XRP: MY Investment Strategy RELIES On People Making POOR FINANCIAL DECISIONS

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. None of what I have communicated verbally or in writing here should be considered financial advice; it is not. Do your own research before investing in any digital asset, and understand that investing in any cryptocurrency is inherently risky. If you do, you need to be prepared to lose your entire investment.

Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I think that so many people are Going to absolutely ruin their chances Of getting rich with xrp and so let me Just say this at the outside of the Video a crucial part of my in xrp Investment strategy requires people to Butcher their own chance at Life-changing wealth with xrp now that This may sound devious on the surface But it's not uh you know after all if I'm engaging in an xrp transaction with Someone say it's a buying and selling Transaction right you know they're Betting against me they think I'm wrong They think I'm the idiot if I'm selling My xrp because it's rocketed in price Substantially and I'm trying to sell Before you know price Peaks at a new All-time high and then of course Ultimately drops precipitously you know So like if but if I if I'm buying xrp From someone you know perhaps that Person thinks it will be going lower and Disagrees with me uh disagrees with my Belief that you know it will go Higher but yes in the end I'm counting On me being right and the other person Being disastrously wrong if I'm wrong Then I won't achieve life-changing Wealth with Xrp that's the risk because I could be Wrong right I just I really don't think I am I think xrp will hit a new alltime

High in Enterprise Discovery but but Here's the thing I'm counting on people Making very poor xrp buying and selling Decisions and and I'll elaborate further In the video and uh share I want to Share a brief conversation I had uh with Somebody on social media platform X who I think gets it especially given lately How many people have been Vocalizing substantial discontent with The price action of xrp and so to each Their own but uh we'll get into it um There's also this article from the Crypto basic I'll be starting with this One expert explains what must happen Before xrp runs up uh then there was Also uh this article from coin Telegraph Crypto is for criminals question mark JP Morgan has been fined $39 billion and Has its own token now part of the reason I want to highlight this is because this Article I mean it's interesting on its Own but um it also shares commentary From Attorney John Deon and so I'll tell You what Attorney John Deon he's become One of the most famous and well-known Individuals in all of crypto he has Definitely is reached escape velocity And uh and and so uh it's you know you Know we all know him in the xrp Community because of everything he's Done but what's really cool is broadly Speaking people in crypto have now Recognized him as somebody that yes so

Like he's a go-to person I just think It's the coolest thing because you know That all stemming from this disastrous Terrible thing with the SEC but him Coming in fighting helping all of us and Then evolving to the point where the Rest of the world recognizes just how Incredible he is so I'm very proud to Call John Deon a friend but uh but Before going further I do want to be Clear that I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun all Right so the title here again in this First piece the crypto basic uh expert Explains what must happen before xrp Runs up and they are also highlighting Perspective from Attorney John Deon in a Recent statement on X prominent crypto Lawyer John Deon renowned for his Pro Xrp stance explained what he believes Must happen before xrp can take off Significantly from its current position Of around 65 cents Deon argued that Holders of altcoins like xrp must Constantly wish for the value of Bitcoin To appreciate according to the crypto Lawyer bitcoin's rise Remains the Prerequisite for any altcoin including

Xrp to experience an uptrend yeah and so Um I generally agree with that they're They're um you you can see some coins Pop off it's not unprecedented but we've Never had xrp hit a new all-time high Without Bitcoin run in first it's never Happened so um that would be my Expectation is that that's not going to Change anytime soon but um here's where This this article stem from it's from This conversation right here which I Find broadly to be absurd but very Interesting so check this out there's Somebody on social media platform X who Posed a question what's the dumbest Reason someone on the internet got mad At you that's so Broad and there's a lot Of ridiculous answers but here was John Deon's and this is absurd this is a real Thing he just shared this like 13 hours Ago so this is new i' never heard this Before but this is ridiculous so this Might be the first time he's ever shared This but he said here's my answer to the Dumbest reason someone got mad at him on The internet he says quote an xrp holder Got mad at me because he learned I owned Bitcoin and demanded that I remove his Name from the list of 75,000 xrp holders because he refused to Be represented by an attorney dumb Enough to own Bitcoin and quote he's got A laughy emoji and I gotta tell you I Read that I couldn't help it laughy

Because that is the stupidest damn thing Now Bitcoin Maxis are a dime a dozen but Xrp Maxis like you'd think that they don't Exist like they're basically like Unicorns they don't exist but Technically they do it's just like it's A fraction of a percentage of people That hold xrp that would hold that Ridiculous view because it's stupid to Be a maximist of any coin let's be real Here and it's just like the whole Bitcoin crew it's just like a different Type of person but I just get the sense Like people in xrp broadly speaking it Seems to me like it's come from very Diverse backgrounds uh but but there's a Bunch of uh intelligent people here very Obviously that recognize that there's True opportunity here so for us it's an Incredible investment opportunity it Yields great utility and it's probably Going to be for the Long Haul right That's broadly speaking what I think Most of us believe in the xrp community In a nutshell there's more that we could Say of course but then on the flip side With the Bitcoin coiners they're so Toxic these these Bitcoin Maxis it's it's like it's a way of life For them it's just that's why you get Into this maximum and they just live in This weird Echo chamber reassuring Themselves that that what they're saying

Is reasonable and you just need the one Cryptocurrency it doesn't never mind That it doesn't have Smart contract Functionality it's slow as hell and Without another cryptocurrency there is No Layer Two that currently works for For forget that lightning Network it it Doesn't unless you think that crappy Unreliable small transactions if that Quote unquote works then okay lightning Network works but uh no it's it's it's It's not what it's been promised to be To this point and maybe it gets fixed And if so great but uh it's just it's We're World apart in terms of the way That we look at this stuff here and so It's just I this is so absurd to me but The xrp community is gigantic and so if There's one out of 75,000 humans that Was ridiculous enough to be offended by The fact that John Deon holds Bitcoin Wow I hold Bitcoin it's my second Largest holding xrp is my largest so That guy would hate me too whoever this Individual is that it's just so absurd And then there's somebody named Peter That wrote to Deon and said don't care What you owned but since the case you Seem to be plugging Bitcoin and not xrp Surely you can see why Army members are Disappointed with your lack of respect For them okay So look with a group of millions of People and there's millions of us in the

Xrp community you you just you going to Get a little bit all gods creates know What I'm saying so I think that's a Completely absurd post to attorney John Deon uh John Deon he does he can talk about whatever Crypto he wants he doesn't owe the xrp Community anything specifically he's He's done he didn't owe us he did Incredible stuff for the xrp community He he didn't know as that he sure as Hell doesn't know us you know hyping up Xrp uh if he wants to talk about Bitcoin He can do that of course he can that Doesn't mean he doesn't like xrp it Doesn't mean that he's disrespecting It's just the most absurd comment how do Some people's brains work like this it's Astonishing to me this like who's done More for the xrp community outside of The developer Community who's done more For xrp than John Deon like sit here and Tell me like I'll I'll sit here you guys Come up come up with some some potential Candidates I just no and so John Deon Responded to him and wrote lack of Respect for the little face M Emoji Every xrp holder should hope Bitcoin Runs up why because that's what must Happen before any alt including xrp runs Up xrp has not decoupled from Bitcoin That's a fact no matter how much you or Anyone hate it I have a significant Stake in xrp but being pleased Bitcoin

Is rising is not disrespect on any level I reject Bitcoin maximalism and I reject Xrp maximalism yep and so I agree with Almost 100% of that um other than like I Said a little bit earlier the caveat Where there technically are some coins That um can run outside of Bitcoin Running to a new all-time high I've seen That before like chain link did that in 2019 I mentioned that actually very Recently that's just one example off the Top of my head so it can happen it's Just rare but it's never happened with Xrp here and so in the meantime the fact That he's talking about Bitcoin I've Been doing that too why wouldn't we be Talking about Bitcoin even if you don't Like Bitcoin and you don't hold it you Should be thrilled bitcoin's running Because that's a requirement for xrp to Hit a new all-time high unless you Actually think this time is different And I have no reason to believe that it Is and so again like I said the outset Of the video a lot of people are going To ruin their opportunity for Life-changing wealth and some will do it By just jumping in too late they'll be Chasing alltime highs and then some People going to get impatient and panic So like I I've seen this before I've Seen it all too much I'm not going to be One of those people I'm just patient AF And I firmly believe it's going to come

And it's just been interesting in recent Days seeing some people just break down As Bitcoin has been rising and xrp's Mostly been staying about where it is It's it's come up a little bit and then Back down a little bit is what it is but Even just xrp not failing in cratering Down even though it's not cratering down In price even that is enough and it's Just it's the whole mentality you know If you didn't know what the rest of the Market was doing and you could just see The price of xrp your emotions wouldn't Be running as negative uh as as they are Since you do know what's happening with Bitcoin what does that tell you about Your own emotions though you know it's It's it's it's not rational and so Crypto Insight UK had a post that I like And this is had a little like a brief Back and forth with him and I think he's Just pretty much spot on with this and So I wanted to share this with you he Wrote the amount of xrp hate tweets is Almost comical even from large accounts In the community it's either a lot of People's first pump in crypto or they Forgotten how xrp moves I've said Multiple times it's the hardest asset to Hold in crypto but when she goes dot dot Dot and so you know what crypto Insight UK is getting that's the same thing I Keep saying because it's true based on Historical data it just is true xrp lags

Behind it tortures people it even Trends Downward it Tren like most months it's Down in price but then when it goes It Goes and it really goes and it melts Faces that's it so if you're hold xrp That's what you should expect that You're in in store for that's what I'm Expecting and maybe we get a pleasant Surprise and it runs sooner this if that Happens and we get a first in history Type of incident great but I'm not going To sit here expecting that's going to Happen that would be unreasonable and Ridiculous and So I responded to him Just one sentence I wrote I've noticed The same thing and I certainly had I've Been talking about this a fair bit Recently and trying to chill people out Because well I can never tell you what's Right for you in terms of buying and Selling I'm not a financial adviser and Like I would never want that Responsibility anyway I enjoy talking About this and I think the right thing To do no matter what we're talking about And investing in is to encourage people To make sound financial decisions based On logic reason and data and not use Emotion as a primary driving Force that's reasonable no matter what And sometimes I I believe like I can get Through to some people by sharing Historical data and planting some you Know some some thoughts in heads and

Gets people off the wrong track here Because if you want to sell and that's What's right for you that's fine I'm Never going to rip on anyone for if That's what's right for you go for it I Don't care but if the reason is emotions And Impatience I just got a question why it It's just I I don't think that's the Right thought process that's why I'm Critiquing it on an individual level it Could be right to sell at any point in Time regardless of what the price is Fine sure who knows maybe you got you You're an accident you got severe Medical bills and xrps down but you Still got to sell and that's the right Okay stuff happens in life I get it That's fine but to crypto Insight UK Responded to me and said crazy isn't it And it's all just started happening this Week it makes me feel like we are about To rip maybe we need some big accounts To say they've sold first though And and so um I I agree with him I I Think that it's in that I think it's Crazy it's ridiculous um I I like I was Expecting this type of sentiment at some Point um was a little surprised it was Happening this quickly but it's it's Just it's prevalent and so I don't know What percentage of xrp community members It is but they're noisy and so it's Noticeable that's what so even even if

It's a smaller percentage of people that Are distraught over this it's very Noticeable I don't know and I don't know What the percentage is it would be Interesting to kind of run a poll maybe I'll do that on on X but but here's what I said So I responded to him and I said And this really breaks it down this is This is what I'm talking this is what I Was talking about at the outside of the Video here it's it's part of my Investment I'm counting on people to Just be completely absurd which another Way say it is I'm just I'm counting on People just continuing to behave like Historically they Have so I wrote people need to focus on Data rather than having opinions based On emotion xrp is behaving Within Historically normal parameters it Trends Down for long periods of time then melts Faces humans will be humans though I'm Counting on that as part of of my Investment strategy specifically I'm Counting on weak hands capitulating Based on emotions as impatience sets in And other coins pop first I'm also Counting on this type of person foming In at alltime highs to fulfill the role Of exit Liquidity I try to help people Understand they are Their Own Worst Enemy when it comes to investing some Listen but many don't to each their own

Folks that's the way that I feel about This and so the type of emotional person That's going to fomo in towards the top Of this because I think it's going to Keep running up after a massive run well They we're betting against each Other I think it's a horrible mistake Buying after something goes and I say This about any coin it's not unique to Xrp I'll say it about any coin if I want To buy something and I'm researching it And then I see it take off in price I Stop and I don't do it i' I've Encountered that years ago I was going To buy vchain and by the time I decided I was going to do it I saw that the Price started taking off I was like nope Missed opportunity and then you know we Went through a whole cycle and it cred Back down and I I actually recently Within the last however many six eight Weeks whatever it's been and I talked About it before I did buy vchain finally I wanted two years ago but it took off So I didn't do it but some like people Are just going to keep behaving like People that's what I'm saying I'm Counting on and it's it's people are Going to ruin their chances of xrp Riches by behaving this way that's what I'm talking about here but I'm counting On that somebody's going to be my exr is Going to be my exit liquidity when I Start scaling out of my position between

Probably five to8 dollar is where I plan On selling pretty much all my xrp um Yeah that that there will be people that Are exit liquid that's what I'm counting On and they're going to think it's keeps Going higher I'm going to think that They're wrong we'll find out who's right And and and you know here's the thing I Actually I think it's plausible that xrp Could go a good bit higher than even the Eight range the upper end of what I'm Talking about but even if it goes you Know to you know 16 bucks well from $8 To $16 you're just doubling the Investment and the amount of risk after It's already ramped up that high from Where I bought it at 25 cents the risk Is unreasonable to me at that point so Some people will do that I'm not saying It won't run that high so if anybody's Hoping that extra goes to 16 bucks or 15 15 bucks 20 bucks 25 bucks it very well May but I'm just saying the risk reward Profile once you're talking about xpiece Already eight bucks and then you're Talking about doubling or tripling it if You're buying in at that point that's Where it starts to Seem you know unappealing to me you know What I'm Saying that that's all I'm getting at And then crypto Insite UK wrote back and Said perfect summary without people Being people xrp wouldn't squeeze as

High yeah that's right if everybody Behaved like me there would be no Volatility because I am the most Stubborn investor on the planet if there Were a world of only Moon Lambos Investing in anything xrp included there Would be zero Volatility we just be waiting each other Up in a world a bunch of moonlands but Thankfully there's a bunch of humans out There that do make these decisions so I'm counting on humans to continue to Behave like humans that's what I mean by And that's why I said you know it might Sound I'm counting on people making These mistakes because historically That's what I'm led to believe humans do Right so it's not devious I'm just Counting on people being people that Simple here's a headline from coin Telegraph crypto is for criminals JP Morgan has been fined $39 billion and Has its own token JP Morgan CEO Jamie Diamond is being hauled over the hot Coals by the crypto community on X Formerly Twitter after claiming Bitcoin And cryptocurrency's only true use case Is to facilitate Crime um and you know I'm actually just Going to go ahead and jump down here Because there and you may have seen here Let me just open this up here whoops hit That wrong one sec here click on This um so what prompted this was this

News Um here we go Jamie Diamond CEO of JP Morgan says quote if I was the Federal Government I would shut down crypto and Bitcoin and so this was at um it might Be listed I think it was listed right Here at the top here um yeah was at a Senate senate committee uh senate Committee um on banking Housing and Urban Affairs that was December 5th so He was speaking publicly here senate Committee meeting and if it were up to Him we just we just wouldn't have our Life-changing opportunity for wealth for Lifechanging wealth there'd be no Bitcoin there'd be no xrp there'd be no Crypto if he could just shut it down Wouldn't he love that maybe he's feeling A little threatened by all this maybe That's what's going on here but it's so Hypocritical because uh well John Deon Put it rather succinctly he simply wrote Talk about being a effing hypocrite I'm Censoring that for all you that got Children in the background he said who's The criminal Jamie Diamond let me ask You a question in the last five years When JP Morgan has been fined over $3 35 billion doll for illicit and Fraudulent activities did any of your Staff use Bitcoin or Crypto and so look the deal is obviously When it comes to these types of Infractions uh I mean if if you're

Talking about like what's actually used For for elicit activities you're way More likely to see uh you know actual Fiat currency used for that that Particular use case as opposed to crypto That's for damn Sure yet here we Are world's crazy man but they all come Around and it's funny so you see see Jamie Diamond saying that then you also Have on the flip side Larry thinkink CEO Of Black Rock the the you know the Largest asset manager on the entire Planet 10 trillion in assets under Management you have Larry Fink saying That crypto is a flight to Quality what a juxtaposition right Completely absur I'm not a financial Advisor you should not buy your sell Anything because of anything I say or Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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