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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lift Off hey everybody before I get going Today I want to remind you pure VPN who Is one of my sponsors is doing Black Friday 83% off golden ticket 3 months Extra as you go down here you'll see They've got their um the they call it The Golden Ticket Max 344 per month um And this gets uh high-speed VPN secure Password manager IND in file encryption Personal privacy manager and it actually Um look it shows you the massive Discount they're doing this this is all Leading up to uh Thanksgiving and they Had they had reached out to me I have One of these vpns because there's Several things that you've if you're Going to be in crypto that you've just Got to have and uh uh DPN is one of them So that you can surf the Internet Privately and anonymously we're dealing With hackers all over the place out here So it's like one of those must haves if You're going to be invested in crypto um I they gave me a special link to this uh Special so I'll put the link in the very Top of the description of this Video hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and I want to start out By giving a thank you to egg crypto look At him we still need your help to Free Our Big Brother digital asset bu that is The handle well I have some things

Coming up Folks the uh after Thanksgiving it is on Like Donkey Kong folks I'm working uh I'm working on it right now in fact I've Already seen a preview strap in folks Because the digital asset investor Doesn't go quietly and I certainly am Not going quietly uh don't be surprised If you if you uh see me and others pop Up in a Twitter spaces soon or or some Another way to uh to call them all out That's all I'll say on that but thank You EGR Crypto now look at Brad comm's digital Perspectives he interviewed Simon Mlin CEO of uphold and remember uphold Just got the partnership with ripple and To to enhance the odl right and both Uphold and Ripple and link to stalker on the link To platform who is one of my Sponsors their private Equity so think About that as as you listen to this all Right so we're here with Simon mlin he's The CEO of uphold and we are excited not Only to talk about the uphold vault Which is coming very soon but we're also Excited to talk about the new Partnership that uphold has with ripple Tell us a little overview about that Very quickly Simon sure um as you know Ripple payments provides a solution for International companies to move money Cross border uh they do so using uh xrp

Uh we are becoming a node in their Network of liquidity providers and our Function in the network is um a large Company using Ripple payments will open An account on uphold it will be funded With Xrp uh by by Ripple and then our role Will be to convert the crypto into Fiat And to pay out the banks and obviously That that Lego is a is a regulated Activity will'll be operating um UK Europe Europe UK by the way if you hear Anything chomping in the background on This Thanksgiving morning I am eating a Teriyaki beef jerky uh because I was Going to get a biscuit and they didn't Have it people weren't open so anyway That's what's going on in the background Why you listen to this UK uh us Europe Us those are the corridors that we Initially open in um we're very excited Because next year we open into Brazil as Well and uh you know as you probably Know Brad I mean moving money across Border is not just difficult for people Expensive slow and error prone even even Companies it's difficult to move money Across Border in certain Situations um you know we've just got Licensed in Canada uh and you wouldn't Believe how difficult it is just funding The bank account that we've opened in Canada the other day we were kind of Like laughingly saying you know we're

Going to have to send somebody with a Bag of money to Canada to get money into This bank account and it's like it's the I mean it's 2023 this is the kind of problem you'd Expect to have in 1953 so you know very very excited to be Involved in such an Innovative solution Great clear use case of crypto to solve A big uh Mass Market problem well it is Exciting Simon because you know you guys Have a different approach at uphold Anyway you're more like a prime broker Plugged into what 30 30 plus exchanges At this point and you're really making The best markets POS possible for the People that need to make these markets For payments or whatever it is and Coming together with ripple now really Is like a real live example of Ripple Liquidity Hub with the combination of Uphold working together to serve in the Form of pain payments making those best Markets for your Customers what kind of volumes could we Expect to see going forward over the Next year assignment if you could if you Have any well I I mean it's it's hard to Forecast but we're sort of setting Ourselves up initially uh you know with Expectations of around five billion a Year um but you know the the potential Especially as regulatory Clarity you Know is

Now uh uh in in certain parts of the World you know that the volumes be much Higher solving a very large problem um And I think most people know uphold Because of the retail app but actually What uphold is is a web3 financial Platform um and What Makes Us unique is As you said we're a prime broker Connected to 30 underlying venues so on Top of that we have a fully automated High frequency trading stack that's Listening to prices across the entire Market seeing the quantities available At different prices that means we're Able to you know um execute very very Efficiently move large positions in and Out of the market I wasn't going to play This whole clip but it's so good I'm Going to keep playing it why not minimal Price impact you know so that um Ripple Is one of several companies using us you Know effectively to facilitate payments Using using crypto and you know for us It's absolutely the direction we'd like To take the business because it's Embracing the utility use case of crypto Solving a big practical problem and it's Putting our uh it's putting our Liquidity stack to its best possible use Which is you know moving moving large Quantities with minimal price impact so We're very excited about it and the Beauty about payments is people pay for Stuff every day so it's recurring and

You know it's a dependent form of income Well to speak to your point about this About moving into use Case utility and Hopefully at some point that becoming The real price driver for the assets in This this Market that do serve a use Case utility like Ripple the company or Xrp the digital asset for payments and Look and as an uphold shareholder I'm Extremely excited to hear about this Idea of building the the ability to Serve payments on the back end so you're Not riding the speculative wave of the Market up and down on the retail side The deeper part of upholds Market I can Clearly see is going to grow into the Serving the payment side of the market So this is extremely exciting for every Single party involved whether it's you Ripple or xrp the digital asset for Settlement of payments cross borderwise Good job on his part now the fat man Talking about a unified Ledger private And public partnership in this regard There is a great promise in developing The idea of a unified Ledger with a Common programming Environment a unified Ledger is a Digital infrastructure with the Potential to combine the monetary system With other registries of real and a Financial claims it would need to be a Public private partnership with clear Division of roles and where the Central

Bank tasked with under I'm not going to Play the rest of that that guy creeps me Out um I did want to play a little bit Of this I'm not going to play this whole Thing but this is a fund manager talking About world changing technology of Bitcoin well if only he knew about xrp What made you decide this is Lifechanging and I I want to work in This space I want to invest in companies In this space why is Bitcoin Lifechanging yeah I mean look I again so I give you a little bit of like my Academic background and one of the Things when you write like long history Papers or long investment memos you Understand uh like footnotes and you Understand history um how an idea Evolves and so for me um it was at the End of 18 early 19 um I said to myself you know the Market had come off 80 90% from the high In in 17 and I thought all right it's Now cheap I'm also you know I look at Charts and I know pricing prices and I Know markets and I thought all right I'm Gonna lock myself away in my office in My home in Greenwich and I'm not going To give up this time and I spent six Months literally 10 hours a day reading Uh listening to podcasts and again in in In 2019 the sort of academic sort of Intellectual backdrop in the space was

Much more developed than in 2014 in 14 You really only had like Antonopoulos and a few other just a very Few other guys like really explain Things and then later on by 19 you had That wonderful safad okay um he's kind Of boring me me here I thought that he Had some interesting things to say but He does not um this is about the CZ Binance story I do want to play this for You he has to step aside as CEO but only For three years I mean if nothing else They're going to let him come back and Step back in as CEO of this company After all of the things he admitted he Did wrong I can't imagine that happening With any other company in the United States I I agree with you I think this Is a really minor fine I I it's like a Traffic ticket for someone like CZ that said you know this is a company Finance that could have tied up the Department of Justice in litigation for Years and diverted a huge amount of re It would have required them to divert a Huge amount of resource that folks on Its surface is BS you think that the Department of Justice these are a bunch of people that Have all the money they could possibly Want dragging things on is look at Gary Gensler dragging things on at uh is what They do it's what they love to do they Love to put the the people they're suing

Or going after in a position of having To spend money left and right and be Tied up that's what they did to Ripple This is a bogus argument right here this Idea that oh well they didn't want to Spend years and years going after this Guy bull Baloney baloney they wanted this to Happen for a Reason that otherwise this to be settled For a reason so they could send their People in and Co-op this is what I think To do other law enforcement work so they Make hard choices very very often and And this it's real hard when you have an Unlimited budget and you don't have a Profit motive or anything like that for The government one um you know the fact Is that CZ is in the United Arab Emirates that's where he lives there's No extradition treaty so if you can get Him into prison at all and he's now Consented to up to 18 months in prison That's an that's as you have to compare That to zero months in prison and zero Penalty so now let me make it clear I'm Not saying in any way look if this guy Did something illegal just like Sam Bankman freed if he was doing fraudulent Things and that's what was going on here Guy needs to go to prison but what I'm Saying to you is that this is more about The money this go our government this is About the money this is about Wall

Street getting to come in and take over This industry that's what this is really About they could get our rats behind you Watch mark my words Sam bankman freed One way or another will get off the hook Cuz I believe he was helping the Government when he did what he did in Fact we're going to cover that in the in The private group I'm someone laid it Out perfectly um but one more thing I Want to show you before we go go into The private group this is Hester Pierce Talking about the Bitcoin ETF or the Potential heard a lot of reporting in Another matter that has gotten a lot of Attention regarding a spot ETF that There is ongoing conversations between Issuers who have filed some of these Applications and individuals at the SEC And I wonder if you can shed any light On how much you as a commissioner might Be involved in that or really if this is Just happening at the lower uh staff Level at the moment no again I really Can't comment on that but I think I've Been very transparent That I've thought for many years now That that there is no reason for us to Stand in the way of a spot Bitcoin Exchange traded product I have heard a Lot of rep all right now listen listen Close folks because there's several Things we're talking about in the member Group today but listen close you can

Feel it in your gut you've been able to Feel it in your gut for the last three To five years that something's just not Right you know that you're being lied to On many fronts like Elon Musk said one Time it's like they need to have a scop Of the month award you know in your gut That you're being lied to and deceived And manipulated on on multiple fronts by Multiple entities media government you Name it you know it you can feel it I'm Going to I'm going to talk to you in the Member group about your gut and about What you feel and about what I believe Is the year ahead I believe it's going To be explosive I believe it's going to Be scarying I think you're going to be See more lies and you're going to you're Going to see more things that tug at Your gut in a bad and po possibly a good Way in the next year on in so many so Many Ways we're also gonna you you can feel It you don't even have to have me say it You know it you can feel it we're going To talk about that we're also going I'm Not going to really talk about it as Much today but in the in the member Group we have started what I would call An interactive Adventure just for fun um It doesn't have to do what kind of sort Of has to do with crypto but not really But we what I what I plan to do is I Plan to make it evolve into being more

About crypto because I want to find some Things out but it's interesting it's Fascinating it's just a part of what we Do but of course you get no we're not we Don't have any commercials in the in the Private group and that's huge um so if You join for that reason alone it'd be Worth it but it's at D xrp.com and away We go I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family that I am smoking my Turkey and in the Dip.com group we are talking about History changing things thanks for Listening


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