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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I'm going to Go ahead and tell You for the those of you in there at Dp.com the member group the membersonly Group I'm going to go ahead and warn you Today is the day that I'm going to shock You okay so anybody who wants to who Wants to really be shocked today is the Day first I want to show you all this This is um this is Joe and Doo and he's Uh from he's the president of link to And he is interviewing Simon mlin okay Who's the CEO of uphold and you got to Listen to this this is they're talking About uh he Joe asked them to tell tell About what's going to happen as a result Of this Ripple deal what how's it going To all work recent um development which Is a really exciting announcement that You guys made so me about two weeks ago Uh in terms of your partnership with Ripple right describe for us what you're Going to do as a partner of Ripple on Their OnDemand liquidity system and what The benefits are that you're going to Deliver to Ripple as well as what the Benefits are to uphold for uh that Partnership yeah that's a great starting Point Joe so I mean for people who Aren't familiar with uphold what we do Is allow people companies and

Institutional investors to move value From Fiat currencies into Cryptocurrencies and then AC AC cross Different blockchain Networks and the Ripple partnership is Is very important to us so we're going To become a node in Ripple's on demand Liquidity service and their service Basically streamlines International Payments for big Companies uph hold's role in that will Be to convert xrp into fiat currency USD pound sterling and Euros um and to handle Bank Bank payouts In Europe UK uh and the US it's a really Important deal for us not just because Of the direct benefit because but Because it signals the Strategic Direction we want to take the Company this one deal has the potential To double our volumes next year not our Revenues our volumes um but more Importantly it exposes us to recur Recurring payment flows and it plays to The the utility use case of crypto as Opposed to the retail speculation uh Case uh that you know um crypto is Perhaps best known for um the deal Positions uphold as an infrastructure Component in in in international Payments and that's very much the Direction we want to take upold um my Goal is to get the company to a point Where by the end of

2026 we generate the majority of our Revenues from Enterprise clients like Ripple now most people know us as a Retail app and we're known for a super Easy ux a very wide choice of tokens and Retail is going to remain an important Part of what we do but our real Superpower is is really as a platform That can be used by Enterprise clients To move fat into crypto across different Networks and it could be used for Payments in particular and it's worth Just digging in a little bit at the Start Joe into our model and what makes Us Different so we're effec itively a prime Broker and we're the counterparty to Every customer trade on the uphold Platform now we rebalance our Reserve by Doing trades at 30 underlying venues That include centralized exchanges Decentralized exchanges and OTC Brokers So effectively our pricing engine is Listening to pricing right across the Market it identifies the best pricing in The market we can see the quantities Available at certain prices we can Uncover multiple paths to achieve best Execution we cover for example USD pairs Euro pairs pound sterling pairs eth Pairs wrapped eth pairs usdt pairs so There are literally hundreds of pars to Execute a trade and if you look at why Ripple chose us it's primarily for our

Ability uh in terms of being able to Move large quantities of xrp Into the market without moving the price So it's all about our ability to price And trade to extremely narrow spreads um And the reason we're excited about this Is It's payments so it's recurring Income it's recurring flows which is a Much nicer business uh than the sort of Very feast or famine nature of retail And you know this is a poster chart for The kind of deal that we want to do and How we want the platform to be used Because it generates potentially higher Quality revenues and we've got other Similar deals in the platform and the Other thing that's significant from my Point of view is it's an example of how We're plugging uphold as a platform into A large installed user base so the Uphold o odl platform already handles Hundreds of millions of dollars of flow A year so it's not like you're plugging Into a startup and you're inheriting Execution risk so for us it's a very Exciting uh project project it goes live Uh on a very tight time frame actually We've got the first live trades dueing Due in December so at that point I I'll Pause J because and and let you chip I Didn't know that that's thumbnail worthy Live in December that's a good One that I have never in my life been

More happy about the fact that I own Uphold private Equity Ripple private Equity and and link to private Equity I Own them All and I think that the next year is Going to be exciting I'm about to Sneeze excuse me wow okay um but I Am look if you haven't checked link 2 Out they're my sponsor go check them out They have got it going on and so does Egag Crypto xrp primed for Volcan Eruption don't miss out um let's see What he says xrp is about to unleash no Volcanic Eruption that will astonish even Seasoned ogs I'm a seasoned OG well it's Going to astonish me I'm looking forward To it Skeptics beware your doubts will Soon turn into Agony peek at the chart Below now here's what I want you to see About his chart below check this out Look at where his line his line is Basically this is the $27 and this is $18 right here well the reason I want to Just show you this this is because this Guy who is not even an xrp guy did this He's got 244,000 followers and Apparently he's a chart guy listen to What he says right here at about this Mark for the next Bull cycle we're Preparing for institutional adoption We're pring preparing for all these Things the next level for crypto to this

Is in play this is where my mind started To kind of become very surprised digging Into Data specifically Xrp xrp had a rough had a rough time in In recent years because of what happened With the SEC the fact that they have a cycle We're about to enter the cycle and xrp Or Ripple won the case with with SEC It's a whole new world for xrp and I Don't know if you remember for the whole SEC mess xrp was a dominant force in Crypto and I think once again that is The case it's a top crypto it's right There with Bitcoin ethereum and you can Just see back here 2017 it's going to be Bigger uh xrp dominance 18% or so back Here and this is topping out this is Like topping out range xrp dominance Back here around 177% or So I I I calmed down the number a little Bit I didn't want to just say hey we're Going to reach that area again I calmed Down the area a little bit in terms of Dominance and I said okay how about 10% Dominance right if we take 10% that's Right around here and it's a nice Average of all these swing highs in Terms of dominance and xrp could very Much get there and it could it could Surpass it I get that but that's a Trillion dollar market cap for xrp a lot Of people I'm sure think it's going to Go higher but just based on that number

Alone this is kind of where the numbers Are like oh wow because this is so Realistic a trillion dollar market cap For xrp it can do It Xrp would be looking at around $18 All-time high in that environment that's Around that's just under 3,000% just under three 3,000% right Around 3,000% 300 those are some nice Gains for this Blue Chip and that's that That that's a good segue to cardano Because one of the things I really like About ad so that's guy that guy's not Even an xrp guy folks they're finally Waking up to the fact xrp is the one I've said it all along it's the One I think it's going to be higher it's Going to be the number one crypto before This game's over and that's when you can Come see me in Jackson Hole or somewhere Like that I don't know about Jackson Hole but somewhere like that now I'm Going to put this directly and firmly I Think the red file has now gotten uh so Big that we're into the third file we're Going to have to create a new red file This goes in the all the worlds of stage Did you know from the bis the Central Bank of central banks did you know we Are the regulatory co-host of 20123 DC Fin Tech week on 6th through the 9th of November look who's going to be in Attendance Brad garlinghouse Gary

Gensler Michael bar who used to be on Ripples board or an advisor or something Mike novogratz who is is betting dimes To donuts and always happens to know What The Regulators are going to do Before they do It secretary under Secretary of the Treasury for domestic Finance that's all to quote Forest Gump That's all I've got to say about That John Deon read what Stuart Al sit Steuart alera says another loss this Week for the SEC the streak continues The second circuit in SEC versus goal Goal I guess held that the SEC can't ask For the crippling disgorgement award Without first proving that investors Suffered actual Financial harm in other Words no harm no foul and John Deon Says uh now who um SEC arguing that it Was the sec's grossly overb allegation Allegations unsupported by 76 years of Case law that was harming investors not Ripple the SEC harmed investors all Right now folks I'm going into the Private group now and I'm going to Repeat It get ready to be shocked because I'm Going to shock some folks in there today Go to D xrp.com you can join I'm My commitment is that I'm making it Worth your while and Today it's worth your while I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an

Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family that in dxp do.com Today today's the day I'm going to shock You okay if you just saw in the group Here what I what I just showed you might Be shocked right now now I don't believe There are any coincidences folks thanks For Listening


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