XRP: We’re Waiting For MORE THAN JUST A 10X

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I don't know about you guys but I am not in xrp I haven't been holding Xrp for over six years for just a 10x Increase mind you that would put us Around $5 at the current price level Hovering around 50 cents a little higher Than that right and fine I've said Publicly yeah I'll start scaling out but Uh I'm in terms of the bigger chunks I'm Going to sell I'm definitely expecting a Higher price if I'm going to get what I Want and for me it's going to be a lower Price point than perhaps a lot of people I I hope to be finished scaling out by About eight bucks but I I just think That people aren't thinking big enough Like honestly I just got to ask you guys You guys tell me in the comments section Am I missing the Mark here because a 10x From this level I just don't think that That's thinking big enough I mean if We're talking about a Bitcoin hitting a New all-time high and you're seeing Altcoins follow I don't know why xrp Wouldn't uh it's one of the most Successful ad adopted Cryptocurrencies in history and has been Around for over a decade I mean what Would you expect mind you I'm not making A price prediction but wouldn't you Expect it to be like more like a from The current price level more like a 20 Or a

30X wouldn't you wouldn't that be more Reasonable you know like 10 or $15 for The high well I certainly hope so even Though admittedly yeah I'm going to be Out before that but the only reason I'm Going to be out before that is because I Got completely crazy a few years ago With the quantity of xrp I was Purchasing which made my exit targets Lower that's the only reason my exit Targets used to be a lot higher than What they are right now but I took a Greater risk upfront buying more xrp so That I could hit the dollar figure that I want by reducing my risk at a lower Price point so that's all that is but Still in terms of what's plausible I Just if you're talking about 10x Increase I to me it just doesn't seem Big enough now there's this article from Coin pedia titled Ripple news here's When xrp price might see 10x rally and And they're covering perspective from an Individual who gives five reasons that He thinks that xrp is going to go 10x Like that's some sort of incredible Thing I mean yes I'll be happy to see it Don't don't get me wrong I'll be Flipping my lid but if we're saying like That's what like that's it like that's All we should hope for I think that a Lot of people would be disappointed if That's all that happened just to be real With you but uh he gave five

Reasons and I I'll just I'll just tell You this at the outset I disagree with Four out of Five and I so I just want to run through This and so look and this is not to Attack the individual but um you know This is coming from the second largest Cryptocurrency YouTube channel in Existence and so I think that we should Be able to challenge one another's ideas Uh without making personal attacks and That's what I'm going to do here I'm Going to challenge ideas because I do Have a different perspective I just Think the analysis is missing the mark And I want to talk about it that's what My channel is all about just talking About xrp related stuff and crypto Rel Ated things but uh before going further I do want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy our sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right so let's jump Into this piece here and you guys tell Me if you think I'm I'm missing the Mark Here or if if you think that this Analysis makes sense that's fine we're All entitled to our own perspective but I was left scratching my head wondering

How any can believe this and again this Is coming from the second largest YouTube channel in terms of subscriber Count discover crypto now um I don't Know how many people are familiar with Discover crypto but are you familiar With bitboy crypto remember the bitboy Crypto YouTube channel well not to get Into the specifics you may have heard About the falling out right now between Ben and his team over there and so the Bitboy crypto YouTube channel was Rebranded as discover crypto so they Kept that YouTube channel with over one .4 million subscribers and then bitboy Crypto uh his real name Ben Armstrong of Course he started a new YouTube channel And he's been growing very quickly uh Discover crypto I think they might be Having a little bit of trouble in terms Of getting views and such because let's Be real like Ben Armstrong bit boy Crypto like that was the that's the Reason people were going to the channel And so without him it's not surprising That the audience kind of moved to his New channel that looks to be what's Happened here but um you know in in in Terms of what they're saying about xrp I don't think that this is going to be Helping them any frankly so piece reads As follows in a recent video altcoin Analyst Joe Perry's from discover crypto Shared insights into why xrp could

Experience a substantial surge Potentially reaching a 10x increase in Value Perry's outlined five key reasons Supporting his optimistic outlook for Ripple's Xrp how how is it that in 2024 there's a Single crypto media outlet that says Ripple's xrp when they're not Referencing that xrp which Ripple holds Cuz then you could do it if it's if You're talking about yeah Ripple it's Ripple's xrp that that scre they hold There some okay they're just talking About xrp as though the entirety of it The con the concept it's Ripple how is It it's 2024 like it was more Easily forgivable in 2017 and 2018 but Not so much now really grinds my gears Folks anyway peace continues the first Reason highlighted by Paris Is the the resolution of the SEC Settlement referring to it as a black Cloud that once dissolved could Eliminate uncertainty and drive positive Price movement for Xrp he believes that even if the Settlement terms are higher than Expected the market dislikes uncertainty Making any resolution a positive Development and so I just I'm sitting Here wondering as I'm looking at this Analysis and understanding that this is The in terms of subscriber count the Second largest crypto YouTube channel on

The planet I'm wondering if they're Aware that xrp has legal Clarity because That came down July 13th last year now Known as xrp victory day which is Fantastic it's my favorite day of the Whole year now we're going to celebrate It every year it beats out Christmas Before it was Christmas now it's xrp Victory day it's my favorite day of the Year we're going to celebrate it's going To be fireworks and everything it's Going to be fantastic but uh the fact of The matter is that that is that is done Whatever happens with ripple on the on The you know the small portion of the Lawsuit where they lost on the Institutional side uh it doesn't matter It it literally doesn't matter because That impacts us you and me US xrp 0% it Doesn't matter what the dollar figure is It's not going to change the fact that Xrp has legal Clarity right now period Full stop so even if there's a huge Payout like say Ripple just really gets Raged over the coals in terms of what They have to pay out worst case scenario In terms of dollar payout is the market Going to Care is anyone even going to Pay like I'll talk about it because I Mean we're interested in it but is the Market going to Care in terms of what Speculators are doing I can't imagine That and even if the price goes up a Little bit if the dollar figures low on

The news which I'm not counting on but Even if it does it'll just whip back Into place I mean hell we got legal Clarity for xrp and the market carried For about four hours you know didn't Didn't last very long they went back Into play well a little bit higher you Know but uh I just I can't even imag Anybody gives a damn because it's not Going to impact their holding so I don't Know where that that that analysis is Coming from and then the next next one's Even more Peculiar piece reads as follows and I Did by the way I watched the video Myself to make sure that coin pedia Wasn't misrepresenting what was stated Because they're covering an an actual Video on the Discover crypto YouTube Channel I I read this article I was like There's no way and then I watched the Video I was like well H he did say that Piece continues the second reason Revolves around the the potential IPO of Ripple Perry say suggests rather that legal Clarity from an IPO could encourage Exchanges to relist xrp instilling Positive sentiment and signaling a Regulatory path for the cryptocurrency Okay folks this one really had me Scratch in my Head first of all let's tackle the easy One well I guess I guess the whole

Thing's easy but but in terms of the the Ripple IPO again if Ripple IPOs is the Market going to give a damn I highly Doubt it I mean in theory maybe you get some sort Of small pump this or that but look Historically outside of what happened With the SEC any time Ripple reported Good news the market hasn't Moved in fact some people have been Quite frustrated over the years by that I've covered it on my channel many many Times but I'm like folks Ripple is not Xrp and xrp is not Ripple you should not Be surprised about these things but he Thinks that the IPO is going to be Moving xrp and that's going to it's one Of the things that's going to result in A 10x for xrp uh I I don't agree you Know what's going to cause xrp to go 10x And I think ultimately higher even Though I'm not going to make a price Prediction because I don't know for sure I don't and I could be wrong maybe it Doesn't even hit 10x maybe it maybe it Goes to zero I could be way off fine but The truth of the matter is it has actual Utility it has adoption it's been around For over a decade it's tried and true And the market moves in 10 so if the Market's going to have a blowoff top xrp Is going to have a part of it to me it's That simple it is that simple so the More ridicul ous part though in what he

Said Here um if there's an IPO that could Encourage exchanges to reest xrp and so I'm sitting there who didn't relist xrp I was like are there a bunch of Exchanges and like I just don't know did I just was I just under this impression That pretty much every exchange relisted Xrp because the major ones did like you Know Kraken and crypto.com and coinbase And binance US was I just was I being Tricked was I Hoodwinked and the most of Them didn't relist XR and I didn't Realize it and I was like that sounds Hard to believe but I wanted to be sure So I put out a post on social media Platform X and I wrote are there any Exchanges remaining that delisted or Suspended trading of xrp after the SEC Sued Ripple which have not yet resumed Training of xrp and uh the only response That I got to the affirmative was yes uh From xrp Community member pompus Maxi And I appreciate him sharing this with Me because I didn't realize this uh e Toro Toro did suspend trading here you Can see December 31st 2020 uh suspended Xrp trading in the United States and I Verified they have not relisted it and I Didn't know that also true though as Pompus Maxi says here says yes e Toro But who the hell uses them anymore and I Was like yeah that's kind of a good Point because I didn't know I haven't

Seen anybody mention that even I guess Nobody gives a damn because who's using Them in the United States I don't think That many people so maybe that's but it Is weird that they haven't relisted I Don't know why but nobody else that Respond responded had another exchange That hasn't so if there is another okay But I cannot IM it's like even if e Toro The only one that didn't relist it yet If there are others fine if they do that What kind of volume are we talking about The the largest exchanges on the planet That had delisted they relisted it That's where all the volume is for xrp Anyway so first of all an IPO wouldn't Trigger that because Ripple is not xrp And xrp is not Ripple so that's bad Analysis for that reason it also doesn't Make sense because xrp was already Relisted this is real and I was just Really surprised by this it just doesn't Make Sense he peace continues crypto Legislation emerges as the third factor With Perry's highlighting that legal Clarity in the industry whether through Congressional act or a presidential Decree could Propel xrp to outperform Other Coins um So look as far as legal clarity Specifically for xrp that's the that's The one thing where I I could agree that

That makes sense because we already saw What happened when xrp was Shackled when It was being attacked by the SEC we saw What happened during the last bull phase Yes xrp moved in tandem it there was That correlation with the rest of the Market but it didn't h a new all-time High because people were afraid and so I I do agree with that but that's the one Thing where I agree here but uh beyond That I don't think the rest of this Makes sense number four uh the fourth Reason focuses on institutional adoption Perry anticipates that as Bitcoin ETFs Gain mainstream acceptance investors May Diversify their portfolios by adding xrp Leading to increased adoption by Family Offices and retirement accounts well Folks there's not an xrp ETF in there Won't be anytime soon so outside of that If you're talking about institutional Adoption uh I don't think that's the Primary driver at this point and it Won't be for this Market cycle it's Regular speculators regular people like You and me driving this and I'm not Saying there's no institutional pull and There are whales of course there are but What's really driving this whole thing Well I've seen too many cycles to to Prove the point that it it has been and For this cycle I believe will be regular People it's just it's speculators that Are doing the whole speculation thing

That that's it there's there isn't Sufficient proof to the to the to the Opposite or to the alternative just is It's and the same is true for Bitcoin Eth picket it's for the entire asset Class that hasn't changed there's not Enough meaningful adoption in that way We we we that's one of the cool things Like we were here before the Institutions that's kind of the point And that's where we are now we're still Ahead of pretty much all the Institutions so I disagree with that as Well peace continues the fifth and final Factor discussed by Perry's is the Upcoming Bitcoin having schedule which He believes could trigger a broader Crypto Market rally in the scenario xrp Priced around 50 cents might be Perceived as a lucrative opportunity and Again this this makes no sense look and You know the blockchain backer's done a Good job on his Channel at times I've I've witnessed myself highlighting how It actually doesn't line up in terms of The price movements but even setting That aside almost all Bitcoin is already In Existence this Bitcoin having uh Narrative is bogus nonsense BS I don't I I don't know why he's Buying this is like the strangest Analysis for why xrp would go up x Amount in this case he says 10x it just

Doesn't make sense to me now I think xrp Can go way higher than 10x I think That's a possibility I mean I'm holding Extrap because I'm hoping that ends up Happening you know but uh for these Reasons none of this makes sense none of This makes any sense except for the the Legal aspect because xrp again we Clearly hampered to put it lightly last Cycle uh not exactly a problem Now you guys let me know what you think I just wanted to share some thoughts on This because I just I was surprised to See this I was like this Is this is not a particularly great Analysis I just I just I just Respectfully disagree with the ideas in Here other than the one that I cited you Guys let me know what you think though And how high do you think xrp is going To go right I mean 20 or 30X wouldn't That be more realistic if x if bitcoin's Going to go at least I mean if Bitcoin Doesn't then I'm not optimistic xrp is Going to hit a new high this cycle but Uh if Bitcoin does I don't think I don't Think the guys thinking big enough Anyway I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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