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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel a lawsuit is being prepared Against the ethereum foundation and Steven nof says that he's working with Attorney John Deon behind the scenes to Make this happen and so this all has to Do with what we were talking about for Years on end and we were freaking right All of this eth gate stuff it's not some Sort of grand conspiracy Charles Hoskinson it's very clear there's actual Evidence that there is coordination Between people having to do with eth in General and the SEC this is a real thing But it turns out and you may have heard Some of this by now uh that it may have Gone much further there are allegations Now and actual evidence uh indicating That vitalic butterum himself you know One of the founders of ethereum and also Joseph Luben uh engaged in some sort of Attack a hack you may have heard that in The news and I'll in case you haven't Heard that I'll get you caught back up The speed in this video um but as a Result of this it looks like there is Going to be according to Stephen nof a Lawsuit moving forward with Attorney John Deon and the way that step nof Talks and you can tell it's just like Straight up revenge and frankly probably Well deserved but uh before going Further I do want to be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind

I am not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right so there's two Articles I'm going to be going through With you here on the same topic uh the First one will be this one from five Days ago ethereum Foundation faces legal Prov over gatecoin hack involvement and Then there's this one from today uh Ethereum Insider reveals progress on Fraud lawsuit against eth Foundation now The first article was shared by Steven Narof and I'll just assume at this point You're you're likely to be familiar with Him in his backstory if not it's not Going to ruin the video for you but just Know that he was targeted um by I mean He was he was frankly looking at I can't Remember what it would have been but Like it might have been decades Behind Bars and then uh the lawsuit against him Ended up getting dropped there's a whole Thing so if you're curious about it you Just kind of Google it and find it but I've talked about it on the channel Before so for the purposes of this this Video I'm just going to hope that you Know if not don't worry uh the rest of The video will still make sense even Without that information uh but Steven n

Off this afternoon wrote The Following thanks to at boring sleuth who Is known as truth Labs so if you hear Truth Labs or at boring sluth in this Video and you will that's the same Person um so thanks at boring sluth re I'm sorry thanks to at boring sluth Revelations the involvement of the helic Luben and the ethereum foundation in the 2016 gatecoin hack has become more than Just controversial it's a key piece of The eth gate puzzle that has now led to The launch of an independent legal Investigation this marks a crucial step Towards uncovering the complete Narrative all eyes should be on what Unfolds next as the truth is emerging And so again folks we here in the xrp Community absolutely were correct it is Not a conspiracy eth gate is a real Thing that happened in real Life first piece reads as follows the Ethereum foundation will find itself Under legal scrutiny over its alleged Involvement in the 2016 gatecoin hack Soon the revolutions put forward by Onchain forensic analyst truth Labs Boring sluth on X formerly Twitter have Sparked intense discussions and are now Leading to an independent legal Investigation truth Labs conveyed the Initiation of this probe in a post Asserting quote I received fantastic News tonight that a law firm is

Launching an independent investigation Into the gatecoin hack and the ethereum Foundation's involvement due to this Post last week end quote and folks uh That is separate from anything that Stepen narof may be doing with Attorney John Deon in terms of going after the Eth foundation which I will get to just A little bit later in the video I just Got to do these things sequentially Peace continues This development follows a series of Previous posts where truth Labs accused The foundation and its key figures Including vitalic butterin and Joseph Luben of being directly involved in the Gatecoin exploit resulting in the theft Of over $450 million of eth he added and This is a quote it's been exactly one Week since I shared undeniable evidence That the ethereum foundation vitalic Butan Joseph Luben were directly Involved in the gatecoin exploit to date Not one developer or crypto analytics Firm has denied my allegations or even Offered up another theory of what might Have happened end quote now folks I Don't know about you but if I had Somebody coming after me with onchain Evidence which looks pretty solid on the Surface making serious allegations Against me and if I weren't guilty and Know what I'd do I'd come out and say I I'd clear it up

I' I'd be like here's here's what Actually happened I I I was I wasn't in Charge of whatever it may be because it Would be easy to clear it up if you have Nothing to do with it but if there's Evidence clearly indicating that you are In involved in some capacity or at least Highly likely and then you say nothing When there's these serious Claims you got to know how that looks And so look I won't go so far as to Claim that they absolutely did anything To participate in this Hack but I will say very clearly that This is a very bad look and it does make Me kind of question if there might be Something to this because of the strong Evidence and because of the lack of Communication that looks fishy and I Understand of course um lack of Communication of itself it it doesn't Mean for sure that they're guilty yes I Get that but W that in conjunction with This strong evidence I'm just I gotta Tell you it's just not a good look what Would you do seriously put yourself in Vitalic shoes or Joseph Len's shoes you Got these serious allegations you know You got you got a law at least one Lawsuit looks like there's going to be At least another one coming on top of That all this is happening and what You're you're not going to just clear Because if you're clearly not involved

In any capacity like shouldn't that be Easy shouldn't it or is a little more Complex than that because they're not Going to make this thing go away this is Just getting deeper and deeper Peace continues remarkably neither the Foundation nor the leaders of ethereum Have responded to the allegations According to the onchain sleuth the Reason for this is clear quote they can Only ignore the facts not dispute them The information has almost 1 million one Million impressions across the internet And because of it existing in the public Domain the cftc doj SEC Homeland Security will have to act end Quote Uh Yep this thing's not going Away it's there's not a chance in hell There's not a snowball chance at all Especially not with Steven nof he he Seems to have a fire in the belly you Know what I'm saying like he is not Happy you know anyway piece continues Steven narof a former advisor to Ethereum known as eth whistleblower has Also chimed in on the matter supporting Truth Labs truth labs' allegations in a Response to at boring sleuth n off said Quote they relentlessly discredited me Before so why are they silent now that Specific allegations with receipts of Onchain data have been made by me and at

Boring sluth because legal advice for Criminals guilty of massive crimes is to Remain silent end quote Yeah and see That's the thing that's that's partic That's one of the things that's Particularly fishy they were previously And as as I've highlighted before they Were previously um you know vitalic and The bunch jumping out speaking out Against Steven narof they're happy to do It but then these allegations come up And then it's just like there's Gone well they probably do have and Frankly that is good legal if their Legal advice is to shut the hell up That's probably good legal advice advice Especially if in fact they are guilty of This peace continues as bitcoinist Reported the allegations revolve around A comprehensive analysis of eth wallet Addresses and transaction record with Which truth Labs claims show a direct Connection between the ethereum Foundation and the substantial losses Incurred during the gatecoin hack this Event which occurred between May 9th and May 12th 2016 preceded the INF Infamous Dow hack official reports from gatecoin At the time disclosed a loss of 185,000 eth an amount now valued at over $450 Million on the potential move behind the Ethereum foundation's alleged Involvement truth lab sites Financial

Worries of the ethereum foundation at The time of the gatecoin and DOW hacks And so folks that's that's what the Suspicion is if indeed this is true if It is the case that vitalic butan and Joe Luben and the bunch if they actual Actually did break the law and they were Involved in this hack and they did steal All of that if that's true the suspicion Is the theory is on the part of Truth Labs that they were doing it because Their organization was basically Insolvent and if they didn't do that Then they were just going to cease to Exist peace continues truth lab states That the foundation's internal Financial Forecast in September 2015 pointed Towards an impending monetary shortfall Coinciding with the period of these Hacks quote one reason the ethereum Foundation may have gone on a hacking Spree at the time is because they were On the verge of collapse end quote and That brings us to the second piece from The day ethereum Insider reveals Progress on fraud lawsuit against eth Foundation Steven narof an early adviser To a Has provided an update regarding his Much anticipated lawsuit against the Co-founders italic butan Joseph Luben And the ethereum foundation the lawsuit Rooted in allegations of corruption and Fraudulent activities is gaining

Attention for its potential impact on The eth ecosystem naria's involvement With ethereum dates back to its early Days and his Insider perspective lends Weight to his claims in response to a Community member's inquiry about the Lawsuits progress narof said the Following and and um it's on your screen But let me jump to the actual post here On social media platform X so I can show You exactly what he was asked because This gets into the part where we have Apparently uh Attorney John deon's Participation in this and obviously John Deon has been coordinating with Steven Arof uh Steven arof was on John deon's YouTube channel and during that live Stream you may recall there were Literally and I've never seen this in my Life in the world of crypto there were Literally 93,000 people watching the Stream at the moment live 93,000 I saw It with my own eyes absolutely insane You can go back and watch that video and If you go to the chat section you can See everybody's was like kind of so was Like 78,000 other's 80,000 85 so on and So forth all the way up to 93,000 people Losing their minds for good reason like That's unheard of the amount of Attention on this is insane and so folks Like I said to the outside of the video It's it's Vindication that we were right About who these people are and the type

Of things that they were doing whether Or not the hack is true or not I mean I Can't say for sure technically I can say That the The evidence at this point does look Very bad for them um but we already from What we had uncovered as an xrp Community and all the xrp you know Twitter sleuths if you will uh what had Been uncovered over a span of years we Already knew that these were Shady People you know and so anyway somebody Named ed wrote to Steven AR off on X and He said Stephen what is happening Between yourself and John Deon and the Proposed lawsuit you claimed you were File going to file against the ethereum Foundation and Steven narof narof Responded we are working on it the scope Keeps getting bigger it's a monster and Complicated it's my focus every day and It's become far more compelling nobody Is more impatient than me it's driving Me mad and costing me a fortune but it Has to be done right so there you see he Says that it is indeed coming forward And in in uh and he's working with Attorney John Deon to to to make this Thing happen so that'll be Fascinating I'm just I'm just glad that People uh they have the drive to seek The truth here because in particularly As an xrp holder myself and seeing all The Injustice that was done and

Understanding the degree to which eth People were involved in what ultimately Resulted uh feeling a little sour about It what about you guys it's not like it Ruins my day I don't wake up like grumpy And stuff but I don't like it because It's not just that's fair right Let me know what you think but I'm happy To see this thing moving forward let's Get to the truth I'm not a financial Adviser you should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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