XRP PRICE MANIPULATED Because It THREATENS Traditional Financial System?

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel is the price of xrp being Manipulated is there a reason that xrp Is still below a dollar despite having Legal clari there a reason that uh it Hasn't hit a new all-time high that Might have something to do with it Threatening the traditional Financial System well there are a lot of people That will say yes including well-known Influencers in the xrp community uh I do Not buy the narrative but this is being Widely discussed yet again so I'm going To share some thoughts on this here's a Headline from the crypto basic pundants Say xrp price is manipulated claiming Despite all developments xrp not Rising ah I just we'll get into it but Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos of about crypto related topics But just as a hobby and just for fun all Right this article is sharing Perspective from Edward farino and um I I I just I frequently disagree with him Nothing against him on a personal level I find that I very frequently disagree With him I also noticed that he very Regularly has absolutely bombastic posts

On social media platform x with big Claims big expect Wild stuff a lot of things that aren't Substantiated that might sound like they Conspiracy theory territory I would say From my perspective and I've highlighted Some of these because I think some of Them are a bit outlandish but I tell you What he gets a lot of likes on these Posts he gets a lot of Reposts U and I understand why and I Understand because he's posting things That are so bombastic and so attention Grabbing he's he's getting highlighted By crypto media Outlets you know I I'll Tell you what there have been instances Where I've been cited from time to time In crypto media but I got to tell you Edward finina he is Regularly cited in all sorts of crypto Media Outlets because he has such big Claims and big thoughts and big ideas And they're very appealing you can make A great headline about it but just I Just got to say in my humble opinion I Just I'm challenging his idea not him as A person I'm challenging his idea I Think he's way off I don't think what he Saying is grounded in reality I think That I know that it's grabbing a ton of Attention so I'm going to use my Channel My platform to just push back on the Idea because I think that it's a Misguided concept and I just want to

Believe as many true things as possible In life that's pretty much it pce reads As follows prominent figures in the xrp Community have recently argued the Presence of deliberate suppression of Xrp as the digital asset fails to move Significantly despite climactic Developments Edward finina manager at Alpha husky club and xrp healthcare's Head of social adoption sparked Conversations about xrp's lackluster Performance amid the successive streak Of pivotal Developments in a recent tweet finina Highlighted that Ripple's payment firm Has had numerous noteworthy developments In the last 12 months and let me just go Straight to the post now um and at the Time that I'm uh recording this it's It's been seen close to a 100,000 times So when he post stuff like this it's It's widely circulated uh you know I Don't if you're not on X you might not Have a good frame of reference for this Meaning anything but 846 hearts on this That's a lot 123 post that's a lot uh 85,000 followers Here and um and so he wrote The Following this is from Edo Farina xrp so Ripple has major excellent news for the Past 12 months and the price of xrp Hasn't budged an inch any useless coin As soon as it has a crappy partnership Goes up in price

And you still believe the price of xrp Isn't manipulated now folks I understand And I'll get more into my thoughts in Just a second but I I want to say this What he's stating about xrp's price not Budging an inch is literally provably Not true if you go to coin market cap or Livecoin watch look at a price chart Hell no that's not even close to being True does somebody believe This I Don't and you'll see that's that's why I have an idea about who is attracted to These types of Ideas but but here he's saying well it's Not high enough it's got to be Manipulated and so this goes in and I Frequently see people say stuff along The lines when they go down this route That uh well you know it's It's it's it's it's a threat to the Traditional Financial system and of Course even when I hear that I'm s think My God if anything it's complimentary to The traditional Financial system I see That too and I know he didn't say that In this specific spe ific post but other People are saying stuff like this There's broad conversation as a result Of him kicking this off here and no xrp Compliments very provably I mean you Could look as look no further than Ripple's uh positioning of xrp as a Bridge currency it helps traditional

Finance I just here's a post from Wall Street Bulls on this topic he wrote very Important alert to xrp community the Essence is that they keep suppressing Xrp's price by shorting it and Manipulating the market despite major Partnerships or events the price remains Stagnant however a single rumor about a Black rock ETP caused a sudden surge to 75 cents followed by a drop to 58 cents Then stabilized at 60 to 62 cents this Indicates deliberate Market manipulation Using their significant financial Resources okay of course I've been here now I've been here over Six Years and uh I just got to tell You none of this price action that he's Described there looks weird to me and in Fact Air Force Dave here xrp Community Member responded to Edo farino and he he Gets it he wrote the following you must Be new those who have been here a while Know better than to State something like That it doesn't move on news it doesn't Move until it does and when it does do It will melt faces patience wins this Game if it's still cheap I'm still Buying yeah and so I will say that There's been almost no news ever that Has moved the price of of xrp um and Specifically if it has to do with ripple I can't think of a single instance where A ripple news actually moved the price

Of xrp now if you're talking about the SEC attacking Ripple that move the price If you're talking about something Unrelated to Ripple like uh the the ETF News uh the that that was fake that that Moved it okay but outside of that no the News just doesn't do it and and so the Idea that just because xrp is where it Is there's something wrong uh it just Doesn't ring true to me so let me break This down here look xrp price is no more Manipulated than any other coin xrp has Never hit a new all-time high without Bitcoin running to new highs First where is the proof that xrp price Is like maliciously manipulated in a way That is substantially you know more Grotesque than the way any other Cryptocurrency is price manipulated Where's the where's where's the proof That there's something unique about xrp It's being treated way way way Different there is no evidence of this None Whatsoever and and without such evidence These Standalone claims of xrp Abuse you know are of they of no useth Like it it doesn't ring True you know what evidence we do have Though that xrp has moved in tandem with The rest of the market for its entire Existence was it manipulated was xrp Manipulated when it went from half a Penny to over 40 cents in the first

Several months or so of 2017 was an evil force suppressing it Then too what about when later in 2017 Xrp ran from 20 cents roughly to almost Four bucks was it being suppressed there Too were the shadowy figures out there Manipulating the market to ruin it or Might there have just been more demand At that time and less demand at other Times in 2021 xrp was artificially Suppressed due to SEC actions so that That's a real thing of course but even Then it moved in correlation with the Rest of the crypto Market You know even with that real price Suppression because that that that was Real obviously no one's going to dispute That you know an xrp still ran to $2 in 2021 even with that real suppression so Why couldn't these alleged Market Manipulators which only seek to harm xrp And apparently no other coin prevent xrp From going on a run there too you know Xrp ran to over 90 cents in July this Year when when legal clarity was Achieved right however there wasn't much Volume or liquidity in crypto at the Time frankly and uh you know the market Was trending downward with Bitcoin Leading the way down Bitcoin LED that Way down yet even so xrp price today is Much higher than it was before it had Legal Clarity it's not far off from Double what it was at the beginning of

The Year and and by the way that's why when When foro it's getting us on your screen Right here for you looking when he says That the price of xrp hasn't budged what The hell world is he living in that is That literally is provably easily Provably not true I don't know what he's Talking About and so you Know I I just I it's it's it's again not far off from Where it was at the beginning you know Um or rather xrp like can about double What it was at the beginning of the year Not quite there of course it was more Double earlier in the Year but Uh I have no reason to believe that the Price of xrp is any more manipulated Than any other cryptocurrency you know Or or manipulated more than any other Cryptocurrency there's no proof Whatsoever but I will tell you that Making such claims will whip irritated And impatient xrp holders into a frenzy You know the influencers that make such Unsubstantiated claims get a ton of Recognition as I was saying earlier in The video And and you know and they get support For spouting these unsubstantiated Claims but none of this helps anyone in The xrp community reach a true

Understanding of what's going on in These markets the truth is that the Reality is much more boring than the Conspiracy theory uh you know the Conspiracy theory types of uh you know Ideas are like shadowy figures or Maliciously holding down the price of Xrp Only but you know I'd rather live in Bor An old reality you know and I'd uh I'd Also like to note that there were points In the year where xrp was up way higher Than Bitcoin year-to date it's Historically normal uh you know normal To see xrp or Bitcoin experience higher Gains depending on what timeline you're Looking at what's the time frame and and Also if xrp is so suppressed by unknown Shadowy forces in a way that's different Than what we see from any other coin Then why is xrp still in the top 10 Coins my market cap xrp is one of only Three coins in existence to have always Been in the top 10 for its entire Existence and So none of this makes sense to me the Perspective doesn't make sense it's not Grounded in reality we have crypto media Covering this stuff influencers with Notable followings propping up these Ideas so I just got to challenge the Ideas everybody's entitled to believe What they want and they can say what They want and if he wants to say stuff

That uh I think is provably untrue like The price of xra hasn't budgeted in he's Got every right to do that you know it's Not like anybody wants him to to be Silenced everybody should be able to Have their voice but uh I'm going to Correct the record you know I I deserve To be able to say my opinion too right And especially if it's somebody with That many followers getting that much Attention in crypto media is covered it You better believe I'm going to talk About it because it's way off base and Doesn't make sense the idea is bad not Him as a person theide idea is Bad and so this morning I I I shared a Post on this and I uh I simply wrote The Following I'm seeing a narrative Circulating recently indicating that xrp Price is being manipulated and it's Whipping irritated and impatient holders Into a Frenzy it's frequently stated or implied That xrp prices supressed because it's a Threat to the traditional Financial System this is Echo chamber Nonsense there are attempts to Manipulate all of the crypto Market However I reject the framing that xrp Specifically and uniquely is being Manipulated by grotesque shadowy figures Who never seem to be named as though xrp Is under attack because they don't want The price to rise who is they

Exactly this gets too far out in Conspiracy theory land for my taste Let's just live in reality below are the Year-to-date returns for the top 15 Coins excluding stable coins as you'll See binance coin madic ARB and Litecoin Are down year to date are the shadowy Figures keeping those prices down too Because they're a threat to the Traditional Financial system or do you Just want to keep applying that nonsense Narrative to xrp only because the Narrative gets likes and reposts And then I listed the coins here there's 15 of them again it's it's 15 Coins and uh the top 15 by market cap Excluding the stable coins and here's What they are and again four of them are Down but bitcoin's up this is all year To date Bitcoin up 12 123% eth up 68% binance coin down 4% xrp Up 76% salana up 450% and by the way I'll just no that just went on a run Until recently uh it was nowhere near That it was more in like the realm of Xrp or less actually um and then cardano Up 48% okb up 83% Doge up 10% Tron up 84% chain link which by the way just Started going on a run more recently up 149% avax up 81% madic down 3% polka dot Up 16% ARB down 28% Litecoin down 4 % and so then I wrapped this up by Writing at the time I'm posting this xrp Is seventh place in this list in

Year-to-date returns performing better Than two of the three coins above it can We please now throw away this nonsense Narrative okay thanks by that's it's True folks there's three coins above xrp And market cap you know throughout I Don't want throughout stable coins and It's of course Bitcoin Eth and and and uh and binance Coin and xrp performed better than two Of the out of three of those the only One that's currently performing better Is Bitcoin but earlier in the year xrp Was outperforming Bitcoin check back in A couple weeks maybe it'll be way higher Because it doesn't take much money Flowing into xrp to get crazy returns Right because there's less money in It So uh if there if there's something Weird going on with xrp then I guess That means that there's something weird Going on with every coin right or could It be that it's just regular Run-of-the-mill manipulation that we've Been seeing since the Advent of this Entire asset class because that's what I Think it is but that sounds a lot more Boring doesn't it you know do you think That if I I write a post about that on X Is is the Crypt basic going to be Writing an article about uh Moon Lambo Says that it's actually just xrp's price Action just results from run of thee

Mill Market manipulation there's nothing Special about it There no they're not they're not going To do that they're going to go to the Edina tweet which sounds more spicy and Write an article about that and also Again for all of the um the xrp holders Out there the ones who are feeling Irritated and impatient you're much more Likely to gravitate towards an Influencer like that who is saying stuff That'll yeah this isn't right yeah my And it's not that most of us in the xrp Community feel that way necessarily but It there are some obviously there's some Going rahah just cheering them on I'm Just like no the idea is wrong There is no evidence for this why are You posting why are you believing why is Anyone believing this stuff show me some Evidence because even if you're if You're looking in terms of price action Xrp looks like it's performing like the Rest of the asset class can we just live In reality and stop saying stuff just For the sake of just for the sake of it To get repost and Such I'm not a financial adviser you Should not bu yourself anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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