XRP Explosion(If True) & Ripple / SEC Final Judgement

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody before I get going Today I want to remind you pure VPN who Is one of my sponsors is doing Black Friday 83% off golden ticket 3 months Extra as you go down here you'll see They've got their um the they call it The Golden Ticket Max 344 per month um And this gets uh high-speed VPN secure Password manager IND in file encryption Personal privacy manager and it actually Um look it shows you the massive Discount they're doing this this is all Leading up to uh Thanksgiving and they Had they had reached out to me I have One of these VPN because there's several Things that you've ju if you're going to Be in crypto that you've just got to Have and uh uh DPN is one of them so That you can surf the Internet privately And anonymously we're dealing with Hackers all over the place out here so It's like one of those musthaves if You're going to be invested in crypto um I they gave me a special link to this uh Special so I'll put the link in the very Top of the description of this video hey Everybody this is the digital asset Investor and look at this explosion the I shares xrp trust filing remains Prominently featured on the Icis Delaware website if it were

Fraudulent it would have already been Removed brace yourself for a significant Upward Surge headen Haven seen this guy in a Long while when I first started this Channel this guy was called the modern Investor I don't know if he still goes By that now or not but he was a smart Guy and I like listening to him Sometimes and he's back I haven't seen Him in a while listen to this um on Google Trends so Google has a thing called Trends where you can see like what's Being spoken about at this moment how Popular something is where the Discussion is going and what people are Actually Googling when they won a Specific amount of information uh Google Trends has actually announced or it has Been stated that um Xrp looks like it might be uh the first And or second most popular Cryptocurrency in the United States it Actually has completely breezed by Ethereum and xrp is now the most popular Especially over ethereum and other Altcoins in in 47 47 47 US states with the highest Interest coming from Delaware Nevada Louisiana Arizona and Hawaii this is Interesting because I believe that a Portion of the sec's lawsuit against

Ripple was basically meant to discredit Them and try and get people to get away From the project that's my own belief It's simply because y the guy J Clayton Who launched a lawsuit against Ripple Did it on his last day in office Claiming that they had done something Wrong or incorrect or legal the problem Is you launch a lawsuit in 2016 when you See the bad things happening and not the Last day in office essentially allowing Americans four years to have access to Something that they should not have Access to so it seems a little Fraudulent at least in my eyes oh yeah You're directly over the target there Che check this out about the Bitcoin ETFs we have Bitcoin up here ethereum up Here and then it's every other digital No no no no no no wrong right out of the Gate James you got xrp up here with Legal Clarity you got Bitcoin and Ethereum that have fake regulatory Clarity from Bill Henman and Jay Clayton And then you have everything Else I think we think it's going to be a Long time before we 20,000 tokens yeah There's a lot of other stuff out there But Bitcoin and ethereum are kind of off On the own side of things here again we Don't even have spot Bitcoin uh out the Door yet and it's just amazing to see You know the next step already being Planned for can we talk about spot

Bitcoin though uh when what is the Current timeline I know that you and Some others have been tweeting about Windows apparently we're in one of them In terms of when we could see the 19 b4s Approved what's going on yeah so there's A four you've got to walk us through That kind of Jaron yeah 19 B4 is Basically it's a you file for a rule Change proposal to and in this case the Rule change proposal is to list Bitcoin Bitcoin ETFs spot Bitcoin ETFs uh and so There's all these deadlines and clocks But all you really need to know is right Now there's a window there's 12 Different spot Bitcoin ETF applications Right now out there there's a window Right now where there's no comment perod There's nothing that he has to do in all Of them so theoretically if they really Wanted they could approve all of them at Once we also don't like we're not as Tied up on that window yes that's Possible but also like I said there's 12 Filings nine of them it doesn't matter Anytime from now to January 10th they Can be approved and the Ally list at Some point within that time range There's two processes that need to go on Here there needs to be an S1 approval And a 19 B4 approval 19 B4 is the one That everyone's been watching the one We've been watching closely and the one That's we think is going to happen by

January all right and then we had Kathy Wood on box you know that when They there was a uh threat of xrp Potentially having be uh Black Rock Potentially doing an xrp ETF CNBC had to Rush in there and talk about xrp real Quick now they're back to not talking About xrp and trying to pump a Bitcoin ETF you and I sat together in 2021 down At Javit Center yes and I asked you and By the way this was in Bitcoin I believe Was again they're doing it wrong too it Should be Xrp the one with legal Clarity comma Bitcoin comma ether the ones with Bill Henman regulatory Clarity faker Regulatory Clarity and altcoins that's What should be written there it was it Was like $50,000 I mean it was it was it Was much higher than it is right now and You said over the next 5 years you Thought it was going to rise at least Tfold okay so I think you were looking At $500,000 yes a coin yes we're now 23 Coming on 24 if we had this conversation In 25 26 do you think we're still are Are you on the are you on track yes I Think uh this regulatory breakthrough is Very important to bring institutions uh Online effectively uh and I think uh Black Rock and coin bases uh partnership Uh is going to be very important the Other thing that's very important from An Institutional point of view way back

In 2018 uh Cambridge Associates which Advises institutions said you may not Like it but you better have a point of View because this is a new asset class It's a source of Diversification and we would add it's a Hedge if you're talking about Bitcoin in Particular a hedge against both Inflation and deflation and as you know We think the bigger risk isation I Wanted to talk to you about our okay so Um they're continuing to carry out their Duty James fan judge Torres has set the Schedule regarding remedies of Discovery And briefing Fred Bly was actively in Here giving his analysis this timeline Means no chance an appeal would be Issued before mid 2026 by the 2 circuit The July 13th 2023 ruling by judge Torres will be Ironclad for a very long Time then he comes in he says SEC versus Ripple the remedies related to Discovery Schedule is set there's no chance a Second circuit ruling on an appeal by Either party if no one is ever filed is Issued before mid 2026 think of Everything that will happen between now And then game over SEC you lost then Hogan Jeremy Hogan comes in final briefs In April means final judgment in July But more importantly look at the case Heading the only defendant is Ripple the Defense has Whitted the case down to

Only 20% what it used to be H how much of it Will be be left in July that's that's Why you hired top lawyers Brad Garlinghouse is commenting on his the Deep fake that that was done on him There's been an uptick and deep fake Scam videos overlaying new words with Old video footage from ripples events YouTube or you asleep at the wheel again Reminder don't trust verify all approved Messaging will only come for the from The official Ripple Accounts um let me see here yeah I'll Play some of this anyway this is uh James Wallace that runs cbdcs at Ripple I often get asked the question what's The most exciting thing about cbdcs and Stable points in one word Innovation my Name is James Wallace and I head up cbdc At Ripple I hope that's not you might Already know that over 90% of central Banks around the world are now exploring Cbdcs there are many drivers for cbdc Including the decline of cash improving Payments efficiency lowering costs and The desire to innovate the ways in which Money is used Ripple cbdc platform is Your One-Stop shot for the creation of Digital currency designed for minting Managing transacting and redeeming cbdcs And stable coins here's how it works First standard apis enable seamless Integration of the cbdc platform into

Central bank's existing systems this Allows the bank to leverage their Current infrastructure central banks can Then mint their cbdc on a private Version of The xrp Ledger that they Control see that Walled Garden digital Currencies can then be distributed Directly to authorized accounts either Through commercial Banks or directly to Consumer wallets transactions run on a Private Ledger and are settled in Seconds this is all done in a regulated And secure environment the Ripple cbdc Platform also permits to secure Destruction of currency giving the Bank Full control over monetary Supply the Results lower costs faster transactions Greater Financial inclusion for all and All done with a minimal carbon footprint So explore this with us today we'll work Together to build a custom pilot and Future proof your financial Infrastructure wow that was great uh Reminder that Linda P Jones is doing a Fireside chat with link to about Ripple Uh to discuss private equity and ripple On Thursday November 16th link to is one Of my sponsors you're going to want to Go register for this now um I'm uh in The private group it's da xrp.com and Just as a reminder in the group I'm Going into it now we're going to talk About Black Rock Robbie mitnik I've been Looking I've been I went on the hunt for

Robbie mitnik and I found a few things That I think you'll find interesting so Here we go um Actually I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is For entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family go to Dp.com To [Music] [Music] Get [Music]


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