Is The Financial Collapse Here???

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Is the financial collapse truly truly Here is what the economist saying on the News true that there's going to be a Soft Landing no recession or are we Heading for a massive massive crash that Could radically transform our financial System your family's timeline and the Fact is that you may not be able to Retire if you don't start to make Changes so in today's video we're going To break down the facts figures numbers Logic so you can make an informed Financial education decision on how to Get your house in order during these Times my name is coach JB what I work to Do is make complex macro and Microeconomic strategies very simple so The normal everyday person like you and I can understand it so we're not just Listening to somebody in a suit on the News telling you hey everything's good To go on the economy when you look at Your bank account and it doesn't look That way when you look at your credit Card and it's Max and it doesn't look That way and you start to look at your Job and they're about to lay people off And then when you're at home with no job And no plan and no Financial education To rewire the foundation that's a Problem but that's what I'm here to do So the First Resource I have for you Guys I have two free resources and at The end of this video I'm going to share

With you every single time repetitively Exactly what I'm doing I don't know if It'll work for you but it's worked for Me in over 7,000 Warriors worldwide so I Developed a guide It's The 16-page Warriors Financial guide to Freedom it's The exact steps that I followed going From completely broke rewiring the Foundation to end up in a different Situation which is financial Freedom okay so this guide is in the Description of this video or in my Social media platform click the link and It'll be one of the links there I also Have another resource for you which is a Free consultation with my insurance team I have licensed insurance agents in all 50 states I'm a licensed insurance agent At my freedom insurance team and we Basically teach people tax code 7702 how we secure our principles as the Markets come collapsing down and we Compound and retire taxfree it's a very Powerful strategy on how the wealthy Maintain their wealth remember insurance Is tier one Capital it's at the bottom Of a risk pyramid if Insurance collapses You better be ready for a zombie Apocalypse so that's how we secure Comound and grow our wealth and it's People call it the infinity banking Concept your Bankers aren't going to Teach you this they're going to teach You sell you life insurance but they

Don't teach you how to insure your Wealth now it's a form of life insurance But it's very important how the policies Are set up so same same thing in Description of this video or in my Social media platform you can set up a Free consultation with my index Universal life team to have a Conversation to see where you're at with Your retirement goals if you're worried About your 401k or if you have any old 401ks that you want to take a look at uh We can help you secure and compound that Okay so let's Dive Right into this so I'm going to break down the narrative The facts figures numbers logic and help Us understand what's happening now I'm Not a professional Economist what I am Is a professionally trained Banker I was In banking system for going on 10 almost 11 years I graduated CBA executive Banking school and I am a serial Entrepreneurs I've equity in multiple Companies I'm a CEO of multiple Companies and um I've gotten the Kicked out of me financially and that's How I learned my lessons so I learn the Economy through hard knocks I learn Macro microeconomics through hard knocks And I learn to not do what the 99% are Doing by the time you hear it on the News it's a narrative that has you look This way so you don't understand what's Happening this way the 1% will always

Stay the 1% and tell you understand how Currency flows through the system There's a reason why it's called Currency okay so first we're going to Talk about the savings then we're going To talk about America's debt then we're Going to talk about America specifically And where we're at financially they're Telling you there's going to be a soft Landing we're good to go we'll be fine But we're going to put ourselves into The personal perspective if we were America what would happen to us at the End of this video okay so we're looking At the right here is the US personal Savings rate this is how much us people In the US are saving so you see a spike Over here if you look at November 2022 Remember where where did this Spike come Guys we had a bunch of stimulus coming In boom and so people's savings started To go up because the economy started to Change a little bit and interest rates Start to go up so people like oh we Need to start saving and when interest Rates start going up remember money Becomes more pable or more attractive or Cash becomes more attractive because You're getting more money on your cash Okay so when interest rates go up it Makes it more attractive to hold cash or Especially American dollars because you Get a higher yield and so what that does Is it sucks liquidity out of the capital

Markets which we saw the market pullback In 2022 in crypto stock market and then You see savings rates start to go up now What's happening what I want you guys to See as we go over here is as we went Into these high interest rates which I Told you guys in June 2022 that these High interest rates are going to start To destroy the economy well here we are July you started to see the Tipping Point okay I said Q3 Q4 2023 we're going To see everything start to pull back What you're starting to see is the Normal everyday Americans Savings are starting to drain and drain And drain and so what they're doing is They're moving onto their credit cards Okay so American credit card debt this Was on August 8th 2023 American credit Card debt hit a record one trillion do Now something that I research do your Research but I think there's still 3.9 Trillion in um access to Capital so Basically there's 1 trillion in debt but Consumers have about 3.9 trillion access To debt so that means there's open Revolving credit lines if that makes Sense okay and so what that means is we Have some room to tap into the debt but That's not a good thing because if you Go back here there's nothing to pay it Back guys your salaries aren't going up People are going to get laid off if you Don't have money in your savings to pay

It so there'll be a Tipping Point where Americans start to tip where they're Going to have to go bankrupt just like America okay so this is a total Outstanding credit card balances since 1999 you're going to see right right Here where it starts to come down and Then boom it started to Skyrocket in Q2 You see this right here uh q1 this is Where I told you guys it was going to Start to transfer in Q3 2023 and you Started to see 2022 here this was when The interest rates went up and then 2023 Q2 you start to see credit card balances Start to stack up which lines up with The savings okay savings are starting to Drain interest rates are high it's very Expensive people have variable rates Their credit cards everything's more Expensive basically right rent went up 20 to 30% so now people are like I Don't have any money in my savings Account I need to start putting on my Credit card but what happens is when That is all tapped out where do you go Guys where do you go at that point Companies are going through the same Exact thing right now guys money was so Cheap for so long for so long that Basically companies are now trying they Had a totally you have to have a totally Different model when let me just explain It from a CEO and my cfo's perspective When money is cheap when you can borrow

At two to three percent sometimes 1% Right depending on what you got you're Getting home loans for 2% 2.53% that's cheap money it's Penny on The dollars right but when that money Becomes expensive your model has to Change the way that you do your business You can't just inject cash flow through Credit and borrow against your future Self anymore when the bonds inverted as Well it sucked the liquidity out of the Bank so then Banks stop to lend so Banks Tighten up lending okay that happened to Me I started a start up business my Beard company I went to go to the banks To get lending and we have a great Relationship and they wouldn't lend Money so I had to go to private Equity So that's an example of me moving out of Nontraditional so basically what we Start to do is we start to look for Other avenues and then the savings Accounts start to get drained and then We don't have access to uh cheap capital And then what do you do next companies Have to start to lay people off okay so That's as a consumer and I want to show You something really quickly um let me Show you this and I'll dive into this Slide here okay so Housing Industry are Just piled to stop raising interest Rates or risk of economic hard Landing Okay so everybody's screaming at the Mountain tops guys hey what is going on

What is going on but let's take Ourselves and let's put ourselves in America's position okay so let's pretend We're America so this will help us Understand at the end of this in just a Couple minutes I'm going to share with You exactly what I'm doing and I'll do That at the end of every video okay so This is on Peter G uh's foundation so This is the uh Outlook of America right So America's at 33 trillion in debt okay It's unbelievable how much debt and how Much money they printed over the past 24 Months or excuse me from 2020 to 2022 They shut off the printing machine in 2023 so to give you an example 33 tillon Is roughly the value of the economies of China Japan Germany India and United Kingdom Combined combined so our debt is all These countries combined and amount adds To 252,000 per household or $ 999,000 per person in America so if your Savings are starting to get drained Companies start to lay people people off And these economists are saying we're Not going into recession how is that Even possible America's at 33 trillion In debt we have more debt than we have Income and every dollar in the system is Someone else's debt so if the debt can't Be serviced that means someone's income Can't be serviced okay if every Household in America contribut $1,000 a

Month toward paying down the national Debt it would take 20 one years okay so It says Rising debt can harm our economy And threaten opportunities for every Americans that's what I've been sharing With you guys 32 trillion in debt is Enough to cover public four-year degree For every graduating us high school Student for 103 years to put in Perspective within 10 years the federal Government will spend more on interest Payments than it traditionally has on Research and development infrastructure And education combined so now we're at This weird point I I had it pulled up The ray Delio where we went from a Thriving Freedom economy to trapped so That's what I want to show you guys okay But we're still spending nearly 2 Billion a day on interest payments so Basically let's put ourselves in America's position so we're sitting in Our house we have a 120% debt income Ratio so you have a mortgage you have a A car loan you have an auto loan you Have a credit card right you're making $3,000 a month but your debt is like 5,600 so you have 5,600 in debt you're Making $3,000 a month you're negative And so we're America right so we need to Go borrow from our parents right so we Borrow from parents for a while then we Drain them they don't have any more Money anymore okay then we go to our

Grandparents which is the other country So America's going to other countries to Borrow to pay for critical Services then We're like man we go to our bank to try To raise our debt selling hey can you Raise my credit limits they say Absolutely not we're going to lower your Credit score just like America got their Credit downgraded right and it's going To be more expensive for you to borrow And we're actually going to cut down Your credit lines because you do not Have the ability to service this debt That's where America's at right now fam Family and I the the thing is with Difference between you and I and America Is that we can't just turn on a printing Machine they can you can't just turn on A printing machine so this is where Financial education comes in it is time To start paying yourself first you Should always be the first person to get Paid but what we do is we're Indoctrinated to trade time for money we Got two 15minute breaks a 30 minute Lunch for elementary which trains you For Corporate America you trade time for Money you get home you don't have time To pay attention you don't get financial Education and the first thing you pay is Everybody else but yourself you should Always pay yourself first the first Thing you need to do is create a budget First thing we do in the first week in

Our Warrior Academy our 120-day Challenge which you can join as well so Basically the first week we create a Budget we look to see where all the Holes in our spending is ever since a Debit card came out we all stopped Tracking our spending my mom still use a Check register she still tracks her Expenses she's on point all the time but We stop doing that tap swipe tap swipe Iatch all this stuff I pay or Apple pay All that stuff right so you don't track Your expenses be honest with yourself How many of you are tracking your Expenses how much money did you spend on Food and energy drinks and coffee Yesterday so number one create a budget Cut out for Rous spending you can do it I did it for three years and it Radically transformed my life to Financial Freedom I buckled down it Changed my life so number one cut out Frivolous spending cut out energy drinks Coffee make your coffee at home okay Create cash flow do you say hey I can't I don't have the ability to make more Money right now create cash flow I met People at the Ripple event so honored And and amazed I had a couple come up to Me and say because of your coaching we Actually got rid of one of our cars and We started investing that money if you Have two cars go down to one take that $700 payment put it in the SK

Skep speculative market like Cryptocurrency okay so after you create A budget now you have cash flow once you Have cash flow you can look at different Avenues so number one is I used Cryptocurrency a very speculative asset To gain a large amount of wealth and a Short amount amount of time not get rich Quick but I had a game plan because I Got wise counsel so from there I Developed a cross a horizontal strategy Which is diversification so for me I use Cryptocurrency and I cannot wait for the Next Bull Run because I've been Accumulating ever since this dip and I'm Going to accumulate more when this Market pulls back and I'm using it so to Me crypto is funny money just like the Fiat Fiat is fake we're taking fake Money that's not backed by anything then We're putting into funny money which is Crypto which is in a Quantum system now I believe in a lot of the technology I Consider them Technologies because They're back things like xrp is backed By the company Ripple now we don't own Ripple but it actually has a technology Behind it right vchain is Supply Chain Management xlm is um is is uh uh Real-time payments on demand liquidity Right or or or transfer of money excuse Me uh q&t the connecting of the system You got harar these are actually things That I have more belief in because they

Actually solve a real world problem Right but I also it's funny money guys It's in the system so when funny money Goes up when you're coming in I'm Getting out and I secure an insurance so I actually have my meeting today with The trust team is I'm now going to the Next phase of my wealth building is I'm Building a trust around my system I will Have a trust insurance policy or or that They'll be the beneficiary I already Have my legacy policy set up for my Family and then I have a leverage policy Basically we set the leverage policy and I'll have everything set up so within The next five years I'll have a Family Trust I'll have a family office and Basically I will start managing it just Like the wealthy people do I use Insurance to secure compound and grow to Secure my principle so as you come Collapsing down in the capital markets My principle stays solid right and I Become my own bank eventually because I Can borrow against my own policies if They're set up properly very important Make sure your agents not trying to Maximize their commission okay number Three precious metals okay so I'm in Silver I'm going into gold very very Soon number four is real estate I'm not A real estate expert single family home And now I'm moving into multif family as We going to next year because need

Depreciation for the uh each each Quarter I work to increase my earned Income every single quarter and I do That through businesses okay and then I Talk now going to business for business For me I use information technology and Attention we have a software company we Have an education platform I have an Insurance company I have a beard company On Amazon um which we just launched um I Have talking about my insurance Freedom Asset Management Group where we do 506 BS we have multiple companies out there In information technology and attention Where we can do online and then lastly Is self-development and then the it's Basically I invest in myself all the Time in regards to increasing my Education and the last thing that makes Me the richest man in the world is my Relationship with God if all the money Went away if everything collapsed I'm The richest richest man in the world Because I built a relationship with God I follow the life of Jesus I believe in Jesus Christ I believe in God and I Believe in you that's the key is I Believe in you and I believe you because In the beginning is the end and in the End you'll find out it's the beginning It's your decisions your behavior There's no savior coming to save you Guys if somebody comes in the physical Jesus never said he was coming in the

Physical you've already been saved he Already fulfilled everything guys he Already fulfilled the prophecy man There's egotistical people that are Trying to fulfill biblical prophecy he Already said it was finished he already Told us we win in the end all you have To do is accept it and all you have to Do is control your thoughts your actions And your Reactions I believe we're being lied to I'm just being honest with you cuz the Only difference between me 17 years ago Is a a crackhead with a drug addiction That committed suicide to today 17 years Later financially free and and happy and Joyful in the most crazy times in the World is Christ that's the only Difference is following his teachings Not being a Christian because I go to Church actually acting like Christlike Loving God with all my heart therefore Loving Humanity as I love God treating Others as I want to be treated and Pulling the log out of my eye before I Judge you Simple three things I live by teach my Kids that and I've been living that in The difference between me 17 years ago And that is Christ Christ Consciousness Heaving up energy frequency love Authenticity love and gratitude it's not That difficult family so it's time to Activate on this it's time to activate I

Have all kinds of resources for you in The description of this video you can Join my warrior Academy like-minded Individual who helped over 7,000 people Since 2020 you can jump in it's 62 bucks A month it's a it's a membership or you Can just get my free resources there's Thousands of free videos we have now the Free book that you can download you can Set up a free consultation with my Insurance team I'm trying to provide as Many resources as humanly possible so That you can have the financial freedom For your family but remember family Freedom is here freedom is here okay It's all things and it's no thing and it Is everything that you do I love you Guys I appreciate you as we always say Warriors rise get your together Let's go love you guys N


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