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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lift [Music] Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and I am checking my Volumes Mr B this is this of the show is Dedicated to Mr B he told me that it Drives him crazy when I check check the Volumes at the beginning of my show and So uh this section sponsored by Mr B not Sponsored but dedicated to Mr B um Because I had to check for every once in A while I start the show and I just had Forgotten to check the volumes and That's why I do that um but he made the Mistake of letting me know that it Bothered him and so I always give him Credit all right we're just kidding here Now um wanted to show you this I was Yesterday I was uh eth Denver's been Been posting all sorts of things but Before I get before I start on this Conversation I want to reiterate what What during while we were uncovering eth Gate the whole time I I reiterated this From time to time my mission never has Been is not is not going to be my Mission is not in any way to hurt Bitcoin coin or ethereum in anything That I Say the mission has always it's always Been one Mission and that is to get a Level Playing Field and this industry to This day years ago or 2019 as I sit here

To this day we do not have a Level Playing Field the fact that Bitcoin has An ETF first is because of regulatory Capture and all the other stuff it's Because they've lied about not knowing Who the Satoshi are it's a rigged game That's the only reason Bitcoin it's not Because it's so had some Divine creation That's all a bunch of BS we all know it They know it they don't want to admit it But I mean the fact that Homeland Security met with them but the PO my Point is I mean I own some Bitcoin and I Have have for a while but the the point Is is that the mission has never and Plus you're you can't these are these Are protocol you're not going to like Destroy them that's not the mission all We wanted was was xrp to have the Same have a have an actual free market Where the best digital asset will rise To the top because you have a Level Playing Field my mission has always been I mean There's not one reason Under the Sun That that there ever should have been a Lawsuit against xrp then they should not Still be in One the the Ripple guys These the ethereum founders couldn't Survive one 100th of what rip of the Scrutiny that Ripple has been through With with the SEC because there are Actual real problems if you once you

Start scratching beneath the surface but That's not my mission all I want I want Ethereum to do well I want Bitcoin to do Well I want xrp to do well but I want Them to do well on a Level Playing Field With an actual free market and so until We get that Which we which we still don't Have I we will continue Beating beating them over the head with Truth with the the truth of what's going On and I won't stop until there's a Level Playing Field okay so this is a Complete and utter farce I thought that They after we uncovered eth gate well I Didn't think until now until this clip These guys stopped talking about these Centralization and Henman and the speech And all that because they knew that we Busted them okay these guys and and and I know for a fact Jake trinsky knows all The details of what of eth gate because He was there we were putting it right in Front under his nose he knows everything That that happened and for him to sit on Stage and talk like this is is just Makes you want to vomit because it's all Bull about 4 years ago or 2019 Bill Hinman said eth is not a security Because it's sufficiently decentralized And henceforth the entire industry has Tried to sort of run through this door Of you mean the slammed door that was The whole point of it is to do the

Speech and then and have this vague Decentralization where somehow Bill Henman decided that this thing this is Somehow sufficiently decentralized when He's literally meeting with the guys With balic buttin and Joseph Luben Behind the scenes before he gives the Speech even Joseph Luben himself has Said that ethereum is not decentralized As of like the last year I've got the Videos folks it's all it was all bull Crap and it was all to slam the door and The only reason you hear any of these People that were involved in eth Gate Talking about how they care they they Think we need a regulatory framework They weren't saying any of that stuff Before we uncovered eth gate cuz they Thought they had they thought they had Created the Monopoly that was the whole Goal get Bitcoin ethereum out from under Securities laws then you got your Monopoly slam the door on everybody else And they just can't ever seem to figure Out how to get Decentralized and it's all vague which Means that the all that the power to Decide whether someone was sufficiently Decentralized resided with whoever's at The SEC and so nobody ever was Sufficiently decentralized you see how This works efficient Decentralization um but but I would make The claim that that's actually not great

For a huge SWAT of projects building in The space particularly those building at The application layer where Progressive Decentralization is is probably more Optimal yeah I I mean I totally agree With that I guess to add a bit on the Regulatory side when I think about Decentralization what I think it means From a legal perspective is the absence Of any one Central party who has Outsized influence in an ecosystem or a Protocol or some other blockchain based Product or service such that it makes Sense to regulate them because of Whatever risk they create in that Ecosystem so when we talk about Sufficient decentralization really what We mean is having a an ecosystem or some Other type of protocol where there is no Party like that where regulation is Justified and that really was as Jesse Said what uh what Bill Henman said when He initially used the term sufficient Decentralization he said when you look At ether today there is no Central party Who should be forced to make Jake triny Knows damn well who the central parties Are he also knows that bill Henman was Meeting with vitalic but and Joseph Luben behind the scenes while they're Saying that this thing doesn't have this Third party or Whatever he knows cuz he was there he's Seen all the tweets and the stuff

Shameful disclosures or otherwise comply With the security laws because there is No one party that has privileged access To information or some other role in the Ethereum ecosystem I said I'm going to Keep an open mind I don't care what they Pay me I don't care this was a guy that Worked at the ethereum foundation and Listen to what he said they pay me I Want to maximize learning I want to Travel and thank you ethereum foundation For giving me the opportunity to do that It was very eye openening but after a Year 18 months I was like holy like What am I really doing here I'm really Pumping Jo lubin's backs all due respect To Joe luin and all the other you know Ethereum whales Um it's just not what I want to do and The reason for that was largely the Premine right because at that moment 70% 70 okay 70% of all the ether in Existence as of a couple years ago um Had been distributed in the pront today It's been 60% it's been deluded a little Bit right so I don't know where you draw I don't know what the right number is I Mean we will never have another Bitcoin We'll never have another Immaculate Conception again I don't know if the Right numbers 10% 15% 20% you could draw The line wherever you want 70 80 70 60 Is it's it's too much it's it's just too Much by almost an order of magnitude and

Who who are the biggest holders within That an no vitalic but I don't Holdings Are public by the way he's very Transparent and I don't Str about V I Don't see him as financially driven just Not trust me I know him he's not yeah Well Joe Luben clearly is he's a Businessman yeah so vitalic Joe Luben Who the other like Key Charles Hoskinson perhaps I mean here's the Thing we we other than the very small Number of people like metallic who are Public you know also the etherum Foundation multi-state wallet address is Public we we don't know we don't know we Gen I mean I I you know I can assume That the people who happen to be the Crypto Bros that happen to be in the Room at that time and the very small Number of investors who kind of got Ethereum circuit 2015 did very well okay Right all right so so you've joined the Found the point is it's on the order of A few hundred people maybe a thousand Maybe a couple thousand people it's a Very small number of people but within That there's a few who have very Significant interest yeah it's a very Long tale and you know I've heard rumors This is totally anecdotal that like a Very small number of individuals like One or two is people single-handedly Bought up like very large percentages of

Thee of the the pre basically the I Because wait oh so what you're saying is They they these founders of ethereum Could literally have the exact same Situation that the SEC points at Ripple Who's been transparent and shown It those founders of ethereum could Literally be holding the same large Amount of Holdings that they that They've always been pointing at Ripple For like they're bad guys and they're Centralized and we're not you mean like That you mean it could be a situation Like that that's the whole point folks Everything we've seen has been a one Huge Lie until you know who those disguised Whales are you can't does anybody listen To my voice trust trust what Joseph Luben says H aonly there were no limits And again as we've discussed this is Joseph Luben on the phone with Steven Nof and he's and he's talking about the Leading the money Trail after they do The Ico listen to him uh there's a Tension between opening between running A uh an open transparent Organization and um protecting ourselves Um and so maybe we agreed to be open and Trans parents um except for everything From 90 days ago and and uh passed cuz It's all gone it's sort of like the way Cryptocurrencies work you can you know Uh there isn't uh a trail if you don't

Want that guy is not is not in an SEC Lawsuit or in a Doj lawsuit are you Kidding um so that I'm I'm going to skip This Well ah why not this what what you've W This guy un Jake trinsky unknowingly is Describing exactly what the SEC working With consensus and ethereum exactly what They did is they created a decentralized Theater they tried to make ethereum this Thing and it was all a lie it's Decentralized theater trying to pretend Like it's decentralized all this is dumb That is in a way a good description of The term that Tracy used which is Decentralization theater and I think It's important to talk about that just a Little bit because I think what a lot of People do is they ignore the way that I Again think about decentralization which Is the absence of some Central party That has some privileged role in the Ecosystem and what they want to do in The scope of decentralization theater is Pretend like they are not playing that Role but then continue playing that role Anyway usually for regulatory purposes But sometimes also for Community Signaling purposes or or other reasons And I think that that is a huge mistake Just Like Jesse said both operationally I think it causes a lot of problems at a Point when it yeah decentralized uh

Theater all right now Joseph Luben at eth Denver he if you don't think he he's Talking about the xrp Army here he's Probably talking about Steven Nof and boring Sleuth but from from from luan's point Of view oh they're just coming after us Because the it's there's a lot of Financial interests and all that no all I want is a Level Playing Field that's The only reason I've ever talked about Any of this so a lot of the time people Ask me if I think things are going well I don't want Joseph Luben to have a Monopoly with ethereum I think he ought To have to compete with other protocols Because his is no more decentralized Than any of them that's a bunch of bull System um is this what I expected Uh and generally that's a big yes um I'm Amazed at uh at how little resistance Despite all the resistance that that We've encountered I I'm amazed at how Little resistance really uh We've Encountered um given the vested Interests uh on the planet um they've Woken up quite significantly um and the Attacks will continue maybe they will Intensify uh maybe not um but the bottom Line is that we built um these amazing Systems decentralized protocols uh Interacting um modular components a a a Whole new vision uh for a system of the

World a new system of the world so a lot Of the time people ask this guy I think He's as scared as Elizabeth Warren I Think are going well eem Steven ner off He should be look at this the recent Reev Revelations surrounding the Ethereum foundation and their alleged Involvement in elicit activities are Irrefutable and unbelievable if only we Had the support of the government and Media this would have been Front Page News by now despite these clear hurdles People continue claiming that we are Simply making up allegations for our own Enjoyment or to gain external benefits Which is preposterous we have already Released more information than we had Initially anticipated and we are ready To reveal the full scope of eth gate Along with my corruption case that I Fought and successfully won with Prejudice against the doj just like SP SPF and maid off the truth will Eventually come out no matter how hard They try to hide it brace yourselves Because the coming waves of change will Be Beyond Your Wildest Imagination we are on the brink of Crypto 2.0 and what's in store is going To be Revolutionary o um I'm going to skip I'm Going to skip a few things because Trying to get this video it's already at 15 minutes here uh

When I was a little long- winded but I Do want to show you this this Breezy guy Xrp Breezy brought something important to my Attention hey digital asset investor Something that hasn't been highlighted Enough in my opinion um Ashley Prosper Did a Freedom of Information Act request With the SEC last year why on Earth Would somebody from JP Morgan and the SEC be discussing Ripple or xrp 217 times so the search for the rec in Other words they never my understanding Is they never gave Ashley Prosper Anything but they did reveal through What she was doing that they had 217 Pages it was a she was asking in the Freedom of Information Act request for Any um for any up here well I'll show You here's what she was asking for for Any um let's see here I think she listed It here yeah right here um in August 201 22 asking for communications including Emails letters memos and notes between JP Morgan and the SEC during 2013 to 2018 um and it was any any of those Things where where Ripple Andor xrp was Discussed and apparently um the SEC Would not give her the stuff and she was Going to sue them and somehow the Lawsuit uh didn't work out with her the People she was working with but anyway So she's she's bringing this to the Attention of the Empower organization

And Tristan uh levit who works there and Jason Foster levit is uh the um what is This I don't think president okay Jason Foster is founder but they both are Involved with Empower so she's bringing It to their attention and also this Needs to be brought to the attention of Metal law man because he's got a Freedom Of Information Act request if you Remember when the New York Department of Financial Services I think it was They they were U after the rip after Ripple won the lawsuit the New York Department of Financial Services or Whatever it's called they took xrp off Of the approved list after that so Metala men's got one Freedom of Information Act request going where he's Asking if the SEC had any communication With that office before they did That and he's been getting the runaround Too but he metal law men's not the kind Of guy you mess with he'll go all the Way and so that's in process too then we Had this yesterday John Deon was at eth Denver he's running for office now and This is a further further proving the Point this is not about eth Gate's never Been about destroying ethereum or Bitcoin that's never been one it's been About getting a Level Playing Field We're outraged for a reason because to This day we sit here and xrp is there Intentionally keeping it wrapped up in a

Lawsuit that shouldn't have ever Happened and it happened because of Regulatory capture and that was the Mission the lawsuit was the weapon it's Not about disliking ethereum or not Wanting ethereum to do well I want Ethereum to do real well in fact I once We're past all of this I'll probably get Some ethere I may get some before we're Ped all that it makes me nervous get Owning ethereum right now Because you know you could still see Without hurting ethereum you could still See people associated with it gone after Which would hurt the price um so Caitlyn Long took this picture with John Deon And then here John got up and I actually Just happened to be sitting at my Computer I'll show you a little bit of This people ask me why am I running let Me tell you I'm from a place called Highland Park Detroit one of the most Violent neighborhoods in America for the Last 40 years single mother on welfare And food stamps who struggled to put Food on the table and I'm telling you I Listen to my mother cry at night on the Nights that she he did a real great job It's about four minutes you can go to my Feed and see it wanted to bring to your Attention you know how Elizabeth Warren That John's running against you know how She's always attacking the billionaires And all that well it's all lip service

I've been using grock AI this weekend I Love it I asked grock to list Elizabeth Warren largest donors uh right here Quite a list of wealthy supporters look At all these names an Cox Chambers James Cox Chambers Dolby fauler gors uh Hagen Here's here's one down here you might uh Recognize let's see it goes on don't Worry fast forward to 2017 18 George and Judy Marcus Stuart and Linda Resnik Jeffrey skull but wait there's more in 2019 she had a whole new batch of Billionaire supporters among them Bill Gates Amy gold uh Goldman La Lauren Powell jobs Henry laugher H saan up and There's George sorz Steven Spielberg Thomas Styer this guy right here tells It all folks same guy that Gary Gensler Was meeting with him and you know who And you know that woman who is married To the guy that used to be president That we don't say out here but we will Say in Yeah Gary Gensler was meeting with him And her and Nancy Pelosi and deleted it From his calendar tried to hide it Somebody found it doing a Freedom of Information Act request what else is Gary hiding and then these are also People that have donated uh Organizations that have donated to Elizabeth Warren so you see the problem There's the sorus fund Again Elizabeth waren is the problem

She's like a farce okay in this Weekend I was playing with grock and let Me tell you what Grock is delivering up information that Was not that we weren't getting when you Could just use Google I found out two or Three things confirmed two or three Things that I did not know having to do With crypto in fact I would say that in Crypto you have the big three lies the First lie is that they don't know who Satoshi is they know there's four Satoshi and they've met with them the Second biggest lie is the ethereum Disguised whales that's a that's an Intentional lie because those Concentrated Owners the whole mission in from what I Believe the whole mission was to keep Those hidden so that you could yell de Centralization from the rooftop but Actually have control of it via Ownership behind the scenes and hide Your ownership that that way you can Control the finan if ethereum becomes a Huge part of the financial system you Can control it secretly for the next 100 Years that's what I believe the plan was Well there's a third lie the third I'd Call it the the the the third of the Three big lies and I'm going to show it To you in I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment adviser this is

For entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family here we go the third Li the third huge lion [Music] Crypto [Music]


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