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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out the headlines we got for you today More bankruptcy filings and his Charles Hoskinson and coindesk say what we got The beginning of the digital Finance you Need to see what we're going to talk About today new scheduling update for The SEC versus Ripple 39 days and Counting to what we're going to tell you We got so much to go over with plus the SEC deal somebody rolled up beautiful Intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.01 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency 1.6 up on this day uh Good afternoon everybody Bitcoin 21 000 Slightly over ethereum 55 or 1500 solid 1500 solid and tether market cap 66.6 Billion they say xrp 39 cents we are up 4.9 percent ladies and gentlemen if you Have not done it we are going to put on The xrp Army event of a lifetime and you Need to sign up right now underneath of This video click this link in Las Vegas Join us in so many incredible people Which I'm going to reveal in the coming Days that are going to make this event Super incredible you're not going to Want to miss it it will be a capped Event there will be a limited number of

Seats sign up and put your name amen if You're interested also if you want a VIP Ticket for a VIP experience there are a General Mission ticket at a VIP ticket You better join the digital perspectives Mastermind group because that's the only Way you can get it and I trust you can Trust me when I tell you and you know I Deliver I don't fool around I'm telling You right now this is going to be an Incredible experience xrp Meetup of a Lifetime click the link for both join The digital perspective Mastermind group Secure that VIP ticket for that Experience don't mess around time is Running out and I am going to shut the Door on it take a look at this ladies And gentlemen There's the link sign it Join it don't mess around it's real just Like Charles hoskinson said confirm Interesting interest in acquiring the Crypto Focus Media Outlet coin desk I don't know how this goes Charles Hoskins has said coindesk appeared to be Overpriced at 200 million dollar asking Price adding that he would decide after Reviewing the firm's books you know Um we'll see where this goes because you Got to be careful in this world like I Mean you know you step outside of your Lane in your wheelhouse you got to be Careful but I wish Charles all the best In that no doubt about it but we'll see What happens here

After months of struggling we've got More bankruptcy filing and as we Probably had assumed it's come true here It's Genesis and I take no pleasure in Sharing it Genesis is filed for Bankruptcy ladies and gentlemen it seeks Protection from its creditors You know I often wonder now is it Systemically in cascading effects here Is digital currency group going to have Trouble because they stop paying their Dividends to their clients Uh this mess is not over yet and if you Remember we covered this I'm not going To play the whole thing but just listen To the first 45 seconds Good afternoon everyone thanks all for Being here Today the Department of Justice has Dealt a significant blow To the crypto crime ecosystem Justice department agents and Prosecutors working in partnership with The treasury Department and French law Enforcement have disrupted bits Lotto a China-based cryptocurrency exchange Notorious for laundering criminal Proceeds from the dark net Now when I when I heard that first of All I was like oh Lord the department of Justice's Department of Treasury I Thought to myself uh oh is this a day of Reckon in for USD tether because they Have not been above board when it comes

To showing their reserves you know we I Think we all know the story on that so I I was like I've never even heard of Lotto I didn't even know what the World that was But then I saw this Finn said his name binance as the world Largest cryptocurrency exchange as one Of the top three receiving Counterparties of bitslotto and then I Thought to myself ah now I see what it's About This is about weakening binance the Largest cryptocurrency exchange period In the world basically And it seems that this is a chip away at The stone here and where this Falls I Don't know but it does feel like that This is not good you know systemically Connecting binance here bislotto's top Three receiving counterparties in terms Of total Bitcoin received between March 2018 September 2022 where binance the Russia Connected darknet marked Market Hydra And alleged russia-based Ponzi scheme uh Finnico Vincent the financial crimes Bureau of the U.S department of the Treasury said in the January 18 order According to fincen to top Bitcoin Centers to bislotto between May 2018 and September 22 were Hydra local Bitcoins a Finland-based exchange is this bit so Processed over 1.46 million direct

Transfers With the Hydra darknet Marketplace Between 2018 and 2022 of April Representing transaction flows of nearly 20 000 Bitcoin sent receiving during that Time frame Finn said in the order Benson's order which intends to restrain The transmission of funds involving bits Lotto will be effective February 1st uh Look I you know Um well I'll tell you what this this is This stinks and I don't think this is Over So as we say here head on a swivel Ladies and gentlemen Then there's this So gets a settlement Here today marks one of the most Significant moments of his professional Life says Anthony trenches I believe it Is a trenches He says here uh reach the landmark Resolution with the SEC to North American Securities Administration uh it Says here so all 50 states the Attorney General of New York and if we go into This it's quite interesting right Today we charge nexo Capital says Gary Gensler with the failing to register Offer the sale of retail crypto assets Lending product the earned interest Product known as EIP to settle charges Nexo agreed to pay 22.5 million and

Cease its unregistered offer and sale of EIP to U.S investors but Jeremy Hogan Comes in shout out to him and he lays This out you know as he does right and Makes it so clear that there's still Confusion you know Jeremy says here he Says the SEC charges nexo for its Lending product and settles with them The same day a 45 million dollar Collection but isn't nexo an exchange What about the numerous Securities that Nexo is unlawfully selling to U.S Citizens that's okay now I'm confused and you know what I'm Confused right along with Jeremy here You know it just doesn't add up the Inconsistency from the SEC and Gary Genzer in that chair it just doesn't add Up But I tell you this There will be a moment and then if you Haven't seen the first video from this Morning I really highly encourage you to Go watch it because Jeremiah Lair says He's predicting that we are going to see Stable coins essentially Legitimized I'm paraphrasing but Legitimized on a global level not just In the U.S he's really talking was Talking about on a global level Normalized I think is the word that he Used normalized in the marketplace he Said And you know this speaks to what I have

Talked about for a very long time And it is the next bull market It will be use Case utility and I think It's obvious now that the regulation and Lack thereof and The Regulators have Made it extremely clear how big of a Muscle they have over this Market they Are the ones that are suppressing this Space they are the ones that are Suppressing the technology and The Innovation and stifling the fourth Industrial Revolution it is the United States Securities Exchange Commission That is keeping the market at a trillion And under when it was three plus Trillion prior to them coming in Boots On the ground The beginning of Finance By solo genic Mania here says is in the Aquarium Which by the way corium pretty fantastic Uh what I've understood and come to Learn about it 7 000 transactions smart Contracts The stock market starts with solo genic They are tokenizing and have already Been tokenizing the stock market and They're good at it The beginning of the world economy is in Ripple and we know that is directly tied To payments for which xrp and The xrp Ledger and then he finishes by saying That's How The xrp Ledger will be at the Forefront

I'm inclined to agree with him Uh you know uh not Financial advice from Him me or anyone else but when I Continue to see things like this like Xls-30 Hooks and evm side chains are Going to open the door to a lot of Possibilities for everyone building on The xrp Ledger It's remarkable what is taking place Or how about BlackRock reinforcing Everything that we just talked about BlackRock wants the tokenization of Stocks in the distributed Ledger take a Quick listen here I believe the Next Generation for Markets the Next Generation for Securities will be will be tokenization Of Securities tell them Larry Um we will and if we could have that Distributed Ledger that we know every Beneficial owner every beneficial seller We all have our our code of who's buying Who's selling instantaneous settlement And think about it changes the whole Ecosystem you don't need Trust Banks but Does that disrupt you eventually because You are custodian all this we don't know We're not a custodian we're not we don't We use third-party custodians in Everything goodness sakes in everything You do we don't we're not a custodian Bank so you're so your goal in that by The way I don't think that he was Technically like custodian either which

Is a separate issue I think they were I don't know if there Was a real custodian in that closed Ledger but that's a whole other story uh You should ask them that question Um Uh No I I mean the transformation think About instantaneous settlement bonds and Stocks Um No middlemen we're going to bring down Fees even more dramatically Um as for me I don't have to vote on any Shares anymore because a beneficial Owner will do all the voting they'll and There you have it I mean this is Larry Fink from BlackRock talking about the Excitement of tokenization of stocks Which solargenic is already doing this Is happening who else is doing it Pollyson Poly sign is prepared to help tokenize The entire Capital markets And custody by the way and settlement Uh you know then Brooks and whistle States at w-e-f uh Davos Blockchain company is building its Core Business offering outside the United States at a rapid rate well of course They are because it's the U.S that has The lack of clarity but it is the US SEC Whether we like it or not that is Crapping on This Global Market of crypto

And when people say well they can't tell Us what to do with that's fine I Understand that and we do get that and Brookside whistle gets it too But it is the largest economy in the World and the SEC in the United States That is suppressing this Market I Believe at this point You know with that being said uh I have To say this There's a lot of talk and conversation About xrp being pegged to Gold a lot of Talk about xrp being pegged to this or That or the other Um Bob way remarks here xrp shouldn't be Pegged to anything that seems silly to Him He says that's like saying should corn Be pegged to Fiat or gold why on Earth Would a commodity be pegged So he obviously sees xrp as a commodity And I certainly do too I certainly see As a virtual currency and a bridge asset I remind people here that the value is In the xrp protocol Collateralize The decentralized Ledger Which is a decentralized exchange for The world and you don't have to Peg xrp To anything Merely bringing that collateral the Liquidity and the utility to The Decentralized Exchange known as The xrp Ledger I believe equals value over time as I

Understand it you could however create a Stable coin off of xrp and that could be Price set because it's stable That's where I'm going to leave it all Today not Financial advice or me or Anyone else ladies and gentlemen but This is the countdown 39 days from now Ladies and gentlemen 39 days from now Is March 1st Jim filen shout out to you so grateful For all your contribution as to all the Legal analysts in this space that have Helped us through this journey He reminds us everything is briefed and Now we wait and if his forecast Of a ruling on the SEC versus Ripple on Or before March 2023 we are 39 days away From March 1st and who knows where it Goes from there but I tell you what on This day I am filled with enormous Enormous feeling of gratitude Not only for all of you that listen Support the channel but for all the Legal analysts that have helped us this Entire Journey it has been incredible it Has been a long arduous two plus years And we are now at the end of the road Here and it will be very exciting to see Where all of this goes I want to thank Him and everybody else and all of you Make sure you hit the like And subscribe Leave a comment below I'll catch all of You on the next one


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