Ex Ripple / BlackRock Head Of Digital Assets Won’t(Can’t?) Say XRP & Rothschild Passes

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lift Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and wait until you hear The money clip This is like fire I'm going to show you At the end of this video now um so on Mind everybody today's the last day Brad KS told me xrp Las Vegas uh VIP is Selling out and so today he's shutting The doors on the VIP tickets and it'll Today will be the last day if you're in My dp.com group I already posted the Discount Link in there so it's in there And then if you're not in the group you Can go in the the description of this Video I've got links to to go get Tickets it's just not the discount so That's happening there's only 66 days 11 Hours 33 minutes 1 second 0o seconds now Um Chris Gian Carlo who's going to be at Xrp Las Vegas tweeted this today just Finished reading food stamp Warrior by John Deon amazing story of human courage And determination inspiring and Uplifting couldn't be put the book down Now this right here just as a reminder Gian Carlo is also going to be at the Chamber of digital Commerce private Dinner that's set that that's a like a Satellite event that's going to be at Xrp Las Vegas you can sign up from for That from xrp Las vegas.com even though It's a separate event um but the the uh

And I think I can't remember what they Are how much how much the plates cost But it's going to be like a small uh Private dinner and these people are Going to be there Brad Garling House John Deon Mike Larry inton Christian Carl and Elanor terret all right check This out Steven nof today Jacob Rothchild passed away he led the Rothchild family among among the most Influential families globally many claim And credit them with establishing and Maintaining control of the world banking System aiding in a an establishment of Israel and funding nearly every major War if true with such a significant Figure now absent from the Shadows what Do the future hold for us I wanted to Remind everybody at this time this is a Bull deup tweet from back February 24th 2019 Roth child child family has some of Their Holdings in SBI remember SBI Holdings owns 10 plus% of Ripple and This was in the Rothchild family uh Their I think it's their family office Maybe the it was in their Holdings SBI Holdings the underlying Equity reality 60% the period of the company was caught Up in the optimism surrounding Cryptocurrencies SBI owns 8.7% stake in Ripples Xrp so they own like 10 plus I think in The equity which I guess means 8.7% in The xrp itself with volatility and the

Underlying Equity Rising the company's 2017 CB converted the CB is also rich And Strongly is this page there it is SBI Holdings Rothchild are the owners um Check this out coin Telegraph micro Strategy I told you they just bought This guy this Bloomberg analyst is Predicting that Bitcoin ETFs could Surpass gold ETFs and assets under Management within two Years Now I can't remember if I played you This or not before but this is Anthony Scaramucci and he's talking to um I Don't Scott milker I don't remember his Handle name but anyway they're talking About Black Rock and Robbie mitnik and Remember Robbie mitnik left Black Rock In I think it was 2018 to go he left Ripple to go to Black Rock what's amazing is nobody will ever Even reference Robbie mitnik having been At Ripple Anthony scaramucci will never Even say the word Ripple or xrp just Like all these other guys then I'm going To go and show you the money clip and That is I Robbie MIT has not said much Of anything since he was since he went To Black Rock he hasn't said much of Anything but since these ETFs came out He started talking a little bit well I Went back and found a clip from the Black Rock podcast he and it you can't

Listen to this thing without hearing xrp And what's what I have have F found Fascinating is and what I what makes me Most bullish about xrp is that they will Not say it they will not say the word Ripple and they will not say the word Xrp no matter what they'll say Bitcoin All day but these guys aren't dumb they Know Bitcoin is not going to be the Internet of value it may move on The Ledger but it is not going to be the Internet of value there's another that's Going to be that and he knows it listen To what scaramucci says about Robbie Mitnik name Robbie mitnik at Black Rock He's a young kid he came into black rock With the idea of creating a Bitcoin ETF He orange Pilled Larry and I'm going to give Larry Let me translate Larry already got xrp He had to sell him on bitcoin out of Credit because Larry actually did the Homework Larry did the reversal Larry Was on the road to Damascus and Converted as a result of being steeped In understanding exactly what it was and Why it will be an international store of Value Val it takes a Very smart leader to pridefully say that Bitcoin sucks and then 24 months later Say you know what I've got this wrong Black Rock needs to be a part of this And black rock needs to have a Significant stake in it so and he has

Said two things that you should pay Attention to if you're an investor here Number one it's a store of value and Number two it represents a to Quality Scott I want you to think about that Okay this asset has experienced 100 vs Okay it's going from 80 to right enough Of that now now you it's time to put Your children to bed the kids the the Green candle Chasers the the uh people That are worried about the latest flavor Of the month month token all of which Have no legal regulatory Clarity by the Way I I need to keep pointing that out It's time to put the kids to bed and and Give them their night night put them in Betty by time and let's show them what The adults are talking about because This ENT xrp stage right and and I love The fact that they will not say it Because the fact that they will not say It is everything folks listen to Robbie Mitnik right here and remember Terminology remember not only did he Come from Ripple he's the only person From Ripple who has done an xrp Valuation and he did it with Susan ay Okay and I said he left Ripple Dispatched from Ripple question mark I Always question when people leave Ripple I I believe that they there they are There are more of them that are being Dispatched to places where they can help Grow the xrp ecosystem than being fire

None of them are being really being Fired but they're leaving okay now what Listen to what he says this is is the Adults talking terminology and they Trust you me they they are throwing Bitcoin out to the herds that's what It's for that we use we talk about Digital assets there's blockchain There's crypto there's Bitcoin and I've Needed to listen to a few of these Conversations to make sense of how this All comes together Robbie maybe I could Start with you help us make sense of Some of these Concepts sure digital Assets as the starting point is the Umbrella term for this space and Everything in digital assets is enabled By blockchain as the underlying Technology so when we think about Digital assets I think the best way to Think of its significance is with an Analogy to the internet that is that Digital assets through blockchain makes Possible for the movement of value what The internet did for the movement of Data multiple decades ago a global Decentralized accessible Real Time Network and within digital assets you've Got really three buckets that we think Of now I want to tell everybody the There's some music playing here and if This music um if this music um ends up Being copyrighted I'm going to have to Cut it out of the video so if I have to

Do that the whole thing will play in my In my private group uh and I'll I'll I'll post this in the private group orta I think I'll just play play it on Out one is crypto the most famous Generates a lot of the headlines where You have 10,000 plus different crypto Assets today of which Bitcoin is the Original and remains today by far the Largest with a striking share of that Market cap north of 50% the second bucket stable coins where You take the see this is where it gets Important stable what he's talking about Stable Co coins and tokenized assets That is what this is all about Bitcoin Is just a bone that they threw the herd Okay and I'm assuming they're going to Allow it to live and I'm also going to Talk in dip.com about my position on Owning Bitcoin because I do own maybe a Bitcoin and a half and I think it's Important on the assumption that they're Going to let Bitcoin live and I do mean Let but we'll get into that in the Private group properties of digital Assets of crypto in terms of ability to Send them anywhere in the world in near Real time at near zero cost in a Digitally native transparent way and Strip out some of the intrinsic Volatility that exists today for crypto Assets to make them more useful as a Payment

Asset the third bucket tokenized assets The idea is you're taking real world Assets you can't tokenize assets on Bitcoin you can tokenize assets on The Xrp Ledger are Financial assets and your Issuing the ownership record of those on A blockchain in digitally native format I You I love the analogy about digital Assets providing the ability of the Movement of value I think is what you Said the way the internet facilitated The movement of information and thank You for that description I think that Helps categorize these various Concepts But if I'm an investor what does this All actually mean what part of what you Mentioned actually matters to me as Somebody looking at the markets I think Sometimes it's tempting to look at this And say applications of blockchain Technology maybe Bitcoin or crypto was First but there's going to be so many Vast applications of blockchain that Those will be relevant in the long Arc Of history and I don't think that's Quite correct bitcoin's been around for 15 years the blockchain hype and Institutional interest has been here for Let's say six seven years when we look At what are the things we couldn't solve Before as a human society and economy or That we did but we did them in a really

Inefficient way now through blockchain We either solve that or we predominantly Use blockchain to do it in a much more Efficient way the record so far is Pretty thin and the exceptions are Really Bitcoin ethereum to some extent In a more early stage way and stable Coins so bit I like what he just said That ethereum in a more early stage Way why is it significant I think it's a Really complex question it's not not Well understood the way to think about It is in three components three problems That it solves which are centuries old Problems and the first is payments in Particular who is it that's been talking About solving problems over and over and Over on video that would be Brad Garlinghouse crossborder payments or Moving talking about crossb payments Money across political Jurisdictions that has always been Difficult domestic payments today Actually pretty easy pretty efficient a Lot of countries have realtime digital Payment networks but crossb is another Story Altogether you think Black Rock hired Him out of nowhere to come to Black Rock To talk about Bitcoin that can't do most It can't do 80 to 90% of what they're Talking about doing with digital assets All it can be is a store of value so What is he talking what's the other 85%

90% 95% of the Recipe and if we go back a millennia to What was a very pioneering system in the Middle East the haala system that was How money moved across longer distances In that time and how it worked was you Went to a broker and you deposited Something of value they created a Receipt that was then transmitted to Another broker let's say in the next Village who was connected to your broker And they would pay out to some recipient Something of value and then the two Brokers would periodically settle It's Innovative system for the 9th Century ad but in fact our crossb Payment system today looks a lot like That if you're sending a wire or a money Transmission you're going to your bank Or your money transmitter you're Depositing with them and then they've Got a relationship with their bank and Their bank has a relationship with the End recipient's bank and at the end of It someone at the other end gets their Money but in the process you incur Significant fees and time delays and Frictions and so that has not modernized Really in centuries when we think about The introduction of Bitcoin and digital Assets this idea of being able to move a Digitally native asset globally across Borders in near real time at near zero

Cost that's an amazing breakthrough the Second piece is but who does that at at Near zero cost Bitcoin doesn't do it Ethereum doesn't do it xrp does it when We think about the predominant form that Money lives in today now for most of our History money was either a commodity Itself or coinage that had a linkage to Commodity whether directly or through Convertibility today the predominant Form of money is as government issued Via currency and that has all kinds of Benefits in ter I'm going to play the Rest of this in the member group at Dp.com I'm also going to talk to you About what what are my thoughts on Bitcoin I found a a clip that that tells Kind of I really agree with from a Bitcoin Maxi actually gives my thoughts On Bitcoin and how significant it is for You to hold some okay um I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button tell your friends and family Here we go let's listen let's listen to Some more of This


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