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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I'm getting Started as early as possible this Morning I got something to do um but I Wanted to start Here during this entire bare Market you Saw the crypto Prices this number you saw the market Cap it was kind of sitting around a Trillion even for a lot of the a lot of The uh bare market and you can kind of Tell now we're we're starting to things Are starting to move we saw Bitcoin make A move this week and then as as always Happens the a lot of the altcoin coins Start to follow xrp hasn't done anything Crazy yet but you're seeing like salana Salana I would call that the most VC Pumped narrative pumped coin on the Planet or one of them and then um card Who I don't consider that is is is going Up a lot right now I'm watching these Two and now remember out of all of these There's only one that has legal Clarity In the United States of America all the Others every single one of them live Under threat of a potential lawsuit Think about that one so and and the Theme one of the themes of this video is There's a lot of misdirection that's Going on right now and so I'm going to I'm going to point that out um and I'm

Also going to point out that for me this Is I'm going to kind of go over how I Think now here's what's here's what's About to happen if it's not already Happening and and see seems like it Always happens over Christmas or the Holidays what's about to happen is now Is the time that all your friends and Family who were who thought that you had Made a mistake by getting into crypto They're going to all want to start Buying it they're going to all be coming To you and asking oh hey your your Digital assets are doing good I see Bitcoins up should I buy some that's What you're going to start hearing that Is the exact opposite of the way I Invest now is not the time to buy crypto For me Now's the Time to go and buy Other other things that are Still not being paid attention to but I Love the fact that my crypto is going up And that's a good thing so here's what Your return rates are right now if you If you see if you see anything in this In this upper list right here in the Last 30 days the one the one I would be Watching would be xrp cuz it hasn't it It it's one of the ones that hasn't made Its move yet and they all take a turn When we get to this place I just really Wanted to just show you that but on the Year xrp is up 65% um Bitcoin is up

151% but it's completely a pumped Narrative if they were if CNBC was Talking about an xrp ETF imminent every Day then it wouldn't be 151% it would probably be 1,000% because it's the only one in with Legal Clarity this is all Again misdirection folks I'm telling you All right so but but this is what the The chart guy some of the chart guys are Seeing for xrp Golden Cross confirmed For xrp historic P patterns show Potential fireworks in the xrp chart 2017 700% Surge and a brief correction And soaring 60,000 per in 12 Months I was there folks 2020 40% dip Following by jaw dropping 1,000% rise I Was there folks reminder in 2017 when Xrp soared 60,000 per in 12 months from .6 to3 $384 that was directly after this Golden Cross confirmation on the 4 day what's Your 2024 price target for Xrp it would not shocked me if xrp did a 10 to 20 bucks even without the real Utility switch being flipped on now um As We Know M uh um Elizabeth Warren and and uh Jamie Diamond started their anti- crypto Anti- Bitcoin marketing program in the Last couple days I corrected Senator Warren in a video which I will show you But Mike no grats has now parted ways With Jamie Diamond uh let's let's go

Straight straight to the Jamie diam of It all um you you watched that you heard Him you thought what to yourself he Keeps doubling down and he keeps being Wrong um what surprises me is so many of Jim's clients right uh some of the Wealthiest guys in America you know Abby Johnson at Fidelity Jeff Yas uh Stan Dram Miller Ray Doo big big investors All believe that Bitcoin is a store of Value uh we see it in our client base Our trading desk has been busy with Hedge funds buying uh we see it in Institutions buying and so I don't know Where Jamie gets off thinking that he's Smarter than all those guys it just it It it's the well that's that's it's not About being smarter it's that jimie is Behind the scenes talking to the Regulators and has them in his pocket Who are going to make all kinds of Decisions and um that's supposedly legal That's not considered in insider trading That's that's Insider trading on Steroids that ought to be much more Legal than insider trading to to know What The Regulators are going to do and Not do and be meeting with them to Me he's also spoken out against carried Interest and most of his clients happen To be beneficiaries of that and and and Enjoy that and think it's a great idea As well so yeah what car interest is Kind of tax policy at all you get you

You get the point now so Elizabeth Warren had to do her you know squat box And CNBC gladly have these propagandists On to to run their narrative uh their Anti-American people narrative so um I Decided that I would correct since since Elizabeth Warren has now decided that She's on Jamie Diamond's team I wanted To make sure everybody understood what That team was so I took her um interview With CNBC with squawkbox Andrew Ross Sorin who's part of the problem and I um Decided I would mesh that that with with A lot of Truth you I'm so in fact let's Do a little refresh I'd love to see how Many times this things have been viewed 64 wait a minute that's not mine hold on This is mine the ACT I wanted to show You this the actual interview with Elizabeth Warren has been viewed the the Interview that's just her propaganda has Been viewed 64,000 times my version Where I add the truth to it has been DED Has been viewed almost 880,000 And so that makes what I said even even More telling um hi Senator Warren I Fixed it truth is contagious you should Try it sometime the video the the Interview with him dropped from CNBC in The morning and then mine I didn't do Mine until yesterday evening and it's Still gotten more views than theirs Because Americans know the truth when They see see it I'm so curious what was

Going through your mind uh when you Heard Jamie Diamond's Response look when Jamie Diamond and I Are in exactly the same place it's Because we have a serious problem in This country JP Morgan says it has Reached an agreement in principle to Settle the Jeffrey Epstein sex predator Litigation with the US Virgin Islands With a payout of $75 million the Settlement ends a bruising episode in Which each side accused the other of Enabling Jeffrey Epstein's abuses and Led to a series of embarrassing Disclosures of relationships that high Ranking Bank officials at the time had With EP with Epstein himself including One former executive who frequented Epstein's Private Island and that is a Part of the financial system is being Used by terrorists by drug traffickers By Rogue nations in order to launder Money move money through the system and Finance their illegal activities uh Investigators in Philadelphia are Searching a cargo ship captured and What's being called one of the biggest Drug bus in US history some 1 tons of Has been recovered worth more than a Billion dollars on the street officials Tell CBS News there might be another 30 Tons on board on top of what they've Already found and when I asked the Question should the rules that apply to

Their Banks and by the way also apply to Stock Brokers and gold Traders and Credit card companies and Credit Unions Reporters is that this has been going on For about 8 years in which uh these Traders uh specifically uh we're clearly Kind of talking about JP Morgan here I Mean the names that we have in the story Do refer to these JP Morgan Executives Um you know they've been spoofing the Market for the better part of eight Years and silver uh gold Platinum Palladium I mean all of the precious Metals what I'm talking about is the Part of the system that makes sure that Banks are not being used for terrorist Financing for example the nation's Biggest bank is facing a $1 13 billion Fine this morning for its role in the Mortgage meltdown JP Morgan Chase Negotiated the tenative settlement on Civil charges with the justice Department the deal does not end a Criminal probe and it could set a new Standard in cracking down on Bank Behavior there's a new threat out there It's crypto and it is being used for Terrorist financing it is being used for Drug trafficking JP Morgan Chase has Agreed to settle fraud charges for its Role in the financial crisis under this Settlement the bank will now pay 154 Million just shy of that which is Actually less than what it earns in one

Week the SEC says the company misled Customers about risky mortgage Investments last year Goldman Sachs paid 550 million to settle similar charges North Korea is using it to pay for about Half of its nuclear weapons program we Can't allow that to continue JP Morgan Barklay City Group are amongst five Banks find a combined total of 1.07 Billion EUR by European Union Regulators For taking part in two cartels in the SP Foreign Exchange Market for 11 Currencies world you know we have Something called the bank secrecy act Which is how banks are required to Monitor certain kinds of transactions That go through the system it was Written in the 1970s following 911 the Law enforcement folks went back looked At what had happened figured out how the Financing had made it through the system And that's the last time that Congress Updated The the bank secrecy act what we need to Do is we need to update it again because There's a new threat out there AP Morgan Chase has officially settled with Federal authorities over criminal Charges that the bank ignored warning Signs of Bernard maid off's $65 billion Ponzi scheme the bank will pay $1.7 Billion to settle the claims which Authorities say is the largest bank Forfeiture in history and the largest

Penalty by the Department of Justice for A bank secrecy act violation that act Requires Banks to alert authorities About any suspicious activity yeah so The point on that last one is she's Talking about how we need to update the Bank secrecy act what good is it what Good is the bank secrecy act if JP Morgan gets to violate it at will and They just pay a fine that's probably Much less than what they actually made By violating it why upgrade it if if the Largest bank in the world and she Basically wants us to have a Consolidation of A handful of banks that's that way People like her can control the people But if if they don't pay any attention To the laws that exist and they just get A slap on the wrist then then why why Make the the law any better or different What difference does it make it doesn't That's the whole point that's not what This is about this is about a narrative And I and you know I wonder I often Wonder how these people look at their Children of course their children Children are going to turn out to be Pieces of crap just like them that's What the answer is unfortunately cuz They're turn people like these kind of People that are so dishonest are the Ones turning them Out Jamie Diamond says crypto should be

Shut down but invests in consensus just Four months after the SEC sued Brad Garling Chris Larson ripple from Cowboy Krypto who is the official Cowboy the Digital asset investor Channel by the Way JP Morgan has also invested in I Capital Network which is a fin Tech Platform and he's retweeting John deon's Tweet here down here if you ever doubted That Jamie Diamond and Elizabeth Elizabeth Warren sleep in the same bed You know now War Warren wants there to Exist five banks that help the Government control you and your money in Every possible way that's what they're Trying to do folks and this has Everything to do with crypto because They want to consolidate all of the Power Within These banks that people Like Elizabeth Warren want to get a cbdc For the purpose of controlling you she's Fine with that remember all these people Are fine all the bad guys are fine with A cbdc for control yeah they love that That kind of crypto they can get behind Now the distraction folks what are they Doing and what and what and while the Crypto prices are surging okay that's Not what I'm looking at while the crypto Prices are surging I'm looking to see What what what great things that I like To buy are prices down on so right now I'm staring at Gold listen to what Andy Shackman from Miles Franklin who is one

Of my sponsors says listen to this if The biggest most sophisticated money in The world could care less about the Price of gold and silver and continues To accumulate it and remove counterparty Risk by taking it back repatriating it From what were traditionally the stores Or or the the places to keep it because It was the you know kind of the um the Exchange so keep it at the New York fed Where it's safe and you can trade on on You know the NX or the comx keep it at The bank of England trade on the lbma They said no well thank you very much We'll take possession of it ourselves And so repatriation and massive Accumulation by the largest most Sophisticated well-funded and Well-informed money in the world is all You need to know we are all being Misdirected misdirection is a very Popular theme in finance in Business in anything where there's a a a A an opponent or a competition the idea Is to misdirect I don't care if it's Sports or chess or business or Finance Or law you misdirect your opponent That's and that's exactly what is Happening here the rest of the world is Trying to Dollarize and and accumulate hard assets Using the Western paper leverage to Misdirect and to quietly enter that Space without paying an arm and a leg

Because if everyone knew what the Playbook was everyone would run they'd Be crowded out of the trade the price Would go up everything would disappear But instead if you can create a Perception of reality with leverage and Misdirect see like the book The Art of War exactly see folks I've always felt Like the whole Bitcoin ethereum thing a Lot of that's a mystery retion so I've I've focused a lot on what made sense my Dad told me my father who is the Official father of of the digital asset Investor Channel he told me a my whole Life he Said I always made money on investing in In things with with my gut things that Made sense anytime it was somebody just Telling me if it made sense I always did Well what makes sense here's what makes Sense what makes sense is why are you Doing a Bitcoin ETF Xrp is the only digital asset with legal Clarity why aren't you doing an xrp ETF Well that makes sense well that's why For me Bitcoin has always felt like Misdirection because it doesn't work What makes sense is xrp because it's Always worked I haven't wait I haven't Had to wait for six confirmations that Could take an hour or two it just went Through in 3 seconds I didn't have to Think about it it was Cheap there was nothing to it it makes

Sense because it works always has Worked it was created to be a better Bitcoin it worked what makes sense it Never made any sense to me this idea That they're they were trying to say the Bitcoiners this drop gold drop gold that Gold's God's money that doesn't make Sense what makes sense is somebody wants You to look away from gold at Bitcoin While they accumulate the gold which is Exactly what the central banks are Doing that's why miles Franklin is my Sponsor so what makes sense I bought a Uh gold buffalo 1 oz a couple of weeks Ago I'm about to buy another one miles Franklin precious medals use code Dai Gold they're my sponsor info@ milesfrom Their phone number is 952 9297 Z6 this Is how you get the best pricing now in The member group today we're going to be Talking about the most dangerous man in Media the man who has been censored more Than anybody on the planet the man that That everybody said was a conspiracy Theorist and over in the last really Year or so year or two this man has has Been proven to be right more than just About anybody I've listen to in my life And for that reason some of the more Recent people in media that that are are Now taking him a lot more seriously and In Dp.com which is my member group that's What we're going to be talking about and

Also in the member group I I started a Telegram and it's it's gotten pretty Huge and here's the other Thing um I've already talked to Brad Comms and I believe in the next week or So he's going to announce um week or two Or something like that he's going to Announce xrp Las Vegas 2024 my members Will be getting a discount in the group Only members it's Dp.com and here we go oh I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family Dp.com there you Go


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