XRP Fair Value $5.38 CALCULATED At Specific Volume, Crypto Media REPORTS

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I've got three stories to share With you in this very latest Moon Lambo Hot Jam starting with this one from the Crypt basic fair value calculator places Xrp at $538 amidst 50 billion doll trading Volume so I will say this although the Calculator that they're using here I Have ripped at the shreds in the past in Multiple videos um part of the premise Here Is not crazy what they're talking about Is having a trading volume for xrp and a 24-hour period of $50 Billion which is a lot higher than where We're at right now that part I actually Don't find particularly uh crazy and uh We haven't quite hit that ever but it's Still early times as far as I'm Concerned I know xrp's been around over A decade as far as I'm concerned it's Early times uh there's also this story Ripple CTO compares xrpl to Google says Xrp should be winner for cross-currency Payments now folks I've got to tell you Because I've been watching and reading Uh What uh Ripple CTO David Schwarz has Had to say about the world of crypto and Xrp specifically for over six years and Anytime he speaks Myers's perkup I'm Very curious he's he's a literal genius And I mean he's one of the creators of Xrp and The xrp Ledger and I'll just say

This What he had to say what's covered in This article is some of like the Boldest just it just it oozes confidence What and I'll show to you the exact Quote but what he's saying here it oozes Confidence to a degree that that's Although I know he's confident I don't See from him every single time he's Interviewed or speaking publicly but uh Let's just say in terms of long-term Viability for xrp and The xrp Ledger he Seems about certain that yeah it's here To stay then you can imagine what that Means for Price action over a prolong Period of time uh and then there's also This from the crypto basic Ripple now Has one less lawsuit to worry about Details that's right one of Ripple's Lawsuits is over not the one with the SEC that would be bigger news that I I Would not bury the lead if that were the Case that would be what I I just make a Whole video about that uh but still this Is fascinating and I'd actually Forgotten about this one um but before Going any further I do want to be clear I do not have a financial background of Any kind I am not offering Financial Advice and you definitely should not buy Or sell anything because of anything I Say all right I'm just an Enthusiast who Enjoys making YouTube videos about Crypto related topics but just as a

Hobby and just for fun all right so We're talking here first let's let's Knock this one out real quick so we're Talking about a future fair value of xrp At $538 now frankly although I don't make Price predictions I think that's a low Bar $538 Sense pretty well contained within Within reality there that's a pretty low Bar I think that there's realistically a Chance that xrp could be worth Substantially more than that in the Future but what are they talking about Here well peace reads as follows the AY And mitnik fair value calculator for xrp Shows that the crypto asset would be Valued at over $5 at a volume of $50 Billion the price of xrp has traded Below the $1 Mark since December 2021 With the fifth largest cryptocurrency Locked between .3 and .9 cents so 3090 I Don't know why just put the zeros in There for the majority of the past two Years however the famous ay and mitnik Fair value calculator suggests that xrp Is still grossly undervalued and could Be worth $5 based on certain metrics Couple of things uh xrp is actually Number six in terms of market cap not Number five so I wanted to correct that And also the calculator that they're Referencing is not the AY and mitnik Calculator to be clear Susan ay and

Robert mitnik they created um a a Research paper and it resulted in a Fairly broad range but um in optimistic Circumstances as cited by the research Paper dating back to 2018 it showed that Xrp could be worth way way way more than It was at the time that it was published Way more than it is even now and I can't Remember what the height of it was I Can't remember if it was like eight Bucks or 13 bucks on that it was Whatever it was it was way higher than Back then and again way higher than it Is now Certainly U but but then somebody else Not ay not Mitchnick somebody else created a Calculator claimed that it was based on The calculations from the ath and mitnik Paper but I can tell you for sure it is Not because the calculator which is now Defunct the the website is down uh it's It's not factoring in all of the Parameters that were actually used in The research paper and I brought this up In the past it's a bogus calculator I'm Not even sure they plugged in all the Rest of the numbers correct it is what It is though but it's definitely not the Athne metric cal calculator although Many in our community have been claiming That it is it literally isn't it's just Somebody else they copied to some degree What athy and mitchnick were doing but

They left some important stuff out okay But one of the things that they did Factor in here is that at a volume level Of $50 billion they're talking about xrp Hitting $538 and they noted within this article That the the greatest 24-hour period That we've ever seen in terms of xrp Volume was in April of 2021 at $36.95 Billion yep there was more volume in April 2021 than there was when xrp had a New all-time high in the beginning of 2018 which is kind of fascinating it Just shows you how many more people People are in crypto and paying Attention so yes because of the SEC Nonsense it's pretty clear that uh xrp Is just artificially suppressed in terms Of price action but that's still an Impressive figure in terms of 24-hour Volume so it would have been higher so The idea of us going from that high of 3695 billion to $50 billion uh you know Next time we hit euphoria that doesn't Sound crazy to me in the least now You're talking about a massive increase Compared to the 24-hour volume that We're seeing right now for those of you Looking at the screen here you can see a 24-hour volume for xrp 739 million so a far cry from 50 billion And so I crunched the numbers before Recording the video we need about a a 67

Fold increase in volume to hit that Level but again I actually don't think That's crazy because I mean you see what Happens during the times of euphoria Things go Bonkers and the number of new Xrp accounts Creator just goes through The Roof uh I mean I remember in 2017 there were individual days where it Was like what over 20,000 new xrp Accounts when regularly even now it's More like what 1500 to 2,000 kind of you Know it varies a bit but you get the Idea when the Market's hot the Market's Hot that's that's just the state of Things here so I don't think it's crazy I don't know why this PO back up but Crypto crypto newsl they com there all Sorts of websites that were covering This and I don't know exactly why it Popped back up but I wanted to at least Mention this so it's not crazy but the Calculator's broken that's it that's That's all I'm saying man I'm still I'm Still Mr xrp Bull Here and so apparently is David Schwarz Ripple CTO so again the headline from The crypto basic for this next piece Ripple CTO compares xrpl to Google says Xrp should be winner for cross currency Payments and your guys are going to like This one check this out Ripple Chief Technology officer David Schwarz has Likened xrp blockchain value proposition

In the payment landscape to the utility Of tech Behemoth Google in the search Engine business this remark came during An exclusive interview with coindesk Ripple CTO elaborated on the evolving Crypto ecosystem emphasizing the niche Where The xrp Ledger aims to excel cross Currency payments specifically the Interviewer inquired about the growing Trend toward a multi-chain crypto Ecosystem where each chain possesses Distinct use cases considering these Very niches and Specialties the coin Des Journalist asked whether the concept Behind The xrp Ledger implies that it Aims to emerge as the predominant choice For payments and and folks obviously Like so when The xrp Ledger was created They didn't know exactly necessarily What it was going to be used for but I've seen David Schwarz speak about this Many times he's just very emphatic the Way he was talking about it right now Which is why I think you're going to Love this but um he basically they're Trying to build a better version of Bitcoin and they had this rough idea That it' be used for payments broadly Speaking anyway peace continues in his Response the Ripple CTO asserted that he Firmly believes The xrp Ledger with its Native asset xrp is set to excel in Cross currency Payment Solutions and Liquidity provision according to him xrp

Ledger design and optimizations Specifically cater to these use cases Drawing a parallel he suggest Ed that a Failure in the niche areas would be akin To Google failing in its primary search Function in his words and this is the Quote I strongly believe that the xrp Ledger is the best option for Cross-currency payments and liquidity Provision it was developed specifically For this purpose and everything has been Optimized for this particular use Case therefore if it fails to deliver in This area it would be like Google Failing to failing in search in quote Yeah and so not only that I would just Add that given that xrp has been around For over a decade now and it's Functionally useful like it seems to me Very clearly that it has cemented this Particular Niche and and not that The Xrp Ledger can't be used for additional Stuff not that xrp can't be used for Other things it certainly can and it is But I mean I think it's fair to say that Broadly speaking it's most famous for This that's probably a fair statement Right and so at this point after there's Been this degree of network effect this Degree of utility and it's very clear That this is something that's desired in The world in general wouldn't it be Weird if this just stopped working after This level of

Success I would say yes I would be very Surprised if the xrp Ledger is not going To have long-term viability I would be Very surprised I assume that you know 10 Years from now I'll be looking back in This moment and it'll be neat to see how Things unfold but I think one thing that We will see is that xrp will have Further proven its staining power Another 10 years out it'll be used for Even more stuff it'll be further Cemented that would be my Guess and then there's this Ripple now Has one less lawsuit to worry about Details and I admit I had forgotten About this one I needed a little bit of A refresher on this one I remember Covering this at the time because it was A bit unexpected well I say unexpected It was within the realm of possibility Obviously but um but but it looks like Everything's been resolved here check This out leading crypto payments company Ripple has finally put an end to its Legal tussle with global money transfer Service provider GCC Exchange although the development was First revealed by GCC director Yash Rees Earlier this year top xrp Community Member Wrath of conoman called attention To the news in a recent tweet recall That Ripple sued GCC remit in July ju 2023 for failing to fulfill payment Obligations for 40,000 xrp transfers

Worth over 15 Million apparently the transaction Relates to gcc's use of Ripple's ond Demand liquidity solution for crossb Settlements notably Ripple transferred The xrp to GCC under a supply agreement Uh reached by the parties in 2022 however GCC violated the terms of The agreement following its failure to Settle outstanding invoices for 40,000 Xrp transfers as a result Ripple sued The company in the high court of justice Of England and Wales seeking the payment Of outstanding invoices as well as Compensation for the accumulation of Late fees and so I'll just pause to Remind you that uh that Ripple does loan Out xrp for for certain fee and specific Terms associated with it of course but Ripple does loan out xrp for the Purposes of on demand liquidity to its Customers to its Enterprise customers And so it seems that that this is one Such instance in GCC I don't know if It's just because they were being in Jerk faces or if maybe they hit hard Financial times and were having trouble Paying it back for whatever reason but Uh it resulted in a lawsuit Ripple suing Them and that's just part of a risk of Doing business you get bum clients Sometime it's just it is what it is uh Anyway peace continues in an exciting Development reest disclosed that the

Parties had agreed on a settlement to The multi-month lawsuit reesh told open PR in a recent interview that the Parties reached a confidential Settlement agreement with no admission Of liability following the lawsuits Resolution GCC exchange can focus on its Strategic vision and continue offering Money transfer services globally it is Unclear whether GCC will continue to Utilize Ripple solution for xrp for Crossb payments yeah and so this is Probably going to be one of those things Where uh we're not going to be privy to The inside detail of what led to all of This which is why we can only speculate But my for fun guess is that it's a bum Customer maybe they just hit hard Financial times uh you know when it Comes to running a business cash is King So even if they're still in business now Maybe they had a cash flow issue who Knows um but or they possibly they just Had some sort of souring of a Relationship with ripple and so they're Like well screw you we're just not going To pay back which is you know not moral Or right but you know not everybody on Planet Earth is a good human you know But either way hate was settled we we'll Just have to wonder what the hell Actually happened behind the scenes but Yay Ripple so now you can just focus on The SEC now that's the one that I'm

Really looking forward to reporting on Because one day the secv Ripple lawsuit Will be completely over and I do look Forward to covering that though Obviously the best news that we could Have possibly gotten we already got in July of last year so that's the part That really mattered but still it'll be Closing the chapter it'll still be I Don't know pretty fantastic because I Just those little ass hat Pricks at the SEC you know just saying just saying I Think there spawns of Satan pretty awful I'm not a financial adviser you should Not buy or sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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