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Although this is Matt's on the moon Family sedan Channel I've got three Stories to share with you in this latest Room temperature Jam the CEO is trashing Xrp as utterly useless that's an actual Quote which is always hilarious to me Coming from somebody who is apparently Running a company and knocking one of The most widely adopted and useful Cryptocurrencies in existence Have you ever heard of Google before Just type in xrp check out some results What does xrp used for you can quickly Find out just how truly useful it is and How its technical attributes are Stunning compared to so many others Um also I want to add a follow-up on a Story that I shared a couple days ago Having to do with an article written by Rosalind Leighton Dr Roslyn Layton who Has been covering the secv Ripple case For two years writing for Forbes uh her Most recent article went up a few days Ago uh it was short-lived the article Was up for I don't know maybe a few Hours two three hours something like That it was a real short time period And So uh not surprisingly when it went down The xrp community noticed and I made a Video where I was covering it and I was Like well somebody had screen grabs I Was able to share the article with you On the channel here and I said I don't Know why this happened and so I'm still

Not privy to the specifics but I can Tell you this here now uh it is outright Censorship by Forbes unquestionably at This point we know that thanks to a Comment from Roslyn Layton herself also there's been A another sec settlement so I thought I'd share with you that story as well But before going further Ado and be Clear I do not have a legal or financial Background of any kind I'm not offering Legal or financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right so here's the First story here's the headline from you Today CEO trashes xrp and cardano are They really worth nothing and I've been Holding both of those cryptocurrencies Since late 2017. I'm going to focus on Xrp here but like The nonsense spouted here and not backed Up it's truly astonishing so check this Out estimate CEO lay Trojan has come out Strongly against two of the top 10 Cryptocurrencies by market cap xrp and Cardano and I'm just going to go Straight to the actual tweet and this is What the CEO shared with their 17 200 Followers There's still 20 billion dollars and 14

Billion dollars of completely utterly Useless market cap tied up in xrp and Cardano respectively in the top five Coins in the next cycle that's going to Flow to stuff that actually works in Matters And again I always find this Rich Because xrp is absolutely unquestionably One of the most adopted and useful coins On the entire damn planet now obviously There's the most well-known known use Case of xrp as a bridge currency and if You just look at that adoption as Reported by Ripple up substantially year Over year uh that represents real value That's a piece of the xrp ecosystem That's a reason that people have Confidence in xrp there are lots of Reasons it's about the totality of the Ecosystem but even right there even with Just the one use case it's clear it's Not going away and it shouldn't be from It oh it's technical it's the best Crypto on the damn planet for For payments just in a general sense you Know settlement with finality in a Matter of just a few seconds and it's Been so adopted for so long for a decade Now that it has something you can't Program into it which is actual Liquidity which is important for Specific use cases so then there's that As well and then you've got firms we Learned about a bunch of firms thanks to

The secv Ripple case as bad as the Nonsense SEC lawsuit is there are all Sorts of they're like what 15 Pro uh you Know the pro xrp Amicus freeze filed Roughly and so we found out about tap Jets which solve what they call the Friday nights problem is that you can Actually you know Charter private jets Even when banks are closed goes before That if you didn't have the funds light Up it was literally impossible because You have to pay in advance that problem Is literally solved by xrp and the firm That tapjets noted to the judge if xrp Can't be used it will financially harm Their company directly impact them so This case is highly consequential for Them what about spin the bits you know Utilizing The xrp Ledger and xrp is Required for this as a piece of the Puzzle of course uh you can move Bitcoin And an IOU a tokenized representation of Bitcoin on The xrp Ledger and I've Talked about the the publicly available Information about how that operation Works Anti-bitcoin I don't know is this person Anti-bitcoin too that'd be stupid as Hell you know like He like The xrp Ledger is helping assure The long-term viability of Bitcoin and Vice versa that's cool as hell here and So there's just a few examples and then You've obviously got uh what's going on

In the world of nfts the amount of nft Activity after the XLS 20 minute passed In in just late last year it's just been Through the roof So we'll see what happens with nfts but That's that's an aspect of crypto that's Going to just increasingly be adopted So I'm sorry what part of the xrp Ecosystem especially even just the off The top of my head the handful of things I said here which which parts are are Not useful which are utterly useless and So people are just gonna Stop recognizing the actual utility Because this individual says such a Thing to almost 20 000 people And then what okay come on it's Completely absurd there's almost like There's all there are almost no Cryptocurrencies that solve any real Problems or any real people and then oh On top of that too you can use xrp in Place of money because it actually works And settles with finality in a matter of Seconds how about that use case people People do that Like What's the most absurd damn thing so Anyway when a crap like this I just have a strong desire to push back Against it if there was some sort of Thoughtful critiques against xrp I Always encourage it that's fine but to Just say nonsense crap like this and

Then not back it up because you don't Have a winning argument well do what you Want to do You do you but uh you're wrong and People can see through it you have Piss-poor arguments because you're just Making bogus nonsense statements Then there's this from the crypto basic Forbes contributor thinks xrp Army Published censored article criticizing SEC elsewhere and so there was the Article and I covered it in its entirety The other day uh Rosalind Leighton again Been writing for Forbes uh covering the SEC V replica case over two years at This point I love her articles I've Covered every single one of them well Again this most recent one was up Uh for just you know a couple hours Whatever it was and it was titled time Uh actually I don't know if this is the Original title I do have it here uh time To unseal the hidman documents I think It had a different title Um actually I'm certain of it but maybe That's because of some sort of concern About that title is now somehow the Property of Forbes I don't know some I Don't know but it was talking about it's Basically it's talking about how It ripples being treated in a notably And obviously unfair way compared to Like ethereum for example and so it Points this out and this article came

Out on the same day that Roslyn Layton Has actually filed wrote well attorney Did it on behalf wrote a letter to judge Torres in the SEC Ripple case seeking to Intervene to have the Henman documents The 2018 ethereum free passage to have That uh revealed shared with the public And she articulated the reason why that Is important and Forbes had it up and Then they they took that article down And so I was like I don't know the Reason Either way they're silencing you know The the truth the truth should be Getting out there and the perspective Should be heard so I didn't like it Either way but I said I don't know if It's you know intentional censorship This or that and again we're not privy To all the inside baseball stuff but it Was Forbes that took her article down It's not like Rosalind Leighton took This this damn thing down how do we know This Well there was this tweet after it was Taken down by Roslyn Layton thanking the Xrp Army because we were all pushing Back against this nonsense uh Forbes Should it's just a disservice to the Public what they did here And so Roslyn Layton tweeted out Dear Xrp Army thank you for the interest and Support Sunshine is the best Disinfectant

Thank you Um and then the the article is now live On a website I'm not familiar with Called DC Journal So same article a different headline Different title but it's up now so what Is with this is it because she somehow Intervened and it was against some sort Of policy even if so that like You should be transparent if you're Forbes and articulate what's going on Here but even if that's the case because Both those things happened on the same Day I still find that to be ridiculously Silly the article says it's very simple Actually what was filed you know in the Secv Ripple case is it the case that She's not allowed to write about it Because she's seeking to intervene That's that would be a stupid policy That really would be a dumb ass policy So I don't know for sure but it was real Censorship very obviously Um so just calling it out you know Forbes are gonna do something like this Fine we're going to talk about it though And it's not good for you it doesn't It's not a good look Uh and then we've got this from the Crypto basic former NBA star settles With SEC over ethereum Max promotion so This is the one that uh Kim Kardashian Was also swatted down by the SEC for Doing

Where um she she promoted this ethereum X coin by the way but both these Individuals promoted this coin ethereum X but they did acknowledge that it was An ad they just didn't cite how much Money they were being paid and the SEC Came after them for that so looks like They both settled because they figured That would be the cheaper uh you know Path to resolve all this you know the Path of least resistance but that's what The SEC does that's their MO it's just To make a bunch of BS nonsense reasons If you actually want to fight you want To clear your name and you want to win Even if you're right it's gonna cost you An absurd amount of money and years of Your life Insanity so I understand why People want to tap out if given the Opportunity so anyway check this out NBA Hall of Famer Paul Pierce has agreed to Settle with the United States Securities And Exchange Commission for 1.4 million Dollars for touting ethereum Max emacs Tokens According to an announcement yesterday The SEC said Pierce promoted ethereum Max on Twitter without disclosing that He was paid the sum of 244 thousand Dollars to do so The SEC noted that the former NBA player Tweeted misleading statements about Emacs including sharing a screenshot of An account holding many tokens the

Rationale behind that the effort was to Convince potential investors that he had A large amount of emacs to lure them Into purchasing the cryptocurrency However Pierce's Emax Holdings were Relatively lower than what he shared on Twitter the statement read the SEC added That pierce also shared a link to a Website that contains instructions on How potential investors can purchase Emacs look If he was intentionally doing misleading Things okay fine so I'm not saying that I can't get behind something like that But in the case in particular of what Happened with Kim Kardashian that that Actually was not to the case They're just see so why why did they go After Kim Kardashian for the publicity The name Kim jong-ginsler news suing Kim Kardashian that that would indeed be the Case so it's you know if there's Something misleading here I'm not saying That like I forgive the snakey aspect of It but look at the sec's behavior The sec's behavior to me frankly Especially with everything that we've Learned about how they operate over the Last couple years is repulsive to me Anyway peace continues while Pierce did Not deny or admit the SEC findings he Agreed to pay 1.409 million Discouragement and penalty to settle

With the Securities regulator In addition Pierce also agreed not to Promote crypto asset Securities in the Next three years so is what it is I just Thought I'd share with you real quickly The the latest uh you know Bump along the road and what it is to The SEC to be participating in the world Of crypto here And it's a complete and utter train Wreck But there's the brakes I'm not a Financial advisor you should not buy Yourself anything because of anything I Say right that would be a very very very Bad idea until next time to the Moon Family sedan


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