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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I've got a few stories to share With you in this very latest Moon Lambo Hot Jam first of all an ex Ripple Employee has been speaking a fair bit Recently and despite the fact that he Was let go from Ripple he seems to be Very um optimistic let's say when it Comes to uh both Ripple and xrp for the Long term and I'll share with you Exactly what he says towards the start Of this video but he did say quite Literally that every single Bank in Japan is going to be using xrp by the End of next Year um then there's also a story I want To follow up on it I covered this this Morning um I'm sure most of you have Heard by now that uh Ripple co-founder Chris lson was hacked his his personal Xrp stolen to the tune of 213 million Xrp at the time worth somewhere in the Neighborhood of$ 112 million roughly uh Stolen from him and U of course he's They got law enforcement looking into it Um but I do have a bit of an update There are a couple of comments that were Made after I made my video this morning Because um when I when I published that Video I mean like this is a fresh this Is a fresh story I'd gotten that video Out within the first I don't know a Couple hours or so of the news breaking Here but there are a couple comments

From Chris Larson in Brad Garling house That were made after I published my Video so I just want to provide a little Update and then I'll wrap up the video With this story from you today xrp Ledger to enter new era with with major Amendment folks we are talking about the Automated Market maker oh yes it is a Coming but before going further I do Want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right now I want to say One thing just to prefaces before we get Into the first story having to do with This X Ripple employee who is very Bullish on xrp very clearly um look I I'm to be clear I am not counting solely On Ripple to manifest the long-term Viability of xrp I'm really Not but Ripple is an important part a Very important part of the xrp ecosystem So we need to acknowledge this matters Clearly xrp speculators think it matters Whether you agree or not and so there Are two extremes to this and I'm Somewhere in between there the side that Says uh xrp and when it comes long-term Viability it's all up to Ripple I think

That's way out of bounds of what would Be reasonable but there are a lot of People that believe that and everybody's Entitled to their perspective I don't Think it's all off to Ripple and then on The flip side there are people that say No Ripple doesn't matter and not only Does it matter uh we we can't let Ripple's doing matter in terms of Long-term viability for exrp I think That's too far out there too because my Position is I think safely and Reasonably somewhere in between because I do not solely you know expect Ripple To manifest the long-term viability the Path forward for Xrp but you know the way I look at it is Every single developer building on top Of the xrp Ledger is important to the Ecosystem I want all of them to be Successful all of it matters and it's The the sum of that the whole of that That will make the long-term viability Of the xrp possible Ripple is a large Part of that like it or not and so am i Counting on Ripple for the long-term Viability of xrp well I can say yes but That doesn't paint the whole picture That's not enough information to Understand my perspective my perspective Is yes but so do the other developers so That's just what I think about so I'm I'm talking about I'm going to share With you what this x Ripple employee had

To say but you know Ripple's not the end All be all it does matter though it's Because like I'm just telling you as Long as xrp is meaningfully adopted for Something I just don't see it going away It's hard for me to believe xrp useful In the real world and it goes away so Does this matter yes it Does and um so we're talking about ex Ripple employee Shawn McBride and I made A video sharing a few of his posts um Was it two days ago maybe I can't Remember the the the days as they always Do blur together here but he deleted a Post and so I made a video about it Because that caught my attention I was Like why did he delete this thing and It's the one on your screen I I'll run Through this real quick it's the post That's on the bottom of your screen Because this is a screen capture that I Shared and he ultimately deleted this But the one at the bottom is the one That he deleted but luckily you can see It now because I saved it and so there Was a post where somebody was Highlighting a bunch of company layoffs That nothing to do with crypto and then Shawn McBride responded to that post and Said FYI Ripple also laid off the Majority of its recruiting team last Year including me xrp Community member Chad garlic Mouse responded with sorry To hear that is that recruiting in the

USA you dealt with are worldwide out of Interest Sean McBride responded Global just one word he wrote Global so It was downsizing for that specifically On a global scale Chad garlic Mouse then Wrote any reason grown as much as they Need to or is development of the company Stalling Shawn McBride responded with The following and this is the post that He ultimately deleted uh I don't know Why I don't know if it was getting more Attention than he wanted or different Type of an you know attention that he Was hoping for I don't know I could only Speculate but it's gone except for here And he wrote what I can tell you is Ripple and xrp aren't going anywhere Everyone should be excited for the Future of both I really can't say more NDA which of course stands for Non-disclosure agreement and so to me For somebody who is laid off by the Company to voluntarily come out and say No Ripple's going to do great xrp is Going to do great that stands out to me And the fact that he deleted it is Actually one of the things that prompted Me to to go ahead and report that on the Channel like well that's interesting Isn't it so I don't know the reason for The deletion Uh but he didn't have to say that and he Did say it and it it did catch a lot of Attention that's for sure but he had

More to say check this out this is from Just last night talk about long-term Viability of xrp as I always say utility Matters and will win the day that's what I believe anyway that's my investment Thesis here's what Sean McBride wrote 10:04 p.m. central Time last night January 30th some people just don't Understand the amount of money invested In crypto outside of the US especially In Southeast Asia and UAE United Arab Emirates where they are so much further Ahead in terms of institutional adoption And government regulation slf framework Those that serve a specific purpose or Purposes and I.E Xrp are already being adopted and Utilized Successfully by next year and this is The money sentence as far as I'm Concerned by next year every Bank in Japan will be using xrp for cross cross B payments alone and so folks it's hard For me to believe that the more xrp gets Adopted the less likely it is it's here For the long haul that doesn't make Sense to Me the more it gets adopted the more It's cemented xrp has reached Network Effect there is a reason that it's Number six in market cap today just Despite the attacks from the SEC despite That for years on end that's amazing it Didn't fall out of the top 10 cryptos by

Market cap it's amazing it's astonishing So you see this happening like and again Ripple is not the end all Beall but they Are an important participant within the Xrp ecosystem period this is good we Want this we should be very happy to see This and then Shan McBride followed up By stating oh and in case you were Wondering Japan has the third largest Economy in the World so presumably lots of transactions And I think that's going to do nothing But instead still the confidence in the Long-term viability of xrp and the more Speculators jump in the more they'll Recognize this and if they want to Diversify in a crypto might they put Some of their Investment into Xrp I'm guessing that for a lot of People the answer will be yes and I just Went to Investopedia to pull up what he Was talking about in terms of uh top Countries by by GDP and there you can See United States Number One China and Then Japan $4.2 trillion nominal GDP Absolutely massive so happy to see this So he look he's he's not sharing Anything that he couldn't as a result of The NDA that he signed but he knows Things and so what I would say is just To see the level of confidence and Knowing that he has every reason to be Upset and mad at Ripple for him to still

Be saying this that's the reason it Stands out to me that's the reason I Wanted to share this with you I think it Matters next breaking Ripple co-founder Conf firms hack xrp price plunges and Again I kind of alluded to this some of The details at the outset of the video I'm going to assume that you know most Of it at this particular point but um There is this post there are two posts From Chris Larson uh the second one Didn't exist when I recorded my video The first one read as follows yesterday There was an un there was unauthorized Access to a few of my personal xrp Accounts not Ripple we were quickly able To catch the problem and no ify Exchanges to freeze the affected Addresses law enforcement is already Involved okay and um and then um and This is probably I don't remember Exactly what time I record is like 10 Something I don't if it's 10:30 or 10:40 I can't remember or 10:20 I don't know I I remember citing the time in the video But anyway um I recorded the video a Couple hours after the news broke after I had time to put together uh enough Perspective from enough people so on and So forth and then after I recorded that Video we had another post from Chris CH Lson who just had a ton of his net worth Stolen now I say a ton it is a ton uh to Pretty much any normal human on the

Planet he is a billion air though so There there is that you know this isn't Going to him he's going to be Able to retire for once um but it's a Lot of money and it's disgusting that Somebody would do this to him or anyone Frankly uh but he also wrote this at 11616 a.m. Central this morning this is An isolated incident and ripple wallets Are secure slw never compromised we've Confirmed nearly all the affected funds Were converted out of xrp we're working With law enforcement and have been Advised that a significant portion of Funds have been frozen and are pursuing The remainder Aggressively many thanks to xrp Ledger Foundation and Thomas silk JY whose name I still don't know how to say for their Help So I don't know how much in ended up Getting converted out into cash but it Looks like there's a large chunk that Didn't which is kind of what I was Expecting I kind of figured that there Would be relatively speaking a large Chunk that um did you know get to an Exchange was sold uh but luckily this is Kind of figured out quickly it was Brought to Chris larsson's attention and Then they did start moving on this and Some exchanges moved quicker than others To kind of free stuff so even if it was Converted out of xrp it doesn't mean

That whatever it was converted to was Then sold it looks like a lot of it Frozen on various exchanges which which Is good news uh but it looks like a big Old chunk was sold so who knows where on The planet this happens and whether or Not he's ever going to get it back or we Find out who did this but I hope so Because that'll be a big story and I'd Love to see Justice done because I just Despise people that behaving this way Thieves there's dis that's the worst Part of of of of our society it's just They they're disgusting awful People uh Brad garlinghouse reposted That and said given some irresponsible Speculation in reporting I want to Reiterate that no Ripple managed wallets Were compromised full stop and so it's Good to see that I'm glad they're coming Out and just clarifying that is the Right thing to do um and also I'll note And I won't go in depth on this but it Was it's been really disappointing to See that so many people are taking this Opportunity to just rip into Ripple Specifically uh just just blaming them Uh I mean I saw I saw one uh one guy Just no actually you know what I'm not Going to say because I figure out who it Is I just I don't want to I don't want To get into it I don't want to get into It I don't need to start something but There are just there are some people

That are just saying things about Chris Larson specifically and specifically About Ripple and saying that this is Some sort of indication and some people Just I don't know if it's intentional Line or they're just saying stuff it's Just wild or irresponsible like um Speculation like Garling house is ainer But there are some people that are just Blaming Ripple for this and I'm like can You just blame the thieves can you it's Not that Hard like like the punk ass thieves are The ones that deserve to be arrested and Go to prison for a long time Ripple Didn't do anything wrong Chris Larson Didn't do anything Chris larsson's the Victim here and I just I can't relate to People that don't recognize who who is Who is at fault here and who is the Victim if if you're if you're one of the People that can't figure that out I just Question why is your brain Malfunctioning it just doesn't compute To Me last story xrp ledger to enter new Era with major Amendment and this is Pretty badass I'm very happy to see that This has happened check this out The xrp Ledger is poised to enter a new chapter With the introduction of a major Amendment that brings automated Market Maker functionality to its platform or Amm for short this significant update

Which has achieved 85.7% consensus among Its Among its stakeholders is scheduled to Active they mean activate or oh no they Wrote that right scrypto Media very frequently they'll just have Broken grammar and it's just you know They're a bunch of C students you know Putting stuff on the internet so is what It is anyway they right in this case They were right is scheduled to activate On the main net in 14 days this move is Hailed by many in the community as a Progressive step towards realizing the Vision of the internet of value Positioning xrpl at the Forefront of Decentralized trading and exchange the Amm functionality is a groundbreaking Addition to the xrp Ledger fundamentally Altering how trading and exchange of Value will be conducted it allows the Creation of of liquidity pools for pairs Of assets tokens or xrp where anyone can Contribute liquidity and earn a Proportional share of the earnings as Well as share the exchange risk and so Folks what we're talking about here is An opportunity for you to have a passive Income be because of xrp specifically This is one more thing um obviously not Specific to Ripple that I think can help And will help with the ensure the Long-term viability of xrp and The xrp Ledger it's going to make it more

Appealing that's my suspicion and so Again it's it there's no one thing That's the end all be all it's it's the Sum total of everything that's happening Within the ecosystem and within the code Of The xrp Ledger Itself anyway peace continues this Feature is integrated with xrp Ledger Existing decentralized exchange Enhancing its capabilities each amm on The Ledger will have a special amount to Manage its assets and issue LP tokens to Liquidity providers based on their Deposits these tokens Empower liquidity Providers with the ability to vote on The amm's trading fee moreover users can Bid on these tokens to gain the right to Trade with a discounted fee for a Limited period And so once this thing Goes live which I'm suspecting it highly Likely will though it's not technically Certain uh it'll be interesting to see What the impact is but I'm sure that There's going to be all sorts of people That are going to want to play around With this thing and ultimately people Who end up making uh making a mint just Being know providing liquidity and Earning a passive income as as a result And so there is a xrp Community member Shen Shen who wrote going to be a fun Valentine's Day on the xrpl with a Little laugh emoji and why did he write That because since it's January 31st and

This is is the the day that uh there is Enough consensus here for this thing to Get approved that starts the timer There's a twoe timer once you hit 80% Plus one which is the requirement to get An amendment passed once you at 80% plus One uh one more vote on top of that that Is what starts the timer which means That this is getting approved on The most romantic day of the year Valentine's Day February 14th 2024 it's going to be getting freaky D You and so uh Bill Morgan shared that And wrote you romantic and So I Responded to that and wrote this will be The most romantic Amendment Implementation in xrp Ledger history and It sure will be oh Valentine's Day it's Just going to be so Romantic so how about that it's actually Happening Though feeling good feeling pretty gash Down good I'm not a financial adviser You should not buy or sell anything Because of anything I say or right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon Lambo


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