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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got for you this Morning billionaire investor calls for a U.S ban on crypto we got the dark side And the digital Revolution you need to Know about it the SEC face in scrutiny Will get into it coinbase wins a Dismissal over unregistered Securities But what does that mean for xrp Flair Songbird we're gonna touch it and we got This G7 nation and a stable coin and a Word from Stuart out of Roddy to keep us All on track somebody wrote that Beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now It's 1.13 trillion dollar uh market cap For crypto we're up 4.4 percent right Now Bitcoin 23 800 plus 16.75 and chains for ethereum tethered Market cap 67.8 plus is what they're Saying 41 cents for xrp right now we're Up three percent on the 24 hour ladies And gentlemen if you haven't put your Name on this email list trust me when I Tell you this will be a capped event This is going to be the first ever xrp Army event of a lifetime in Las Vegas we Just signed the contract for the Location you're gonna lose your mind This is going to be incredible I just

Locked up three more panelists yesterday This conference is going to be a Remarkable day to celebrate The xrp Ledger and the ecosystem around it I Couldn't be more excited if you want a VIP ticket to the event to be around the Panelists you need to join the digital Prospectus Mastermind group and you Would be wise to make the investment Into yourself because it truly is a Mastermind group almost 200 people in This group and it is remarkable the Depth of knowledge and skill sets inside Of this let alone the amount of private Courses you get weekly live stream Private access to the telegram group it Is remarkable get that annual Subscription make the investment in Yourself get on that list click the link Underneath the video Ripple locked up 700 million in escrow Ladies and gentlemen then move 500 Million xrp together with binance whale Alert we know it's the first of the Month they had the escrow release There's nothing big to tell other than The volume of xrp being moved around to Start the month of February here let's Keep this going Charlie Munger he's never been a fan of Crypto but neither is Warren Buffett but They're pounding the drum again Billionaire investor and staunch Bitcoin Skeptic Charlie Munger has gone after

Crypto again calling for the U.S to Follow in the footsteps of China and ban Crypto we will keep you up to date what Goes on here remember proof of work is Really been in the crosshairs Now you want to talk about the dark side Of a digital Revolution I want you to Listen to this guy explain what he's After and what the world economic forum Is after and I tell you he just says it I guess it's the way he delivers it that Makes it even creepier for me take a Listen for yourself shout out to James Melville for this We're developing Through technology and ability for Consumers to measure their own carbon Footprint What does that mean yes Where are they traveling how are they Traveling what are they eating what are They consuming on the platform so Individual carbon footprint tracker stay Tuned we don't have it operational yet But this is something that we're working On Yeah well let's hope they don't get it Together right because the reality is This is why we need whether it's a Digital ID or not this is why we need Separation from government okay this is Creepy and the way he explains it oh It's for our safety right you know I Always make the comment you know it's

For the children we're doing it for the Children we're doing it for you right It's just it is creepy However more disturbing stuff let's see If Congress actually takes action here Happy birthday to Eleanor tarrett SEC is Set to face more scrutiny from Congress This year as the financial committee Points out the agency has not been Reauthorized since 2015 reauthorization Is the process by which Congress reviews And makes changes to a government agency Or program in order to make sure it's Running efficiently and accomplishing Its stated purpose That's interesting it's also necessary To gauge the appropriate amount of Government funding it should receive the SEC received over 2 billion in funding For uh the fiscal year of 2023 though Its authorization lapsed in uh fiscal Year 2015 This means Gary genzer will have to Fight to prove to the financial Committee that his agency is functioning Properly I tell you you know uh we will see we Have heard that a new day is coming That's what they're telling us and we Will see if it's all political posturing And whether anything actually gets done To hold Gary Gensler to his failed Approach Of enforcement or regulation by

Enforcement This is Patrick McHenry talking right Here backing up what they're saying here Take a listen Gary ginsler's regulation through Enforcement isn't protecting consumers Americans have lost billions of dollars In digital assets to Bad actors on his Watch It's our job as legislators to provide Clear rules of the road for this Technology And that those clear rules of the road Need to protect consumers while allowing Innovation to thrive here in the United States I think we can achieve that Balance This is why I've created a subcommittee On digital assets chaired by Congressman Hill And we will see what comes of that as Well right let's hope that this is Progress although when you watch it it Feels like nothing's happening but I do Believe that at the very least I'm Hopeful I should say I'm hopeful that we Will get stable coin legislation from Congress hopefully in 2023. look right Here now this really opens the door here Breaking coinbase wins dismissal of Lawsuit over unregistered Securities Coin now let's take a look at this It's not long we're going to need the Whole thing bear with me

Coinbase one dismissal of the lawsuit by Consumers alleging The cryptocurrency Exchange facilitated the sale of Unregistered Securities on its platform The proposed class action filed in Federal court in New York until October 21 seeks damages arising from the sale Of or soliciting of 79 digital assets That the consumers say amounted to Illegal contracts because the platform Is not registered with the Securities Exchange Commission U.S District Judge Paul engelmeyer said Here that it didn't make a determination About whether the digital tokens were Actually Securities though he said he Assumed they were for the purpose of Dismissal requests by coinbase Had the suit been allowed to proceed the Question of whether they are Securities Would have been a central Battleground He said Inglemayer said that the terms of the Coinbase's user agreement flatly Contradict allegations in a lawsuit that The company holds title to the digital Assets that are brought and sold bought And sold excuse me on the exchange the Judge also found that the platform Didn't actively solicit Investments to Suit alleges that coinbase promoted the Sale of the tokens providing users with Descriptions and their purported value As by participating in promotions giving

New updates about cryptocurrency prices Movements and links to their web stories It says here that the judge said that Those activities are of a piece with the Marketing efforts materials and services The court have determined are not active Solicitation so there you have that now That opens the door ladies and gentlemen To this understanding coinbase shared Here coin I mean the library shared here Coinbase should re-list xrp under the SEC versus Library standard xrp sold by Secondary holders is not a security Great Point judges acknowledge secondary Market sales in the library case are not Securities in transcript Why not re-list xrp Brian Armstrong Coinbase heck for that matter why not Give flare tokens and Songbird tokens to The xrp holders asking for thousands of My friends And shout out to brother Rob for that Too we talked about this offline or Behind the scenes here Add to that point Fred rispoli who is Actually taking action to get coinbase To release the flare and Songbird shout Out to him we need to get him on the Show here The judge again said that secondary Sales are not security so why are we not Giving the Flair in Songbird to the xrp Holders and why are we not relisting xrp What is going on ladies and gentlemen

It just leaves more questions than Answers meanwhile I reported this Yesterday and you're about to see more News in just one second here The UK has made it very clear that They're going to be a crypto Hub they Set out plans to regulate the crypto Industry and this came in late yesterday Brits can now withdraw physical cash for A digital's British pound stable coin Ladies and gentlemen yes they can and They can do it at 18 000 ATMs very quickly if we go through This it is a partnership between pound Token and Bitcoin point which is really Tied into the lightning Network The Bitcoin lightning Network right so We understand that the move marks Another step listen to this towards the UK becoming a crypto Hub and is in line With the government's push to use stable Coins for wholesale settlement So this J this is not just about Bitcoin Point and the lightning network doing a Stable coin without approval this is With approval And not only is it across 18 000 ATMs Where retailers and consumers to use But it is also what the government's Push to use stable coins for wholesale Settlements Goes on to say which it states is fully Backed in pounds all the time it says Here and monthly attestations provided

By auditor KPMG they seem to be doing it the right Way ladies and gentlemen And that is interesting Again I say here there's a wrap on this Thing and we've got one more thing we're Gonna hear from Stewart out of Roddy Right now to keep us all on track Because it's February 2nd and I say and Just like that digital pound stablecoin Is born see how easy and quick that was That's a G7 Nation we're talking about This isn't just about the 18 000 ATMs And whether it's on the lightning Network or not this is about the more Deeper approach that's getting ready to Take place with the UK government and The incorporation of stable coins for Wholesale settlement come on in And here's Stuart out of Roddy from his Time a few months ago when the summary Judgments were put in and I think he's Going to keep us all on track here and Give us a reminder exactly where we are In this case and what it truly was about For SEC and ripple xrp we think this is The beginning of the end of the case in Terms of how the case is going to unfold Just a level set and really briefly What this case is about is whether or Not an offer or sale of a digital asset Is a special type of security known as An investment contract there are no Allegations of fraud in this case there

Are no allegations of misrepresentation There are no allegations of Market Manipulation it really is a technical Issue and whether or not the offer and Sale of a digital asset needs to be Registered as a security so we believe That unless there is a contract for an Investment there's should know there's No case and actually there's no Authority for the SEC to even weigh in But if you get to the Howard case and I Think your most of your viewers know What that is we believe that they don't Satisfy any of the prongs of the Howie Case and there you have that and I don't Think they do either but we shall see We're getting closer ladies and Gentlemen tick tock Goes the clock We shall see not Financial advice for me Or anyone else it's just my digital Perspectives I'll catch all of you on The next one


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