XRP: FROM $0.74 TO $0.60 IN ONE DAY

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel do you guys remember that one Time yesterday when xrp was 74 cents and And and and do you remember that one Time today when xrp was 60 Cents my God I'll tell you what life Comes at you fast in crypto it's just And I know we all on an intellectual Level we all understand that but it just Like it hits different when it actually Occurs because it's just Like it's like we know in yes of course These things are going to happen but There's extreme volatility in crypto but Man and also fair enough to state of Course when it comes to xrp there was The crazy fake Black Rock news that Filing about the ishares xrp trust um And I covered that very thoroughly in my Last video so check that out if you want More on that I'm not going to talk about It too much in this video uh but of Course it's it's not only xrp that's Down it's the crypto asset class so I'm Assuming that there's some people that Are freaking out here and um I just want To try and uh you know quash some of the Concern here because while I can't tell You what is right for you in terms of Buying and selling because I am not Offering Financial advice I can just Tell you that uh just if you look at you Know just data out there and just use Logic and reason I can just tell you

This it doesn't make sense to feel Emotionally concerned because the most Volatile asset class on the entire Planet which is a known Factor continues To be incredibly volatile and yes the Everything moved in tandem today set Aside the ETF stuff the the Black Rock Nonsense set that aside It was the it was an asset class move Here so I'm going to share with you Perspective from a few analysts here um And also I want to highlight this Article from the daily hotle Bitcoin About to go supersonic $60,000 could Happen sooner than most people think top Crypto Trader and so look despite the Pullback today uh that is not indicative Of some sort of you know shift in the Way that the wind is blowing these Things just happen here in fact there's A lot of Reason to Believe based on Where we we hit today despite the Pullback that we're probably going to be Seeing a move to the upside that's what Many analysts believe but it's just Interesting because like I'm I'm seeing More and more analysts uh who are with Massive followings well respective been In been the the space for years uh Acknowledging that and you weren't Seeing this from pretty much any of them Earlier in the year but now Acknowledging you could see some Monstrous moves up for the price of

Bitcoin which is what we want to see Because Bitcoin leads the damn Market You know um and and so again the only The only analyst that I could think of That I regularly follow off the top of My head that said uh for the entirety of The year that bitcoin's going to be Hitting to all-time high would be Credible crypto and now you're seeing More people now that it's directionally Been kind of heading that way now there Are more that think either it's going to Hit that or we're going to be getting There close so even $60,000 that's not Far from the alltime ey and he's talking About that potentially happening within The next month so you can be fearful if You want um I'm not I'm not in the least But uh before going further Ado and be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy is making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun all Right as I record this video xrp is at 62 cents you've got Bitcoin at 35539 bucks but again I will note uh Like I said well I said beginning part Of the video xrp got down to 60 Bitcoin Got as low as $ 35,5 16 according to live coin watch so

Didn't even dip into the 34,000 that's Kind of fascinating here and the crypto Fe in GRE decks at 69 out of 100 but That updates in less than an hour so I'm Going to Hazard a guess that that's Probably going to be a bit lower we'll See what that looks like uh but here was A post from chart analyst credible Crypto and this was in the morning Before we saw the price drop and so Here's what his expectation was in terms Of what's most probable and the charting Your screen here it's just a Bitcoin USD Chart and he wrote The Following uh up Updated lower time frame count on Bitcoin this is not drawn to scale with Time and price this is just to show wave Slm Market structure on our move thus Far remember we are basically Identifying Trends series of higher Highs and higher lows within Trends Connected by corrective structures Consolidations between Impulses or uptrends within larger Uptrends think Russian nesting dolls Each colored number sequence represents An uptrend on a different time frame and So of course Corrections are always Going to occur even if you're trending Upwards um it is the case though in Terms of you know the odds of seen a Pullback right here right now this isn't Something that he caught um which isn't To slam him by any means um he

Acknowledged that and he actually put Out a 13-minute video which I checked um Earlier today uh that he just put this Out the last hour and a half two hours Whatever it was um given an update based On this notable volatility that we saw Here and so even though we did see move To the downside led by Bitcoin and all The nonsense already happened with xrp Set that aside though even though we saw This he noted that the reason that it's Not something that he thought was going To occur it wasn't really on his radar Is because uh he didn't know where where The liquidations would occur he was Looking at various platforms and he's Like well there's nobody left to get Liquidated and then he noted in this Particular video that he hadn't checked Okx so he said in the future that's Something he'll I'll be more cognizant Of and just trying to remember to check That platform as well but that's so There there there were some people left To get liquidated that's why this is Possible but he noted that like this Like the fact fine there's a pullback But this shows the strength of the Market because we didn't even get into The 34,000 so he wrote The Following quick 13-minute vid where I break down the Cause of this recent drop uh discuss the Likelihood of further continuation down

And talk about key levels of Interest I'll be watching as price action Develops and so feel free to check that Out that's on social media platform X I Checked the thing out I just don't want To regurgitate all of his ta but suffice It to say uh he's not exactly bearish as A result of this let's just say that Right um and then there is also this From chart analyst egreg crypto xrp Chart analyst here and he shared this uh Call it what you know 16 or so hours ago So before the the the mega move to the Downside called it Mega move didn't even Hit the 34,000 Ser son but he the Following uh xrp 12h hour symmetrical Triangle a disregard the wick it was Pure manipulation aimed at the ETF Narrative and again at this point I'm Assuming we are aware of what happened With the fake Black Rock filing Yesterday uh but if you look at the Screen you can see where I'm circling uh Yeah stuff has Happened it's ridiculous anyway and then He Wrot um we're still witnessing the price Adhere to the symmetrical triangle Pattern in the next 2 to six sessions Which is 12 hours per session expect a Significant move remember these charts Offer short-term analysis and don't sway My long-term perspective I stress this To help newcomers discern between

Short-term fluctuations and the broader Long-term Outlook and so and this made Me think of something that incredible Crypto was stating here it's just like If you're talking about like what would Cause the price of Bitcoin for example To go lower and obviously the answer Spot sellers right but which spot Sellers are going to be doing that That's why the fact that even saw the Move down that's why he was he was Talking about open interest you're Looking at Futures markets and and so There were people who could get Liquidated here but outside of that Who's who's selling now right and so and That's why despite what we saw today It's not like there's any sort of Material shift uh there's no tonal shift In terms of what's you know how Mark Prent are positioning themselves Behaving just broadly speaking the People that want to hold our holding There hasn't been a shift I mean frankly On the whole we've been trending upward For over a year we bottomed out a year Ago at this point after the FTX nonsense I think we're out of that right I think It's going to be okay so any that's what He had to say before the fall and then More recently what time was this this Was uh 1:45 p.m. so a few hours ago he Provided a quick Update and he wrote xrp # xrp it is much

Better for the long run to retest Consolidate a little bit than fly I Stated previously that buy an xrp below 50 cents will never be offered again and So obviously he couldn't be more Optimistic which I respect because you Know me I'm Mr xrp Bull myself here but He doesn't think that xrp is ever going To dip below that level now that I Appreciate when the the CH guys I Appreciate when the CH guys put their Necks on the line here these are Big Claims right you know um and everybody Gets yelled at on social media I've said This before you know if you're a YouTuber somebody's going to be yelling At you because it's the internet but I'm Tell telling you the CH guys out there They get it worse than anyone else I'm GL glad I'm not a CH Guy um and then there's also this from Dark Defender and I haven't se he hasn't Posted anything um since the most recent Move to the downside in terms of price Action but it looks like he wasn't Thinking that this like in the short Term we were necessarily going to be Seeing this but it doesn't again it Doesn't change anything there are Pullbacks from time to time I don't Think it changes anything you know in Terms of the people that whether you're B bearish when you woke up this morning Or yesterday I don't think it's

Different now there was a liquidation Event right um and so I don't think this Actually changed anything and he Actually said despite you know this Again before the pullback he said um so Despite that he was saying that we Should expect xrp to go higher and he Wrote The Following hi all I hope the People who caused this fraud can be Caught and punished as they well Deserved and of course he's talking Again about the fake Black Rock filing He says xrp yesterday touched 75 cents With that misinformation However it pulled back to the previous Level we discussed earlier the good news Is that xrp closed the daily candle Above 66 and continues to stay above it Today short-term Target of 87 to $15 stays the same and gets stronger now Imagine the xrp move as long as you get The ETF news there is no smoke without Fire sooner later ETFs will be on the Table have a great day and so even Though he did state that uh you know He's expecting in the short term things Are just going to get stronger um I'll Let him defend himself I'm not here to Do that for any I'm just sharing what The what the various analysts think is Most probable but again uh I I don't Think that in terms of what the strength Of the market is I don't think there's Been a shift there just there's been a

Liquidation event I mean are are you Other than and maybe you're one of the People that got hit in the field Fields If you're a normal human I'm weird so Like this stuff doesn't emotionally Bother me I've also been in know six Years now but do you actually think that Uh like is your position shifted do you Think that it's everything's just going To hell in a hand basket because it's One thing like I like who is more likely To sell right now as a result of this And and the answer is some people I get That But have we seen a fundamental shift on The whole for people that are in the World of crypto I just don't buy it so The idea of having in the relative short Term bigger moves to the upside led by Bitcoin seems completely plausible to me And I I'm not making a price prediction But that wouldn't surprise me in the Least and so so even I understand on Days like this when xrp just dropped Down to 60 cents after being at 74 cents Yesterday I understand hearing it going Up to you know a buck5 It seems Impossible right oh my God how could we Even be talking about that when xrp was Just at 60 cents but again crypto Happens fast when there's price movement It's not uncommon for it to move fast And to illustrate that point further uh There's this article again titled

Bitcoin about to go supersonic $660,000 Could happen sooner than most people People think this this top crypto Trader And if this happens with Bitcoin again Fantastic because even if you don't care About Bitcoin even if you don't own Bitcoin it leads the market where do you Think this is going to put your xrp you Know a Trader who continues to build a Following with timely Bitcoin calls Thinks the crypto King May rally to $60,000 quite soon snonymous analyst Don Alt tells his Could see Furious rallies in the coming Weeks the analyst says bitcoin's chart Looks primed to go Super Sonic and he Said quote I would love to be bearish But how the F could I with a chart like This I'd rather risk some of my gains Before I sell something that looks like It wants to go supersonic we're at this Weird point in the market cycle where I Wouldn't be surprised if we were trading At $60,000 in a month's time end quote and Again always sounds impossible until Suddenly it's not impossible because it Happens at the time of writing Bitcoin Is trading at $37,000 a surge toward Don Al's Target suggests gains of about 60% In a short amount of time Donal says That one Tailwind that could send Bitcoin flying is the hype surrounding The potential approval of a spot-based

Bitcoin exchange traded fund however he Warns that should a Bitcoin ETF get Approved Savvy Traders might use the Event to lock in their gains yeah folks That is a serious and legit concern and There's a very good probability that Will be the case just to buy the rumor Sell the news type of situation but Since the news hasn't hit people you Know if that's that's your game you're Not selling yet are you uh because the Amount of money like once this thing is Announced it doesn't mean that uh every Firm every major firm whether it's Fidelity or Schwab whatever is going to Be offering the product immediately and It doesn't mean that all their clients Have been informed and now making the Decision that that stuff that's going to Happen over a long period of time and so Yes the news will be highly impactful Over a long period of time with years And decades so on and so forth it'll be Truly impactful but in the short term I'm less convinced of that but anyway Here's a quote from him again the Bitcoin spot ETF play has been one of The easiest things to trade in recent History Bulls were obviously not going To sell before the ETF and into the Having and honestly even most bears were Not dumb enough to be bearish into a Catalyst this obvious once the ETF is Through it becomes difficult it could be

A selda news event but it could not be I Simply don't know in a funny way the Longer this ETF decision takes the Higher prices go or probably go because Until it actually hits there are very Few reasons to sell end quote yeah look And it may be the case like I'm not I'm Not saying that even when the news hits You're going to immediately see a dip in Price though I guess that's possible uh My guess for fun would be that you'd see A particularly notable rally up in price And I would not be surprised if people End up uh end up selling as a result of That we'll see what happens nobody knows For Sure but but look even if that happens I Don't give a damn like the writing's on The wall here man if black rocks in Crypto come on just saying so anyway Cheer up y'all even if you're feeling Down as a result of this negative Short-term price action it's not going To be staying here forever it's really Not this isn't some sort of horrendous Thing look look xrp is now at 63 it's up Almost a whole Penny since I started Recording this latest Moon Jam Lambo Hot Jam see we're we're already turning the Corner like it's fine folks seriously That's what I think anyway I just it's But then again if you've been here for Six years like I've been through way More ridiculous stuff than this in terms

Of price action this this is just like a This is just another day that ends with The letter Y you know what I mean All good son I'm not a financial adviser You should not buy yourself anything Because of anything I say or right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon Lambo


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