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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody before I get going Today I want to remind you pure VPN who Is one of my sponsors is doing Black Friday 83% off golden ticket 3 months Extra as you go down here you'll see They've got their um the they call it The Golden Ticket Max 344 per month um And this gets uh high-speed VPN secure Password manager IND in file encryption Personal privacy manager and it actually Um look it shows you the massive Discount they're doing this this is all Leading up to uh Thanksgiving and they Had they had reached out to me I have One of these VPN because there's several Things that you've ju if you're going to Be in crypto that you've just got to Have and uh uh DPN is one of them so That you can surf the Internet privately And anonymously we're dealing with Hackers all over the place out here so It's like one of those musthaves if You're going to be invested in crypto um I they gave me a special link to this uh Special so I'll put the link in the very Top of the description of this video hey Everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I've been on the phone all Day Long um heard some I've heard some bad Things to things that aren't good that I Don't like to hear today but

Anyway this video is going to be good I Can tell you this when I do the Membership clip today uh and and by the Way for I've had some people comment Like in the member group here's the way I just so everybody knows here's the way I structure these Things I I create a a video out here for YouTube I create a full video that's in Is my intro the content of the video Which includes the YouTube and the Member group content and then and then I Put the the outro on here I put that Into the member group the full video so If you're in the member group you keep Listening after you hear me say after You hear me give my thing where I say I'm the digital asset investor this is For entertainment purposes only after That keep listening because that's when I do the part for the member group don't Stop there like you would on YouTube at That point I cut off the YouTube video When I upload to Youtube so you're Getting extra content in that member Group and it's at you're getting extra content You're also getting no commercials but I'm telling you things I can't talk About out Here speaking about things I can't talk About out here look at this tweet from Digital perspectives Brad coms Ironically now this person that he's

Copying here is um this is the Litigation person for for X this person Is this one right here they were copied On the letter that metal law man sent Uh he is not my attorney by the way he Sent this this uh letter out it went to Linda Yaro it went to Elon Musk it went To Adam Mayes who's their Chief Litigation council at X she's the CEO And Elon Musk is the chairman they got It via certified mail I believe it was Also emailed to them and then it was put Out on social media these people will Not be able to say that they don't know That I was turned off for what the the Excuse they gave me is that I'm an Impersonator I am not an impersonator You can't prove I'm an impersonator Because I'm not an impersonator I am the Digital asset investor and you and if You say I'm an impersonator you're a Liar and that's the fact Jack Okay that's the deal so if you keep me Turned off it's because you have another Agenda it's not cuz you don't know you Turned me off you know now and it's the Same with metal law man he's not an Impersonator he didn't do anything wrong So that's the reason you gave as far as As far as me you said I'm an Impersonator I'm not that's a lie so you Either turn me back on or you have Another agenda that you're lying to the To people on X about and you can't be

Trusted and you certainly as he says in This in this look what he says here Ironically may may has three you sent Your love of free this is the Tweet the Day after I was turned off on on October 6th Adam Mayes who's their Chief Litigation counselor says I love Free Speech the day after I was turned Off ironic his name's Adam ironically Adam you sent your love a free speech um Tweet the day I don't even know what They're called now tweets X's the you You sent the love of free speech the day After XD platform digital asset investor For absolutely no reason he and meta law Man should be reinstated immediately I Know the vision of Elon Musk and Linda um yako is to be the everything App including a bank why would anyone Put their money on a platform that can Delete them after 5 years of building a Presence for nothing or was it for their Speech we don't har we want don't want To harass anyone we just want X to do The right thing here please retweet this 100 times free # Freed 100% fact right there all of it so They either turn me on or all of you out There on the X platform cannot trust That you could open your bank account With them then tomorrow they can turn You off and lie about the reason they Turned you Off so that's your

Money if you think that's a good idea I Don't we haven't checked in with Peter Saint Orange I don't know if I'm saying his Last name right in a while but he's a Smart guy listen to the spicier corners Of the internet have been jammed Recently with videos of young people Lamenting how it is impossible to get by Even working full-time how they grew up In a four-bedroom house their parents Owned and now they are coming up on 40 Years old eating Ramen with roommates Watching HGTV reruns of the Glamorous Lives of people who do own houses well Now we've got some numbers to go with That a few days ago the Social Security Administration released new data on Wages reporting that half of American Workers made under $41,000 last year adjusted for inflation That's actually lower than it was before The pandemic and keep in mind that's Using official inflation numbers also Keep in mind incomes rise with age so That median worker is going to be Statistically round about 40 that medium Wage comes to roughly $3,400 per month now according to the median rent in the United States is currently almost $2,000 the average car payment even for A used car is $528 wow that leaves precisely

$894,000 egg crypto did a go it's a good Time to have some gold gold to 3K take Another look at the September post that Suggested that going back to 2,00 to 2100 range would be a big deal in Reaching 3K here's a prediction gold Hitting 2,300 by March 2024 time will TW Tell it should it look it should be $10,000 folks but I'll take 3,000 or 2,300 but I did buy myself a go gold Bo Buffalo at Miles Franklin my sponsor Last week go uh code Dai gold call that Number uh 952 9297 Z6 or email them Info@ mfranklin dcom you know the drill There's some great Ripple videos that Were put out by this ISO 20022 check this one out this is a Ripple Person blockchain is already being Adopted around the world not just us Saying this some recent examples include NAB who've launched their own stable Coin uh big Banks like JP Morgan and DBS In Singapore are also taking significant Steps to leverage this Technology and non-banks like grab which Is a a super app and and uh and you Asia's equivalent of uber uh are also Taking steps to adopt blockchain Technology this time around loyalty and Rewards so the applications of the Technology are uh are Manyfold okay then there's another clip Same woman look at this Ripple operates

Through 500 plus regulated see a lot of Names here for the types of Organizations that Ripple has partnered With so far that are uh our regulated Financial institutions I've explained How you know how we've started to grow And uh I'll call out a few in um Relevant to our region heha money Transfer are a remittance business in Australia and um they can reach all over The world through regulated payout Partners like uh MFS Africa who cover The whole continent and pay out locally In local currency we have um banks that We work with like uh like travel X Bank In Brazil and uh an indicon in India so Again the whole spectrum of uh of money Movers are connected to the Ripple Network Today see a lot of okay and then I mean There's a lot of great ones this person Ought to be proud of themselves Banks Discussing the price of Xrp as a customer is there any exposure To fluctuations in the price of the Cryptocurrency yes great great question Um no As a as a business that's been in this Industry for a long time we know that The the senders and receivers are very Focused on Fiat that's their Lifeline That's their blood that's their entire Business so we hide any real visibility Into the cryptocurrency xrp so in the

System you'll really just see a fear to Fear um payment option um because of That we hide and protect our customers From any fluctuation in the open market Market um it's irrelevant to you how Much xrp equals how much Singapore Dollars for example all you want to know Is that you can make your $1 Million uh payment into Vietnam for Example so the customer is never exposed To any fluctuation in price of the Digital asset Here okay all Right um now I can't play this one Because it's got music over it what I'm Going to do is I'm going to play it in The member group where I can play music I can play anything I want but here I'm I'm about to drop a bombshell on on The member group because and it's It's it's what I really think the roots Of of the evil that we've been Witnessing for the last few years are And it has everything to do with cbdcs And Ai and all of this stuff I believe Well I'm not going to expound on it Anymore because I don't want to give it Away but I am a history B and I've Studied history and I watch a lot of History Channel programs and there's one That um one topic that I've always been Particularly fascinated by and I think It my gut tells me it ties directly in

With all this and I'm going to show you And I might just blow your mind I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family D AI now Now


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