Anyway um and then there's this post From uh crypto Insight UK and this is a Crypto total market cap excluding Bitcoin chart so AKA altcoin chart um Just so it's the entire asset class just Not Bitcoin and uh and this is Interesting here because we've been Talking about How um you know all coins for for a good Bit have really just been in this Accumulation range and we're breaking Out of it there's evidence that we're Breaking out of it and so while it would Have been better to purchase altcoins You know in October broadly speaking It's going to get to the point where you Know for people that aren't buying them Soon if they want more exposure it's Going to get to the point where it's at Least in my opinion it's going to be too Pricey and so it's not me telling you You should or shouldn't buy I'm just

Sharing my thoughts on this um which is Because look once things start going the Answer for me you know depending on to What degree and what's the historical Context uh I tend to just not buy like An example I gave yesterday was um I Think it was yesterday I was talking About vchain and how I was planning on Buying it back in 2 I believe it was 2020 before it took off I was Researching it by the time I finished Researching it and decided I wanted to Put money into it I looked at the price I was like oh that damn thing's taken Off son of a so then I was like But here's my deal I was like the deal For me is I do not buy on the things That are going parabolic I just don't do It and so I said nope not buying it I Missed that one but then it did come Back down um after the the last Market Cycle and it got low and then I did buy It and I talked about when I did whether It was late October early November Whenever it was and then I did buy it I Just don't buy stuff when it's going up Here and so I do think we're getting at That point where like the good buying Opportunities they slipping away son Have you been seen what's happening the Last couple days and perhaps it's going To keep going in that direction but uh Crypto inset UK wrote textbook wof Accumulation for total two the total

Market market cap of crypto excluding Bitcoin we have been working on our sign Of strength phase for a few weeks and it Looks as if we have broken out this Suggests alts are about to take off very Exciting times to be in the crypto space And so I fervently agree with that very Exciting times to be here and that's why I started off the video the way that I Did sharing a post from the bearable Bull which I find to be very reasonable And even if it doesn't happen by the end Of the year and I don't know for sure I Pretend to does anybody think we're Actually really far off from that the Whole Market's heating Up and again go back to 2017 there's Precedent for this xrp runs then it goes Back down and then it runs to a new all Time high like we saw that in 2017 so it Doesn't mean we can't see fun price Action for xrp sooner than Later just saying here Folks um then there was Also this and this is interesting so This is um uh Frey xrp Community member Here been in crypto since 2011 so he's Been around a long time uh he actually Does work in traditional Finance here And um he had this post where he was Talking about harar but I'm going to Make a broader point um I do hold harar It happens to be currently my third Largest holding um I'm actually down on

It believe it or not I just put a fair Bit of money that's why it's it's it's Uh number three and I I think my break Even is around 7 and a half cents so Getting close to that I think I think I Checked H Bar's price early like seven Cents and I think I break even around Seven and a half and something like that So I'm I'm down a little bit but I've Been down a lot because you know years Ago I was buying it when it was I I made Some purchases like 91 cents you know Somewhere in that range and then as it Cratered back down I was fortunate Enough to make a bunch of purchases when It was in the four something Cent range So like four and a half since somewhere There about I made a ton of major Purchases and I've been down so I've Been down on H bar almost the entire Time I've I've held it which at this Point I think I bought it in the Beginning of 20 maybe it was 2021 it was Still pretty cheap at the time I can't Remember exactly but I've I've held it For almost three years I think at this Point I've been down on it almost the Whole damn time but but this is what it Is to being crypto so this is what it Was for my first few years in xrb same Story it's just I had strong conviction With xrb and it still do so I bought a Ton of it same with h bar for me utility Just oozing out of it uh actual adoption

Major firm so I just bought a metric f Word ton of it and I've been down on it Uh I'm close to breaking even and then I'm just going to sit here and wait for It to hit a new all-time high in Enterprise Discovery and then I'll start Scaling out of that position too here um But uh the re there's a reason I wanted To highlight this so he wrote here Frey Wrote keep sleeping on H bar I know you Are don't lie to me you aren't loaded Adequately um and then there was uh Somebody who responded and wrote I am Still 28% short of my goal Granted um when I get close I always Seem to raise the bar and raise the Amount that I want to hold and Frey Responded with the following yep it Simply lets you exit much earlier the More coins the lower the exit price if You are keeping your goals consistent And not moving the goal post a dangerous Retail fail each cycle and so that's in Line with the way that I I I look at This too so as because there was a time When I had way less xrp than I do now Okay and I was thinking about my Potential exit prices and I can't Remember all of them because so much Time has passed but maybe it would have Been like even 30 bucks or 25 bucks Whatever it was and I'm thinking man I'm Going to have to hold on this for a While but then I just kept buying more

And cuz I knew the dollar amount that I Wanted to get and and I thought that it Was pretty realistic I KN I knew for for For xrb to hit certain price levels um And but I also knew what I wanted out of It and so I just kept buying more and More xrp and in in terms of what I'm Expecting out of it I'm just I have the Same like I have I have a an expectation Of exiting sooner than most people for That particular reason so so it's not That I bought way more xrp and I'm going To you know try and exit at $25 I'm not Going to do that now perhaps I would Have held on to it even if that even if That met going through multiple Cycles I Would would have done that that was that Was initially what I thought I was going To do before I got the confidence to buy More um but yeah I was thinking what It's 25 so then can you imagine though Like having way way way more xrp and Then still making myself wait through Multiple Cycles if it comes to that well That's not what I'm doing instead I plan On exiting sooner that's the point he's Making here and so it's not like this is Har specific I wanted to highlight it Because it's it's true no matter what The it's a concept that I wanted to Share with you this is how I'm going to Treat like all of my crypto Holdings Really and so uh he then reposted his Own post there and he tagged me and he

Said Moon Lambo so important for people To understand most will fail due to Moving their goals out the more coins They have versus maximum coin loading And getting out with a lower exit price Hit the the same Fiat Cash Out goal Don't move goal post out yeah and so That is a concept that I've been on Board with and I came up with that Independently and he happened to believe Happens to believe the same thing and I Will preach it because that's what I Think think makes the most sense the Concept makes sense so you guys do Whatever you want here but uh for me uh I just I'm going to get what I want out Of each crypto when I sell it if I sell It because it's incredibly enticing to Me that will ensure the profit right Then because nobody for sure it's going To happen in terms of price action but Uh I'm not going to move the goalpost You know not there I mean I I'll just I'll just exit at a lower price that's The benefit yes I'm taking on more Risk By buying more I'm definitely taking on More risk but then I get to exit sooner I exit at a lower price so that's the Trade-off take on more risk up front Remove risk later on by being willing to Exit sooner than than the otherwise Would have that's it that's how I'm Approaching this and that's why I'm Going to be scaling out of my xrp

Position between $5 to $8 that's my plan And there are other moving parts so Technically I may hang on to some past That like say I get a bunch of profit From other coins and xrp runs less and I'm like okay well I've already made More than I ever expected from crypto Anyway maybe I will hang on to some past That just because I won't care at that Point maybe but I'll still be out of the Vast majority of my Holdings by the Point I I can assure you that like That's going to happen you know should We get to those price levels Anyway fun times ahead folks I hope You're having as much fun as like it's Just I always enjoy being in crypto I Enjoy it literally every single day even During the bare Market but these times I Got to admit they're more fun that Shouldn't be so so I hope that you're Enjoying it as much as me like I'm just I'm having a blasty blast here looking At this stuff and checking prices way Way way more than I need to but it's fun Whatever have fun with this man it's It's all good I'm not a financial Adviser you should not buy yourself Anything because of anything I say or Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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