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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel crypto markets finally moved We've been seeing so much consolidation Lately which is a little bit more boring Than would be preferred but we got a Move today with Bitcoin not getting that Far off from hitting $45,000 it's a Little bit below that at the moment uh But I'm going to share with you Perspective from a few analysts and it's So interesting that there were there Were all sorts of hints and perspectives That market was about to go including Less than 24 hours ago but before before The market did start moving up multiple Analysts had the expectation okay this Thing looks like it's about to go and I'm going to share with you just a Couple of those perspectives because I Don't want to hammer the point home just Too much uh there are tons of people That thought that this was likely to be The case in here we have seen a move to The upside and it's nice to see the Market move up as a whole with xrp at Over 51 cents at the moment and it's a Little up it's a little down it's a Little up it's a little down that's how It's been for hours but if this is Indeed the point point where bitcoin's Going to Go I'm optimistic we'll see what happens Here but before going further I do want To be clear I do not have a financial

Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun all Right so Bitcoin at $445 183 and at the Time I'm recording this video just in Case anyone's curious it is 7:47 p.m. Central Time that would be when does February 7th 2024 you've got the crypto fear and Greed index a little bit up today 66 out Of 100 so markets still feeling a fair Bit greedy uh now here was a well-timed Post by chart analyst egreg Krypto he Wrote and mind you this is 3:38 a.m. This morning before any of the moves to The upside happen I mean here you can See a 24-hour chart for Bitcoin if You're talking about what time did I Just say 3 yeah 3:38 a.m. okay so that Would have been H kind of around here so It's You could s like a tiny bump up but Nothing that was xrp actually probably Bitcoin did the same thing at the same Time I'm guessing yeah about the same Nothing crazy though you I saw it went From yeah it was a little over 43,000 And then it went up a little bit and it Was still just a little over 43,000 from From close to 43,000 to

43,81941 so I'm just saying that's a Well time post that is definitely a well Time post because we've seen after days Of of consolidation the biggest movie We've seen in a hot minute frankly then There was this post from chart analyst Ali Martinez and I love highlighting These uh these types of posts because You keep seeing this again and again and Again and I will always love to drive The point home the typical liming retail Speculators they do behave differently Than the whales the whales with the big Money who understand Market psychology Generally speaking I think what have Whales been doing in recent weeks well Especially giving that we given that we Just saw a move to the upside today uh You won't be surprised to learn that the Whales have been accumulating that's Right those splishy splashy whales get An aquatic AF tail is all this time what Would you expect man and so here is the Post from chart anal Ali Martinez Bitcoin whales are accumulating more Bitcoin around 73 new whales now hold 1,000 Bitcoin or more marking a 3.66% increase in 2 weeks well Color Me Surprised and this was at 3:43 a.m. so We happened to be noting this before we Saw the move to the upside which is Another thing I just happen to find the Timing of it interesting it is what it Is uh but how about that people get

Bored people get depressed people get Anxious and the Welles are like yeah we Don't give a damn we're just staying Aquatic man that's pretty much it and Here's a post from a chart analyst Crypto Insight UK and this was at 211 a.m. so here you Can see again 211 a.m. let's pull it up On live coin watch here bitcoin price 42963 Bucks and here's what crypto Insight UK Said $44,000 plus Bitcoin Inbound volatility incoming as shown Below I'm with credible crypto and Thinking we move up here we can see There is a large liquidity pool above us That is building I expect us to attack This range there is some liquidity below So it is possible for us to see this Taken first however with the sheer Amount above I expect that acts as a Magnet for price and wouldn't you know It just just hours pass and then yeah Move to the upside so what he was Expecting and again that's why I said I Just share with you know a few examples Here but I saw a number of analysts Calling this accurately and so credit Where it's due now here's what chart Analyst credible crypto had to say it's Just a bitcoin price chart and he thinks That what's most probable is yeah Impulse to the upside and of course if

That happens uh I look I hold Bitcoin I'm Pro Bitcoin I just don't give a damn About it not really not really I'm going To happily keep holding holding it just Because I've been holding it for over Six years but in terms of the gains to Be had from this point for me no Bitcoin Doesn't excite me I I've had my gains Over the last six years I've just been Holding I'm waiting to see what happens With my xrp which is my largest holding I'm waiting to see what happens with the Rest of my all coins that's what really Matters to me that's where the life Change we life changing wealth is going To come for me if it's going to come and So here's what credible crypto had to Say because again Bitcoin leads the way I spy a clean five-wave impulse on low Time frames the implications are Significant this move up is now Confirmed impulsive on low time frames And so folks when he says low time Frames that just means shortterm Short-term time and he says yes it could Be an ending impulsive move of a Corrective leg up but the alternative is That this is the start of our next major Impulse if the latter is the case then We can expect to put in a higher low Above $42,882 out of could be the start of Something big let's see how things Develop and so he's optimistic though

Not 100% sold on the idea but he thinks There's a really good chance that we're Actually just going to see the breakout From here so if that's the case let's See what happens with alts it's going to Be a good time I think 2024 is going to Be a pretty gash darn good year and then There was this post from a chart analyst Dark Defender and actually shared this At the time this is actually from February 5th so a couple days ago before Um Market started finally doing Something right but he was talking about Xrp and so I thought I'd share this with You because he's talking about xrp being Oversold so this in conjunction with Potentially Market go up hm interesting Confluence if you will so he says here Is your update on The Daily time frame For xrp five wve corrector structure is Completed and the back tests are done RSI is also oversold and had the break And back test and come on xrp it is time For you to move yeah it's about time Poke that with a stick let's get Xrp going somewhere damn it but look This is how xrp always behaves it really Tests people it just moves sideways Longer than many other coins it's some Historically anyway it's been the last To go when the market finally pops uh so Whatever happens I'm ready I'm just Going to sit tight and not exactly worry About it but I'm going to acknowledge

That is historically indeed what has Been the case here so again it's just Kind of interesting to note it's like uh Xrp it's time to do something you're Oversold damn it poking you was Dick now And here we have we have Bitcoin F two Days later moving to the Upside I tell you what I know what I Hate and I don't hate that here's a post From chart analyst egreg crypto sharing Some thoughts about xrp he wrote The Following and I can make this chart full Screen too which is an xrp price chart He said xrp two types of crypto Adventurers negative or Plus in everyday Life whether in business or elsewhere Some folks tend to focus on What's Missing like the half empty glass While Others see what's there like the half Full glass the same idea applies to Xrp a some folks panic when they see Prices drop to 41 cents or 35 cents but They're missing the bigger picture the Potential for significant growth in the Long run and B then there are those who Stay calm sticking to their dollar cost Averaging DCA Strategy they understand that the Initial drops are just small blips Compared compared to the larger gains of 15x 27x 55x that could come later on a Sign of the crypto's potential for Massive growth over decades to come and So I will say this even though I will

Never make a price prediction those Multiplier levels from this this point Of a little over 50 c 15x 27x or 55x uh I don't know if that's going to Happen but that is absolutely within the Realm of believability so far as I'm Concerned not that I'd expect the Higher One necessarily to um to happen this Market cycle if xrp is going to go but I Certainly wouldn't say it's impossible Even for this Market cycle now much more Confident if you have a much lower price Target I'll be well for good reason it's Only logical that I'd have much more Confidence that that would be hit but Sometimes coins run way way way higher Than what most people think is Plausible and of course if you're Talking over a really long time frame if Xrp is going to continue to be adopted Like over a span of decades well it's Like well then why would would that not Happen like wouldn't it be more Plausible I know it's not guarantee but Wouldn't that be reasonable suppose it Really just might Occur $27 xrp whatever comes out to and So when he's talking about the different Types of people that does resonate with Me because I look at the market and um And the psychology in the market fairly Similarly for me for for the first few Years in particular that I was uh in Crypto and holding xrp I was just dollar

Cost averaging I was purchasing Regularly Xrp and and then there were a couple Larger purchases a few larger purchases Towards the end of my xrp accumulation Journey in 2020 and then I realized I Had to stop purchasing or else I have a Problem but I still have that mindset of That making sense and I I still am just Going to hold because I do not believe All the short-term price action or or Even you could say midterm price action Or even what's been long-term over the Last several years if you want to call That long term as a result of what has Happened with the SEC even that I'm not Worried about because the SEC I mean That that really mucked things up and That's not our fault that that Absolutely is not I think xrp would have Hit a new alltime high but uh you know If not for the SEC but setting that Aside like my conviction has not been Stronger in my entire life when there's Price action to the downside I Understand that has nothing to do with Fundamentals or well not literally but Almost nothing I mean there's a reason That xrp is number six in terms of Market cap and has been in the top 10 Cryptos by market cap for over a decade So I'm not saying literally nothing but In terms of the regular oscillations It's just xrp moving with the rest of

The market and so if it's down for any Period of time whatever it is I'm not Reading into that thinking oh well I Guess the sky is falling because that Doesn't make sense that's not how this Market works that's firmly what I Believe so I'm optimistic and I'm Excited for this and I hope credible Crypto is correct that what is Reasonable to suppose here is that we're Going to be seeing a break to the upside Because that just gets us that much Closer perhaps to seeing xrp run like Freaking crazy and we're going to find Out together aren't we I'm not a Financial adviser you should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right that would be a very very very Bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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