Analyst: XRP Price Prepares For “EPIC MOVE”

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channnel here's a headline from you Today xrp enters consolidation mode as Price prepares for epic move now I'm Going to share with you perspective from A few analysts in this video including a Couple speaking specifically about xrp But I'll note at the outset that it Seems well accepted that all that's Happening right now and maybe it's Boring to some people uh is is just a Bunch of sideways chop when it comes to Bitcoin price action Bitcoin leading the Market of course well with that being The case means that until something Something ignites maybe it's going to be A little bit dull but it can't stay like This it won't stay like this forever We've seen this story too many times Before uh but it is exciting to know That when this thing breaks at least Most analysts are very optimistic that We're going to have a really good 2024 Not that it's guaranteed uh but that Perhaps is most probable and for us here In the xrp community my gosh we have Been waiting so damn long we effectively Missed last Market cycle even though xrp Moved in correlation with the market xrp Was Shackled we didn't get to see a new All-time high like again not as a wo as Me thing just acknowledging reality here The xrp community has had it worse than Any other crypto Community I think

That's fair to say I mean getting Attacked by the uh yeah kind of kind of Kind of puts us up there terms of uh you Know the the bad luck segment if you Will but there's reason to be optimistic Here and it's also interesting to note What has been happening behind the Scenes that the average liming retail Speculator will not know will not have Seen as Bitcoin has been moving sideways Something interesting has been happening Uh which has been pointed out by onchain Analytics firm santiment but uh before Going further I do want to be clear I do Not have a financial background of any Kind I am not offering Financial advice And you definitely should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right I'm just an Enthusiast who Enjoys making YouTube videos about Crypto related topics but just as a Hobby and just for fun uh remember the Other day when uh xrp was down and most Of the the market was you know may maybe Not down as much that may have been like What three or four days ago I don't know Because every day blurs together at this Point uh but I was like you know Sometimes there's days where xrp's in The green and pretty much everything Else is down this is one of those days And it's not like it's a crazy amount But any day at on its own over the last Week hasn't been a completely crazy day

Right Bitcoin down 33% xrp up 1.48% over 52 cents at the time I'm recording this And for those of you looking at the Screen you can see it's a sea of red a Little bit of green but some of those Are stable coins by the way um and other Than that almost everything is just in The red well how about that so maybe uh Learn a little lesson from that if Somebody was concerned when xrp is doing Slightly worse than other coins on a Particular day which is just one data Point and then recognize hey maybe it Doesn't matter at all because it's just A data point and we need to look at What's unfolding in terms of price Action over a very long period of time Maybe that matters more because a day Doesn't matter a single week doesn't Matter a month doesn't matter a quarter Doesn't matter half a year doesn't Matter I can't think of a single half Year over the last decade plus where I Could look at that and draw a conclusion About what that would mean for xrp Price Moving forward whether you're talking About a bare Market or a bull market the Truth is either the crypto asset class Keeps getting bigger xrp keeps getting Used and moves in tandem or it doesn't But but looking at these shorter time Frames doesn't really tell us much of Anything I'm just looking at xrp being Of only three cryptos that's always been

In the top 10 goings by market cap and Thinking huh maybe the world does agree This makes sense and I'm not so damn Crazy because it's been there for over a Decade despite an SEC attack that's Insane that is super rare only Bitcoin And eth have always been in the top 10 For their entire life cycle it's just Those three coins xrp Bitcoin and E but here you can see and this is fun Too xrp just happened to jump up Wouldn't you know it jumped up this Morning around 4 in the morning central Time my time zone and then just moving Sideways cents over 52 cents got up to 52.7 cents here's the crypto fear and Greed index at 60 out of 100 so people Still feeling greedy even though things Mostly moving sideways and to drive that Point home uh chart analyst credible Crypto which reg who he mind he Regularly posts in-depth updates in Terms of what's happening with Bitcoin And crypto at large um he didn't this Morning he shared a post um it's one Sentence and it pretty much says it all He goes nice to get a break from the Screen as Bitcoin just chops about how's Everyone's weekened going and so it's Just like yeah pretty much more same old Bitcoin just moving sideways waiting for Something to happen uh that seems to be Broadly accepted in fact here's one more Example I see a lot of people sharing

These types of perspectives but here's a Chart analyst crypto Caesar and he wrote This morning I personally think we Consolidate in a range of about4 to $45,000 for the rest of the the month uh This would be bullish and so I'm sure You guys have heard the corny sounding Phrase before the longer the base the Higher in space meaning the longer you Consolidate the greater the pop to the Upside when it finally goes and so he's Thinking that would be bullish okay so Fine so let's just say that we're in This boring time zone and maybe it's Going to be boring for weeks longer I Don't know if that's going to be true But just say it is what has been Happening in the background well Santiment reports on that and that's why It's so fascinating to compare what the T typical liming retail Speculator does Behaviorally when it comes to quotequote Investing uh and uh and what the whales Are doing you know the the big money Because presumably if you've got a bunch Of bunch of Bitcoin you got a bunch of Whatever the coin is frankly it's Probably not by accident might you be Behaving a little bit different than the Typical liming retail Speculator who Makes endless emotional financial Decisions and so here's what santiment Shared this morning Bitcoin is ranging Between $41,000 to $44,000 but whale

Wallets are moving big this week and Then they have two bullet points number One and this is the important one Frankly number of 1,000 to 10,000 Bitcoin wallets would be 1,958 on February 1st that's the most Since November 2022 so they're saying The number of wallets that have between 1,000 and 10,000 Bitcoins is is Currently at least at the time they Posted this there are 1,958 wallets in that bucket it's not Easy to be in that bucket but it's been Growing look at what's happening with The chop and then what are the whales Doing and then the next bullet point I Think kind of drives the point home Further because um a different bucket Went down check this out the the bucket Below it number of 100 to 1,000 Bitcoin Wallets is 13,736 on February 1st that's the least Since November 2022 so what's happening Here that's an indication that is those Because those wallets went down and that For that bucket for the 100 to 1,000 Bitcoin size and then the next bucket up 1,000 to 10,000 Bitcoin that Increased Wales accumulating that's the Point that onchain analytics from sanan Is making it's just so fascinating to See uh the optimism here as lots of People have been panicking recently Other people just getting bored of

Crypto until something big happens I'm Glad I appreciate you're paying Attention um there's always going to People like be people like you and me That are interested regardless of how Quote unquote exciting the actions I'm Interested every single Day um and then there is also this from Chart analyst Michael Vop uh he shared this chart and it's the Crypto total market cap excluding Bitcoin and eth He wrote allcoins are ready to have Their next push and could possibly go 2x In the next months crucial areas holding Through which a higher low is Established and the next push could Start and so he's very optimistic in the Short term we're going to be seeing some Fireworks for altcoins and mind you 2x Might not sound big but if you're Talking over a short time period and Especially if there's any sort of Rotation that could be that that could Mean a lot of fireworks so we'll see What happens uh there's also this story Which I just thought is kind of Fascinating this is from attorney Bill Mor and he shared this publicly but it's It's a real world example of mentality When it comes to investing specifically In xrp so I thought I'd share it with You I thought you'd find this Interesting because I did and so

Attorney Bill Morgan wrote The Following And this is just this morning people Will react to that data differently and He's talking about um a post shared by Good morning crypto uh what price action Has been like in recent months for xrp Versus other coins uh other major coins Have been outperforming xrp in the short Term but again pick time frame over Other time frames if you look over the Last 12 months xrp's outperformed some Other coins including some stuff I hold Where you know it's just it you can Drive whatever narrative you want and so It it drives me nuts that some people Refuse to get that point but that's a Different conversation and so there was A good morning crypto just kind of Pointing that which perfectly fine that Post is reposted by Bill Morgan Bill Morgan wrote people will react to that Data differently I spoke to an in-law Tonight who I had no idea was into Crypto and we got onto the app wave of Inov which is the wave of innovation That's the u a conference that's going To be occurring uh next month uh so got Into the wave of innovation xrp Conference in March and on to xrp he Told me he has 100,000 xrp which blew me Away as he had never even mentioned Crypto before but because xrp is so down Over the last few months he told me he Is buying another 30,000 xrp so there

You go look this is not me telling you To buy or not buy and I admit I don't Know what's going to happen xrp price Action especially not over a shorter Time frame but this this type of Mentality is what makes sense to me as People are panicking and sentiment is The most Grim that is where there is the Most opportunity on the flip side when There's a tremendous euphoria that Should be scary but people are euphoric Instead that should be scary because you Might be reaching the top but right now While everybody's panicking uh yes this Concept makes sense to me and and so That's somebody who clearly gets the Concept as Warren Buffett has said be Fearful when others are greedy and Greedy when others are fearful people Are more fearful here if anything and I Understand that we're in a in terms of The overall Market we're we're agree but If you're talking about xrp specifically I haven't seen the sentiment this bad in A long time and so even if it's not most People my God it's bad enough that the People who are you know who are Temperamentally most likely to be Affected by negative price action it's To the point where they are they are Making some noise on social media and so That's why I'm saying like this is the Worst I've seen it in in a very long Time

Years um and then there is also this From xrp chart analyst dark Defender he Shared this xrp price chart and wrote The Following he's very optimistic an Xrp I'm sorry an update rather an update On xrp daily RSI indicator break RSI Says xrp is more robust compared to last Week however the price is lower which Tells us there is a bullish Divergence 52.8 6 cents will be broken Soon and the next small resistance is at 60 cents now and so think about that we Actually did get fairly close to that He's saying once that's broken uh expect Xrp to make a run maybe closer to 60 Cents well within the last 24 hours we Got as high as 52.7 and he's saying again at 52.8 6 Cents uh if that's broken that's what You we need to watch for the 60 cents Resistance so that that we'll see if That ends up happening I would not mind Seeing that push back up maybe we get a Little less bitching on the internet That's a big ask though I ADM that to Ask people to stop bitching as much on The Internet is it even possible I'm not Convinced then we have this from chart Analyst egreg crypto shared this chart Xrp price chart and wrote The Following Xrp zooming in without losing the bigger Picture xrp is the game changer causing Ripples in the financial world now let's Dive into the specifics without losing

Focus on the broader Perspective the measured move of the Descending triangle is nearly finished And I'm keeping a close eye on it in my View it shouldn't go below 45.2 cents at FIB 236 if it's a running scenario There's a chance it might dip into the Red range especially if irregular Formations are at play and so you can See well for those you looking the Screen I might be talking about you know Somewhere around the what call it mid Mid-30s region like 35 Cent something Maybe on the low end if that happens not That he's optimistic we would be seeing That Necessarily and then he shared this Chart another xrp price chart uh marked Up differently though and he said I have A high degree of conviction that this is A regular formation and that the dip in August at 41 cents is likely the lowest Point now let's explore our choices Three potential outcomes for the bottom Of wave two but the thrilling upside one Points straight to Valhalla so he's Still optimistic that we're going to be Seeing a major move when this thing Breaks um that will make faces melt just A little baby boo little tiny Melty Face I've been waiting for this Disgusting melted goof faces it's going

To be Fantastic all we got to do is wait and Do precisely nothing that's that's my Belief anyway you Know um so all that to say um Congratulations if you're still here and Not running around like a chicken with Their head chopped off congratulations If you're maintaining your composure and It's okay like you're normal if you felt Any bit of Doubt or concern or angst or Whatever that does just make you human It doesn't mean you're bad or stupid I Just have a little bit of fun making fun Of the typical liming retail speculators But we've all felt like that like I felt Like that before too and it it is okay To make fun of it let's just have a Little fun but also let's not make Important financial decisions based on Our feel field that's all I'm saying That's pretty much it you know we're Human but that's why the repetition of This is actually useful to remind Yourself you are human and you are doing These things probably at least at one Point or another I've done it in the Past I mean I felt the things I I never Actually made financial decisions based On the Fiel Fields but I used to have Them now I'm just this robot thing I'm An xrp bot beep beep it's pretty sweet I'm not a financial adviser you should Not buy or sell anything because of

Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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