XRP “Watershed Moment” & Ripple Swell Takeaway: Banks WILL use XRP

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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I just Realized I got flagged for C copyright On a video where I was playing swell Stuff that's rookie mistake or Intentional Mistake by Ripple they maybe They don't want people showing their Their videos from swell on social media Well if that's the case then why put Them on social media someone needs to be Corrected over there about putting Copyrighted music over the top of the Things that makes no sense here's one That's not copyrighted you need to hear For instance company called tug that is One of the main electric vehicle Manufacturers in Turkey well the main Actually the only and they use Organization for various newes that you Would never think about when you when Your brain is is you know looking at Silanizing gold or currencies with Stable coins Etc it really pushes you to A point where you can think about Organization as a way to you know manage The ownership of your house you know Opening the door is actually some form Of a token relationship opening your car Securing your ownership Way Beyond the Traditional ass that we begin with today So Junior because you are today very Advanced of course in your journey can

You tell us a little bit about the use Cases that you have energy as a company And where you see the market Moving Um yes I think there is um a number of Opportunities that are often talked About in terms of Securities and I think Actually property has a greater Opportunity in term in terms of Tokenization um and I think there's also Those areas where transfer of value is Difficult or challenging whether that's Through economical regulation or Society Type challenges um the point I'm just Going to move the conversation a little A little bit and you can pull me back if You want but I think the bigger Challenge that we've got when we talk About tokenization is around both the Regulatory and legal St so who owns Those assets and what it is but also the Control Function and just very simple Example example you know if Apple have Got a th000 shares I think they have one Or two more if they have a th000 shares And I buy a share I have 1,000 of that Business okay how do I know they haven't Given them 1,1 100 okay I have people The exchanges the Auditors the Accountants the lawyers all giving me Assurance there's only 1,000 Apple uh Assets out there so if we tokenize this Building and I haven't had the joy of Coming here do I know it exists do I

Know it is St of substance do I know the Occupancy rate Etc I'm going to have to Rely on a lot of experts to understand The physical asset and the Providence of That before it then gets tokenized and I Think where the use case is going to Come out is where you can get that uh Providence absolutely nailed and done it In a very effective way that becomes Really really interesting tokenize gold And Real Estate 6 trillion by2 30 that goes right in line with this to Me listen this from Black Swan Capitalist within three Years and possibly sooner rather than Later Years that the new World will New World start Operating their new Currency which is linked to 20 odd Commodities but those Commodities are not priced in Dollars they are valued in grams of Gold I think it is very likely from my Chats in this part of the World That it won't be long Before oil is Sold not in dollars but in some other Currency how about xrp that would work Now you know the drill folks I'm buying Physical gold I'm buying gold in my Glenn account and I'm buying xrp or not

Not necessarily currently but that's the Way I have done things miles Franklin Precious metals I have currently been Buying physical gold code dii gold info@ Mfranklin What they told me 9529 29706 um check this out I saw this going Around today it's from November 1st but I love it anyway imminent $3 trillion Watershed moment 300% crypto price shock Could be about to blow up Bitcoin Ethereum and xrp and then egg crypto did This xrp confirmed a Boom um uh He's talking about the the charting but Then down here he says in the current Confirmed boom cycle xrp's market cap is Once again rebounding from FIB point5 Hing at an imminent Kaboom Cosmic Ignition I love that and then he says Stay steady xrp closing above 51.3 Billion FIB 702 level could be there's that word Again watershed Moment for Vic ictory 4H our Victory I like it I like all of that Tons of thumbnails in There topper by uphold is now live on Xrp toolkit an interface designed to Connect users to The xrp Ledger send Receive and trade any asset issued on The xrp Ledger Ledger created by too Labs upholds got it going on Folks okay here's a video I can't play

You from swell but I'll just show you The quote it it would be responsible for The bank to not to learn these Technologies and adapt to to stay Relevant that's Marlon Hernandez head of Heritton business China Bank this is not A bank in China though this is a bank in The Philippines Mr B brought that to my Attention I also can't play you this Video leaders from Circle Dubai Blockchain Center um fo crypto Oasis took to the State to the stage to discuss real world Utility and building in Dubai crypto Ecosystem and what's bringing Entrepreneurs to the Region um then I I can't play you this One either day two at Ripple swell Started strong with Hinton orer CEO Vera Sharing insights on regulatory Opportunities challenges and the journey To make UAE a global hub for Innovative Financial technology including crypto And block chain I did want to go back to This one right here for a second it Would be irresponsible for the bank not To learn about these Technologies and I'll make a statement of what I believe Is fact for years we've heard that banks Will not use xrp banks will be using xrp Banks will use xrp write it down I said It Sam Lyman says bad Intel can get Halfway across the world before the Truth has a chance to put its pants on

In this case it made it all the way to The Oval Office I think the I think what he's Talking about is how Elizabeth Warren What I had heard in the past is that Elizabeth Warren had cut a deal uh when She was running in the presidential race And she was one of the Democrats against Biden and the deal was I'll I'll get out Of the race and you can have it if I get To be in charge of all things Financial In the White House and so she's been Appointing her people and she's anti- Crypto some Bank incumbent somewhere or Several are paying her to be anti- Crypto and so and she's nothing but a Liar we've seen that time and time again She's the same this the same woman that Talks about her oh she cares so much About global warming and all this while She's getting off a private jet and Hiding behind one of her staff Members so that you can't see her that's Called a liar and that's what she is and Just by pure coincidence this liar Happens to be best friends with Gary Gensler who we also know is a liar birds Of a feather Right and then we've got this um Step Narof had tweeted this video he says This guy has solid research and appears Independent in his analysis which is Hardly uh given these days for the Record my focus is on individual

Accountability constructive outcome for All of crypto including ium my Commentary on this is who is this guy And where has he been because and I'm Not talking about Stephen n n I'm Talking about this guy the these people Show up we we've been uncovering all of This and pointing it out for over three Years and now it's almost like okay now Steven nof comes out he's a Whistleblower that was actually one of The ethereum people there and now this Guy's going to cover it where were you For the last 3 years when the xrp Army Was pointing out nothing but video and Facts we were showing it all we showed It all and now everybody wants to show Up to the party because now the coast is Clear and they have a whistleblower now Don't get me wrong I'm all for this guy Doing this but don't act like it's some New discovery and you just discovered um America or something and you're Christopher Columbus or whatever okay Now what we're about to talk about at in The private group D xrp.com We're we've got a new new corruption Bombshell and we're going to tie we're Going to show you they're tying IM to you know that country over there That starts with a c and we also refer To them with the three letters two of Them are C and one's a p we're going to Talk about that we'll also sprinkle in

Some Gary gentler and a lot of his Corrupt buddies that are also it's it's Not one side of the aisle it's both Folks so we're heading off um so I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family to head off into Dip.com if you want to hear about the See you know What Oh


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