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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel and it seems like we're back to Fun times in crypto uh I don't know About you but as I was sleeping my net Worth was increasing dramatically thank You crypto Gods yes but the big question Remains and this is what all sorts of Chart analysts and I'd say even just Regular people like you and I speaking Broadly and crypto are talking about is The question of is Bitcoin actually Going to keep moving to the upside are We at this point is this time actually Different is Bitcoin going to hit a new All-time high before a four years is up Because traditionally we've been in These foure Cycles as you well know Unless you're brand new to crypto in Which case a welcome um so is that going To happen or is this the moment where We're going to see Bitcoin maybe hit the Upper 40,000 maybe $50,000 and then Maybe even a Bitcoin ETF gets approved And there's a little bit of excitement But then it's a sell the news event and Things crater back down for the next you Know 12 to 24 months is which one of Those things is most probable well There seems to be increasingly an Acknowledgement from all sorts of Analysts that what's most probable Though not certain of course is that We're going to continue seeing a rip to The upside and there's this

Acknowledgement that what we're actually Seeing here is a decrease at least for This cycle in the length of Bitcoin Cycles at least for this one and so it's Fasc so you have that happening at the Same time that all coins are getting out Of a pretty long accumulation range like They're just starting to eek out of that Uh prices have been going up quite Dramatically but before going further I Do want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun now at the time I'm Recording this in case anybody's curious It's 9:26 a.m. uh Friday December 8th 2023 and uh xrp 65 cents Bitcoins at 43,95153 trillion crypto for your in Green index 72 out of 100 I always love Tracking this one this is a fun one to Track uh because we haven't seen extreme Greed yet which is amazing to see Bitcoin where it is and xrp where it is And just the entire crypto Market where It is and people are feeling greedy fine But not yet extreme greed that's Interesting which is another reason that Would be silly to me and maybe it Happens but it still seem kind of

Ridiculous if we just top off around the Upper 48,000 region and then we're just Done for the next year or two I'd kind Of be surp but we'll see um and you Might be wondering because you want to Be an xrp millionaire you know what I we All want to be xrp millionaires right Well look at this genius headline here And I'm going to probably have to put This in the title of my video because it Is absolutely hilarious to me this comes From Watcher Guru how much xrp do you Need to become a millionaire if price Hits $11 I kid you not and I actually came across This article uh thanks to my fellow xrp YouTuber James rule xrp who shared this On social media platform X and he simply Wrote who's I'll have to censor this Who's the effing idiot that wrote that Article with a little faceball Emoji I Absolutely love this look at this I me Yeah how much how much xrp do you need To become a Millionaire if the price hits $1 Uh I don't know maybe like you know 1 Million xrp times $1 like what what does That come out to 1 million xrp times $1 Is is that $1 million and I kid you not I'm going to read this part right now Because it's ridiculous they break they In this article they break out a Freaking math equation to tell you how

To do this you can just do it in your Head real quick unless you're stupid but Here's what they wrote as of the latest Market update xrp is valued at 63 in Addition $2 billion worth of xrp was Traded on exchanges within the past 24 Hours for aspiring xrp millionaires I The $1 million Mark for $1 per coin the Formula is clear divide the desired Target of $1 million by the current Price of $1 this arithmetic translates To the acquisition of 1 million xrp I Just can't take this I can I cannot read This with a straight face this is the Stupidest damn thing I've ever read on All of T Weber Nets like this this is it And there's a lot of stupid stuff on the Internet right uh and so I I you know I Always joke I half joke anyway that Crypto media is full of a bunch of C Students this is an F student th this is An f- student right here but but thank You for this I did get a kick out of This and I knew I had to share this on My channel um here's a post from chart Analyst credible crypto it's a Bitcoin USD chart this is from just last night And um he wrote The Following as per my Most recent vid in the quoted tweet Below I am still expecting that we sweep Our local Bitcoin lows but think Downside is limited after that below is What I'm looking for at the moment for Those you not looking at the screen I'll

Note that he's talking about roughly We'll just kind of use a round number Here he's looking at if the lows are Swept $42,500 for Bitcoin so if Bitcoin Comes crashing down that's that's the Target that's it and and again at the Time I'm recording this we're right Around 44,000 bucks in fact just you Know mere minutes before I hit the Record button Bitcoin actually was over $44,000 yet again it's just been moving Sideways for much of the last 48 hours Or so maybe a little more than that and It's been interesting as credible crypto Said we should expect um after it got up To that level he said it's going to Range here and he said that we should Expect that altcoins are just going to Steal the show at least for the time Being and that is exactly what has Happened everything under the sun has Gone up I mean it's just a sea of green At the time that recorded the same was True yesterday and so you love to see it But eventually in the not too distant Like very soon Bitcoin is going to rip To the upside that's the expectation Here U now I had a uh another post from Where is this thing oh yeah he wrote Here also uh last night he wrote a ton Of opportunity here so many coins look Ready to absolutely rip now as I've Discussed on this channel before and I'm Sure most of you are aware at this

Point most alt coins when they do hit a New all-time high it's well certainly Because bitcoin's leading the way almost 100% of the time and and it frequently Happens after Bitcoin hits new alltime High so I knew that to be true but I Asked credible crypto a very basic Question kind of hoping that he' just Kind of flushed out and that's okay if He just he had a one-word response but That's fine I asked him do you expect Most altcoins to hit new alltime highs After R before Bitcoin hits a new All-time high and he wrote after and so Then I just had a followup question I Wrote so when you say you expect alts to Rip soon you don't necessarily mean to New all-time highs or do you mean All-time highs because you think Bitcoin Will imminently hit a new all-time high And so basically this is just me feeling That I'm just trying to get some Additional information because I value His perspective I think he's one of the Best analysts out there in the world of Crypto period and he said think of it as Starting their Journeys to new all-time Highs which most of them will reach After Bitcoin makes new highs of its Own so Um as far as when it's going to Happen uh cuz mind you he he's been Saying quite publicly for like the last Year or so he expects Bitcoin to hit a

New alltime high by the end of this year And he still thinks that that's in the Cards and not well not that it's an Absolute certainty but uh somebody Actually asked him that and so um here Somebody wrote Hi credible crypto first Of all I'm a big fan of you do you still Keeping the faith that Bitcoin will Reach new all-time high by the end of 2023 or early 2024 thank you very much Brother and he simply wrote absolutely So um even if it doesn't hit by the end Of this year he still believes that in Early 2024 it's going to happen and this Is why I keep saying over and over again No matter how awesome the chart analyst Is I get a little nervous for any Analyst that puts a particular time Frame on any expectation because even if They're nailing uh what's happening and How the charts unfolding you know Certain aspects of how something like if You're looking at a chart compared to Even historical price action you think Hey it's doing the same damn thing here In terms of how certain portions of that Development play out it could be longer It can be and so nailing time can be Quite difficult but um you know even Even if he's writing you very well may Be right it doesn't mean for sure it's Going to happen in 2023 but the point here is we are seeing Alts move to the upside that's why I was

Asking the question that I'm asking and So it's going to be very exciting in the Short term assuming things go this route Which seems pretty reasonable at this Point so that'll be going up then we'll Ultimately see Bitcoin lead up to the Upper 40,000 $50,000 and unless we're Actually going to enter a a bare market For the next year or two which is kind Of hard to believe although fine I guess Technically possible uh you know we're Not going to do that then you know what Comes next Bitcoin new all-time high and Altcoin is absolutely ripping but in the Meantime we get to keep enjoying if we Already hold crypto now enjoying seeing Our net worth go up and that's Absolutely what's happening uh and by The way as far as xrp specifically there Is this chart shared by dark Defender It's just an xrpusd price chart and he's Just reiterating that his stance hasn't Changed he wrote the best way to wake up The targets are clear have a great day And he shared this chart which is just Indicating for those of you not looking That he still believes that his Target Which he had previously set of $15 for Xrp in the short term in the beginning Part of 2024 he believes that's absolutely What's going to happen so no change There whatsoever and then there's this Because again the big question like I

Keep saying is are we actually going to Be seeing new all-time highs or are we Just getting excited for nothing is it Going to go to about $50,000 and that's It for a long time well most people at This point think that we're not going to Be disappointed we are going to be Seeing a new all-time high for Bitcoin In 2024 that's what most analysts at This particular Point think um I'm not 100% sold either way but if I had to Guess it I said this in the video I've Said it a few times over the last few Days I think what's most probable as we Actually do move to the upside because Even even outside of chart analysis Which you know I'm not chart analyst but I follow perspective from all sorts of Analysts because I I like hearing you Know various opinions Divergent opinions Um but even outside of that if you look At other metrics outside of technical Analysis it would lead you to believe That you know these are indicators that Are really positive that should make you Think and I talked about them you know Yesterday and the day before so I don't Want to go through it again this video But it is important so what we're seeing Here if that is indeed the case is just A sped up uh a sped up cycle for Bitcoin that is exciting That isn't because I I mean I just kind Of assumed you know when the the cycle

Concluded in 2021 when Bitcoin hit its All time I was like okay well uh see you In four years you know you basically see You you know see a Bitcoin in four years In terms of alltime high action at least U maybe a little sooner though so here's A headline from the daily huddle crypto Analyst lays out timeline for new Bitcoin all-time high as Bitcoin records Rapid recovery from lows a popular Crypto analyst is laying out his Timeline for Bitcoin to Surge to a new All-time high in a new YouTube video the Anonymous host of invest anwers says $100,000 is an easy achievable Target For the king crypto during its next Bull Run the invest anwers host says Bitcoin Hitting $45,000 Before Christmas is Looking extremely obvious and that's a Quote notes that it could very likely Hit $50,000 the trader calculated that it Took an average of 175 days uh from Bitcoin's past three having dates for The top crypto asset to reach new All-time highs with Bitcoin projected to Reach its having on April 17th uh the analyst notes that 175 days After that would be October 8th 2024 uh so that would still be sooner Because again we you know Bitcoin hit Its all-time high close 70,000 bucks November 2021 so you're talking less Than three years later but it could be

Sooner in fact check this out here's the Quote from from the best answers I Believe based on history Bitcoin will Hit $69,000 before October 8th in fact I Believe it's going to happen a lot Before that I think we could be seeing Absolutely crazy times end quote and Again as I've been saying a lot lately And it's worth repeating a requirement For xrp to hit its new all-time high Which I believe will be happening is That Bitcoin must hit an all-time high First xrp has never hit a new alltime High without Bitcoin doing it first ever I don't see any reason that's going to Change Bitcoin leads the way we want to See this happen here but it's exciting To see this is actually going to happen And again of course I believe it would Happened in 2021 if not for the SEC but Now xrp is on Shackled we're going to Get ours Finally peace continues the advest Answers host citing a chart from crypto Market intelligence firm k33 research Notes that Bitcoin is recovering faster Than it did during past Cycles quote I Added a green arrow to highlight where We are in the cycle We are higher and we got there faster Than previous Cycles I've been saying For months this is a real and compelling Narrative we have Bitcoin Bull Run is

Incredible and the charts on the screen There for those of you that care to look So this and he's a very popular anal i' I've been aware of him for years and I Actually have cover stuff in my channel From time to time and he just thinks the Cycle just it's the evidence is here Whatever the reasons that would be a Topic for a separate video but whatever The reasons are here we are It's a matter of fact as far as he's Concerned you can seat with your own Eyes the Cycle's just moving faster and We know how this this movie unfolds Which means new alltime high sooner than Later so it's just interesting because Credible crypto has been calling for This type of action for again for over a Year and he was in the minority now Finally as things are heading up heating Up more people are agreeing that's the Case here and I don't remember off the Top of my head how long invest answers Has been bullish I I'd have to go back And look but he's certainly seen Something fairly similar if he's talking About Bitcoin hit a new all-time high Well before even October 8th of 2024 Which would already be way sooner than What we'd expect based on the fouryear Cycle Historically so we're finally going to Get it we're going to see how xrp Behaves we're going to see it and my

Expectation is it hits a new all-time High in interest price Discovery I don't Know how high it's going to go I don't Make price predictions and I could be Wrong on what I just said but this is What I believe is most probable nobody Knows for sure period but that's what I Think is most probable and so we're Going to find out together and we're Going to find out soon if indeed it's The case bitcoin's actually going to hit A new alltime high in this this time Frame we don't have to wait that long Even if xrp lags behind Bitcoin like it Historically has done so what that Leaves us very little time to be waiting And we do see right now and this should Be comforting I'll talk about this more In separate videos but xrp is absolutely Moving in tandem with the broader crypto Market absolutely it is unquestionably That's what you want to see that's what You should expect to see that's what's Happening this is exci this is the Exciting fun part of being in crypto and Then the part where it gets truly Explosive and there's Euphoria assuming This does come um you know without us Going into like a bear bear cycle like Another bear Market assuming that comes It it is shortlived like the most crazy Fun euphoric part that is a shorter part You know it could last you know a couple Months but the good news is the part

Leading up to that is much longer than That and so like we've actually been Going through it for the last couple Months at a minimum so if you're talking About this leading into like even Potentially later in 2024 that's a long Time period for us to be having a lot of Fun and accumulate lifechanging we like The opportunity is very real it is here I hope you're enjoying this as much as Me and and I hope that your net worth is Going up a lot as you're Sleeping I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy yourself anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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