XRP: “EXPERT SAYS BUY EVERY DIP” Despite Current Price Action, Crypto Media Reports

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel the headline on your screen is Proof that there are people out there Who are still incredibly bullish on xrp Despite the fact that recently price Hasn't been doing exactly what a lot of People would prefer that it's doing and Of course I happen to be one of those People who is endlessly bullish on xrp Because I've not been given a reason on A fundamental level which is crucial to Me uh to believe that xrp will not be Here in the long term and since in terms Of fundamentals xrp just keeps getting Stronger when I look at what's happening In price action you know in the short Term however negative it is I'm just Like I son I was here when xrp was 10 Cents and people said the sky is falling Everything's on fire and after that About a year later it went to $2 so I Sentiment is sentiment is sentiment That's the story but the truth is xrp Just gets more and more adopted that's What we've seen for over a decade and so It's nice to see whether you agree uh With the analysis from various uh Tech You know technical analyst guys out There whether you agree or disagree uh One thing that I hope we we can agree Upon is that uh it makes sense to admire The confidence that these folks have Because they are not acting as the typic Typical emotional liming retail

Speculators tend to act in moments where Price go down these people have Conviction and so whether or not their Analysis correct that's one thing but They understand that the short-term Price action doesn't actually matter so I'm going to share with you perspective From a few different xrp chart analysts And a little bit on bitcoin but uh Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun as I Record this video xrp is just a hair shy Of 51 cents and it's nice to see that Lately it has been hanging out above 50 Cents it was only below the 50 Cent Threshold a psychological level for a Very brief period you have Bitcoin at 43,2 30 bucks um you've got the crypto Fear and greed index here at 60 out of 100 so despite a lot of sideways price Action for much of the last few weeks Frankly people still feeling great AF And I don't mind that but we're not Seeing extreme greed though we I think We saw only one day of extreme greed in This market cycle you know I mean as It's been moving up since the bottom

Over a year ago in the end of 2022 since That point in time I I I think we've Only seen literally one day where we we Were in extreme greed at 76 out of 100 So it's kind of hard for me to believe That this whole thing's over because we We certainly haven't had anything uh Like we had last Market cycle with the Laser eyes and the diamond hands and it Can never go down and Bitcoin to $100,000 yada yada yada yada we haven't Had that type of sentiment Yet uh here is some perspective from a Chart analyst Rakesh upid writes for Coin Telegraph I'm going to share just a Small snippet towards the top here and Then a little bit about what he said About xrp uh the launch of Bitcoin Exchange traded funds in January failed To boost prices as Traders focused on The outflows from the grayscale Bitcoin Trust ignoring the net inflows into the Remaining ETFs this shows that the Traders sought to sell the news and book Profits on their positions and so my Friends right after the news broke we Didn't see a massive selloff and um and So at the moment I was like well I guess It's not a buy the news or a sell the News event and I was saying that Publicly um but perhaps the reason we Didn't see a dramatic sell off right Away is because of the news the previous Day we got fake news of the approval and

It was a sell the news event on the fake News remember when the SEC account got Hacked on X that was a sell so I think That that was tainted the next day but What we have had seen since then was Bitcoin price did Trend down it was a Sell the news event ultimately it's just In terms of the timeline it wasn't just A like snap of the finger sell off and So it is what it is but it sure as s Wasn't a buy the news event which is in Line with with what I was expecting I Was saying that uh I don't know how many Times I said that on the channel might Have been annoying but I was right Because there was I've seen this story Too many times it's a narrative and then The price gets blown up leading up to The narrative and then when the thing Happens that's it but the idea that Endless quantities of money would money Would flow into the ETFs on day one was Just silly it just it takes time I think I think the ETFs are going to be Incredibly consequential to the positive Over a longer period of time but not in The short term obv Anyway and then he writes however a Positive sign and I do like this a Positive sign is that Bitcoin did not Stay below the $40,000 level for long This indicates that lower levels Continue to attract investors buying on Dips and selling on rallies may keep

Bitcoin inside a range for a few days And so it is nice to see that as Bitcoin Did drop into the upper 30,000 uh there was sufficient demand to Push it right on back up and and um and Oh actually before I go into what next Analyst had to say about Bitcoin let me Just mention here briefly and I don't Want to read the whole analysis it's on Your screen here but this analyst with Coin Telegraph for cashua day he Actually does see potentially a path Forward in the short term for xrp to pop Up to 67 67 cents if things go well and So again when things are not so hot and Price is doing you know downward action Top Stu I understand that it seems Impossible but as I always say it only Seems impossible until suddenly it Happens and then it Bec sounds obvious Of course it was going to happen yeah Right well where were you when the Prices were low liming retail Speculator here's what chart analyst Credible crypto had to say about Bitcoin He's he's uh continuing to be optimistic That what's most probable in the short Term is a move to the upside still Firmly believes we will be seeing a new All-time high for Bitcoin this year and He wrote The Following this is the Latest for moment Bitcoin our local Demand Zone has held for now and we are Starting to see some signs of seller

Absorption here uh which is exactly what Bulls want to See we can see that spot cvd is making Lower lows while price is making higher Lows indicating that spot Market selling Is being absorbed by passive SL limit Buyers let's see if we can get some Follow through to the upside and so it's A bit of consolidation going on here and We're kind of playing the L the waiting Game um now as far as this headline that I was teasing a little bit at the Outside of the video experts says by Every dip if xrp remains in symmetrical Triangle projects rallied to $22 they Were sharing perspective from chart Analyst e Greg crypto and I'm not going To read the article instead what I want To do is just share with you some of the Latest perspective that he has Specifically having to do with xrp it's What's on your screen right now Including this xrp price chart and Here's what he had to say and and by the Way this is I just again whatever you Think about the analysis and I think This is true of pretty much any of these Guys whether you're talking about Bitcoin or xrp you just you got to Admire and if you don't you should uh The fact that these guys have conviction The price goes down they're like yeah But this is what happens in volatile Market they just accept it the emotion

Doesn't hit them and they just move Forward and so even though I'm not an Analyst that is how I live price goes Down I'm like yeah whatever well it's a Volti market what do you expect of Course it's going to it's not like you Buy xrp or Bitcoin or any crypto and Because you bought it now it will never Be worth less than what you paid for it Are you kidding me it's the most Volatile asset class on the entire Freaking planet you should have expected To be worth less than what you paid for It at some point in the future uh but if You have the understanding and Conviction at least that I do as the Trend goes up as years pass so it Doesn't matter in the short term anyway Here's what e crypto said xrp wave to Analysis regular irregular or running And so you can see if you're looking at The screen uh three kinds of flats and So that's what he's referencing right Here three different types and he says My inclination leans towards a regular Pattern for for uh for xrp's Wave 2 Correction with expectations that the Corrective wave C won't dip below 41 Cents however should this count prove Inaccurate there's a possibility of wave C reaching as low as 35 to 40 cents it's Crucial to note that maintaining above 28 cents is a key factor on a macro view Xrp Army the road might be tough trying

The patience of even the most dedicated Believers but get ready for the big Mega Boom coming soon xrp Army stay steady And know what hle I think it means no no What you hle I have strong confidence That the time between 2024 2025 could Bring a chance for a life-changing Opportunity and so I will say this um That part at the end there I could not Be more in agreement um with the only Caveat for me being we have to see Equities continue to move to the Upside because crypto crypto assets are Risk on assets just like equities you Know risk on assets so if if you're Going to have trouble in the stock Market you're going to stock market You're going to have trouble with crypto In terms of price action but if we see a Move to the upside for equities and then I I firmly believe we're going to see a Move to the upside for crypto the asset Class moves in tandem if Bitcoin hits a New all-time high as a result we're Going to see a blowoff top for xrp new All-time high price Discovery that's my Bet and acknowledge I could be wrong I Do not for know for sure if that will Will happen and if I'm wrong I could Lose everything and it goes to zero that Is possible but I don't think that's What's probable I've been tracking Xrp for over I mean I've been holding it For over six years I've been tracking it

Regular pretty much every single day of My life since then I I just it doesn't Make sense like the idea of it not of That not happening doesn't compute to me Because xrp adoption and usefulness Continues to increase and it looks to me Like the market is is it is appreciating That to a degree the fact that xrp's Always been in the top 10 cryptos by Market cap that's a sign right there so Fine xrp legs behind and it irritates People and it makes people feel scared And angry and all sorts of emotions but Isn't that some vote of confidence cuz That's super rare there's only three Cryptos on the planet that have always Been in the top 10 coins by market cap Doesn't that mean something even if There's a lot of boring sideways price Action so what you know then there was This from chart analyst dark Defender he Shared this xrp price chart and he seems Equally confident we're going to see a Mega move to the upside in the not too Distant Future hi all I would like to share the Xrp update with you today on the monthly Time frame with the macd indicator when We check the price trend and macd there Is one thing obvious xrp leap squeezed And squeeze for all aspects in the Charts and now between 52 cents and 46 Psychological tests for years but xrp Had an extraordinary technical move in

Elliot waves and it is developing the Third and will prove it I am here to win And I will Chop Chop xrp is coming again Sentiment not shaken by what happens in The short term and it's easier for an Analyst to get that because you're so um Ins sconed in the data right like you're So aware of what's happening right and I Just think back to when xrp was new like Go back over a decade you know the first Roughly half a decade you know first Several years in particular xrp I mean Volatile to a certain degree just Because it's Crypto uh you didn't have some sort of Blowoff top for the first X number of Years and so back like I'm just saying That there is precedent for it to Roughly move sideways for a number of Years on end I just think that it's even Worse this time because of the um you Know the artificial activity that Occurred as a result of the SEC suing Ripple and attacking xrp holders I think We would have seen a blow off top if not For that by now back in 2021 frankly When we had you know all crypto Going Bonkers but all I'm saying is this has Happened before so the fact that we're Waiting for literally years on end Shouldn't be surprising even you should Why wouldn't you expect that to be the Case I expect that to be the case after We missed the blowoff top last cycle

Because the SEC I was like well there we Go see in a few years I guess you know When there's when there's Euphoria again So as long as the Euphoria comes though I still think we're going to see that I'd just be shocked if we it just Wouldn't make sense to me because the Market does value those cryptos that do Stuff more than those cryptos that don't And there are a lot of ways that that Manifests itself in the world of crypto Which I've been talking about a lot Lately Frankly so all that to say whatever you Want to do doesn't make a difference to Me personally you know I wish you all The best in your journey and what you're Doing because I think that most of us Are trying to achieve life-changing Wealth in crypto uh that is still a real Thing that to me that's as I've said Many times before it's the most Empowering thing about this is the idea It's possible and even if most people Aren't going to make it because they Don't have the emotional fortitude Necessary to see this through or even The necessary um you know information if Even if they had the emotional fortitude Out there the opportunity is still there It is very real it is alive and well so I'm going to see this thing through and I refuse to be shaken up because of some Stupid ass short-term price action which

I know is actually meaningless take it For what it's worth I'm not a financial Adviser you should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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