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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel and I have three stories to Share with you in this very latest Moon Lambo Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Jam I'll start With this one from the crypto basic here Are three great outcomes from Ripple Case since July and I I will say part of What I found to be most interesting it's Not just the the rationale that's given Because this does come from an xrp Attorney within the xrp community rather Uh what's what started the conversation Actually was the concept of xrp price is Going to three figures so at least $100 and to some that might seem Contentious nothing got out of hand here Or anything like that but it to me it's Always interesting and I think it's Totally reasonable to have the Discussion the only time that I start to Feel like your grand in my gears a Little bit is if you're if you're Pushing a nonsense idea of xrp being Worth like $10,000 or $100,000 which some people in Our community actually do uh but outside Of that I don't think this is Looney tun Talk but then the question is is to what Degree is it realistic to expect that Anytime soon uh then there's also this Headline from you today xrp Ledger Achieves major Milestone details and Then I'll wrap up the video with this Story from the daily hoddle majority of

Us institutional investors institutional Investors folks believe crypto prices Will go up in the next year and that's From a coinbase Survey but before going further I want To be clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast to enjoy making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun all Right so into the first topic we go Three great outcomes from the Ripple SEC Lawsuit Pro xrp lawyer Bill Morgan Highlights three great outcomes recorded Since July 2023 after the secv Ripple Court decision attorney Bill Morgan a Season seasoned lawyer closely following The secv Ripple case has highlighted Three great outcomes that have emerged From The Landmark ruling since July 2023 and um I don't I'm not going to Read the rest of the story I'm going to Go straight to the source that prompted The story and it actually started here There is a post from xrp Community Member Zack Rector who simply wrote Michl says three-digit xrp and of course He's uh uh talking about my fellow xrp YouTuber Mixel Mixel xrp ml he said ml Says three digigit xrp and he's got the Two wide open eyes emoji right there and

That uh which was a standalone post on X By the way that was reposted by mckel And he wrote longterm with two of the Emojis that say the number 100 now that Is what was reposted by attorney Bill Morgan and this is where the rest of the The thoughts come through and so here's What attorney Morgan had to say about This three great outcomes in the court Casee since uh July 23rd 2023 legal Clarity multiple exchange Rel Listings more Ripple Partnerships and Increasing odl use and Myriad other Positive news have moved the price from 46 cents to 62 cents in that time better Than some coins not as good as other Coins price performance we keep being Shown charts supporting claims that a Parabolic breakout is imminent but price Still seems to just go up and down with Bitcoin and generally loses ground on The xrp BTC pair just wondering what do You think would cause a parabolic move By xrp price to three figures and how Long is long term for that to happen I Just don't know what would cause it if We are saying three figures you know Short or medium-term and long term you Know could mean anything it is Open-ended yeah and so that's the part That I find to be most fascinating Because obviously he's right about the The the positive things that have Happened that's just no-brainer stuff um

But in terms of the price action because Now mind you xrp it is on tethered I've Said this many times it's Unshackled xrp Is not going to be held down like it was In the last bull cycle in 2021 when it Yes it in terms of correlation moved in Line with Bitcoin but only up to two Bucks uh now that it is Unshackled what Can actually happen here well my my Answer anyway just subjectively here Nobody knows for sure but my belief is That when Market goes ballistic well Obviously as noted by attorney Morgan Here yeah Bitcoin and XP they're moving In hand so I do think this will be the Time that xrp finally finally after it's Been almost six years at this point Finally will hit a new alltime high Because it's last alltime high was January 4th of 2018 this is insane I I I Did not think this is what was most Probable but I also didn't who would Have guessed like the SEC actually would After Ripple attacking xrp holders so But I do I do think that this will be The moment when finally xrp gets to hit A new alltime high and actually enters Price Discovery but if you're talking About three figures I don't believe That's remotely reasonable for this Particular Market cycle um I think the Blockchain backer has a pretty Reasonable expectation I think he Typically says something like 10 to 12

Bucks um as far as I understand that's Still within the range of what he thinks To be most plausible Um I don't think it's impossible for it To go higher than that although with Each dollar higher you you suppose it Might go to I'm less convinced obviously We all should be right but 15 bucks not Crazy 20 bucks not crazy 25 I don't Think it's crazy I mean you're you're Starting to get stretched out there like In my mind that's just with each dollar You say higher than that I'm still like Ah little little less confident you know What I'm saying uh but I I don't think That's crazy talk or anything like that Uh now you say a $100 this Market cycle You're starting to lose me but that's Why if you're talking about longterm as As mckl stating here is it reasonable Now I don't know for sure and neither Does attorney Morgan we don't know for Sure what mckl means by that he may have Articulated that and I'm just unaware of His particular stance on this and it's Subjective and that's fair we can all Have our own opinions on this anyway but For me if you're thinking long term I Mean that could be what 10 20 30 years I Mean anywhere around there which is Pretty big range I admit but that's Pretty long term I mean I'm just saying I wouldn't be surprised if I look back Decades from now and see that xrp price

Is in three figures somewhere to what Degree it would be over 100 bucks I Don't it' just be wild speculation at This point I'm just saying I don't think The concept's crazy and so I actually do Align with nickel on that um I mean Unless to him longterm is like a month You know if whatever he thinks is Longterm to me would be shorter Medium-term maybe I disagree but if he's Saying longterm yeah we probably Conceptually agree I think that's Totally plausible and that's why it's It's it's so fascinating cuz like I I've Been very vocal about the fact that I Bought so much xrp intentionally so that I could sell at a lower price than most People might think they want to sell at And so I'll start scaling out at five Bucks and hopefully be out entirely by Eight bucks and there are other moving Parts which I won't get into in this Video but there are things that could Make me hold on to some if it were going Up higher at least a little bit maybe uh I don't want to get into that in this Particular video but um but you know in Terms of like who's going to make more Money it's totally plausible that you Know there are people you know forget Who has more xrp there are people that Could make more from xrp purely because They're going to hold it longer than I Am and I say props to those people if

That's what happens and they pull off I Will be cheering on if you're one of Those people I will be cheering you on I'll be cheering on anyone that makes Way more money than me investing in xrp We should all applaud each other for Meeting our own indiv you know everybody Hitting their own personal goal so if I Hit hit mine I hope that you guys are Really happy for me and if you make 10 Times more money from xrp than I do I Will be very happy for you so I hope That we have that and I think we do Because we have a pretty damn awesome Community here you know there's only Some outlier turd sandwiches but you Know there's literally millions of People in our community so there's going To be a few turd sandwiches you know What I'm saying man like it just happens It just happens at least we're not like The Bitcoin Community where there's like A plethora of turd sandwiches and you Know room temperature cottage cheese Eating Bitcoin Maxi trolls so that's Good I'm glad I'm glad we're not the Bitcoin Community it definitely could be Worse uh but yeah no it's totally Plausible and then if you're kind of Wondering okay so what's going to Actually lead to that well I don't think It's going to be all in one go I think It would go period of time and if you're Talking about xrp just hitting three

Figures for their first time $100 that Would be a market cap of $5.4 trillion That's nothing folks cuz nowhere nowhere Near to $5.4 trillion needs to flow in To get that because market cap is just The circulating Supply which would be Higher at that point there would be Admittedly higher circulating Supply but Based on today's circulating quantity of Close to 54 billion xrp you know $5.4 Trillion way less money that has to flow In that's totally attainable you know I Said back when I started this channel Almost five years ago that there will be Eventually individual coins with a Trillion dollar market cap and then Multi- trillion dollar market caps and We've already seen the first part of That we saw Bitcoin hit a trillion Dollars and I was saying this back when The market cap for the entire asset Class was like 150 billion or whatever It was literally I was like yeah one Single coin will eventually be a Trillion though that already happened There will be individual coins that have Multi- trillion dollar market caps why Couldn't xrp be one of those and even if It's not number one market cap it could Still go way way way Higher I'm just saying it's totally Plausible and I think that the fact that As I was mentioning in my last video Which you should check out if you

Haven't seen it in terms of exerp Reaching escape velocity yeah there's a Whole network thing Network effect thing Folks and we've got that that's already Happened so unless you can think of some Magical technology that will just Supplant it tell me why why wouldn't xrp Eventually get to that level CU if you Think that can't happen think about Bitcoin which is the least Technologically advanced cryptocurrency On the entire damn planet and it's Number one in market cap it's Technologically the worst coin that There is outside of any intentional Scams but technologically the worst and I'm still Pro Bitcoin and if it stays Number one forever I'm happy as a claim Cool but that that just kind of makes The point once something's in place it's In place you have to have something That's you know in order of magnitude Better at least you know in order to Supplant it good luck you know it takes A Lot and in meanwhile while all this is Occurring here xrp just keeps on a tick And regardless of what speculators are Doing xrp Ledger just keeps moving Forward and it's kind of settling every Now and then I think about this topic And I'm just like yeah it just keeps Ticking block after block after block You know The lger Ledger Clos and I just

Like The Ledger itself since it's not a Sentient being it doesn't care what the Price of xrp is it just keeps working And there's something peaceful about That because I know it's just going to Keep working and then the messy Speculators figure out where the value Like where the value is and then the Money flows in where the value is and The fact that the xrp Ledger just keeps Working makes me believe because Adoption just keeps in you know Increasing developer activity keeps Increasing that the money flows here and So look at this headline xrp Ledger Achieves major Milestone Details xrp Ledger has just reached a New significant Milestone xrp scan an Xrp Ledger Explorer and network analysis Platform reports this Milestone on X the 84 millionth Ledger of xrp Ledger has Been successfully closed marking a new Milestone for the the layer one platform According to the xrp scan page the Current Ledger count is and I'll round The number here 84 Million Again The xrp Ledger of course It's not sentient so it wouldn't care no Matter what it doesn't care it just Keeps moving forward folks and I think That since the technology is amazing and It is actually useful that means it's Valuable the money finds out where to go This is the place I think it's one of

The places where it will figure out Where to go and a lot of people in the Meantime like there's a lot of us Speculate or not you know we we've kind Of got that figured out here's the xrp Rich list website if you look on the Right here it's just I wanted to point Out the historic Wallet account we're at 4, 85988 xrp Walts won't be long I mean by the time The year's out we'll probably be pretty Close to 4.9 million Presumably eventually not long after you Know beginning part of next next year Will be at 5 Million like directionally it just keeps Going one way folks I'm just saying here And in terms of what's going to happen Next year let's take just a couple Minutes or so to talk about this from The daily huddle majority of us Institutional investors believe crypto Prices will go up in the next year Coinbase survey the majority of Institutional investors believe crypto Prices will go up in the next year According to a new survey commissioned By coinbase the top us crypto exchange Commissioned the busino business firm Institutional Investor to conduct the Survey which pulled a representative Sample of 250 institutional investors Again folks this is not the dumb money

These are institutional investors they Tend to behave a bit differently than The typical liming retail Speculator Just saying peace continues of the Investor surveyed 57% of them believe Crypto prices will move higher in the Next 12 months compared to only 8% of Investors who believe the same thing When when responding to coin basis Survey at this time last year folks That's it's quite the Joke only 2% of the respondents believe Crypto will Trend lower in the next year And 41% believe it will stay flat or Range Bound coinbase also notes that nearly 60% of the surveys respondents say they Plan to increase their crypto Allocations over the next 3 years none Of the respondents say the they Anticipate decreasing their digital Asset portfolios and nearly half of the Institutional investors that don't have Crypto allocations yet say they plan to Enter the space in the next 3 years in Terms of the asset classes they see as The biggest opportunities to generate Attractive risk adjusted returns in the Next 3 years 54% of the institutional Investors say private Equity 48% say us Equities 41% say cryptocurrencies and 35% say emerging market equities only 31% say Commodities and only 26% say Real estate now the more time passes

Let's be real about this crypto is going To be at the top list but see the thing By the time enough people have figured This out yeah of course it makes sense And look at the it's going to be too Late for so many people and so many Institutions that haven't jumped in yet But for the ones that are here they're Going to make a mint you know what I'm Saying and we are here first we beat Almost every human on the planet about 4% of humans on the planet own crypto That's it 4% way less than 1% hold xrp And I don't remember off the top of my Head the the percentage estimated Percentage of Institutions that are in The world of crypto but it's a Minority now it won't stay like that of Course it won't but it just speaks to The degree to which we really are early Like this really is an actual Life-changing opportunity that the Everyday person like myself like you can Result in US achieving actual Lifechanging it's not a pipe dream we've Been seeing this unfold even if we Haven't been here the whole time for 14 Years you can look back and see and it's It is I promise you it is still early Days 4% of humans folks yes you're early It is the coolest damn thing this has Never happened in the history of our Species which is why I'm excited about This every single day and I'm shouting

It from the rooftops and at least you Guys are listening I know we're on the Same page right but so many people don't Get It well I'm thankful I'm here and I'm Thankful you're here lots of Fun I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy yourself anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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