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Welcome back to the show everybody well I've been saying it a lot of people been Saying it there's a new system coming in Well guess what it's very real ladies And gentlemen you're not going to hear Me just say it today how about the President of Russia somebody wrote that Beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content let's get Into this this morning right here it is 1.1 trillion dollar market cap it is off By 2.3 percent this morning good morning Everybody it is Bitcoin at 22 800 plus Ethereum at 1600 plus tether market cap 68.1 billion plus they say 39 for xrp We're also going to take a look at some Important charts with what is going on With xrp price where we get out of here Today but I tell you very real news we Need to look at in quite a bit at that Look if you're looking for the one place As a retail investor to find Institutional custody That's what I trust Capital has for its Customers you can roll over your 401k Tsp 403 b 457 and so much more they have Staking options as well but I tell you This it is the one place where you could Find institutional custody for your Actual crypto so that is one of the

Millions of things that I love about This and you guys know that I trust is a Sponsor but click the link underneath And check them out for yourself the only Thing better than buying crypto is Buying tax-free crypto I want to thank Simon McLaughlin the CEO Of uphold for sitting in on an interview And it would actually turned out to be a Great conversation with him uh just last Week there and uh Dr Martin hardsborg Here who has an open invitation to join The show says you thought I was good Wait until you hear my boss Simon talk About Ripple and xrp uphold in the Future of digital assets on the show Here and shout out to Martin for uh Dr Martin for sharing that and again he's Got a book coming out we'll get him on The show Once he's ready Right here John Reed Stark former SEC Official here or or chairman or whatever It was he worked at the SEC attorney It says there's crucial FTX hearing Tomorrow a bankruptcy court Battle Royal Which should be receiving a lot more Attention we know meta law man's been Covering this extensively as well shout Out to him at issue is whether the judge Should appoint an independent examiner Read this article to understand why that Appointment is critical well we know why That appointment is critical we don't Have to read it here we understand what

The dealio is if you don't keep Separation church and state or Three Degrees of Separation however you choose To say it we're not going to get the Full details now are we they should not Have the option to appoint who they want Should be an independent examiner and The situation with FTX just seems to get More incestuous by the day shout out to Eleanor Tara for this says as reported By Fox Business long time friend and Colleague of Sam bankman Freed's Uncle Jimmy is renowned lawyer David boyes Boyes is now representing FTX clients in Class action suits against his friend's Nephew Hey uh I don't think there's anything Else to say here it's a mess Then this mess gets bigger now I want You to really really think about the Information we're going to move through Now Listen to this gentleman at the world Economic forum And then we'll talk First is around geopolitics The most striking finding that we found Is that 93 percent of cyber leaders And 86 percent of cyber Business Leaders Believe that the geopolitical Instability makes a catastrophic Cyber event likely in the next two years This far exceeds anything that we've Seen in previous surveys

Well you could take two years off the Clock take a look at this Breaking massive scale hacking attack Targets thousands of computer servers in Italy France Finland and other European Countries Italy cyber security agency Director says USA in Canada computer Servers also impacted Well I don't know about you but I'm Getting pretty tired of the world Economic Forum telling us what's coming In the next two years and then it Actually unfolds But here's what I want to tie into all Of this Dr Martin heisbuch here says not Only private individuals are victims of Cyber attacks but also governments as we Just talked about here Our society relies on so much technology That a single hack can be devastating And this is the point I want to say that and this is this is My digital perspectives you know when We're talking about ISO 20022 in the Implementation of that really the Standardization of that data language Coding right that creates that rich data Collection But yet it doesn't move the value it Moves the data so you have to have Something to complement the moving of That data with that standardization of Coding with the iso 20022 and I believe Something like that could be the xrp

Ledger and I'm certainly there's there's Other protocols that could be cited I Use it for the example The two could work together and Complement to move and settle the value Along with the deep rich messaging data That's how I see that and I think that Is correct to see it that way however I Want to remind people that we have been Told multiple times over and over and Over that it is a coexisting phase When it is phased in completely it does Not mean that that will be the day that Digital assets will be used for Settlement however The standardization will allow for the Coding of digital assets and then we Could see depending on legislative Clarity and all the things we need Regulation The incorporation of said new coded Digital assets a la stable coins a la Cbdc's and other things maybe someday Xrp that's kind of where my head is but The point of showing all of this with The hacks and the cyberware is The xrp Ledger has not been hacked Wants Not been hacked All of this to me is incentive and Pressure to get to a new system the old Payment rails and system is Antiquated And vulnerable now listen to what the Strength or lack of strength of the US

Dollar is and what it's actually backed By and let Brian Brooks tell it to you Um the American dollar is backed by the Full faith and credit of the And States of America that's a fair Statement I think Cryptocurrencies seem to be backed by The people who hold cryptocurrency Uh is that a fair statement I I don't think so actually I think I Probably disagree with both of those Statements You gotta love Brian Brooks explain Please okay so sure so what's backed by The full faith and credit of the United States is U.S debt okay a dollar bill is Not U.S debt a dollar bill is just a Unit of exchange you use to buy things With Um if you look at what's happened in Monetary policy over the last 12 months The U.S has increased the M2 money Supply by 40 percent which inherently Devalues the amount of the uh the Purchasing power of the dollar you saw That in the inflation reports that were In this morning's newspapers so that's An example of the dollar not being Backed by the full faith and credit it's Backed by American monetary policy at Any given moment so there's that no Currency Right so so cryptocurrency um again put Bitcoin aside just for a moment but

Cryptocurrency is about is the belief That a particular network will gain Adoption so it's is you know when you Buy an ethereum token an eth token That's like saying I believe this Network which is a smart contract Protocol for building Financial Applications basically apps like on your Cell phone is going to have value so if You think Google stock has value because You think internet traffic is going to Go up and Google is a tracking stock for The internet buying if tokens is like Believing that the ethereum protocol Will become the default protocol for Financial applications that that's what It's backed by is adoption rates of that Protocol There you have it ladies and gentlemen Nobody lays it down quite like Brian Brooks But then there's this now think of this For the moment so we're looking at the Attacks on the Antiquated vulnerable System There is obviously pressure to move to Something that can be protected Then we see this Geopolitical moves taking place This from Florence Nightingale here it Says I tweeted before bricks will be Composed of 13 countries and 51 of the World population and 13 and 15 numbers Are very significant they say but I'll

Tell you this Argentina Iran Algeria Have applied for brics membership Indonesia Saudi Arabia turkey and Egypt Are also in line Saudi Arabia has a 15 Billion dollar mou a memorandum of Understanding which means we are Intending to join one another If all of these failed States approved That would mean that bricks would Represent 51 percent of the population It is a big deal and a very huge portion Of the Commodities of the world as well For resources Now we got this You don't believe it It's still true President Putin is going to tell you in His own words exactly what is happening And again this is going to sound a lot Like a co-existing phase a transition Away from the strongest dollars in the World To something new take a listen We have seen the loss of trust and the Dollar and the Euro and the pound as the Currency is and which you can carry out Transactions hold deposits or assets and That is why step by step we are moving Away from the use of these unreliable Compromised currencies Incidentally having the US's allies are Decreasing the Assets denominated in Dollars steadily that is what the Statistics tells us the volume of

Transactions in dollars and the assets Everything is Uh you know it doesn't get any more Clear than that right And certainly with the geopolitical Landscape I think there's plenty there to Understand that this is certainly where The world is going whether we like it or Not don't believe it it's still true I covered this over the weekend I want To show it to you again very quickly but This is well actually not this this is I Will something in one second here but I Just want to highlight here Bank of France updated its migration Schedule to targets two target two and Basically is showing here a five-week Phase here between February and March Again Getting transferred over in that Coexisting phase to the new system is Great it does not ensure that digital Assets will be used in March but it does Say to me once they're switched over That new standardization will allow for The coding and acceptance and use of Digital assets should they decide to use It from there but it'll take two right But this is what we covered over the Weekend from the same one here shout out To rokitu I believe it is And this is basically the United Nations Education science cultural Council or

What have you uh basically highlighting Here that Ripple is a global financial Transaction system Permission publicly shared distributed Ledger that's what they're saying They even go as far as to say it's more Likely they will accept money transfer Uh transfers that have been enabled via Blockchain for example the Ripple or Stellar networks and that have fixed Value in terms of Fiat currencies This is why I say with all of the hacks That we're seeing with what President Putin has just said what bricks is doing And how they're expanding to 50 plus Percent of the world's population and a Large part of resources and commodities Inside of that organization coalition The world now needs a World Exchange Don't think of the xrp token Think of the decentralized exchange Which is The xrp Ledger and how it can Provide the security The low-cost the scalability for not Just financial institutions but Literally for the world whether it's the Open permission side or whether it is a Private Ledger for the banks This is where we are ladies and Gentlemen believe it or not this is what We're watching happen now again as I Said here with with Putin I just want to Remind you uh I don't know how long it Takes and I don't pretend to know but it

Is happening the world needs a new money To be the bridge For all of this turmoil around the world World and the only way it gets there is To allow assets to compete for it now Let's take a look at the current prices We are xrp gaussian Channel says egg rag Crypto xrp closed full body candle Inside the gaussian channel as you can See here What we want to watch out for now is This Showing the fractal from 2018 right to 2020 that fractal here And if you overlay it as they've got as Egg rat crypto's done here this is where We are in this moment but if it were to Play out and rhyme we actually have some Pain before we're going to see some gain It takes a strong stomach to be in this Space and whether this chart is right or Whether it's wrong it's never bad for All of us as individuals to personally Assess our risk level in any investment Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else just my digital perspectives I'll Catch all of you on the next one

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