ELON Just Activated The Great Reset! “Let the Chips Fall Were They May”

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Why why must you activate because the Chips are going to fall where they may And I hope you're on the right side when They fall my name is coach JB what I Work to do is make complex macro and Microeconomic strategies very simple so The normal everyday person can Implement Them it is so important for you to Activate now I'm telling you guys the Divine masculine and divine feminine are Kicking in the old industrial era the Old archaic banking system the greed the Grossness of this structure that we're Experiencing is about to get smashed People call it the rapture we call it The Great Awakening the great reset Whatever you want to call it but I'll Tell you what 2024 to 2025 will be the Greatest missed opportunity in history Or the greatest opportunity that you Took advantage of to transform your Family's life so I have three amazing Resources for you guys I've helped over 7,500 people transform their lives the First Resource these are all free in the Description down below you can set up a Free consultation with my license Insurance team and we teach you how we Ensure our wealth with tax code 7702 it's one of the biggest parts of Our strategy number two is a 16-page Absolutely free guide on exactly how my Ecosystem is set up it's a free book That I wrote and number three you can

Join our Academy 7 days for free to try It out we are all jumping into the 120-day challenge on Jan January 8th get In and let's transform our lives Together so let's dive into this so um I Just first of all want to say thank you Attitude and gratitude thank you for Being here uh and going through this Journey with me but I have been really Studying this Elon Musk interview and This again this is not support against For or anything you guys know my present CEO is God and I follow the life of Jesus but I think it's really important Really important as you're listening to These things take the entertainment out Of it and look at the context of what is Being said and the separation the Separation between the Divine masculine Divine feminine and the gross Egotistical Industrial perverted greed era okay There is a massive separation happening And Elon is a representation of that Listen guys the old industrial era and These guys manipulating and molding us These old corporate structures are about To get destroyed because people are fed Up people are now taking the side of Spirituality and God Consciousness Versus this and are willing to Let it all completely collapse to Rebuild a greater world now through all Of this you by stepping up in discipline

Consistency being a man or woman of the House whatever it is if you're the man Of the house and you have children it's Time to get your together you need To be disciplined consistent you need to Get your finances in order you need to Get your house in order you need to get Your lust in order all these different Things and Rise Up in that Divine Masculine okay I'll get off my soap box With that we're going to listen to this Interview but I'm going to share with You guys how big this transformation in Wealth is going to be with Cryptocurrency okay now this whole Getrich quick mentality be like oh you Should get rich quick or that nobody Should get rich quick because if you Don't have the discipline and the Consistency and the foundation rewired You're going to end up in the same Situation so I don't agree with people Who say you should get rich quick Because if you do anything quick there Is no Foundation there is no principles Morals or ethics aligned with that so Let's listen to what Elon says about the Chips letting them fall where they may Let me ask you Then that's how I feel don't advertise How do you think then about the Economics of of x if if if if part of The underlying model at least today and Maybe it needs to shift maybe the answer

Is it needs to shift away from Advertising okay so this is important This is really important he's saying What about the economics of your company He's saying no I'm standing on my Principles morals and ethics and I will Go down with the ship I am not going to Let advertisers blackmail me he said f You I would rather stand on my morals And and I'll tell you what guys his Stance is going to make him even greater There may be temporary pain and Temporary Financial loss by him standing On his principles morals and ethics and What's right what's right it is going to Transform him in a historic historically Transform his businesses um if if you Believe that this is the one part of Your business where you will be beholden To those who uh have this View what you do FY I I understand that but there's a Reality Too Right yes no no I me Lind Yaro is right Here and she's got to sell advertis Absolutely so um no no to totally so so No no actually what what this Advertising boycott is is is going to do It's going to kill the Company and do you think that the but And the whole world will know that those Advertisers killed the company and we Will document it in great

Detail but there are those advertisers I Imagine are going to say they're gonna Say we didn't kill the company oh yeah They're gonna say tell to tell to Earth Okay so listen to what he says tell it To Earth what he's explained guys is the Deep stuff that I'm learning he said he Says tell it to Earth he knows guys Earth Consciousness God Jesus Christ all Works in a certain way you cannot Outsmart God you cannot out Trick Consciousness you cannot out Trick you Cannot trick out Trick how Oneness Works He said tell the Earth watch listen to This they're going to say that they're G To say Elon that you killed the company Because because you said these things And that they were inappropriate things And they didn't feel comfortable on the Platform right that's that's what They're going to say and let's see how Earth responds to that let's see how Earth responds I'm fully in alignment With what he's saying guys I feel the Same way the way that I run my company's Integrity honesty uncompromising belief In God peace freedom and family Structure I am more committed to the Ecosystem of Oneness kindness and love And no ego than I am to any money that Somebody give me we have zero Advertisers we have zero sponsors we do All our own stuff for this reason for This reason I want to be able to speak

My truth without any disruption from any Man or woman on Earth so okay this then this goes back To we we'll both make our cases right And we'll see what the outcome is what Are the economics of that for you I mean You you have enormous resources so you Can actually keep this company going for A very long time would you keep it going For a long time time if there was no Advertising I mean if the company fails Because of an ad advertised boycott it Will fail because of an advertised Boycott and that will be what bankrupt The company and that's what all Everybody on Earth will Know what do you think then of the this Go back idea trust though then it'll be Gone and it'll be gone because of an Advertised Boycott but but you recognize that some Of those people are going to say that They didn't feel comfortable on the Platform and I I wonder I just wonder And ask you and think about that for Tell it to the judge but but the judge Is going to be the judge is the Public and you think and the public is Waking up family the public is waking up Next year with our presidential election It'll be the biggest transformation in Consciousness in history that the public Is going to say that that Disney is Making a

Mistake yes and they're going to boycott Disney they already are well there there Are some that are for for for lots of Different reasons but you you think that This is going to that you have the this Goes to actually the interesting of P of Of power and leverage let the chips fall Where they May let the chips full where they may Can I ask what why that is the approach And I ask it because you've been Approach well you've been very Particular about mean the approach to Tesla uh this is really important guys What what I want you to hear the Silver Lining on this is let the chips fall Where they may he is literally letting Go of the company if the advertisers What I mean by this sorry he is not Going to let advertisers blackmail him He's not going to do anything for money He's going to let the chips fall over me Because he confidently knows how Consciousness Works how the Earth Works How everything is connected and he knows He knows that we win in the end goodness Always wins in the end listen to this Next part it's really important when you Think about the engineering involved in That the approach to SpaceX the approach To um some of the stuff you're doing With with AI has been very Specific right there's not a let let the Chips fall where they may approach to

Those businesses I don't think we focus On making the best products and and and Tesla has gotten to where it's gotten With no advertising at All I understand that Tesla currently Sells two twice as much uh in terms of Electric vehicles as the rest of Electric car veh and United States Combined Tesla has done more to help the Environment than uh all other the Companies Combined would be fair to say that Therefore as a leader of the company I've done more for the environment than Everyone any single human on earth how Do you feel about That how do I feel about that yeah no I'm I'm asking you personally how you Feel about that because this goes we're Talking about power and influence and I'm saying I'm saying what what I care About is the the reality of goodness not The perception of it and what I see all Over the place is people who care about Looking good while doing evil them Them we're there guys I'm telling you Yield this Warning What's Done in darkness is going To come to light that includes you guys That includes me what is done in Darkness will come to light I have stood On this principle morals ethics making Sure that I'm standing my Divine

Masculine stepping up into my Spirituality discipline consistency Because this moment is going to be so Transformational so transformational and It's going to cause massive separation Between the wealthy and the poor and We're not just talking money guys we're Talking mentally wealthy impoverish Mindset so it's so critical many of you Guys aren't going to yield this warning You're going to see this as Entertainment this is so unbelievably I'm taking this extremely serious the Next 12 months of my life 24 months of My life is going to be the most radical Transformation that I've ever Experienced I am committed to building Generational wealth and a legacy for my Family and we're not just talking money Guys I'm talking spiritual mental Physical mindset passing down good Principles morals and ethics but let's Talk about crypto right that's what we Want to hear we want to hear how we're Going to get rich in crypto the SEC is Getting destroyed guys all the darkness Is coming to light us judge warns SEC Over false and misleading request in Crypto case they're getting spanked over And over and over again guys and then Here some happy stuff well it's all Happy to me it's this is the greatest Time in human history guys crypto xac Says the Bull Run is underway and could

Lead to a $100,000 Bitcoin in 2024 now This is where all the fud starts guys This is where the Exit Plan has to come In because this is where all the stuff Is going to come in the bowl Run's Coming you know everything's happening Now and it's like this is where you have To get non-emotional about these markets You need to pull profit you need to Secure compound and grow your wealth Okay Bitcoin spot ETF news could give Crypto Market Wings chain link meme Moguls I don't know what that is and Ripple xrp set to fly right so now all The positivity is coming out everybody's Getting ready we got grayscale setting Up for Bitcoin ETF race and hiring Industry veteran from Invesco John Hoffman spent over 17 years as an Investment manager at Invesco and will Lead grayscales distribution and Partnership team so guys here we are Okay and this is so serious ious men Specifically I'm speaking to men and Women as well get your house in order But men listen to me it's time to get Your house in order if you have kids it Is your responsibility it is your Responsibility to number one get Disciplined number two is build family Principles morals ethics and structure And you do that through your actions you Teach through protecting through Providing if you can't provide and

Protect yourself how are you going to Protect and provide for your family you You need to develop a spiritual Structure I'm not saying you have to Follow God but you have to have some Sort of spiritual connection you got to Get your health in order you got to get Your mindset in order because it doesn't Matter how much money you make in crypto Doesn't matter how much money you make In crypto if you do not rewire the Foundation you actually will end up in a Worse situation because money changes Nothing and the problem with our Ecosystem right now is men are trying to Make it look like the Lambos and the Houses and the cars and the traveling is What it is that's not what it is guys Any man who has to show you all his Stuff is deeply deeply insecure and not Spiritually grounded the stuff is a Byproduct there's nothing wrong with the Stuff but if that's how they get you to Believe in their manhood they are not a Man they are not a man they are a boy in A man's body that is not spiritually Aligned and they're not operating Divine Masculine Divine masculine men focus on Love protection safety Purpose ethics morals grounding Discipline consistency and the result is The amazing things but they don't use That as their Forefront they don't use That as their Catalyst to try to get you

To believe in them they get you to Believe in them by being something and Getting you to feel them you can feel a Divine masculine man who is standing in Their Truth so let's let's rise up man it's Our time to rise up and women it's time To step up into your divine feminine Because a transfer is here you're not Going to stop the transfer you just have To ask yourself which side of that Transfer you're going to be on okay I Love you guys very very much I Appreciate you very much now I've been Talking about exit plans guys I have the Tool for you guys so every day on the Back end of this video I'm going to Share with you exactly what I'm doing Okay number one I'm in cryptocurrency Okay you guys know that obviously have a Diverse for portfolio it is it is Literally set if I lose it all 100% okay Okay but I know I'm not going to lose it All because I have a very strict Exit Plan so as people are coming in from 2024 to 2025 I will be exiting the Market on a latter strategy I use Merlin The smartest way to track your crypto I'm the co-founder and creator of Merlin Okay in below you can join 30 days for Free set up your exit plan practice you Have to have an Exit Plan guys when I Exit I now have opportunity cost of Money I'm not going to sit on it and buy

Back in the market I'm going to take it I'm going to secure it in insurance Policies that I can leverage against and Max Fund my policies which is index Universal life Ure my money once I Ure My money I now have my money operating Twice I made profit from the crypto I Took it I put it into index universal Life now I'm compounding my profit and Now I have access to the liquidity Tax-free by borrowing against my policy So when an asset comes up that I can buy A business that I can um uh get equity In right or maybe the crypto Market goes Back down I can borrow borrow against Taxfree I can buy the asset taxfree and Say I'm making 5% or 6% on my asset and I'm took a 5% loan from the insurance Company I'm netting 1% now on my money With a potential of price appreciation So now that money is working three ways I'm going to continue to expand and go Deeper into my businesses increasing my Earned income I've scaled up to run my Businesses now I no longer run in the Business I hired an executive team that Runs them and we work to help them grow As well precious metals I'm going to be Getting into gold next year and then We're getting into real estate for tax Liabilities appreciation and Appreciation so I'm not a real estate Expert but I'm getting set and the next Phase I've shared with you guys I'm in

The process right now of getting trust Set up I you know people are messaging Me about that we have resources because We're licensed insurance agents to refer You to a trust expert um I am not a Trust expert I will be once my ecosystem Is set up I will explain to you guys how It's set up but everything within the Next six months will will be under my Trust my insurance policies my real Estate all my assets will be underneath The trust and I'll be a beneficiary of The trust and we are going to build Legacy for our family and a family Office we're in the process of that Right now remember guys I finally got my together four years ago I had the Spiritual part down the mental part down The discipline the consistency what I Didn't understand because I was never Taught was how to manage my money how to Compound and grow my money and I was Even in banking guys so when I finally Got my together and I started Studying how the wealthy operate how the Wealthy pass it down from generation to Generation and how the money ends up in The 1% hands I just studied and I Mimicked and I duplicated and I do it With ethics morals consistency and with God at the center focus of everything I Do which is intentions and love so I Appreciate you I love you everything you Need description of this video or in my

Social media platform and we'll see you On the other side Warriors let's get Your together let's Go


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