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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I have a PO Perie of INF Today the uh first thing I want to say Though you got an xrp price that's Sitting there at 65% it's acting like it It wants to move around and and we've Had a lot of we've had Bitcoin surge This week we've had some other altcoin Surge and I've said this before my Experience is when xrp moves Fridays Often get really interesting Fridays um Fridays tend to be where we have some Interesting moves a lot of times times Friday evenings I've had I've spent many A Friday evening over the last few years Having uh watching live streams and Stuff like that of people talking about The what the price was doing and having Texts from my friends for some reason Friday evening seem to it seems to Happen a lot now I want to show you Something to really illustrate the the We've talked a lot about censorship and Social media and all of that but I want To I want to show you that the the the Viewing public out there knows who's Lying and knows who's telling the truth And and it's uh like with the senator Warren video I put out the JP Morgan Video last Night the proofs in the pudding all you

Have to do is look at the views the People aren't see the people that are Trying to censor and lie and try to Guide you into the narrative they want You to believe those people look down on You those people think you're stupid That's their miscalculation ation here's Some proof right here that you're not Stupid look this is Peter sa an who's a Smart guy and I'm and I don't know if I'm butchering his name he's talking About the bad the how horrible the job Situation is but you got over here you Got CNBC who carries the narrative for the People in power and they're talking About how great it is they have 5,689 views and no comments whatsoever On their Blurb this morning but on his blurb this Morning he's got 50,000 views and he has Comments out the woo because he's Telling you the truth recession is Coming and government numbers are hiding It a few days ago the W Street Journal Published an article worrying that the Job market is failing on all fronts this Matters because jobs were the last man Standing in this very non recession of Hours and they are now giving up the Goat post zeroedge was more direct Saying the job market is quote imploding What knocked the journal off there Everything is fine script was a drum

Beat of new numbers showing unemployment Is rising wages are falling Americans Are taking longer to find a new job and They are holding on to bad jobs but what Really sealed the deal was a huge number That came out just after the journal hit Publish job openings those were down 800,000 on the month and missed Expectations by over half a million now You might wonder why Wall Street pays Analysts who Miss by half a million jobs But to be fair they are working with Government numbers here I've mentioned In recent videos how jobs are the only Thing saving this economy almost every Other number is either recession level Or is dragged out of the recession Gutter by those jobs numbers of course a Lot of that is smoke and mirrors given That roughly 5 million Americans dropped Out of the the workforce during covid Either retiring early or bribed onto the Couch by government benefits without That unemployment would be about 62 to 7% right now which is almost exactly Where it was at the beginning of the 2008 crisis still okay so you just heard The truth but CNBC because they're doing What they're told they're telling you oh It's at three it's it's at 3.7% cuz of course they've got an Election to help someone win and so this Is the kind of stuff you're going to see In the coming year out of them now check

This out I I played some of the Mike Novag grats clip but this part I wanted To play for you because you have to Remember Mike novag Gratz bets dimes to Donuts and at for me as an investor when I hear him say that he's betting dimes To Donuts that the transl ation for me Is that he's been talking to his Government friends and knows what's Going to happen anyway we saw where he Did that with eth gate remember That so listen to what he says Hereos I think you know was kind of game Over Well the game hasn't in some ways begun Yet because Larry Frink is not able to Even offer Bitcoin yet to his clients For the most part so let's talk let's Talk about that piece of it where where Do you think the SEC is how much do you Think actually what Jamie Diamond's Saying was an effort to sty me or to Uhul SL down or to make the SEC rethink Wherever it may be if you think that the Winds are shifting uh in your favor for Example you know it's I I I was trying To get in his head yesterday about why He's doing this right I mean pandering To Elizabeth Warren maybe so she doesn't Come down hard on banks uh there doesn't Seem to be a whole lot of sense listen The SEC is going to approve a Bitcoin ETF and they're going to do it soon uh All our indications is that's going to

Happen there what indications are those Right really credible uh players uh We've been saying that with great Certainty now for the last 12 months and By the way we're saying that with great Certainty two three four years Ago no I I think things shifted and and You know they shifted and we can tell Just by our own application with the Type questions that come back um where Where you are in that that process Um they shifted because they lost a Court case uh let me ask you this Mike There are going to be people who are Watching us who're going to say Mike Novag Gratz is talking his book this He's got so much money invested in this Stuff it's got to work for him and then There's other people who might say Jamie Diamond's talking his book um though and There's other people that might be Saying that there's pure corruption on Wall Street and I I will say I'm Deferring I'm not deferring in that I'm Necessarily agreeing with Jamie Diamond Per se but I I don't think that he's Talking his book in that I believe that This is a a view he has held um believe It's incorrect but but you know what it Is folks you've got you know Wall Street Is not just Wall Street you have Factions on Wall Street just like you Have factions in anything I think that There's a black rock faction and there's

A JP Morgan faction remember JP Morgan Has run the world For What 100 years Black rock is Rel relatively new as Compared to JP Morgan and I'm sure that There is a uh pissing contest if that's What you want to call it um but with Much higher Stakes between um the two if I had to bet okay we'll move along now Thinking crypto had Ron Hammond on and And he asked Ron Hammond because this is My question Patrick McKenry is now going To retire he said he told Gary Gensler Don't push me because I'll do It I'll I'll subpoena you and and um and Subpoena the records if you're not going To give us what we're asking for right Patrick McKenry threatened a subpoena Against uh SEC chair Gary genser uh you Think that's still on the table and Maybe it's easier for him because he's Going to be on his way out later next Year uh it's definitely possibly easier Um he understands that you know Especially for things like the market Structure bill this is potentially like His legacy bill I mean this is a very Complicated piece of Legislation see so it's important to um Hold these guys accountable and ask them So I asked him when subpoena so maybe We'll uh get ourselves an answer now I Wanted to mention uphold is not one of My sponsors right now or anything but I But I did want to mention the uphold

Vault because I did um find out from Them how this thing works and wanted to Let you know so basically the way it Works is is you'll have three The Vault Has three keys you'll get a like when You go into the Vault you'll have a key That you write down just like you do With ledgend NS you're the only person That's going to have that key then You're going to have another key that's In the cloud it has to be in the cloud In order for you to be able to move the Xrp in and out of your your Vault so That you can go and trade it and you can Move it in and out seamlessly that's Kind of the way I understood it then Uphold holds one of your keys okay now Just like with your Ledger noos those Keys that you wrote down you don't Photocopy them you don't take photos of Them but those keys you wrote down Nobody's getting your xrp without those Keys same way works the same way as far As that goes only difference is you Don't have to go through all the Complication of plugging The Ledger Nan S in and all that stuff and and you're On a trading platform so you can you can Literally do a swipe or two and and your Xrp's out of the Vault and back onto Your thing back uh in there available For trading Huge and the other interesting thing is Once it's once you take it out of that

Vault it's also eligible since link to My sponsor my who is my sponsor link to Is linked to uphold so you could Literally let's say xrp would you had Xrp in the vault and xrp went to 10 Bucks and you said wait I got all this I Got all this this wealth in xrp but I Need to diversify out some now you'll Literally be able to take that xrp do a Couple of swipes it goes out of your Vault now it's in your uphold wallet Then you could right there in the same Thing you or you could go into uh link To and buy private equity and now they Have I guess almost 50 companies and or Spread it across you could buy Ripple Equity with your xrp that's what I'm Talking about folks okay now um here's Another interesting thing uh Jason Foster from ow finally responded to me And I really appreciate that I was Asking him remember when Jason Foster he Was trying to get any emails that were Between the SEC and the people on this List from from uh Bill Henman between Bill Henman and the SEC and the people On this list from these certain dates Dece May 2017 to December 2020 he says yes thanks for your Interest and support some short answers Below watch for a more detailed update And announcement soon we have received No new significant emails we have we Have some no records responses on key

Request and you know what that reminds Me of uh the SEC did a search on one of These things Um and they said that nothing came up And then somebody filed again said no There's got to be something they Searched again they did so they tried to Lie about it folks that's what we're Talking about here then on the third one Here he says requests we have not sued On yet are now ripe now I don't know What that means exactly I'm Assuming maybe Imminent that they could be dropping Bombs all right it's not it's not Senator War um may be one of the bad Guys anti- crypto people but it's not All of Them bill I he your thoughts on crypto Because Jamie Diamond said if he was in Charge of the government maybe have a a Seat like yours he would push to shut it Down um what did you make of that should The government be doing more Emory I I Can understand why anybody at a large Bank would say that their business model Is quite different cryptocurrency uh Could be a threat to a number of things That the traditional banking Community Uh is is working on it puts forward but I I'm not concerned about that we need To come back and look at this industry And maintain the Innovative aspects of The cryptocurrency industry rather than

Push it offshore and we've seen the Problems that are created like that we Need to figure out a good way a proper Way and appropriate way to regulate C Cryptocurrency here with a light enough Touch that will allow us to continue to Lead the way with Innovation all right so there's one good Guy now we've got this it's a great day To watch watch this remember this this Is back to I can't remember if it's 20189 when um when uh Glenn Beck had Um TI Tika toora is the guy's name Listen to this this is how the rich get Richer yes they know they're connected a Lot of times they're coordinating yes uh Without the insider trading this is not Illegal to do no the manipulating the News cycle if you're smart about it is Is they can get away with it nobody's Ever been arrested for anything like This so now with crypto yes I know Personally I know people that would have Gotten in or stayed in right if these People weren't saying what they're Saying right and so this this has really Been extremely egregious so on September 12th Jamie Diamond says Bitcoin is a Fraud he says he'll fire anyone of his Traders buying Bitcoin Bitcoin drops 24% When Jamie Diamond speaks people listen People listen so that weekend we found Out that the largest buyer of a of a Bitcoin fund that's in Europe that buys

Physical Bitcoin right the largest buyer Was Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan and That's not Illegal he says it's a fraud says he Fire anyone that bu yes and at the same Same time his company is buying it his Company is buying it so IR it's just I Mean so unethical right okay you you see How this works folks okay so we're going To go into da xrp I'm going to show you Two more videos from the most dangerous And most censored man in the history of Media who has in my opinion been proven To I mean if if and and think about this For a minute this guy has this guy has Told more truths than just than pretty Much Everybody and that's why they censored Him because he was he was on it before Anybody else and for that reason they Attacked him so what that means is you Have a country in a world who is is Doing backflips to keep you from the Truth what does that tell you now here's What I'm also going to show you I don't Ever show these things in social media But there are there are people who are You who who you are very familiar with In crypto who have a life behind the Scenes and there are pictures and video Of of of that life behind the scenes I Don't show them out here but I did show Two of the pictures um and when you see Some of these pictures it it might give

You a an all the world's a stage red File Vibe some of the time but uh or Maybe it's just a coincidence but I'm Going to show you not just those two two Photos that I showed the people in my Member group but I'm also going to show You a video and these are people you Know quite well and I've I've known About the these pictures in video or at Least the video I'm going to show you up For a long time I've seen many more too I'm going to start showing some of them In the group I'm going to kind of leave Them there and um and we'll we'll just Kind of do it that way I'm comfortable With that but I don't I'm not Comfortable showing it out here and it's It's not anything bad it's actually Something good nice to see that some People are uh having a good time with Some Unbelievably uh interesting people um so That's at Dp.com I mean this the group's like grown a a Lot or like like uh Jim Carrey says a Lot um okay I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an invest advisor this Is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and family go to diix RP and I'm going to show you some photos That'll probably blow your mind Alrighty


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