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The switch flip today with ISO 2022 2000002 everybody's believing that the Switch was flipped and we're going to Break that down today and I'm going to Help you take a deep Breath and understand how the game Actually works when you look this way There's a whole another narrative going On this way my name is coach JV what I Work to do is make very complex macro And microeconomic strategies very simple So the normal every day person can Understand them not understand them and Take advantage of the biggest Transformation in wealth in history I Have two amazing resources for you guys Number one is a 16-page guide on exactly How I got here the exact blueprint Absolutely free in the description of This video and in the link in my profile Uh for social media number two is Teaching you how to protect your wealth We ensure our wealth with tax code 7702 as everybody loses their principle We ensure compound and grow our wealth I'm a licensed insurance agent I have LIC Insurance AG all 50 states and it's Absolutely free absolutely free you said Nothing to us so be careful of scammers Out there it's a free consultation to Share with you tax code 7702 description Of the video or social media platform so Let's dive into this so ISO 20,2 I don't

Know how people position that or how They say it but remember this dis chart Here remember this would this be a chart Or diagram right so as we all got into This back in 20 20 20 some of you many Many earlier than that while I was Introduced to xrp transitioning from 2019 to 2020 we all understood at a very Deep level now remember let me pause for A moment I came from the banking system Okay I came from the banking system so I Understand banking at a very deep level I went to CBA executive banking School Banks have to switch the system has to Switch let me pause for a moment guys Today a flip wasn't switched or switch Wasn't flipped today the switch was Flipped a long time ago guys they Started transition in 2009 specifically 2012 a bunch of switches happened the Fomc was created Rosie Rios is told to Reduce coining cash usage the bank Bailing committee was created Obama Created the rescue plan that turned the Printing machine on full blast you need A shock to the system so this is just a Date yesterday November 19 2023 in a Roadmap process of a switch to Distribute Ledger technology on demand Liquidity and on top of that ISO 2000002 which is is a brand new Messaging system okay messaging has to Be at the speed of light just like the Movement of money and supply chain needs

To be at the speed of light so this Diagram was put out and you see all These interconnections between Ripple R3 IBM Stellar which is xlm Ripple being Xrp you have Iota you have all these Things you have JP Morgan in there Circle algorand Swift then you have Corda with ISO 2000002 okay so I want to share this With you guys that this is an Infrastructure change for your financial System we can't operate in the new bank Old banking system guys industrial ER is Done the transition from Web 2.0 to web 3.0 and Industrial to technical takes CH Changes in all technology so what is Happening yesterday or the switch that Happened there's many banks that are not On board but I'll kind of take you Through this for just a moment I don't Want you get caught up and I need people I don't need anybody to do anything what I'm doing is I teach my friends and Family and my Warriors around me we have A long-term perspective guys crypto Isn't Our Only investment we're Diversified across multiple platforms This is a long-term game we're focused On 2025 and a long-term Horizon guys we Don't focus on small little price action We have an exit plan as it goes Parabolic and we use things like Insurance businesses precious metals and We continue to diversify into things

Like real estate so that we can Transform our fam's timeline crypto is a Very spective asset that is going to Have regulation from 2025 going on and Beyond and you're going to start to see Massive in institutional adoption but You have to have an exit plan so this is What's happening within the ecosystem ISO 2000002 is bytes for payments a look Ahead at 2023 is important Milestones so You can go yourself on the Swift website And you go through all the Milestones Okay that marks uh the start of Coexistent and new possibility this Marks a significant milestone for Payments industry and the start of a Coexistent period which runs until November 2025 during this period both Mt And ISO 202 messaging will be supported And enabled in financial institutions to Migrate the new standard at their own Pace there is so many banks that are not On board guys there's so many banks but All banks have to get on board at some Point that's where all this Innovative Technology comes in you have companies Like Ripple that can bring the cloud Technology for distributed Ledger Technology and have payment systems like Xrp all of them are going to be Switching to the iso 20,000 O2 messaging System but yesterday was a switch where A lot of banks were coming up online you Got Barclays they have it on their

Website introducing ISO 2000002 sometimes referring to MX by Swift as a standard allows for richer More structured data content than the Current Legacy messaging standards guide It's all about just a switch in a system It's nothing to freak out about there's Not going to be massive price Appreciation if there is it's just based On emotion guys there's not enough Institutional adoption there's not Enough of volume you're going to see it After the Bitcoin having you're GNA see It when the EFT or Bitcoin ETFs my Dyslexia Bitcoin ETFs get approved my Apologies if I mix up words and acronyms I have massive dyslexia so Bitcoin ETFs Get approved you're going to see massive Institutional adoption but we're all Going to be pulling profits as people Are coming in okay so this is JP Morgan They have it on their site ISO 20,2 Migration okay then we jump over here This is about WS Fargo 2023 looms as big Year for ISO 2022 according to Wells Fargo I just Want to show you all these Banks this Has been going on for a very long time Now this is HSBC ISO 202 the new Language of payments and if you want to Go a little bit deeper here this is Right here you can see this dtcc the Depository Trust Company on on November 19th they were implementing and moving

Over to the system of iso 20 2000002 okay so I just want to take Everybody take a deep Breath and understand the switch was hit A long time time ago guys everything You're seeing is just a next step in the Process problem reaction solution first They Resisted then they sue it okay then they Regulate it then they join it we're now In regulation and joining phase the Ripple case was a big Catalyst okay now That's going to settle you're going to Have regulatory clarity now they're Going to bring in regulatory Clarity on The back end of 2023 going to 2024 They're going to wipe out a ton of Cryptocurrencies so just make sure you St folus on fundamental real world Solved cryptos and have an exit plan From 2024 to 2025 secure in things that Are going to help you compound grow and Protect your wealth and then you can Repeat the cycle because we're going to Have a lot of boom and bus Cycles we're Going to have ai Cycles coming in we're Going to have all these new Innovative Technologies guys this is just the start Of a massive transition now the good News about this is we're supposed to Expand Consciousness okay history Repeats itself because humans are cyclic We're not supposed to continue to repeat This Consciousness that's happening

Right now people are trying to fulfill Biblical prophecies Jesus said it's Already finished it's already done it's History it's time to believe in yourself And expand Consciousness guys so again I Share with you guys what I'm doing then I'm going to share with you at the end Of the five things that I talk about I'm Going to share with you a special thing That I have for you guys a lot of people Keep asking me about my spiritual Ascension things like that but first I Have cryptocurrency guys so I have an Exit Plan set up in cryp crypto so as Everybody's coming in I'll be exiting 50% of my portfolio on the way up I'll Be securing in number two index Universal life which is tax code 7702 We're already set up we continue to set Up new policies very important though Very important that your agent is not Trying to maximize their Comm commission They're maximizing your living benefits It's extremely important how your agent Sets it up number three we're Diversified in business pro PR Information technology and attention Precious metals and most of all self Development so my relationship with my Higher power and my Ascension process is So extremely important to me but I want To share with you guys a lot of people Will get tons of messages every single Week about my relationship with my

Higher power things like that I believe In God and I follow the life of Jesus Well I work with what I call I call him The Ascension coach he just calls Himself a person existing within my life What like all great leaders do but I Want to share something with you guys That's going to be down below here so we Did a boot camp because um I work with a A coach and author of a book and um I'm Being kind of secret about it and you'll See the video with it because this Information can't be truly out to the Public guys this type of stuff is all The stuff that's hidden in plain sight This is the reason why I'm so calm I Spend 8 to n hours a day researching at A very very deep level make the path to The light difficult so the weak and Weary will not follow so what I decided To do is bring my Ascension coach and I Made it very affordable in a boot camp So people can go through phase one boot Camp to see how the interconnectedness Of all of this works now this is not for The people who are not ready for a Mindblowing discovery to understand how The quantum Field Works how it's all Interconnected and how connected Everything is this is how we've been Able to free ourselves over the past Gosh since 2020 specifically this last Year and understand what true wealth is Which is magnetism which may be the

Richest man in the world and it's not Money it's not physical it's Understanding how this works and to Expand Consciousness so this is special Boot camp there's phase one and phase Two so this is phase one of the boot Camp we launched it to our private Community I'm not putting this in ads I'm not putting it out to the full Public I'm just doing it here on my Social to my friends um and if you want To jump into the boot camp you will see Exactly why I stay so calm exactly why I Don't fight an invisible enemy and why I Understand in the beginning is the end And how I be able to completely Transform my life my family's life and Generations to come so if you'd like to Dive into that boot camp that is down Below you'll see it right on the top of The description of this video or in my Social media platform so I appreciate You guys I love you as we always say Warriors rise get your together Let's go see you on the Inside


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