Ripple/XRP-SEC Mass Exodus, VISA & Crypto Birdge, ETHGate Whistleblower, Ripple-Tragic Or Blessing?

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines Visa in a bridge de Crypto sec's Mass Exodus eth Whistleblower oh my goodness and guess What else we got a look there's a deal Going on today for the Super Bowl you're Going to want to know about that and Everything else we got too great reset It's all in there somebody roll that Beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro Digital perspectives with Brad K's come On [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it is $1.89 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is up 1.4 48,1 100 plus for Bitcoin ladies and Gentlemen yeah 2500 Plus for ethereum And 96.3 three billion plus for market Cap a tether number six spots xrp at 52 Cents this morning up 1 a half on the 24 And up 3.6 on the 7day range of price Very quickly here it wants to be 53 Cents doesn't it yes it does 05212 on The bottom. 5357 on the top we'll keep An eye on it listen to the special going On today for the Super Bowl you're going To want to know this ladies and Gentlemen here's how it works during the

Game of the Super Bowl today if the San Francisco 49er score Ripple will be Available on link to platform at a 15% Discount from the moment of the score Until the end of the game and if Chief Score Circle will be offered at a 15% Discount until the end of the game both Teams scoring will activate a discount For both companies they are not mutually Exclusive come on in boy I tell you what Who doesn't love link to click that link To my sponsor go get set up and prepared The game starts later today you're going To win no matter what that's the Beautiful part click the link to link to That bitcoin's ETF sir I tell you I love It I love that deal that's amazing don't Tell Mrs backup but we may be getting Something Today Bitcoin ETF serves a 10 billion in Record time signaling robust investor Interest that's exactly right Institutional confidence evident with Black Rock's $4 billion in Bitcoin Assets lead the way as we have the spot Bitcoin ETFs approved boy you can see The demand is certainly there and how About this ladies and gentlemen transac Is a company that partnered with visa to Enable crypto payments and withdrawals Take a look at this leading payments Infrastructure provider for crypto and Nfts listen nfts are going to be very Big very big but we do need that Clarity

Right has announced a strategic Collaboration with Visa a world leader In digital payments to implement Visa Direct capabilities and help enhance its Global off-ramp service this Collaboration marks a significant Milestone by enabling users in over 145 Countries to seamlessly convert their Cryptocurrency Holdings into local Fiat Currencies here it is you're seeing it In a rased towards faster and easier Crypto adoption the ability to exit the Market has taken a back seat most Platforms and gateways are highly Optimized for Fiat to crypto conversions But the reverse is not true and now you Have it through visa and the company Transact how about that enabling Real-time car withdrawals through Visa Direct transact is delivering a faster Simpler and more connected experience For its users making it easy to convert Crypto balances into Fiat which can be Spent at more than 130 million merchant Locations where Visa is accepted is Anybody still concerned if crypto's Going to go away because it's Not this right here oh I have to show it Again I I can't help it this one's for Me most everything I do is for you guys This one is for me uh because we're Seeing it again I've covered this when Stuart Alara came out and just Evis Erated Gary gendler but I just wanted to

Highlight that it happened again and I'm Doing it for myself because it felt so Good the first time uh Ripple's Chief Legal officer stewing out around he Shared his take on future prospects of The SEC Gary kensler it basically states That Gary most likely won't be hired Anywhere else and that's the nice Version right but uh steuart tore his Ass up I'll tell you what really stuck Out to me about this very quickly here Because it is fun uh when he said well Who else would hire him right he's been A failure complete failure I'm I'm Paraphrasing uh you know when it comes To Bringing court cases uh with the SEC Against other companies and projects Here uh people are you know and it Doesn't stop there right so it's been a Mess but the reality here is this you Want to take a look at this senior Lawyers are now leaving the SEC crypto Unit raised concerns about regulatory Effectiveness amidst the leadership Issues and tensions yes so now a lot of The lawyers inside and this is according To Charles gasparino who's been a Massive xrp troll uh with love Charles Uh broke the news citing sources from Major law firms that noted increased Resumés uh within the secc crypto unit This potential Exodus comes amidst Allegations of chairman gendler's Heavy-handed approach towards crypto

Firm sparking concerns over leadership Dynamics and Regulatory policies and I'll add to that when you're forcing Lawyers to lie for you in multiple Different cases that you've taken to Court in the crypto space and this is Not an opinion this is fact they've been Caught lying by multiple judges right so The truth is here is that we're seeing a Mass Exodus I believe because once Coveted was such a place to work if you Were there your reputation was Impeccable now it's Not now it's not now remember that You're going to need to remember that The SEC is not a place of Integrity Because we're going to move into a topic Here to finish us out today you're going To love narof The ethereum Whistleblower Argues the actual architect of the first Ever initial coin Offering he says here that he argues That the outsized control of tokens by Chinese Communist Party poses a sign Significant threat to the entire Cryptocurrency Sector and he's pointing directly in Multiple CA cases Bitcoin and ethereum Are the two projects he's highly Pointing to here I have to play this Clip again as a reminder from Chris Larsson co-founder of Ripple to okay how Do we compete with China how do we keep Up and you know till now frankly us

Regulators have actually helped China by Officially giving Clarity to the two Protocol is effectively controlled by Chinese miners Bitcoin and ethereum That's a mistake um we've got to also Give Clarity at least and maybe even Support if this really becomes a tech C Cold War like it's looking like it will Be uh To technologies that are more favorable To us and its allies stewardship of the Nextg Global Financial system other That's the truth right there Chris has Got it spot on as Usual now this is a guy who in 2014 14 Also announced that they had Bitcoin on The Ledger back in 2014 you know there was a time early on In the channel where I said you know Everything runs on The Ledger there Won't be one protocol that rules them All but don't forget the xrp Ledger is Also a decentralized exchange there's no Reason why all the ledgers of the world Couldn't interact and have a feed into The World Exchange known as the Decentralized only first ever Decentralized exchange to the world Which is The xrp Ledger itself it Doesn't mean there can't be other value Protocols there's a lot of protocols That serve different purposes we're Going to get into that right now but Think of where we

Are yasim moar brings up the fact here He says it's really tragic that Ripple Was the leader in Innovation back in 2013 to 2018 Ripple was the first to Bring uh in bringing reality uh to Reality lightning fast energy efficient Cheap transaction cost to centralized Network they were the first to introduce Through codius programmable value Transfer now they are playing catchup With other blockchains and Defi and nfts They even want want to connect with Ethereum through evm to get some of the Liquidity from that ecosystem this is All based off of the tweet from minus Welder says right now there is 97% 1% 97.1% yes vote for wanting native Smart contracts on The xrp Ledger I find It difficult to comprehend why anyone Would not desire this we have witnessed Ethereum completely reconstruct its Network and so on and so on these are All great valid points but what I wanted To bring out here is maybe but not but Understanding the SEC has zero Integrity is it tragic or is it a Blessing it could very well be that Waiting to introduce these new features To The xrp Ledger like nft smart Contracts and amm may just be a Saving Grace hear me Out imagine for a moment the multiple Legal angles and strategies at Jay Clayton at that time and now Gary

Gendler could go to further hinder Ripple and the adoption of the xrp lger If they had all of these other legal Avenues to attack Ripple for having Developed We would never be as far as far along in This Ripple case as we are today I Believe this is a notion and there's a Lot to embrace about It what I see is still true to the Vision payments first then everything Else that's what I see this is not an Excuse this is not a Defense this is a digital Perspective just like the case that held Us down during a crypto winter became an Inary bubble while exchanges were being Attacked xrp couldn't be harmed because It wasn't on those Exchanges FTX went down binance went Down all these things Celsius Voyager All these things we've watched Implode and during that time we had this Legal case holding us down but also Serving as a makeshift force field to be Perfectly honest from the rest of the Crypto winter that was going on Obviously we had our own trouble with The legal case but look at where we are Now I really believe had all these other Things been introduced in magnitude the Way we see it on ethereum because look At the mess ethereum actually has Chris Is Right predominantly controlled by CCP

China centrally control between them and JP Morgan we all know this this is not Someone's opinion these things are facts For those that are paying attention out Here then they factor in that they Actually got a bent nose free pass Right look at the trouble they're Actually in look at the SEC and the way they've lost their slip From the pedestal of Integrity protect Investors my Ass Right protect the Legacy Firms then there's the larger notion That a great reset is not a new but Premised and on old and dangerous Ideologies why do I say this because What we're focused on up through this Conversation is why don't we not have More adoption for The xrp Ledger and I Offer to you this because we're going to See most if not at one point in the Future all of the world's value a large Let's say large a large percentage of The world's value moved and transacted And settled on this new technology there Must be legal Clarity and finality at The highest level For the world to trust this this goes Beyond Regulators there has to be legal Clarity In every sense of the Word and then once you're on this new Blessed legally blessed value protocol

And others that are legally Clear then you truly can see what the Power of this technology can do for Businesses in the financial world Right but it's not until Then and it will involve a great reset There's no question there's so many Things geopolitically happening but I Have to come back to the idea and Understanding that it's probably for the Best because these things can be you Think they've stopped working on these Things or they just haven't introduced These things there's two questions that Are completely different right There I don't think they've necessarily Stopped working on them behind the Scenes I think even if it wasn't a Conscious decision it may have worked Out to their best Advantage to have The xrp Ledger be as Clean and as streamlined as it has been To be as far as long as we are right now For legal Clarity and now there's one Point of contention left and when it's Over it'll be On like Donkey Kong Now we're getting ready to head into the Freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen oh We're going to find out what that that Conflict over between Russia and Ukraine's really all about and you're Going to like who tells it to you we'll See all of you in the freedom Zone not

Financial advice from me or anyone else Here's where we're going I'll catch all Of you inside come on In


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