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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lifp [Music] Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and I'm going to do a Video that's a little different today I'm going to take you on a take you on a Walk down memory lane with all of the um Eth gate and the Ripple lawsuit and all I'm going to show you a little bit about What it was like in 201718 show you what the what the Numbers looked like and some of the Reasons I think that that Ripple and xrp Were Targeted um it if you if you looked back Then The market had very clearly determined Who the winner was and it wasn't Bitcoin It wasn't Ethereum and it had determined that for The same reasons that the xrp Army is Bigger than any community in crypto same Reason you're pissed and I'm pissed to This day because we were right we are Right and the there's a the question I've always had is why xrp why Ripple Why did they pick this one and I think It comes very obvious when you look at The landscape back then so I went to Grock and I typed in what was the top Performing cryptocurrency in 2017 the top performing crypto Cryptocurrency in 2017 was Ripple xrp

With a staggering increase of 3618 per in value it went from 0.65 per token at the start of 2017 to Around $225 by the end of the year in Comparison Bitcoin which is more widely Known only only saw an increase of about 1,300% during the same period ethereum Another popular cryptocurrency saw a Rise of about 13,000 per Ripple's Impressive performance in 2017 can be Attributed to its unique approach to Facilitating crossb payments and its Partnerships with major financial Institutions while it's important to Note that past performance is not indic Indicative of future results Ripple's Success in 2017 certainly made it stand Out in the world of crypto currencies in Other words every Everything Ripple was Doing was the right way to do it Including going above and beyond to work With regulators and say we want to be Compliant all those things the other Guys were not doing those as the history Has has shown they were doing the Shady Stuff and it's the people who are Aligned with the ones doing the Shady Stuff that went after Ripple so now Let's look at the the I went back and I Found some tweets from back then because The market had made its decision it Wasn't a coincidence that Ripple was Performing the way it was and all of

That stuff they've tried to rewrite History over the course of time and act Like everybody has always thought that Somehow Bitcoin and ethereum were Somehow Superior and it was a lie it was A narrative that they they built and Created Over The Last 5 Years top 20 This is from December 30th 2017 top 20 cryptocurrencies market cap January 1 2017 market cap December 30th 2017 and you can see the list right Here and you can see what the returns Were look at that Ripple everybody knew It you might recognize some of of these Names you might not recognize some of The others as you go Down and then uh here here's another Here was another tweet on our Yahoo Finance crypto heat map today and Remember Yahoo finance these are the Same people Yahoo Summit was where Bill Henman made his speech this tweets from Dece December 28th 2017 about 24 25 or 6 days later Jay Clayton will sit down at Andre's and Horwitz with Chris Dixon to put in Motion what became the ethereum free Pass Folks in our y but but here during this Time everybody knew Yahoo knew they all Knew xrp's up 20,000% in 2017 20,000% they even took the time to Spell it out what is Ripple you ask a

Company a protocol a coin explainer that Had a link to it here's the Yahoo Article what is Ripple and what is is Xrp it goes down here they even Interviewed Stefon Thomas says Ripple's Net um right here there's San Francisco Based software company original Originally called opencoin opencoin that Sells products to banks financial Service companies enabling them them to Send and receive International payments And settle transactions more Quickly um Ripple's network of nodes is Ain to the Bitcoin blockchain although Ripple's Network did not launch until 2012 the concept originated in 2004 Which predates Bitcoin at Bitcoin as Ethereum Creator vitalic butterin wrote In 2013 as Ripple CTO Stefon Thomas puts it Since its Creation in 2012 The xrp Ledger has been operating as a Next Generation alternative to the proof of Work concept that was originally Introduced by Bitcoin as the root Ledger For the digital last set xrp xrp Ledger Is an Enterprise blockchain supporting The institutional use case of crossb Payments remember it this way xrp is to Ripple what ether is to ethereum or what Bitcoin is to bitcoin Blockchain but there's an important Difference between xrp and Bitcoin xrp Was never intended to be a public

Digital currency the way that Bitcoin Was it is merely a utility the banks or Financial institutions that use x rapid Conduct their transaction in xrp the Company calls xrp a settlement Token and then there's this um this is G These there were a few different um Lists that I've seen going around Recently this is June 30th of 2013 just So you see this looks like it's right Before Bitcoin or xrp came on to the Coin market cap list when it came on it Was they called it Ripple on the list When it first first came on and it it Was immediately up in this range up here But you'll see some of these um I Remember these days I was there feather Coin there was even a barbecue coin it Was just really an interesting time Period and then here's one from James Rule now he I don't know where he pulled This snapshot August 2013 but it shows Xrp but back then it said Ripple on coin Market cap I don't know if this is from Coin market cap or a different place but You'll see some of these um and I I Remember all these things pure coin Namecoin World coin devcoin I mean those Just all kinds of I remember infinite Coin because you could buy like you Could have like a trillion of them that Would basically what way way way below Pennies there was so many of Them okay okay so I went to grock and I

Said because to to me this is what's Interesting in this space which Cryptocurrencies have remained in the Top 10 most consistently since 2013 one Bitcoin two ethereum three xrp Four Litecoin five Bitcoin cash six EOS Seven binance coin eight Stellar nine Cardono 10 tether when I look at this List here's what interests me which ones Has the SEC and The Regulators not gone After at one Time well first of all not Bitcoin They've not gone after ethereum they Went after xrp they have not gone after Litecoin because Litecoin there's Nothing there anymore I mean it's like Even the the founder left I mean he sold All of his Litecoin Bitcoin cash they've Not gone after EOS they did go after as I recall binance not the coin yet but They' gone after binance they have not Gone after Stellar they have not gone After cardano I've always thought maybe Charles hoskinson knows where the bodies Are buried and so they can't they' have Not gone after tether which is literally A money printing machine Offshore our SEC seems to like offshore Companies as long as they don't collapse Because of the fraud or whatever that They're doing Doing so but I find it interesting that All of these have have remained in that Top 10 for all this time or pretty much

For the most Part out of all think about it out of All those thousands of Tokens now I went to coin paprika and This is the returns this year on all These digital assets um if you look this Is 7day 30-day quarter and the year year And you know even though the last little Bit xrp I mean think about it xrp's had A lawsuit none of these things are under A lawsuit except xrp how has it stayed Up here like this I mean yeah it's Negative for seven 30 and the quarter But not like by some not in crypto not By some crazy amount and for the year It's up 29% that's some Pretty that's really hanging in there Considering everything it's been through And even if you look at the at the Alltime the the percentage from all-time High look at it 660 per off your All-time high after everything that Ripple has been through is nothing but What's interesting here's what's Interesting look at the ones the the Ones that are furtherest from their All-time high you can't really count Tether because that's a stable coin the Ones that are further from their All-time high Xrp Tron which I don't really know what Much about what's going on with that These

Days that's a stable coin Bitcoin cash Where is Stellar's not up in these But so basically Xrp has has been off its all-time high For the longest period of time out of All of these because of what because of Regulatory capture and that's it Now I went and found some tweets that I Found interesting from 2017 during that same time period that Could be could be some of the indicators One of them I had never seen and I'm About to show it to you but they could Have been the indicators one of them is From Ripple themselves now what I'm Going to do and and it's a tweet where It's like whoa that's a shot across Acoss the bow and you have to wonder if This would be one of those things that Was that Precipitated them deciding to come at The powers that be deciding to come After Ripple this it could have been something As simple as that I'm going to show it In Dip.com So I'm going to show it here in a second I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment adviser this for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and Family wait till you see a couple of

These Tweets in dp.com here we [Music] [Music] Go [Music]


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