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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel got a few things to discuss in This latest Moon Lambo Hot Jam how about This headline from you today xrp Reserves Skyrocket major exchange adds 44.9 million more xrp now folks why do You think that might be we're going to Talk about it there's also this headline From the daily hoddle venture capitalist Dan tapiero says crypto in early stages Of bull market significant Bitcoin Correction unlike Um and I'm going to start by sharing With you just a quick update from a Couple um xrp chart analysts and then We'll get into those stories but before Going further I do to be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube videos about crypto related Topics but just as a hobby and just for Fun uh so there's this post from chart Analyst cryptos and this is from 11:03 A.m this morning just as uh Bitcoin was Starting to go freaking ballistic and he Wrote to xrp nice bounce and attempting To break out from the inverse Head and Shoulders which of course would be very Bullish should we see the continuation Of that and he provided an update just This evening at 8:30 p.m. central Time

Which is my time zone and uh he said xrp Moving slowly as usual daily inverse Head and Shoulders first Target 57.8 C so he's still optimistic we're Going to be seeing a move to the upside And of course it doesn't hurt that Bitcoin's been doing well today the Market moves in tandem um but that's not The only reason to think that we should Be positive as xrp holders as it Pertains to xrp price uh this is the Latest from chart analyst D Greg crypto I shared this this morning uh 3:33 a.m. Central Time so before we saw all the Mania from today and what a fun day it Was it was a very fun day in crypto and We should always appreciate these days Because they're few and far between most Of what it is to be be an investor in Crypto is to just be moving sideways or Slightly up slightly down whatever it May be but appreciate these days it's Okay to get excited about have fun with It because I'll tell you what on the on The negative days you sure as hell feel The misery don't you okay so then I'll Tell you when you have a move to the Upside then just have fun with it and I Think most of you probably are but I Just just wanted to tell you uh but um So anyway this is an xrp priz chart and Then um e crypto had the following to Say and this is without the benefit of Hindsight we now have because we know

What happened throughout the rest of the Day right but he already said no charts Already looking pretty damn good Honestly and so he wrote xrp weekly Chart super bullish setup historical Data is crystal clear on the xrp weekly Time frame we're seeing consolidation Below the 100 WMA which historically Acts as resistance until a breakout Occurs two key data points support this Analysis number one the 100 WMA is Currently serving as a strong support Level C chart below indicating Significant bullish momentum from a Macro perspective and number two the Next Bull Run is likely to begin from Levels above the 100 W uh WMA suggesting A more advantageous setup for xrp Compared to previous Cycles so you know and I'll say that in Addition to this and I I'm not going to Pull up a bunch of xrp cuz that's not The primary purpose of of this video but I did want to mention it at least Because there are a lot of analysts out There and there seem to be pretty broad Agreement that that resistance level What was resistance anyway of about 54 Cents it's been it's been holding up so At some point it's it is going to so Even if it's consolida consolidating and Just forming a stronger based fine at Some point it is going to take off and You never know exactly when it's going

To happen but I've been in this in xrp Specifically over six Years and so you know just as is the Case with crypto broadly speaking Certainly in Holding as it pertains to holding xrp Specifically most of that experiences Downward or sideways price action that's Pretty much what it is until one day you Wake up and it's not and I've had a Number of those instances over the years It's just that again they're few and far Between but there does seem to be this Broad expectation that even if the Initial burst for xrp isn't going to Take us into a new alltime high it's Going to be substantial and I keep Getting that General sentiment from just About every analyst I follow that covers Xrp so take it for what it's worth we'll See what happens but that's not normally What I see from chart analysts and it's Not surprising given where we are right Now we're in an exciting time markets Have been bullish stock markets been Bullish crypto's been bullish broadly Speaking things looking the the best They've really ever looked for Xrp you know in terms of positioning Right and then there's this from the Daily hle venture capitalist Dan tapiero Says crypto in early stages of bull Market significant Bitcoin correction Unlikely macro investor and fund manager

Dan tapiero says that digital assets are In the early stages of their Bull Run Making a deep correction for Bitcoin Very unlikely in a new video update on The wealth on YouTube channel tapiero The CEO of investment firm 10t Holdings Tells host in skybridge capital founder Anthony scaramucci that he doesn't Envision the crypto King dip uh dipping To $20,000 again and I'll just pause a Note here part of the reason I I like These these of stories in crypto Medias Because I'm always interested in this Perspective from people who are are Running various types of funds in the World of crypto uh because um you know They can kind of feel the pulse of What's going on when it comes to Investing Specifically they're they're in that Like they're in the heat of it like they They are absolutely they're in the Trenches and they're they have the Connections that they have and if if you Consider and he makes this point in this Article actually um but if you Consider the the sentiment and how Fe People are approaching his fund and Responding to his fund and others and in The crypto asset class broadly speaking Compare that to a couple years ago and There is no comparison and so the thing To know here that's the case today Basically I mean fine technically This

Was um you know the other day this is Before the the you know the biggest run Up we just saw today fine but you get The cut of my jib right this is very Recent and so anyway peace continue However he notes there could be a Short-term correction for the top crypto Asset by market cap and folks even Though we have the benefit of hindsight That he didn't have and we saw that you Know there was like a $6,000 candle for Bitcoin on The Daily uh even so it it's Still even bitcoin's not going to go up In a straight line forever doesn't mean There wouldn't be a retrace to the Downside so we'll see how high it goes Or maybe it'll be pulled back further by The time you're watching This either way I'm just saying it Doesn't change it doesn't make his his Uh his perspective invalid validated are Are less insightful but anyway so he Said the following quote so if you're Saying do I think we're going to go back Down to the $20,000 $188,000 lows in Bitcoin I don't see it at all I think We're in the second inning of this bull Market so I'd be much more concerned and Think that there could be problems Potentially if I felt we were in the Seventh inning the eighth inning the Bullish consensus at 75 to 80% I mean That's an issue but maybe it just means You have a short-term correction we're

Just getting started here end quote yeah And so I will note obviously when you Have long periods of extreme greed which We haven't really had we've had a number Of days of extreme greed uh not really Lining up with one another uh but when You do get um to a certain point when There's too much of a consensus that hey This is fantastic there inevitably every Single time this has ever happened in The history of this asset class there Has been a correction now many times That has happened uh during a bull run But not the end of a bull run yes Eventually there's an end and finally There's the one that brings it back down And then you're in a bare market for Years but there are a lot of instances Where you could you historically you Have had you know 20 30 35% pullbacks in A bull market for Bitcoin there's tons Of historic precedent for that so yes There's a lot of people agreeing hey This is awesome right now that in and of Itself doesn't necessarily indicate We're at the end of the cycle right that That's the point I'm trying to get Across here um and he also said the Following um yeah here we go markets are Discounting set with a weird Cadence Markets are discounting Mechanisms and I think that all the bad News that you could possibly have ever Dreamed up happen in 2022 and I think

You had a low in Q4 2022 that was Relatively obvious yeah I'll pause the Note I agree you can go back to my Videos around that time period FTX Collapse you can go see what I was Writing on uh X which was then known as Twtter Twitter uh I was like well okay Don't know for sure if this is the exact Bottom but it's a capitulation event uh So if it goes lower I'll buy even more But I'm buying right here that's that's What I was doing because that's what I Think makes sense when people are in Extreme fear that's when you do it and Now here we are over a year later and I'm very glad I did what I did I'm very Glad that I accumulated and he anyway His quote continues so do I think that There's another FTX out there no I'm Seeing a lot of really interesting Information from companies and anyone That was having difficulty is now not And we were not seeing that 3 years ago Two years ago end quote and so I always Appreciate the Insight from people that Are in the no to that degree it's like Yeah companies uh not really having a Hard time right now which isn't Particularly surprising but good to hear Right from you today xrp Reserve Skyrocket major exchange adds 44.9 Million more xrp well folks why might This be happening Okx the renowned Global crypto exchange

Has revealed staggering figures Regarding its reserves in the latest Monthly proof of reserves audit the Report released today highlighted a Notable surge in xrp reserves marking a Significant milestone for the exchange As of February 21st okx is reserves not Only exceeded the industry standard for Leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Ethereum usdt and usdc but also Showcased an exceptional increase in Reserves for Xrp the exchange reported an additional 44.9 million xrp added to its reserves Over the past month alone bringing the Total to an impressive 250.94 million tokens this surge in Reserves reflects okx as commitment to Ensuring robust backing for its users Xrp Holdings with the exchange now Boasting reserves estimated at 200 oh She's around number 259 million xrp Equivalent to approximately $1 137.5 Million such substantial reserves Underscore okx is pivotal role in Facilitating Global crypto trading and Re reinforcing confidence among xrp Holders utilizing the platform the Disclosure of these excess reserves not Only highlights okx dedication to Maintaining Financial Integrity but also Sheds light on the ongoing evolution of The crypto landscape the surge in xrp Reserves signifies growing demand and

Interest in the digital asset further Solidifying its position on the market And and so that's the key part that I Wanted to get out there why why are they Doing that I mean it's already back Sufficiently uh what about you know what Are they expecting in the future demand Go up or or demand go down demand go up This is just one more thing that you Could look at it's a positive story it's Good you'll like to see this there's There have been a number of stories Along these lines and so fine I Understand people not all people are Thrilled with the xrp price to me I'm Just kind of like yeah whatever it's Doing normal stuff it's number six in Market cap like it's one of the most Successful cryptos ever even if it's not Doing what you want it to do right now Uh look at the last decade plus it's Been incredible it just has um but uh if You look at what's been happening for For much of you know even C the last What eight months or so especially since It got legal Clarity there's no there's I've covered The stories every time they popped up I've covered them properly But there's been so many Institutions purchasing xrp and so say What you will about xrp price even if You're one of the naysayers about xrp Which probably isn't most of you

Listening but even for those people like Facts are facts and you can look at the Institutional money which behaves Differently than the you know typical Liming retail Spectre the dumb money Different behaviors here what's the Smart money Doing much of those types of entities Have been purchasing it's just fact and So again this is just one more thing It's not the end all be all but hey okx Stocking up on Xrp I'll tell you what I know what I Hate and I don't hate this I'm not a Financial adviser you should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right that would be a very very very Bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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