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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I think it would be absolutely Insane to abandon xrp right now after Everything we've been through the last Few years and xrp finally achieving Regulatory Clarity there's still some People freaking out about xrp price Action which literally doesn't make Sense xrp is up about the same amount as Bitcoin as eth is over the last 30 days But importantly xrp has legal Clarity It's clearly Unshackled now it continues To move in correlation with the broader Crypto Market Market why wouldn't it Blast off when we have our next Euphoria Season which by the way I think is a as Close to a certainty as is possible in Life it would be crazy to have gone Through all of this and actually abandon Xrp right now but I still see some People a bit fearful out there and there Are some people that even think that uh Ripple based on certain things that have Been uh that have come to lighter that Ripple could be abandoning xrp have you Heard some of these conversations on Social media some in recent months here It it just folks it's not it's just not Happening Ripple and for so many reasons I want to break some of this down here But uh you know Brad Garling house Ripple CEO he was interviewed on stage Recently at DC fentech week and he he Was joking about giving up the role of

CEO if only he could crack the xrp price Code because that's all you need right Once you figure that out if if there Were such a thing anyway right but no The reality of the situation is like Ripple has spent a veritable Fortune uh To ensure that there is legal Clarity For xrp they put forth a serious fight And that has been of the utmost Importance to them that's why when I see Some of these arguments about you know Ripple's you know conviction in sticking With xrp like I I I don't even I don't See how we could even reasonably debate Such a I mean it's out there and it's Fair I mean from a technical perspective Yes debate whatever you want to I'd like Civil discourse but I don't see how it Makes rational sense to legitimately Have concern that Ripple might in some Way abandon xrp or this or that and by The way you know the fact that they've Offered them their liquidity Hub they Offer now every all sorts of other Cryptos and not xrp that's not an not a Sign that they're abandoning xrp xrp is Still at the core of their business Model um and but anyway Attorney John Deon made a comment that it's quote Insane to abandon xrp end quote but he's Referencing uh Ripple specifically and I Want to share with you exactly what he Had to say um before going further Though I do want to be clear I do not

Have a financial background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun uh here's a headline from The Crypt basic Ripple CEO jokes about Quitting CEO role if he could crack xrp Price code in a lighthearted remark Ripple CEO Brad garlinghouse recently Expressed that he would be open to Stepping down from his role as CEO to Concentrate on crypto currency market Trends should he understand the Dynamics That dictate crypto pricing folks um I Understand it xrp follow Bitcoin at Least as far as xrp price is concerned Xrp now you can talk about why does Bitcoin do what it does okay fair enough But uh almost all of it not literally But almost all of it I mean the part That truly matters in terms of xrp price Action the the asset class moves in Tandem here so that would have been my Answer would have been something like That but uh but check this out uh Notably this remark from Garland house Came during an interview at DC fintech Week 2023 the host asked garlinghouse to Comment on xrp's price surge Acknowledging that the Ripple CEO would

Focus on the utility of xrp rather than Speculation in response Garing house Noted that the overall Market has been Up given bitcoin's breakout to over $35,000 in parallel Garling house humor Humorously noted that if he could Predict crypto prices accurately he Might leave his CEO position to focus on Market movements and here's what he said This is a quote from him look if I had a Magical window into what drives crypto Prices I probably would quit this job And just go do that and quote and fair Enough I mean it's just it is wild and a Lot of the volatility which is what Makes it worth being in this space is Because there's such a frenzy around Because there is that uncertainty but There's also not that much money in the Entire crypto asset class so it doesn't Take much money flowing in to get things Really going nuts but again that that's The reason I'm here I'm here for the Volatility that's why this is exciting We don't like it to the downside but we Have to accept that because without that You don't get the upside either it Doesn't it doesn't perpetually go up With no pullbacks or anything like that But you know as as far as Ripple's Conviction with xrp consider This like ripple at at this particular Moment in time you know the legal bills For them were up to about $150 million

And again the core question which has Been answered you know is whether or not Extrap security and and judge Tores Declared it is not so money well spent In the end because that's what it took Unfortunately here but you think that They do that and fight to that degree And not settle with the SEC which they Could have done years ago if they didn't Give a damn about X don't you think that Maybe that's an indication we shouldn't Be worrying about such so here's a Headline from the Crypt basic Ripple CEO In DC Ripple legal bills now over 150 Million Ripple will fight SEC up to Supreme Court government shouldn't pick winners And losers yeah and so he's really Absolutely shredded the SEC and it's Deserved and so this is the event where Gary ginzer is actually Gary gin are Actually speaking at the exact same Event here made a video about that a Couple days or so ago anyway Garing House slams sec in DC Ripple legal bills Now over $150 million uh Ripple CEO BR Irland house comments on the SEC lawsuit Saying the company has already spent Over $150 million and is prepared to Challenge the regulator in the Supreme Court Ripple CEO Brad garlinghouse has Revealed that the blockchain company Still faces regulatory hurdles in the United States despite its legal Victory

Against the SEC Garling House made this Known during his outing at the DC Fintech week emphasizing that US banks Are hesitant to work with crypto related Firms in his remark at the DC fintech Week conference yesterday Garling house Said banks have chosen to not to engage Meaningfully with crypto companies until The government's hostilities toward the Industry change and so folks when you Think about the IPO situation with Ripple and we now know for sure that Ripple is not going to be uh moving Forward with an IPO in in the short term And that that actually does come from The top that's not that's not Speculation that actual news I I I've Seen the evidence myself even though Ripple didn't publicly State this many Others have corroborated this as well I'm telling you it is a real thing um Even though that's the case for the Short term anyway I still do believe There will be an IPO over the Long Haul But it just goes to show you that degree To which the the sec's just done damage Because even with xrp having legal Clarity like Banks don't want to touch This stuff even with ripple and when You're talking about the IPO Specifically they went because Ripple Went on their Road Show earlier this Year um it was made clear to them Unfortunately during the road show that

This is not the time now thankfully Ripple doesn't need the money they have More money than God you know they've got I'm whatever it is I'm sure over a Billion dollars on the balance sheet Here but um unfortunately there's been Some serious damage I think I have A yeah yeah this is what I want to pull Up here you go um xrp Crow xrp Community Member he's at status on social media Platform X he makes these awesome Infographics and also quotes with a Graphic uh overlay here and here is a Quote from uh Brad garlinghouse at DC Fintech week literally yesterday and he Said quote regarding the secv Ripple Case even if you won the case the US Government is still hostile towards Crypto until that changes the US Banks In the US are not going to engage Meaningfully end quote and look banks Are conservative by nature and that's Why even once Ripple did go to market With other on demand liquidity product Utilizing xrp as a bridge currency it's No surprise that remittance firms were The first companies to jump on board Rather than Banks now of course Everything ultimately catch up catch up But you know you know one foot in front Of the other one step at a time here Right um and then there was also this Regarding the Supreme Court yeah let me Jump down a little bit further because I

Don't want to read this whole article There's a couple parts that I find the Most interesting um meanwhile Garland House pointed out that the SEC lawsuit Could go to the Supreme Court Interestingly he stated the company's Readiness to engage the Commission in The country's highest judicial Authority Recall that the SEC had already signaled Its intention to appeal the the Court's July 13th ruling shortly after the court Issued its summary judgment decision the SEC expressed disappointment over the Decision thus asking the court to Certify an interlocutory appeal the Court denied the request ordering the SEC to wait until all pending issues are Resolved with the SEC dropping its Charges against Ripple execs the Regulator could file a full appeal in The second circuit sooner however garos Who believed the case could head to the Supreme Court stated that Ripple is Quote in it till the end end quote now Of course what's at stake is uh you know The part that Ripple lost in particular Um although you know if there's an Appeal maybe everything's up but um in Particular on the institutional side of Things but the law of the land as it Stands today is xrp of course itself is Not a security and even if things ended Up disastrously for ripple even if there Were a successful appeal against them

Which I'm highly skeptical of that would Only apply to transactions that t touch Ripple not secondary Market transactions On exchanges like you and I purchasing Xrp that would not apply there um then There was also this from my fellow exper YouTuber the barable bull Brad Garing House fired a shot that will be heard Around the world and he shared this Quote uh from the same event the DC fch Week thing uh Garland house said quote If the SEC and Gary guinsler wasn't Wasting time suing Ripple and meeting With Sam bankman freed maybe we could Have avoided some of that the fraud that Occurred in the crypto space end quote Spot on spot on you couldn't sniff that Out that you know the fraud right under Your nose but you're sure went after the Kardashian girl didn't you you went After Kim Kardashian ended up settling for I can't Remember the number was is over a Million and so but you went after the Kardashians and then you went after Ripple harming xrp investors that these Are the choices that you've Made and I know that Gary gendler he's Not the one that initiated the lawsuit He wasn't one of the five voters on that Because he wasn't SEC chair yet but he Could have absolutely be having the the Power he does over the entire agency he Could have done any number of things to

Wind that Down here's what Attorney John Deon had To say and this is why again when it Comes to you know this idea of Abandoning xrp I think whether and look I'm not telling you to buy or sell or Hold you do whatever what listening to This this is my personal I think it's Insane for retailers especially at this Point to abandon xrp but I also think It's insane for ripple to abandon xrp And so does Attorney John Deon here's What he had to say and um this is Actually a post he shared about a week Ago I haven't shared it on the channel And it fits in perfectly with this so I Thought I'd highlight it anyway but Here's what he said as I said for more Than three years Ripple is not going to Abandon xrp it has a fiduciary duty not To do the math 2015 series a valuation $128 million in 2016 series B valuation $410 million 2020 series C valuation $10 Billion 2022 series C buyback valuation $15 Billion he's talking about the valuation Of Ripple the company and then he says Last year Ripple bought back its series C shares at a 50% higher price Ripple Clearly believed that investing $300 Million on itself was the best Investment available at the time but Ripple did so during the worst crypto

Bar market we've experienced and before The Tores ruling that took Balls now you see one of the reasons why I've said Brad garlinghouse is arguably The MVP of crypto company CEOs Ripple's Pre-ipo shares clearly trade at a Valuation significantly less than $15 Billion owning 48 billion to 5050 Billion in xrp make it insane to abandon Xrp if xrp reaches $2 Ripple has an Asset valued at $100 Billion you get the picture right and so It is the case that you know the market Value of xrp at any given time that's Not truly factored in to the the Valuation of Ripple the company or else The valuation of Ripple the company of 15 billion would actually be many Billions higher like tens of billions Higher obviously so that that's without That But one one additional reason that They're not going to ban an xrp it's Like again even though there's been no IPO to this point they do have private Investors if you're an accredited Investor you can purchase shares of Ripple the company you absolutely Can and you it's well understood That big part of the appeal even if it's Not part of that $15 billion doll res uh Um valuation is that they have Ripple Hold so much Xrp and the reason that it's not

Factored in is because there's this Understanding of the notional value of Xrp and if Ripple were to start selling Their xrp even if it weren't ncro that Would just tank the price of xrp so they Could never realize what the market Value is on paper they couldn't actually Realize that and so that's a reason but It would it's still worth something so It should be at it's some sort of Discount even post IPO there should be There should be at some point in the Future you would think anyway right but The reason that I'm even mentioning this Is because it's just to make this Broader point that if Ripple actually Abandoned xrp or they were burning xrp Or any number of things like this would Be DET perceived as detrimental to Shareholders and they could have legal Recourse as a result of that because It's understood that xrp is such a core Component of their business model no They're not they're not abandoning XP That would be bad for them and even if They did they'd have shareholders coming After them okay it's because it would be That drastic of of a of a decision and Of course it's not the case that Shareholders ERS get to handle the Day-to-day operations of the company That's not how this works but this is Such a core component that yes I believe There would be legal recourse under such

Circumstances but but it's it's so such A wacky concept that they do that it's Not going to happen so yeah it would be Insane to abandon xrp and so think about This with xrp being at the core of their Business model Ripple has done more than Double and triple down on themselves With xrp at the core of the business Model they're not abandoning xrp Obviously and and so where do you think That they think the Market's going to go For xrp even though they can't say all This stuff out loud because they take Too much heat for it obviously they Think xrp is going to be worth a Freaking fortune and so for us here on The retail side even though look I don't Make price predictions I don't pretend To know what's going to happen with xrp Pricewise my my supposition is that it's Going to be worth way more in the future And if I'm wrong and I could be it goes A zero fine I think it's going to be Worth way more in the future and with Xrp finally having legal Clarity I I do Believe it would be insane to abandon Xrp right now the life changing wealth Is at hand we just got to wait and see Exactly how this unfolds but that's what I believe is most probable anyway and Clearly Ripple does as well I'm not a Financial adviser you should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right that would be a very very very

Bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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