Ripple Chairman/CEO On “Unauthorized Access”(Not Hack?) Of XRP & ETH Investigative Reporter

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lift Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and I am still a little Under the weather you can probably hear It in my my Voice but I do come here to tell you Ignore the noise xrp wins in the end I Fully believe this I don't boy if you Knew how many things I had seen since 2013 you know what the the one that that Got me the worst was in 200 I guess it Was 15 I remember holding xrp and Reading that Ripple had been fined by Finsen $700,000 for Um what was the I don't remember what The charge was or whatever but anyway Bottom line is that's when I I I Remember sitting there going oh man this Thing's Over and then that passed and this too Shall pass um but anyway the whole uh Chris Larson hack thing Yesterday the the interesting thing About the the hack to me was the wording Of what of what he said because it Doesn't sound like it was a hack in fact I need to go let me look at what while You're here let me look at what his Wording was and I'll say what you're I'll say what I was thinking Here um yesterday there was unauthorized Access to a few of my personal xrp

Accounts not Ripple that doesn't sound Like a hack to me unauthorized access to Me um Says that he must have had accounts that Were watched after at Ripple or at some Custodian and someone unauthorized Access sounds like somebody that works At one of those places access the Accounts that's what it sounds like to Me but who knows he says this is an is Isolated incident and ripple wallets are Secure we're never compromised we've Confirmed nearly all the affected funds Were converted out of xrp we're working With law enforcement and have been Advised the significant portion of the Funds have been frozen and are pursuing The remainder aggressively many thanks To xrp foundation and silk this is Thomas silk J for their help then Brad Garlinghouse weighed in give given some Irresponsible speculation and Reporting I want to reiterate that no Ripple Managed wallets were compromised full Stop now um CNBC and all of the crypto Ethereum Bitcoin media never speak about Ripple and xrp but all of the sudden When there's something bad they want to Talk about it here's CNBC xrp's price Blockchain slw Zack xbt pointed out in a Post on X that around $112 million in Xrp had seemingly been stolen on Tuesday Speculation that the Ripple platform had Been hacked sent the price of xrp

Tumbling but in a post on X this morning Ripple co-founder Chris Larson clarified That it was his own personal accounts That had been accessed not a hack of Ripple itself Larson said the problem Was quickly caught and exchanges were Told to freeze the affected addresses he Also said law enforcement was involved All right some other and then you've got This is decrypt media when you think Decrypt think ethereum these guys never Talk about Ripple or xrp but all of a Sudden they're fascinated and they're And they they make sure to point out how Much s RP that Ripple holds but they Never ever will bring up the fact that The whales from the ethereum io were Disguised and never do they want to look Into it or find out who owns all the Ethereum because that would break their Narrative the Ripple did you guys see The Ripple founder Hack what the hell was that that it's to Go hacked right dude so so this the Ripple got hacked for $133 million right To the show so it's here per decrypts Article uh Ripple founder hacked for 130 13 sorry million xrp drops Five Points Ripple's xrp token dropped following Word of $12.5 million hack which Co-founder Chris lson said were from his Personal Accounts that's I didn't see this I I Saw that did his Twitter get hacked as

Well I just maybe I just saw the Headline but um let's I mean this Literally just happened just posted it On X yeah uh Uh see look at this it's Zack xvt picked Up on it so it's two 23 million xrp Tokens that were hacked wow that's crazy And they've been laundered through Mexi Gate binance Kraken okx htx hitbtc Etc Um so this was like a pretty organized Coup like type of thing going on here Organized like one thing people you have To realize with ripple is the reason why The SEC came out off them is is their Team owns a ton of tokens like It's only It's million Tokens uh that's insane I mean Chris Larsson co-founder said yesterday but They didn't go after ethereum who had an Ico where Joseph Luben on video Describes disguising whales and none of These clowns want to know about who the Disguised whales are and how that Ethereum dist distribution worked out From that Ico unauthorized access to a Few of my personal xrp Accounts not not rle uh we were quickly Able to catch the problem and notify Exchanges to freeze the affected Addresses uh law enforcement is already Involved this is Wild this is this is a big hack um yeah Look I'm

GNA I'm going to show you guys a big a Big hack here in a minute that you will Never cover in fact let's get to it um I'll get to this tether thing in a Minute here's a hack that these guys Will never cover this is from a this is An investigative journalist something We've never had on the ethereum Gang good morning balic given that you Are reported to be living in Montenegro Boring sluth is making a very serious Accusation that the ethereum foundation Was connected to the gatecoin hack Mainly through this transaction they They've got the receipts folks I've sent You an email to ask you about it and Whether you know who is the owner of the Address in question namely this address I think this is very serious accusation Which you should be able to deny unless You can can Andor are willing to explain The connection between ethereum Foundation and this address you have Always spoken as a person who supports Satoshi's principles of transparency and Truth so I genuinely assume you would be Very willing to explain or deny and Clear deny a clear and explicit Blockchain connection with a crypto Criminal between the found you founded Greatly Appreciated and then he goes on uh or he Points out somewhere in here maybe he Just said it that he had sent uh vitalic

Butan a uh message that vitalic open on WhatsApp and he still didn't Respond which that is a big deal folks But meanwhile you got Scott milker and This guy James ciper and they're Towing The same uh when is the Bitcoin ethereum ETF the kind of Beering and pivoting Away from fighting ethereum and Bitcoin On this front and they're going to go so They're talking the same Bitcoin Ethereum ETF talk so I asked the Question are you guys really going to Flat ignore this and continue the eth ETF talk so the wolf of all streets Who's Scott mil he says yeah don't even Know what this is so he's blowing it off And so I said okay hey boring sleth Steven nof looks like Scott milker Hasn't heard about any of your ethereum Facts this is great because you can now Inform him and maybe he can uh have have You on to discuss and then he says I Know Stephen I'm superficially aware Didn't read what you sent which is what I was referring to well the thing is Scott now you know that's the good thing And now since they have facts you should Have them on why wouldn't you have them On and hear and and present to the world Their Facts because you know the truth Matters so it's good that Scott's aware Of this now now back to this tether Thing the these people tweeted this

Proudly the Bitcoin magazine people just In tether own now owns over $2.8 billion In Bitcoin on their balance sheet well I Have two questions first question is What is stable about Bitcoin why would That be on tether's balance sheet Sheet well the only reason it would be On tether's balance sheet to keep their Stable coin stable would be if they know That it when when they print tether out Of nothing it increases the value of Bitcoin so they don't have to worry About the stability of Bitcoin it's only Upside because they decide when they Print and increase the value of Bitcoin you're talking about something That stinks to high heaven boys and Girls that's it well this does too but Now let me give you something else that Um stinks to high heaven Chris Dixon From Andre and Horwitz put out his book Uh the other day and look the reason I Don't leave this alone is because Chris Dixon is the guy that Jay Clayton met With to head up the Bitcoin ethereum Free pass and he did but now he's making His rounds and writing his book as if He's fighting for the whole industry and And he's another guy now he's talking About and he I was listening to him Yesterday he's talking about how he's so Concerned about the blockchain industry Being inclusive and that's the only way To do it well he wasn't inclusive back

When they were when they were Formulating the Bitcoin ethereum free Pass their objectiv objective was very Simple to get Bitcoin and ethereum out From under Securities laws they weren't They weren't worried about any other Blockchain just those two and then they Then The the uh based on what Joseph Luben Was saying in all of his interviews After that oh well there not there's not Going to be any more clarity and there Wasn't any more clarity com coming out Of the SEC which meant the SEC intended To slam the door on all other digital Assets so where was Chris Dixon's Inclusiveness when he only they only Included ethereum in the safe harbor Memo that went before the SEC don't take My word for it listen to that I think That's one of the one of the things that The crypto people do that makes them Disliked is that they say things like Half fun staying poor and a bunch of Other things which is just not inclusive It's not like it it I don't know it's Just it's just not like we should be Thinking about how do we use this Technology to improve people's lives and Improve the internet and be inclusive Like if you're not like it's by Definition if you're ex that's exclusive Speech like if you want to if you want To grow the movement you need to be

Inclusive like so J Clayton then tells Andrees and Horwitz which is a huge Investor tells Chris Dixon at Andre and Horwitz crypto right they have the 2.2 Billion fund big ether backers he says Write a memo up for us and tell us what You want they write a memo in a safe Harbor proposal there are multiple Meetings that take place a secret Meeting in March of 28th of 2018 and it gets leaked because there's Some stuff going on in there and they Propose a safe harbor for crypto but the Only crypto they mentioned is ether and Then what happens on June 14 2018 Bill Henman gratuitously as Director of Corporation and finance very High up at the SEC gives his Infamous Speech where he says setting aside the Fundraising that took place with ether It is sufficiently decentralized today And therefore current sales of ethereum Are no longer considered a security he Goes on CNBC and he says well you know when we Look at ethereum we don't see a Third-party Promoter you just had a meeting with Them it's a back room deal you just had Meetings with him he had a meeting on June 8th six days before the speech he Had a meeting with the promoter so he Gets up there and says we don't see it In criminal law this sounds like a

Proper meeting almost and then Absolutely then all the people start Asking what about that xrp xrp was Actually number two at the time behind Bitcoin and it was battling ether for The number two spot oh we're not going To comment on any further tokens full Decentralization and that's what the Hinman speech which tracks my memo Pretty well has has come out and said And him and speeches General said okay Decentralization we think gets both Bitcoin and ether out of Security's law Status I think what a complete joke so Mr inclusive here uh he didn't he didn't Have any other blockchain companies Represented in those meetings it was Only for a Bitcoin for Bitcoin and Ethereum they weren't interested in Others I don't remember Ripple getting An invitation to that party now uh we're Going to go in and in there Folks I'm I'm using it for the purpose That it's for and that is to show you Things that I couldn't show you out here If I showed them out here I'd get kicked off of YouTube or Wherever or I'd get dinged or whatever But I can show them in my in my group if You want to find out what's really going On in our world and see the truth of What of what the bad guys are up to and What they're they're trying to do that Which hopefully we can

Prevent um then come in there I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family here we Go


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