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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel at the time I'm recording this Xrp is running it just hit 63 cents in Fact and in case anyone's curious what Time is it 4:24 a.m. Central Time I'm in the Midwest in the United States we just had A good old daylight saving time here I Despise it it's dark an hour earlier but I digress the good news is xrp is Running and I'm going to share with you Perspective from three chart analysts in This video and all of them expect Honestly fairly similar things and even If the rationale is slightly different From analyst to analyst in the short Term and even in the long term they're Actually all in the same Ballpark uh and so I'll just say this Given what we're seeing right now which Kind of seems like over the last week It's kind of been these stairstep climbs Um that is expected to continue and if It does and we hold a particular level Over the weekend one analyst says uh get Ready for xrp to run up in the short Term to a buck 20 just to get things Started here and I don't mind hearing That but uh before going further I do Want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say right

I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy making YouTube videos about crypto related Topics but just as a hobby and just for Fun and of course things happen fast in Crypto so who knows what what the price Of xrp will be by the time you're Listening to this hopefully Above This Price level or at least about the same Hopefully it doesn't go back down by Then but um even if it does I have a Suspicion that it'll be shortlived even If it goes back down but yeah xrp 63 Cents Bitcoin at 35,1 165 bucks so it Did break above that $35,000 level that Many analysts have been watching uh We've got um the crypto fear and greed Index at 70 out of 100 so not Surprisingly Market participants are Feeling greed and for those of you that Care to look at your screen this is a 24-hour price chart for xrp I pulled up On livecoin Watch and you can see it Really started running up to 63 cents at Uh 3:00 a.m. Central Time so you can Call it um you know a little bit less Than an hour and a half it's run up to That level so we'll see if it keeps Going but um it just it just seemed like For the last 24 hours it was like Teasing with these little jumps I mean You can see the chart on the screen but It kept just slowly moving up I'm like Is it going to hit 63 and sure enough Before I record this video I checked in

I'll be gashed Dar it indeed did run up And so analysts ECT that xrp is going to Go much much higher in fact I'm going to Share with you a first perspective from An analyst who does believe xrp is going To hit some seriously face melting price Levels and I just want to note that this Is an analyst who does not like xrp he Hates xrp now in his most recent post About xrp he says he's ambivalent about It so it's a little positive little Negative uh but no no no no this guy I Don't care what he says he hates Xrp but he has come around he's looking At the charts and he's like yeah this Thing is going to melt some faces up Under his b so he's he's speaking the Truth I believe at least and just to Make the point here uh here's a post This is from chart analyst crypto Caesar 61,500 Followers and on April 28th 2022 crypto Caesar wrote I personally Wouldn't touch xrp with a barge pole oh Ouch except for it gets worse that's That's one the softer ones uh here he is February 17th 2022 crypto Caesar writes Being all in xrp is being all in a death Wish and and he's look at the laughy Emoji it's not just the regular laughy Emoji it's the one where he's rolling on Its side because it's so gosh darn funny Can't even believe how funny it's so Funny can't even stand upright the face

The the little laugh Emoji just rolling Right on over and of course we know what Happened of course right after that xrp Did go on quite the run up to $2 not a New alltime high but the SEC was Attacking Ripple and xrp holders so you Know the whole deal uh I think otherwise It would have but still not exactly a Death wish but he hates xrp so of course He's writing stuff like this uh here's Another one there's a um a video clip That was shared by somebody I'm not Familiar with crypto bulod on March 27th 2022 and he's sharing some analysis About Bitcoin but you can see for those Of you looking at the screen you can see In the background he has some xrp art Walk art work rather on the wall behind Him xrp artwork and so crypto Caesar Reposted this and wrote the following You have put me off immediately with Your xrp artwork throw that in the trash And I'll promise to watch subscribe and Share it's a really F I'm just setting This up so that when I show you the Levels that he's expecting xrp to hit Maybe you'll appreciate it a little bit More and it'll be a little bit funnier Because he's totally flipped here and That's good and this is not some sort of Dig on him I don't cuz look I don't Don't care like I I don't need people to Like the same cryptocurrencies as me uh To respect them or anything like that or

To be friends with them I I just I am Not tribal about it but this is funny This is still funny and here's here's One of my favorite ones this is May 4th 2021 you remember Dogecoin was running Like crazy at the time right and so here Crypto Caesar wrote Doge flipped xrp Face palm Emoji do dog sord flips dog Sord what's next hilarious so There He Go he thinks that uh xrp is is dog poo I'm censoring for your children's that May be in the background that's what he Thinks of xrp but he says he doesn't Hate it right he's amb does it sound Like he's ambivalent or does it sound Like he really doesn't like xrp but That's okay that's okay he's come around So here's his latest post and this is From yesterday morning uh this is just An xrp USD chart and he wrote here some People hate Xrp I'm ambivalent in only looking for a Good trade this is a good trade sorry I Can't help it man he says some people Like xrp but I'm not one of those guys I Don't I don't hate xrp blah blah blah Yes you do you call it dogs come on man You hate xrp come on it's okay though Then he says it now has legal Clarity And has remained in the top six crypto Since late 2017 in short it's extremely resilient Whether you like it or not this thing is Going to rip this cycle yeah and so you

Know xrp is one of three Cryptocurrencies out of over 20,000 in Existence that have always been in the Top 10 cryptos by market cap um off the Top of my head since I jumped into Crypto almost six whole years ago uh I Can't recall seeing xrp Lower I can't maybe it wasn't seven for Like a brief was it I mean he says it Wasn't I guess maybe it really was but But before that I thought it was always In the like like the top one two three Or four um somebody can fact check me on That because I actually I'm not 100% Sure on that but um I wanted to say it's It's always been much closer to the top But certainly it's always been in the Top 10 cryptos by market cap but but Check this out so he he shared this Video on YouTube about what his his Expectations for xrp so I checked it out Because listen when the when the xrp Haters start saying good things about Xrp in terms of where they expect it to Go pricewise I listen because at that Point I firmly believe they must be Telling the truth because this is not Something that they would otherwise Willingly do like if they don't really Believe this like this is something that Probably maybe it doesn't pain him Because he says he doesn't hate xrp Right probably probably not painful for Him but for many toxic Bitcoin maximist

This would be like just agonizing pain Right but in his video he said that uh He actually expects xrp to be topping Off once things really get going so we Talking about the true Euphoria of the This upcoming Market cyle he thinks xra Is going to hit 12 or 13 bucks on the Highend which is right in line with what The blockchain backer has been saying And he's not the only I there are Multiple analysts that are talking about These types of pric R but yeah 12 or $13 and he also says that if 60 cents Holds for this weekly candle he thinks It'll run up to about $120 now that's why I'm saying at the Time I'm recording this we're at 63 Cents and we're at the end of the week Here so uh you know should this hold um Unless for some reason no no he didn't Say scratch that thought so the the as Long as that Holds in his perspective he thinks that We're going to have a notable burst in The very short term up to $1.20 now that really caught my Attention because he's there's plenty of Analysts that have been saying similar Things you may recall that recently I Was talking about what credible crypto Said and I think the number he was Saying is if uh you know if you break The resistance of I think he might have Said 67 cents pulling for memory that

You're going to see a big burst up to 90 Cents So conceptually quite similar even if They you know have different numbers at Their sighting it's a very similar Concept uh here's a post from chart Analyst dark Defender and he wrote The Following hi All I expected 66 cents yesterday However the break of 61 cents resistance Just started Today okay we are late but it is the Initial goal now I am bullish and Expecting the unexpected a strong break Xrp will Melt faces yeah and so um you know his Analysis may be absolutely correct we'll See what ultimately happens that's why It's always kind of dangerous if you're If you're an analyst to uh you know put A specific timeline on what your Expectation is based on whatever you're Seeing in the charts And that's why I respect the analysts That are doing this stuff like because You know credible crypto did it too and He says we're hit bitcoin's hitting a New all-time high this year and it's Just interesting I mean it really is Risky because even if they're right About what they're seeing in the charts Like even me not being a chart analyst Even I know that even if they're correct About a particular chart formation and

The reading it correctly the speed at Which the chart formation unfolds can Speed up slow down you you don't know Exactly how long it's going to take so To predict time is incredibly difficult You know and that I think that's why the Blockchain backer I think literally Never does that you know so so um so Anyway all that to say if if the dark Defender is correct and many people are Saying quite similar things to what he's Saying um it's you know look at this Level we this is where we're about uh We're at it roughly and he also um was Talk I think the level he was talking About once we get through this was a Buck5 so whether it's a buck 20 or 90 Cents or a buck5 these are the things I Keep seeing and these are just three Analysts I happen to be highlighting in This video but I've been highlighting Others recently too it's just it's it's Not that they all agree perfectly in Unison but they do tend to all agree in This idea that if you get past so and so Level big burst to the upside and so This is the type of stuff that we're Going to get to enjoy moving forward Since xrp is now untethered it is Unshackled it has legal Clarity SEC Ain't dragging us down anymore folks and It's obviously moving in tandem with Bitcoin Bitcoin moved to the upside Broke 35,000 yet again xrp's been

Ticking on up it's exactly what we want To see uh here's a post from chart Analyst credible crypto if you're still Looking for 30,000 you talk about big Here 30,000 31,000 32,000 or even 33,000 You may get left behind the key level I Discussed in my last video update below Held overnight and remains unbroken Without this level being breached and I Suspect it won't all those lower targets Will not be met now I'll note that that Was about 12 hours ago that was at 4:19 P.m. central Time my time zone and about 24 hours ago I posted a video where I Was actually sharing just a little bit Of what he said in his video and he Noted that his his expectation at the Time was that the level was most Probable what was most probable is that The level for Bitcoin was more or less Going to hold rather than dipping as he Had initially thought he said no if you Look at the volume ticken up and so and So other metrics to consider he's like No actually there's such activity here He's like I think that this is more Likely to just hold here and then move Move to the upside there's just too much Going on here and that actually is what Happened he's just been on this streak And I'm not surprised this is why I just I consider to be one of the top shelf Analysts he just it's just he's he's Substantially more correct than

Incorrect and then when you say Incorrect it's like is it really incor It's just about probability you know and Sometimes the improbable happens Actually so there's no way to be Completely correct 100% of the time but Any it's just fascinating to see that um And then there was also this post this Is uh 9:42 p.m. uh just this this past Evening uh he wrote wrote check all the Unswept lows we left at 13,000 he's Talking about Bitcoin again that's What's happening now in my opinion as we Build a series of one 1212s making Slight higher lows building towards a Massive green God candle that will Seemingly come out of the blue in other Words number go up a Lot and that is what it's looked like Right we had we've had some bigger moves We had a day where we had a $5,000 Candle for Bitcoin was awesome to see But if you look at that there's still Been some higher just like he says one Two one two's okay we've been seeing That with xrp to though xrp is going for The ride my friends have you noticed This love to see this this is going to Be I'll tell you what the next 12 months Are probably going to be a lot of Fun um and then there is this post this Is from just a few hours ago 1:16 a.m. November 5th uh he shared here I'll make this

Full screen he shared this is just a Bitcoin USD chart incredible crypto Wrote non-stop Market bid on coinbase With no signs of slowing down I think we Simply keep printing the higher lows and Sending it max pain is up then up some More while everyone waits for a dip That Never Comes Yes you love to see it it's fantastic And and look this we haven't even had The spot Bitcoin ETF approved yet and It's already doing this Stuff this is I just I love being in Cryp I I know you guys do too if you're Here right now before all the Euphoria Kicks in and you guys are I know you Must love crypto as much as I do like I Think we're on the same boat here right This is going to be a lot of fun and I Have fun even when the price is going Down just because there's always Something going on that's worth fun and Interesting to talk about it's it's Funny you know but this is obviously way More enjoyable right when you're seeing This type of stuff happen so let's see What happens and hopefully by the time You're watching this price isn't below 63 cents but even if so eh look at look At the mode we're in right now I mean Here just for the sake of it here's a 30-day chart for xrp xrp is up in the Last 30 days 22.17 per. now

22.07-cu this isn't Euphoria season it's Already up that much you know there this Isn't because of special news the Market's getting hot right just it is It's not Euphoria season yet but damn Man good times right good Times I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea whoa hold on I Got to stop I got to stop about a bunch Of people already stop listening because I was doing my little outro thing but uh I just noticed that xrp within the last 24 hours while I was recording did hit 64 cents let me update this 24-hour Chart hold On okay and it's it's it yeah okay yeah It's like right on the edge I saw it for A second there at the top I don't know If you guys caught that too if you were Looking at the screen yep we're Teetering at 64 Cents oh yeah good times I just thought I'd mention it let me do my little outro Now we we we'll we'll reconvene to see What Happens there's plenty to talk about in Crypto don't worry I ain't going nowhere I'm not a financial adviser should not Buy Herself sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon



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