Analyst Calls For THREE FIGURE XRP PRICE IN 2024, Is This Even Remotely Realistic?

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel and here's a wild headline from The Crypt basic Market Watcher forecasts 26,7 120% xrp rally to $130 after 7 years of Suppression I have a lot to say about This so I'll share my opinion as we get Into the video but I will say at the Outset here a couple things that I just Think are pretty evident at this point Xrp has been artificially suppressed Pricewise for a very long period of time It's undervalued and I think it's going To be worth way more in the future but The question is you know is is 26720 reasonable well some people will Argue yes including the analyst that They're referencing here and part some Of the arguments I'll see from time to Time when it comes to stuff like this is Just Reflections back to you know the 2017 Bull Run for xrp when from the Bottom of the top of that market cycle Xrp ramped up up literally about 880,000 Per. so if we already saw 880,000 why Can't we see 26,000 that's that's way Less than 80 right yeah we'll talk about That um also got some perspective about What's happening a little bit in the Short term from chart analyst credible Crypto and uh then there's an article That talked about the idea of a you know A spot Bitcoin ETF which is going to be A major major deal for the world of

Crypto the idea of that actually already Being priced in at least to some degree Um you know even though we don't know For sure that it's going to get approved And I'll say this too even at the outset And I'll explain why but as we get into The video further but uh that's pretty Well in line with what I've been Espousing on this channel it's what I Think is most probable at least that It's basically just for some people it's Factored in but is it factored in for Most not convinced of that Necessarily which is why I'm telling you Like things are going to get Buck Wild And this is going to happen no later Than March of next year so we're talking About five months and the reason is the SEC can't delay the current batch of Applications for spot Bitcoin ETFs any Further that so we could any day you Could wake up and just see that a spot Bitcoin ETF is approved you just look at The price and be like why is my xrp Worth way more and the whole Market will Be running and of course it'll be mostly Be bitcoin's day that day presumably but Anyway before going further I do be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube

Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun as I Record this video xrp still at 48 cents Just a hair below 49 cents and Bitcoin Just a slight little baby boo bit over $27,000 with the crypto fear and green Index at 47 out of 100 so people AR Fearful at least just kind of feeling Neutral kind of feeling chill um the Post that's on your screen now I I Shared yesterday but I need to reread it It's short anyway but it's from credible Crypto uh because there was conversation That resulted specifically from this and So there was a a screen grab shared by Credible crypto from Bitcoin magazine Twitter account well now it's X account And they wrote The Following breaking News breaking ETF news Bloomberg Analysts Eric balunas and James sefort Raised spot Bitcoin ETF approval odds to 90% by January 10 so folks that's rather High and to me I do I I I'd agree with The the sentiment at a minimum I think It's a virtual certainty this thing Going to get approved the writings on The wall it looks like uh the the courts Are smashing the SEC over the head for All of their nonsense jurisdictional Overreach and arbitrary and capricious Behaviors as been cited by judges and it Would be neat to see this happen by January 10th uh my God I mean literally Think about that as much as people are

Sad right now you're talking about three Months from now if that happens by January three months from now markets Are going to go crazy and so it's also To point out this could happen before The uh you know the deadline which would Be March of next year and so here's what Credible crypto Said uh everyone is stuck and this is a Quote from I think from the article Everyone is stuck on the final deadline In March of 24 reality is that is a Deadline not an approval date and it Likely gets approved much sooner and Then credible crypto says I don't know Who needs to hear this but you don't Have another 6 months to accumulate Before some POS having runup in 2025 get position before the Catalyst That everyone is waiting for or get left Behind and then somebody named cassus Responded to Credible crypto and this is Where the newer stuff picks up um and uh And he said the following if everyone is So convinced why isn't Bitcoin blasting Off right now and fair enough if people Are so sure and so confident in this why Why why been moving down actually since July mostly we've most moving down for The last few months in terms of price Action bitcoin's been dragging xrp down In fact well here's what credible crypto Responded with because for every day That passes and we don't blast off

Immediately the little guys lose Patience and sell to the big boys that Are currently accumulating we don't Blast off until until all the little Guys are shaken out and then when we do Blast Off it happens faster than anyone Expects and folks I'm telling you this Is what I've seen for nearly six years Now that I've been in in the world of Crypto It seems impossible everybody's Sad everybody's bitching up a storm on The internet because that's what the Internet is for that's fact actually That signs and then inevitably one day Out of nowhere out of nowhere it just Happens you wake up it's probably a Wednesday and you just look you know you Check the price of your xrp or your Bitcoin or your eth whatever it is they Like wow that's way way way higher than When uh when I went to sleep last night When I went to Sleepy by and that's how It works you go to sleep and you wake Like H well that's that that's awesome Damn it and that's the response that is Is exactly what happens you don't know For sure when it's going to happen you Might have Suspicions but it just happens and so Either you have exposure when that Happens or you don't and this is what Happens little people get shaken out the Whales come in and they accumulate they Purchase your fear they're happy to do

So nom nom nom hungry whales an aquatic AF and then the thing runs that's just What happens and then there's a separate Post uh expanding upon that from Credible Crypto because so again the question is You know and you truly think the big Boys don't want to buy in lower why buy At $27,000 when you can buy at $18,000 Retail is about to get wrecked and that Was shared by somebody named Terrence Well that was reposted by credible Crypto and you he respond because again The question like Why do you truly think the big boys Don't want to buy and lower and Incredible crypto says because they Can't the move down to $155,000 was Because of forced selling liquidations Not spot sellers willingly selling at Those prices the move down to 248 $24,800 we saw with our last liquidation Event was again forced selling and Fueled by liquidations twox the amount Of liquidations we saw at $15,000 for the big boys to be able to Buy $18 ,000 people need to be willing To number one sell spot at $18,000 or Two there needs to be enough leverage SL Margin in the market uh can be measured With oi to fuel liquidations to push Price to $188,000 considering that since our

Bottom at $115,000 every single flush Down has been fueled by liquidations It's safe to say that spot holders Aren't jumping to sell lower and Considering that oi is more close to its Historical bottom than its top 16 Billion versus 11 billion it's safe to Say there isn't currently enough Leverage SL margin in the system to fuel Liquidations down to $18,000 you have to have data to back up These ideas or else they don't mean much I would love to buy more Bitcoin at $3,000 as would the big boys but some Things just aren't going to happen based On the data we have right now and so There you go obviously you understand The idea of as as s begin you have this Cascading down effect uh you know stop Losses All That Jazz and people getting Liquidated uh that can happen and the Argument he's making here is that There's not enough of that left and so Even if there's some of that when you Get to the point where if there's going To be any selling it's because people Are manually doing it uh there's not Enough to get the price down to the to The $188,000 level and he's not saying That with 100% certain he's he's Speaking obviously again in terms of Probability U but that's the Point uh and and so then that brings us To this year because look it's it's fun

To talk about big happy special xrp Numbers the headline again here from the Crypto basic Market Watcher Forecasts 26,7 120% xrp rally to $13 after 7 years of Suppression now look Um I'd get I'd get way more views if I Just jump on the bandwagon and act like I believe $130 xrp is going to happen Next Year but I don't believe that so I'm not Going to say it and I think that some People put stuff like this out there uh Purely because they know that it's going To get a ton of attention and but some People also genuinely believe it so I'm Not saying the author of this idea is You know trying to trick people purely For clicks I certainly hope not but I do Know that even me as as a somebody who's Not a chart analyst if I just jump on Board I'm like yeah man you never know Because xrp went 880,000 that one time Like I could do that and honestly if That were if that were my emo I'd Probably be getting a lot more views and Have a lot more subscribers than I do Right now to be honest with you Especially if I had had spoken uh like That during uh during the last Bull Run I I I just I feel highly confident Of that but but all that but look this Is not to say that there isn't

Opportunity for life-changing wealth That even the uh the dollar amount or The percentage increase isn't Necessarily reasonable it could be but If so I strongly believe that it would Be over a very long period of time not Next year pie reads as follows xrp might Be gearing up to reach the $130 price Threshold in 2024 indicating a rally of 26,7 120% from its current price after 7 Years of trading below expectations xrp Captain a crypto analyst and prominent Member of the xrp community made this Prediction while discussing xrp's price Movements since 2017 the influencer presented a weekly Chart detailing the formation of a Symmetrical triangle and so I don't need To read the whole article let's just Bring up the chart here's the post on X From xrp Captain there it is xrpusd Chart and he's got 56,600 followers so Pretty respectable following and this Post got 121,000 views Use and um and so I'll just note Um my my posts don't typically get Anywhere near that like I have had a Couple that are over a million at least A couple that' be more on the rare side For me especially since I'm a little bit Less active than some other xrp Community members on X I'm very active On YouTube and I am active on on X just A little bit less active than I am here

Um but yeah 120,000 view like that's a Lot and I'm telling that's what I'm Saying like I could hop on this I could Hop on the money bandwagon bandwagon and Get way more followers like it's just But to me if I were doing it it would be Disingenuous now if he believes this and He thinks that this is something that is Reasonable that's a different Story but uh I personally uh can't can't Jump behind this and again I think that Xrp is going to be worth a fortune here I'm Mr Bull xrp but I also have to be Grounded in reality or else it's just Going to eat away at me if I were saying All this crap that I just don't believe It to be true it would eat at me way I'm Wired it just would some people would be Okay with lying about that and getting F I just I just am not and again I just be Clear I'm not accusing him of doing that I'm speaking more broadly now because I I want to expand upon this let's think About this let's talk some numbers here You Know we're talking about $130 xrp right Xrp would have a $6.7 trillion market Cap at that price based on the current Circula Supply Anyway which Means Bitcoin would have to be be much much Higher than that in terms of market cap Maybe Bitcoin would need to be a minimum

Of $20 trillion that might be on the low One though but but maybe it would need a 20 trillion do market cap if because xrp It's it's let's be real let's live in Reality in this market cycle xrp is not Going to top Bitcoin in terms of market Cap maybe it does one day I don't know Bitcoin doesn't have a ton of utility And xrp does I mean they're a more Mature Market who knows or Bitcoin gets More utility based on l two technology So maybe coin is one number one forever I don't know but either way this Market Cycle you know when it finally hits its Top yeah bitcoin's going to end up Whatever it's Peak is it's going to be Way higher than xrps now of course there Will still be way more opportunity for Xrp because there'll be a much greater Multiplier effect there's so little Money in xrp comparatively that it Doesn't take much money coming in for us To get crazy percentage gains you know Bitcoin's not the way to gain vast Quantities of wealth not not in short Order Anyway but yeah but but you understand If you're talking about a 20 trillion Bitcoin market cap which I think would Be on the lowend if you're talking about Xrp having a market cap of $6.7 trillion Understand so yes xrp would be 130 bucks Each Bitcoin would be worth over 1 Million it' be $1 million each to get

That market cap for Bitcoin and look I'm Not saying these prices are impossible But I am saying they're highly Improbable to occur by the peak of the This Market cycle that we're in now Highly Improbable I mean I'd feel more Comfortable saying practically Impossible Actually and so and then then consider This too then when you factor in the Market caps of every other coin out There and and what they'd be at the peak Of this Market cycle what would we be Looking at we' be looking at what a Market cap for the entire asset class of What $70 trillion next year while it's $1 trillion right now So again I'm not saying such a market Cap is impossible but I don't think it's Happening at the peak of this Market Cycle and I've I've been saying for Years yeah even before we ever saw a Trillion dollar market cap for the asset Class I said eventually it was going to Be there I said that back when the Market cap for crypto was about $150 Billion I was like I I know it seems Impossible now we're at the bottom of The 2018 Market or maybe were early 2019 Somewhere there about anyway and I was Saying that on my YouTube channel it's Out there right now you can go find Those videos I was saying that stuff

Firmly believed it and wouldn't you know What happened we went far above a we Went above $3 trillion ultimately and Then we came back down now we're a Little bit over a trilly okay but I also Said back then and I still believe it to Be the case now eventually there'll be Over A10 trillion doll market cap and Then tens of trillions and probably over A hundred trillion dollar market cap you Know in terms of today's value when it Comes to the United States dollar not Factoring in Inflation that makes a ton of sense to Me but by next Year no in fact consider this if you Consider that we got down to about $150 Billion uh in market cap in whether it Was 2018 I guess it was the end of 2018 When we were there uh and and then we Ended up getting to over three trillion You're talking about over a 20 fold Increase in Price or or in market cap I meant to say Market cap for the asset class the Entire asset class 20 fold Increase pretty incredible right But if you're talking about getting to $70 trillion which is probably where it Would have to be if you're talking about These types of price levels and xrp Getting its piece of the pie you're Talking about a 70-fold increase this Market cycle now hopefully you're

Already aware and if not just let me Share this piece of information with you The more money there is in something the Harder it is to get it to double triple Quadruple so on and so forth you're not Going to get it's going to be or at Least this it's going to be harder to Get a greater multiply effect so if you Believe that there's going to be a Catalyst that is going to melt faces to That degree okay I hope you're right Because I'm in crypto I'd love that but I doubt it's going to happen within the Next year even with a spot Bitcoin ETF I Think that's going to have a profound Impact over a longer period of time and A minimal impact in the short term so Even if price Rockets to whatever degree And we start to feel really impressed And super excited that that could happen I certainly think that's very possible You'd still see a retracement to Whatever degree and then what's most Because it's not going to be the case That everybody that will be in crypto Because of a spot Bitcoin ETF it's not Going to be the case they all jump in Literally the next day it's going to Happen over years and decades so it's Still very profound don't get me wrong But that's why I'm saying if you have This expectation that it's going to Happen next year I just respectfully Disagree and I have a different I don't

Think that it's remotely reasonable to Anticipate that you're going to see a Million dollar Bitcoin $130 xrp next Year but I don't think that it's Impossible to see those price levels I Don't think it's impossible for xrp to Be three digits I don't know if it's Going to happen but over a longer period Of time that doesn't sound crazy Especially as way more money flows in And you have a more mature asset class And more use cases yeah that doesn't Sound unreasonable million dollar Bitcoin if it's going to be number one In terms of market cap forever yeah that Doesn't sound crazy either I don't know If it's going to happen I'm not making a Prediction but it doesn't sound crazy All I'm saying is like there are so many Reasons to be excited to be en crypto Because there really is genuinely life Changing opportunity for wealth there's Reason enough to be excited without Going to these levels where it starts to Seem at least to me subjectively it Seems a bit kooky it seems way too out There it doesn't sound right for for That time period anyway I just don't see How that Happens and then there's This potential spot Bitcoin ETF Greenlight has already been partially Priced in says top coinbase Researcher a coinbase researcher says

The impact of a potential regulatory GR Green light for a US spot Bitcoin Exchange traded fund has already been Partially priced in for the top crypto Asset in a new analysis David dang a Head of institutional research at the Crypto exchange says that the Divergence Between the performance of Bitcoin and The altcoin market suggest that market Participants are already anticipating The approval of one or more Bitcoin ETFs According to dang Bitcoin may not Rally As hard as Traders expect it to when a Spot-based ETF gets the nod since the Highly anticipated event is already Partially priced in quote that makes it Less clear how much more Bitcoin could Outperform if a favorable us Securities And Exchange Commission decision occurs End quote Yeah so it's just interesting Because I've been saying this for at a Minimum weeks probably maybe it's been Months actually just that the days blur Together man they just do I've been Saying this for a long time and so just I never thought it was a crazy idea and So I'm just like okay so somebody of This stature also thinks yeah of course That's what makes sense so for people Like me you know not that I'd been Buying a bunch of stuff but for me I'm Already aware of this and so I just Thought about myself I like well if I Wanted to purchase is this something

That would make me purchase more and for Me the answer would be as if I were Seeking to but my bags have been packed For many years and yes I have purchased Some more along the way but I'm just Like bro like at some point I just gotta Kind of kind of stop or at least slow Down uh which I have I I have I slowed Down quite a bit because I put what many People would think to be an unreasonable Amount of money in crypto so just it is What it is but I'm happy I sleep better At night because of it to be honest with You um but but anyway all that to say Yes so for some people it is and for a Lot of people probably isn't so I think You are going to see a run I don't know To what degree um now if you got that Approval and we were already in the Midst of a crazy Bull Run well then it Would be that much more explosive so When we got approv for Bitcoin Futures In late 2017 that was at the height of The bull run and then Bitcoin when that News came out Bitcoin was what around $10,000 I think and then it ran up to 20 It basically doubled in a few Weeks so that was a different time Though so if you're talking about this News breaking at the height of some some Euphoria like that yeah but you're going To have less you'll still have a major Impact I think but people get excited But it'll probably be less in terms of

Percentage gain right at the gate but Still it's going to be something and That's fine I'm more excited to be Honest with you about what it's going to Mean mean over a much longer period of Time if you're talking about a decade or Two or three my God the amount of money That will flow in wow it's going to be Just the word is profound it really is So there's a lot to look forward to this Is why I'm excited every single day but I I just if I'm going to feel good about Myself I have to live in reality and so That's why when people say these things That I think are a little bit more out There it's it's not a personal attack or Anything I'm just challenging the idea Because I think it's I I just think it's Far too out there that that that's it But can't we just be excited like while Living in reality because there's just Like almost no humans are in this damn Space we know we found something we Believe that don't we broadly speaking Almost nobody knows about this and it's There's true opportunity for Life-changing wealth like can't that be Enough let me know what you think I'm Not a financial advisor you should not Buy your sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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